Scotland – undecided and divided ++ Trussophobia

All the indications are that the push for Scottish independence has stalled despite Nicola Sturgeon’s stalwart protestations about the next Westminster election being a ‘de facto referendum’ if she is not allowed one beforehand. The SNP has never won more than 50% of the vote even in their heyday so even this is wild hope is unlikely to succeed. And while the Tories have crashed in Scotland, Labour support has surged – a Labour win down south would leave the SNP powerless. Recent polls showed, for the first time, that Labour Opposition leader Keir Starmer has a higher net positive rating in Scotland than Sturgeon.

  What is intriguing in this context is that the chart for the Scotland England Union of 1 May 1707 is showing signs of upheaval and disruption from late May 2023 onwards on and off till April 2024 with tr Uranus conjunct the Taurus Sun and square Pluto Jupiter in Leo. It is a robust, tied together enduring entity and has been through a good many stormy phases in the past, including the 1930s the last time tr Uranus was in Taurus, when the Scottish National Party was formed. But it isn’t clear what could be expected this time round.

 There’s no real indication that voters are persuaded the risks of independence are outweighed by the risks of Union, nor any signs that Sturgeon is making much progress over the next two years.

  Nicola Sturgeon, 19 July 1970 3.16pm Irvine, Scotland, has two astrological stumbling blocks. One is tr Pluto opposing her Cancer Sun now till early this December, then moving onto to a trapped, frustrating opposition to her Mars in 2023 to late 2024. That looks like grind-to-a-halt time.   The other is her Saturn in Taurus opposition Neptune square her Leo Midheaven which is catching the downbeat tr Saturn hard aspects at the moment, worsening in early 2023; and even trickier the tr Uranus hard aspects knocking her confidence and pushing her onto a different career/life direction from mid 2023 onwards for two or three years.

 The SNP chart, 7 April 1934, is in an agitated and unstable phase with tr Pluto square the Uranus till early this December and has a violent surge of (probably) misplaced confidence in 2023 with the Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Jupiter and opposition Mars which could well backfire damagingly.

  The Scotland 25 March 1005 AD chart is also showing signs of turbulence with tr Uranus opposition the Pluto at 18 degrees Scorpio (and tr Saturn in square) – that runs into early 2023. Plus tr Pluto is sextile the Uranus.

  There is a definite shift afoot but it is not remotely clear to what end since independence looks less likely than before.

  A wait-and-see scenario.   

 Add On: Sturgeon’s relationship with Liz Truss is even worse than with the previous incumbent. Her relationship chart with Boris Johnson had a chilly composite Sun Mercury square Saturn.  With Truss, she has an active-dislike and aggravated composite Mars Saturn conjunction which is being undermined by tr Neptune in square picking up from next month and worsening through February 2023 till December 2023. No love lost there and there will be immense pressures brought to bear with tr Pluto opposition their composite Sun as well through 2023/24.

  Their synastry is every bit as bad with Truss’s unbending, chilly Saturn in Cancer conjunct NS’s Sun with Truss’s Uranus in square. Truss’s Sun is conjunct NS’s forthright and argumentative Mars. Truss’s bulldozer Mars in Taurus is conjunct NS’s Saturn for maximum impatience and irritation.

  Nicola Sturgeon will not be backwards about venting her spleen, for sure. And on Truss’s present form she’ll have plenty of targets to fire darts at.

19 thoughts on “Scotland – undecided and divided ++ Trussophobia

  1. If Westminster was well run with honest and competent people, much of the Independence debate would subside considerably I think. A GE called this side of Xmas?

  2. Nicola Sturgeon a politician who I had hope for but is now leading a draconian, anti woman, anti gay and anti truth or commonsense incompetent corrupt regime, with her heels dug in and her ethics for sale.

    • draconian ?
      Last time I looked, Scotland was a democracy, with PR and was elected by Scots, and continues to enjoy huge support, which Westminster politicians could only dream of.

    • Agree to incompetence and corruption, its pretty clear. Many believe she is a closeted gay woman and is I think pretty pro-women in general. As Sounh says her saving grace is she was democratically elected by the people, compared to the bewildered simpleton currently squatting in number 10. Marjorie surely her time is up soon, any thoughts on when we will be shot of her?

      • Is the transiting Pluto opposition Truss’ Leo sun in force now? Its wide and dissociate but in the chart of a prime minister I suspect influential?

  3. What an interesting set of charts!

    The England 1066 chart has a 22 Aries ascendant – and look, it’s conj Mars at 25 Aries in the Scotland 1005 chart.

    And then in the 1707 union chart, these elements are conj Neptune and the North Node in Aries trine Jup Pluto in Leo.

    In the UK 1801 chart, the part of fortune is at 21 Aries.

    There’s a lot of Aries energy tying Scotland and England together.

    • Should have added that transiting Pluto is currently squaring those Aries points.

      If Britain hangs on till these stressful Pluto aspects end, we’re safe for a while.

  4. The synastry between Truss and Sturgeon is abysmally conflicted.

    Speaking of Truss, I noted there’s been discussion on her wanting to avoid turning Britain into a nanny state by giving advice on heating bills. Seems very Saturn in Cancer of her.

    • Truss stated bluntly during the hustings there would be no power cuts this winter, so this ban on providing information to people was a deflection from the criticism she perceived was coming her way. PR and Spin to save her embarrassment. I get the Saturn in Cancer angle, self defensive and cold. Neptune at the focal point of the mutable t square is Truss for me. Vague, biddable, confused, style over substance, dishonest and no centre of gravity. also if the Tory Whips S*it List seen on line is true, and I believe it is, pretty disloyal to her cuckold husband. She tangles with Nippy Nicola at her peril….

      • It seems to me her outward demeanour is dominated by the cardinal t-square which includes the Leo Sun conjunct Cancer Saturn-Mercury.

        But as Jung would say, the unconscious drives the personality. And with her Pisces moon being part of the mutable t-square it’s always there oozing out and undermining her. Pisces moon is such a difficult placement for anybody. It’s just a bundle of emotion, naivety, masochism, looking for someone else to define things and be in control.

        She simply doesn’t want/cant admit she has this soft inner side that wants to throw its hands up and say “I’m not in control”. So her Saturn is constantly crushing it. You can see that in any speech where she comes across as stilted and robotic. And yet the stories that come out about her private life / in a work capacity highlight the self-undoing.

        I think the only moment we’ve seen the real Liz was when she was on the TV debate and the presenter collapsed. Truss just gasped and put her hands to her mouth in shock then look at Rishi for what to do. It was an unexpected moment outside her Saturn programming and she froze.

  5. @ Anita If Republicans take either House of Congress they could shut down the government to stop the various investigations into Trump and the U.S. has already reached its current debt ceiling so it wouldn’t be impossible that Republicans caused the U.S. to default on our debt.

    • Thanks for all your input, but I no think it will be a much bigger event than Hunter Biden or the GOP shutting down the US Government … more like a disaster, nuclear strike or massive world wide financial meltdown more in the line of Pluto changing signs

  6. Marjorie
    Based on many forecasts you have posted lately, it seems that a major event(s) will unfold in the spring 2023 that will affect Europe, Eastern Europe, the UK, Canada and US as well as for a period of time into 2024. Just as Pluto sets up shop in Aquarius.

    • Hello Anita, I think we may well see something happening in the US, potentially around the mid-term elections next month that could lead to major global economic consequences. Biden seems to “withdraw” in some way and Kamala Harris seems to become more prominent. I do wonder too about Hunter Biden’s chart and whether this has ramifications.

      • @ Cassandra.
        I have read multiple articles about the possible charges against Hunter and some have said that the statute of limitations have expired on the most serious ones like the tax charges and gun charge was basically lying on the application and stating that he had never used drugs.

        What disturbs me is that someone at the FBI leaked that there was supposedly enough evidence to indict Hunter which is up to the DOJ and the FBI can only refer criminal charges to the DOJ.

        This reminds me of Comey’s announcement about the investigation into Hillary right before the 2016 election.

        I don’t know how the eclipse will impact Biden—maybe the fallout from the leak that Hunter will be indicted gives Biden an excuse to resign putting to rest that he’s going to pardon Hunter or maybe it’s a health issue that elevates Kamala given the fact that Biden has has multiple aneurysms in the past.

  7. Thanks Marjorie
    The perennial issue is Scotland being stuck with a Conservative administration they didn’t vote for, by a long way, and being removed from the EU against her will. Would any comparison with the EU chart be illuminating? If there is any UK break it’s likely in that direction. One can hope…

    • Well, leave the Union that Scotland has contributed and (mutually) benefited for hundreds of years. And have a huge influence relative to its population, and has a lot in common in terms of culture, law etc with the other constituent parts of the UK, and you would join another Union and give up some of the power that you took over from Westminster to Brussels, where Scotland has less in common relatively speaking, and its influence will be miniscule, read non-existent. Doesn’t sound independence to me. There is concentration of power in Westminster , I would rather not. but there is concentration of power in Brussels too, and Brussels takes every opportunity to take more power – so the Union there is evolving into a distant power centre that Scots hate.

      If Scots vote for independence, i hope they are provided an opportunity to vote whether they want to join the EU too. But, the powers to be, would not want Scots to be voting the wrong way and will take the referendum from 2016 as the basis on which they will take Scotland to EU.

      • But Sounh I noticed that you did not address the issue of the democratic deficit merely gave your opinion (not an uncommon one) of all the reason Scotland should stay in this messed up Union. Love your ascertain that Scotland would have no influence within the EU – you might want to look to Ireland and the recent fiasco on the Good Friday agreement for evidence of influence etc. Scotland has less influence within the Union, in fact Truss hasn’t even bothered to contact Sturgeon – but then of course she did say she’d ignore her. oScotland did not vote for Brexit – it voted to stay in the EU. That is the fact

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