Peter Tobin – not a spark of human decency ++ other serial killers

Peter Tobin, the serial killer has died in hospital while serving a life term prison sentence for three murders but was suspected of many more and he had boasted of killing 48. He died without disclosing any further names.

His criminal career started young and he was sent to approved school aged 7, then into borstal, starting with burglary and forgery before moving on to murder. His three wives all gave similar accounts of falling for a charming, well-dressed psychopath who turned violent and displayed a sadistic streak during their marriages. At one point he was thought to be connected to the Glasgow Bible John murders but the police eventually ruled him out.

  He was born 27 August 1946 4.50pm Johnstone, Scotland, the youngest of eight siblings, and had a Sun and Moon in Virgo in his far-travelled 9th house. It was rumoured that he had joined the French Foreign Legion when young but deserted.  He also had Neptune, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter in Libra in his 9th which would be where the superficial charm came from. His Uranus in the 7th on his Descendant would not make stability in close relationships easy.

  What probably was the driving force of his lack of empathy would be Saturn Pluto and Mercury in his 8th house. Saturn in the 8th is fearful of intimacy and Pluto in the 8th is resistant to being dominated. One of his wives said: “The thing he most enjoyed was having power and total control.”

 His Saturn Pluto were also sextile his Neptune Mars for an uncomfortable and perverse mix.

 The Harmonic which usually shows up for serial killers is the 18th and sure enough it is heavily aspected with a T Square, a Grand Trine and significantly a Yod onto Mars inconjunct Saturn sextile Venus. Such a Yod does have overtones of sadism.

  His 9th Harmonic is even starker and more brutal with Pluto opposition Mars square Uranus and a Yod of Neptune sextile Sun inconjunct the Midheaven.

  The 9th and 18th (9X2) are associated with what brings pleasure and while in the past the 9th has been glowingly described in terms of idealism and humanitarian influences, it also has a negative impact for those wo fall prey to their primitive instincts of greed or worse.

Add On: A quick skip round other notorious serial killers:

Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, had Saturn and Pluto in the 8th along with Venus and Moon, a 7th house Sun Uranus in Gemini and Jupiter Neptune in the 10th – similar in certain respects to Tobin. His 9th harmonic had Mars trine Pluto.

Ted Bundy had Saturn Pluto conjunct in the 12th with a Sun, Moon, Mars in Sagittarius and three planets in Scorpio.  His 9th harmonic had an exact Mars Pluto conjunction trine Uranus.

Jeffrey Dahmer – Sun Mercury in Gemini in the 8th, Mars in Aries trine Uranus, and Jupiter trine Pluto. His 9th harmonic had Mars Saturn conjunct trine Pluto trine Moon Sun.

Even scarier was Harold Shipman, the doctor who had an estimated 250 victims. He had Mars Saturn conjunct  (the traditional astrology signature for an assassin) in his 6th house of health and work opposition a 12th house Capricorn Sun Venus; With Neptune in the 8th trine a 4th house Moon Uranus in Gemini sextile a 7th house Pluto. Cold and nasty.

  The two Astro-signatures I’d expect to find are Saturn Pluto and Mars Saturn. Certainly an afflicted Mars and often a superficially charming Venus and a confident Jupiter.  

9 thoughts on “Peter Tobin – not a spark of human decency ++ other serial killers

  1. Good writeup Marjorie. The 4:50pm birth time certainly provides an understanding of his motivations with the 8th/9th houses. With that 9th house, I’m surprised the evidence suggests he wasn’t “Bible John” – the sort of ‘coincidence’ we astrologers might have expected to see.

    As someone with 8th house sag neptune, people like Tobin with his Saturn placed there are a complete mystery to me. I so willing listen and want to get along with other people, to learn from their experiences/ideas/values etc.

  2. I’m interested in Chinese astrology too and I remember in 1 book it said that if a dog person is treated badly when young
    it can turn very dangerous when older

  3. Marjorie, I don’t know if you give any credence to Chinese astrology. I find it very interesting and as someone born under the sign of the Dog I’m horrified how many serial killers share that sign. Peter Sutcliffe and Manson spring to mind and I have noticed others, evidently this man too. Somewhat horrifying when dogs are supposed to be idealistic and altruistic. Hmmm.

    • I don’t know much about it though I once met an extremely astute Chinese astrologer and he was spot on. Assume like most systems there is a negative and a positive. Dogs can be loyal companions and cuddly toys or they can be raging pit bulls.

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