Ukraine looking to retrieve a stolen Crimea

Ukraine has been heartened by their army’s success in forcing  Russian military to retreat from territory stolen during the war, notably from the key city of Kherson.  It lies just north of Crimea, and the defeat there represents a major setback to Putin’s dream of creating a land bridge from Russia to Crimea. Ukrainian officials view this as a precursor to taking Crimea back, which was illegally annexed by Putin in 2014. Zelensky has said there will be no peace until Ukraine has taken back Crimea.

  What is not good news is that Russian strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure have left approximately 50 percent of the energy system out of order which coincides with the first snow. The fear is that repairs to the damage will be halted and Poland is preparing for an influx of refugees as Ukraine may become increasingly unlivable.

   The Crimea  Annexation Treaty was signed against international opposition on 18 March 2014 1.15 pm and that chart does have an undermining tr Neptune conjunct the Pisces Sun from May 2023 onwards and a high-tension, disruptive tr Uranus opposition the Saturn from July 2023 onwards – so there could be signs of it starting to collapse.  Though the major period of total upheaval would not come until 2027/29.

  Tamila Tasheva, the Ukrainian minister tasked with handling the Crimea problem looks to be having a tough and not altogether progressive three years ahead.

  Sergei Aksyonov, the Russia puppet governor of Crimea installed 9 October 2014, looks stressed ahead but not at total disaster point until mid 2024 and beyond.

  General Valeriy Zaluzhni, 8 July 1973, the head of the Ukrainian army, credited with running an astute and successful campaign in contrast to the Russians, is a Sun Cancer square Uranus and Mars in upfront Aries. He will have a surge of confidence and triumph early this December to mid January, and again late September and through October 2023. But he’ll also have moments of high uncertainty from May 2023 onwards as tr Neptune squares his Saturn.

  The Ukraine, 24 August 1991 2.31pm country chart will be forced to change tactics or direction with tr Uranus opposition the 10th house Pluto once more next April. Given the trickster nature of Uranus this can be change for the better as it was last month or being prompted by outside forces to accept that significant alterations in hopes and plans need to be adopted. Tr Neptune also returns to oppose the Ukraine Mars mid March for a few weeks and repeating later into early 2024 – that usually coincides with a panicky sense of failure.  The pressure on Zelensky looks fairly relentless through much of 2023 though like his military commander Zaluzhni he will be upbeat patches this December/January and through autumn 2023. 

  What is an interesting parallel is the Crimea War of 1853 when Russia lost to an alliance of the Ottoman Empire, France, the UK. It marked a turning point for the Russian Empire with a weakened Army, a drained treasury and lessening of Russia’s influence in Europe. The empire would take decades to recover. It started 16 October 1853 with Pluto at 1 degree Taurus. Tr Pluto by 2024 will be similarly at 1 degree of a Fixed Aquarius. Uranus was also as now in Taurus.

  Maybe I am being depressing but I’m not sure this will end in 2023. Hope I’m wrong but —- 

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5 thoughts on “Ukraine looking to retrieve a stolen Crimea

  1. Putin started the war against Ukraine on the very day that Mars turned retrograde – March 1st 2014. On this day, the Russian Parliament approved (there’s a surprise!) Putin’s request for permission to send Russian troops to Ukraine. This is why I believe that Russia can never win.

  2. I think Ukraine will succeed in pushing the Russian fascist invaders out of the Donbas and coastal regions. However, taking back Crimea right now seems like a pretty tall order.

    Crimea is basically fortified. Also, ethnic Russians make up an overall ethnic majority in Crimea and many (if not most) of them are pro-Russian Federation.

    Granted, the Indigenous Crimean Tatar, Krymchak Jewish, Crimean Karaite Jewish, and ethnic Ukrainian communities in Crimea are pro-Ukraine (and perhaps the ethnic Armenian and Pontic Greek communitiesas well), they don’t have a lot of power right now.

    Anyway, I do think the actual fighting is almost over – many foreign policy experts believe this. The Russian military is pretty much in shambles at this point and there is internal conflict in the Russian government.

    The worst possible scenario is a stalemate (kind of like what we’re seeing with Israel and Palestine).

    By the way, before any pessimists start suggesting that the Congressional Republicans (who did take back the House of Representatives by only 9 seats) here in the U.S. will stop all humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine, I can say that it is extremely unlikely they will succeed in doing so.

    The Democrats will still have 213 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, and there were over 30 moderate Republicans (mostly from swing districts in blue states) who were elected. In other words, the votes to continue aid to Ukraine are still there.

    Also, Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell favors aid to Ukraine and we Democrats do control the Senate (we’re going to win the Georgia runoff and get 51 seats on Dec. 6).

    All in all, I feel like Ukraine is in a much better place than she was earlier this year.

    The power outages and destruction of infrastructure is still distressing…and the corrupt, third world Global South’s support of the Russian fascists is still infuriating….but I do think Ukraine will prevail.

  3. This is so sad at every level. Poor Ukrainians went through a lot, as their country was bombed and shelled to death. I am not sure how the earth will recover from all this. Most importantly, the human suffering is unbearable. I really hope that you are wrong this time Marjorie and some breakthrough will come through earlier than 2024 thanks to Uranus. PS: Today’s newspapers in the US were reporting that Iran will be producing and supplying more weapons for Russia, since the Russians pretty much depleted their reserves. This new source of weapons unfortunately may prolong the war.

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