Ukraine – in the shadow of Lunar Eclipses ++ New Moon

The build-up of Russian forces on the border of Ukraine continues, while the US and UK are warning civilians to leave the country and moving embassy staff. The Russians are insisting that the US is panicking about an imminent assault and that they have no intention of invading. The fog of war descends before any outbreak of hostilities.

  It would have to be said that the signs are not obvious for an outright takeover and storming of the borders as there was in 2014 when Putin sliced off the Crimea. See post January 19 2022.

  The best I can do having scoured various relevant charts is that Uranus at 12 degrees mid March to early April resonates across several charts as disruptive, with some keyed up now till mid March.

 The most recent late November 2021 Lunar Eclipse set for Kiev had an explosive Mars in vengeful Scorpio opposition Uranus square Saturn, which would point to military situations from Mars Saturn, and violence from Uranus Mars.  Located to Kiev the Mars is conjunct the Midheaven with Uranus on the IC, which would reflect the beleaguered mood inside the Ukraine at the moment.  And that T Square is being triggered from mid March to late April. Transits to eclipse charts can be illuminating in the months following.

  The Lunar Eclipse for May this year located to Kiev has a heavy-duty, discouraging Saturn conjunct Midheaven on the focal point of a T square to a 12th house Sun opposition Moon; with a trapped Pluto in the 8th. Whatever does or does not happen this week the tensions won’t lift.

  The world leaders strutting their stuff over the crisis, not all for ethically pure motives, are:

Emmanuel Macron, whose Sagittarius Sun relocated to Kiev sits on the Midheaven beside Venus Mercury as he launches a charm offensive to boost his April re-election prospects in France.

 Boris Johnson located to Kiev has his Scorpio Moon exactly conjunct the Midheaven as he attempts to regain public approval and distract from myriad domestic scandals.

Joe Biden has his bulldozer Mars in Scorpio close to his Descendant located to Moscow. Give that it is in a do-or-die square to Pluto and resonates also in Ukraine, this won’t be an easy situation for him to handle. Having scuttled away from Afghanistan, the last thing the USA public want is another open-ended foreign military intervention.

Putin’s 4th Term chart is also ramped up by the approaching brutal/ruthless Mars Pluto conjunction in late Capricorn, exact on March 3rd. The New Moon on March 2nd has a Pisces stellium of New Moon conjunct Jupiter and Neptune which falls in the 8th house of Putin’s Administration chart close to its Neptune – which might arguably suggest he’s drawn by a delusion/illusion into a serious miscalulation.

See also 13th April 2021: Ukraine – pawn in a larger power game

30 thoughts on “Ukraine – in the shadow of Lunar Eclipses ++ New Moon

  1. Whatever Biden’s faults, the only thing Putin understands is strength, someone who fights back – as recently stated by Finland’s president, who undersrands Putin well.
    No one will go to war over Ukraine, so there is little real pushback that can be exerted; maybe the only hope is for the Ukraine to declare it will never join NATO, and wait for a future without Putin when it might reconsider its options. This will allow Putin to declare victory without invading and achieve some of its objectives, tho it would mean little if he really wants the Ukraine back in the fold, because he and other Russians believe it is part of Russia.

  2. It’s also pity we can’t trust Putin’s official birthdate… There is definitely something going on with him. He has spent most of the pandemic in an extreme isolation. He was completely missing from public for what were months in 2020. Reports tell he wouldn’t receive even advisors. And notice he does not use computer. This means he must have been cut off for from much information.

    That Putin is “changed” is also something ever diplomatic President of Finland Sauli Niinistö, now that Angela Merkel has retired likely European political figure with the most confidential relationship with Putin said in a NYT interview.

    It’s also interesting how this keep on happening to Russian leaders. I just read a historical novel set against fall of Republic of Novgorod. Obviously, it was very much fictionalized, but gave a picture on how Novgorod veche (council) became incredibly self satisfied and failed to realize military power of Grand Duchy of Moscow rising. It just shows “Great Russia” isn’t, essentially, as unified as the late-18th century romantic view depicted it. Heritage of different principalities might be very much alive, despite “conquers” have always tried to displace “conquered”.

      • @ Marina, yes, that story of him starting school when he was 8 is really strange. Late 1950’s, ‘Khrushchev Boom” parents with some aspirations would have been likelier to enroll their son to school earlier than later. Which makes me think he is younger than “official” birthdate.

        One thing I’ve noticed during his recent public appearances is that he has gained weight. Not that uncommon with a man probably in his early 70’s or entering there who’ve led an active lifestyle and may now experience wear and tear. I think Jupiter and Neptune are involved on Natal chart.

          • @SuHu, yes, looking at pictures, he seems to be on some kind of cortisone based treatment. Which is understandable, but probably not very acceptable to Putin himself.

            But this also came from discussions with my Dad, who is around the same age with Putin, actually learnt to skate at 8, started playing hockey with friends on natural ice as a teen, and loves the game. He has recently had to give up skating because of ankle issues, and is not happy.

            What ever planetary influences there are for Putin, I very much sense he feels the same.

    • I note what you say about the unreliability of Putin’s birthdate. The one I have been using is the official date 7th October 1952 St Petersburg 09:30am (I think I got it from Astrotheme or similar). This chart puts his Natal Pluto bang on the Midheaven. I don’t know whether this is genuinely rectified or whether someone thought “this guy seems dark and unstoppable, let’s put Pluto there!” In any event it is a chilling chart and sometimes seems to work.

      • @ Londinium Bear, Pluto/MC is definitely sloppy rectifiation based on wishful thinking. I think good rectifiation should be based on major, internal landmarks, and quite frankly, we don’t have these for Putin. We don’t know much about his actual lovelife – his first marriage was a KGB affair, they chose “suitable” partners for agents sent out, and he has kept his lovers a state secret. If anything, I would think his MC received some support when he pivoted his career from KGB to Saint Petersburgh City Administration.
        And, if anything, I actually think he has a Venus MC. He is very vain, and this shouldn’t be a surprice for anyone. He had his chin and nose fixed before rising to Russian leadership, possibly in the late 1990’s, and has had multiple operations since. This could go with Libra Sun he officially has, but as a Libra Sun lady, some of the vainest people I know have Venus on MC. These people also tend to be “lucky” careerwise, finding themselves at the right place at right time.

  3. Wars, including almost wars, always have unintended consequences. One that Putin just may be provoking here is the final push Europe needs to properly decarbonise. The threat from the east is possible to remove by getting off the drug of its hydrocarbons. Pluto into Aqua going change power, in every sense, a great deal.

    • The amount of Russian troops currently deployed on the borders of Ukraine is about 130,000 which is nowhere near enough to mount a full scale invasion of a country of the size of Ukraine which has an army of about 250,000. If there is any military activity it will by its nature be limited unless things are allowed to escalate out of hand. The heavy presence of Earth and Water in charts and the strong presence of Neptune are interesting. The Russians are clearly interested in not only the Russian majority areas of the Ukraine but also to control of the water supply to the Crimea. For the USA my suspicion is that they have limited interest in the Ukraine but that there real goal is to force the Germans to cancel the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. This would not only deprive Putin of this source of revenue but would force Germany and the rest of Europe to become dependent on gas from the USA and its client states in the Middle East. This is traded in petro dollars which gives Washington both an economic and political hold over Europe. The most sad display in the crisis comes from the EU which has essentially failed to come up with a united response to the issues and has essentially allowed the Anglosphere to dictate the terms of engagement. Only the French have shown any real independence and they are the only country to have a workable non fossil fuel energy strategy based around expanding nuclear power generation . Amazingly the EU is currently attempting to block the latter policy.

      • A European switch to shipped gas imports would indeed benefit the US (and UAE and Australia) as the main rivals to Russian piped gas supply, however this will be only a short/mid term impact as the move to a mostly post-carbon electricity network in Europe is clearly underway. Notwithstanding the clumsy but inevitable squabbles between EU countries, referred to above, as each vies to protect their major vested interests, both incumbent and emerging, (nuclear v coal v renewables v gas). Regardless, the super-trend away from the old industrial revolution combustion based economy is well underway this decade, is unstoppable, and will accelerate markedly with Pluto (power, in every sense) leaving solid, established, earthy, controlling Capricorn, for sparky, airy, new tech, distributed Aquarius.

        Either Putin dismisses this as possible, as many oil drenched types believe (have to believe) or he can see it coming and the with it his entire model of a reinvented petro-state soviet-revival global player. Therefore can only play bully with Europe for about a decade longer, while it is still reliant on his O&G.

        Along with the Middle East Putin’s Russia is the biggest loser in the coming post-carbon global economy. The Saudi’s etc are desperately trying to diversify (while still doubling down on dirty stuff), Putin is making no such move, not preparing any such prosperous possibility for his people. He’ll be gone of course, and his country will need a new model, and will surely more like the Duchy of Moscow than Cold War era soviet state.

        This transition is huge of course, and won’t happen overnight, but is underway and unstoppable, and this decade will be the only game, eg, the electric vehicle is now doing a smart-phone to that industry, and the implications of that is enormous, and really quite fast, given that industry’s scale.

        The astrology of this looks fascinating, lots of winners and losers, some old some new. Pl in Aqua also surely means big power struggles over ideas and tech, more than over buried stuff? Will the big tech media platforms face breakup or control us all even more? So many possibilities: thoughts?

  4. Mmm, I wonder…the chart for Wednesday is heavy earth and water… fire, little air… wondering if that shows the troops go in and “occupy” but nothing drastic happens? or is that just too optimistic?….mind you, they won’t leave either if they do go in, so we could be in for a longer continuation of the current status quo…..

  5. The next Full Moon on is on Wednesday 16 February at 27 Leo. A chart set for Kiev has Neptune at 21 Pisces near on the Descendant in the 7th House ( exact if the chart is drawn for Donetsk). This means issues of war and peace, open enemies, foreign relations, fog, possible deception by partners. The Ukrainians would be well advised to trust neither their enemies nor their allies.

    The Full Moon on 16 February opposes the natal Moon at 27 Aquarius in the US 1776 Sibley Chart. Neptune is currently also transiting in opposition to the US natal Neptune at 22 Virgo and squaring the US Natal Mars at 21 Gemini. It is also square the Russian Federations Mars at 19 Sagittarius. Those Mars Neptune angles says it all really about the relationship between the USA and the Russian Federation. Delusion, paranoia, jealousy, vindictiveness, subversion, treachery. The danger is self deception with people prompted to act on desires without fully understanding the possible consequences. The outcome is normally self undoing. The usual advice in these circumstances is to step back and metaphorically concentrate on tidying your own garden. Putin and Biden look like balding men squabbling over a comb.

    • This is SO interesting.. thanks Hugh. Especially that last line!
      How would you read the Russia and China “chummy but not” appearances?
      As compared to what you presented above.

      I am so curious about China now… and Xi Jinping.

      thanks to both you and Marjorie

      • Russia has no land borders with the USA but a huge and vulnerable one with China. The relationship between Russia and China has been uneasy right back to the the Communist era so they are not natural allies. The US governments obsession with Russia when in reality it poses no serious economic, military or political threat to it is puzzling. Even more so given the real challenges to the US are in the Pacific which is where it was actually last directly attacked by another country in 1941. Both Putin and Biden seem more comfortable rerunning the Cold War than facing upto the real challenges they face. I suspect this is in part bolstered by institutional inertia, the fact entire careers have been built promoting an outdated world view and simply the nostalgic view of what are probably incorrectly believed to be old certainties.

        • Yes exactly. Russia is in more danger from China. In fact I can’t help feeling the new Transport Highway from China to the EU – cutting through Russia – is Putin’s downfall legacy. Russia is the largest landmass in the world. Its border with China already give Chinese farmers a chance to farm its land, without being detected. Land resources is the new war. Putin has given China access to his entire country. Who knows what China will ship across the new highway. War is nowhere as simple as the last century. Guided weapons can take out strategic tanks.

          • Hi Helen

            ‘Russia is the largest landmass in the world .’

            Africa is actually the largest landmass in the world.

        • Interesting that Johnson’s relocated Scorpio moon conjunction Kiev’s midheaven. Russia instantly dismissed Boris. Boris is now pulling out people from Ukraine. Hardly a sign of solidarity. If anything Johnson has been sidelined. I mainly work on intuition. My gut reaction is that there will not be a War. Although I think Putin will have a skirmish. To justify his prowess. Putin is 70, ex KGB and is still looking for his glory. As with all vein leaders, it is all about them. His Mars/Pluto conjunction is late Capricorn in March could also signify a blockage. Saturn is Capricorns ruler and earth, Pluto is water and Mars fire, perhaps this will all blow up in his face? As earth can bog down water and smother fire. The 8th house Jupiter/Neptune could also signify money. War is costly. Not sure where I read last week, however, the article stated that not all Putin’s men are convinced about this conflict.

          • Yes, my gut feeling is the same. In fact, I also agree with Marjorie that in the long run Putin may have miscalculated here. Apart from anything else, Russia’s economy is simply not robust enough to support an all-out conflict.

          • My gut feeling is also the same. Putin has miscalculted: expecting appeasement and instead getting Biden’s stubborness coupled with Johnson’s risable need to appear statesman like to provide a diversion (and failing laughably). Putin needs the kudos of being seen of a strongman at home without risking too many of the lives of his soldiers; he has painted himself into a corner in setting conditions for a war he doesn’t want and there is no easy way out. Whatever the resolution it may take some time unless Putin has a sudden fall and I don’t see that at this time.

          • Yes, good to see everyone’s comments here. My own gut feeling was that it would not develop into fully fledged war, but the past couple of days I feel less certain and half expect some violence now. Putin has indeed painted himself into a corner.

            Possibly some of this is connected with the last degrees of Pluto in Capricorn. Putin has fantasies of being the Czar, Xi seems to have fantasies of being Emperor. Both roles somewhat Pluto in Capricorn, and not only last century but many previous centuries too. Something in the astro air? Our own PM dreamed of being ‘world king’, and Erdogan seems to want some kind of royal role or Ottoman Empire power as well. The Taurus/Scorpio eclipses also emphasise money and power.

        • Thanks Hugh.. and to the others.

          Yes.. an outdated world view and these 3 leaders/countries jockeying for position.
          Like watching a dark fairy tale, or a Wagnerian opera.
          A larger archetypal field playing out on the world stage.

          Arnold Mindell (Process Oriented Psychology) calls these powerful archetypes “Time Spirits”.
          They have to play out and WILL find a way to be embodied.
          Not usually done well on that mundane level.

          anyways… back to looking at the astrology for more understanding!

    • @Hugh, coming from an incredibly busy period with Venus/Mars hammering my Moon (and if any sex is involved here, I’m just freaking too busy to notice :-P), it’s, in a way, a reassuring read. Note that Biden has much less to lose here than Putin, though.

  6. It’s almost like they are playing psychological chicken – Biden wrongfoots Putin by declaring that he knows he’s going to invade and foreigners need to leave now, thereby depriving Putin of the element of surprise. He now has to wait.
    It has been said before that Putin’s driving de/illusion is the recreation of the once ‘so powerful’ USSR of his youth. Throughout the world we seem to be dealing with leaders (and populations) who want to turn the clock back, apparently unable to grasp that it never was quite how they imagined it. Last gasps of Pluto in Capricorn?

    • Partly that, and history seems to show that anyone who invades during the early spring will end up to their axles in mud (Nazis, Napolean’s army?)

    • I agree this is two men obsessed with rerunning last centuries conflicts. I see no winners in this game just losers and every apparent victory is likely to ultimately end up being pyrrhic. This particularly applies to the US whose progressed Mars retrograde suggest this is the time for fixing divisions at home not pursuing aggressive policies overseas. I suspect that the likes of Johnson, Truss and Macron are just grandstanding for domestic reasons knowing from the start that they are likely to have no influence on the eventual outcome

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