Joe Biden – the astro-timeline ahead ++ Midterms ++ Eclipses

Joe Biden’s term of office has neither been as explosive as was feared from the challenging Inauguration chart nor as progressive as Democrats would have wished. Errant senators have blocked landmark legislation and the messy Afghanistan withdrawal was damaging to his reputation. But the worst may yet be – almost certainly will be – to come.

  The red flags on the Term chart, 20 January 2021 11.48 am, Washington, were the Uranus Mars conjunction square Saturn, Jupiter, Sun in Aquarius. Uranus Mars tends to be argumentative with a defiant no-compromise stance, and can amount at times to violence. Which might well be indicated by the square to Saturn, with a military as well as a revolutionary leaning. Jupiter in the middle will soften the effect marginally though it could also point to overly ambitious plans coming adrift.

  When these combustible planets come to exact aspect by Solar Arc will be September 2023 onwards, peaking around New Year into January 2024. Even before then the pressure will be ramping up from tr Pluto conjunct the Term Sun from March 2023, on and off till late 2024; at the same time as tr Pluto is conjunct the Saturn/Pluto midpoint which could be grim world events or economic hardship.

  From March/April 2024 there are several less than encouraging influences – a depressing/deprived mood from tr Pluto conjunct the Sun/Saturn midpoint running on into 2025; plus panicky muddled Neptunian communication snafus and confused misjudgments.  Over the coming mid terms this November the term chart has a couple of undermining Neptune conjunctions to two Jupiter midpoints which will be less than celebratory.

  Biden’s own chart has some luck this year but running alongside that is a calamitous tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint picking up mid this April to mid May, repeating August to mid September, and again Feb/March and Nov/Dec 2023 which will lower his energy and morale. Plus the Eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio in 2022 and the Lunar Eclipses in 2023 will all be rattling up his Scorpio planets and Pluto for a series of potentially life-changing crises.

   From early 2023 to late 2024 he has tr Pluto square his Sun/Neptune midpoint bringing confusion, indecision and muddled thinking. Tr Pluto will square his Moon from late March 2024 on and off till late 2025, which can accompany family pressures or even health issues. Plus he has a catastrophic-setback tr Uranus square his Mars/Saturn midpoint from July 2024, running on through October and again in early 2025.  Tr Uranus is also opposing his Sun from August 2024 onwards hinting at a radical change.

  He has an extremely stalwart chart with four Scorpio planets and Pluto in Leo as well as a Taurus Moon ; and the White House is never a walk in the park with constant crises piling on top of one another. But he does look exceptionally stressed and some of the above could indicate health issues.

    There is a good deal of affection for him in the US. And with Mitch McConnell’s intervention the senior Republicans along with Pence may just be about to bust Trump’s bubble. So all is not gloom, doom and misery but his astrology is not upbeat whichever way you slice it.  

ADD ON: At the Midterms this November Joe Biden’s personal chart has pluses and minuses with a smattering of mild, upbeat Jupiterian influences in place; as well as a self-deceptive, confused and Mercury/Neptune. And tr Saturn squares his Pluto/Node which suggests relationships separating abruptly  and general stuckness.

Kamala Harris, who is labouring against major challenges in 2022 and 2023 with tr Pluto square her Libra Sun looks irritable and frustrated with tr Pluto hitting two Mars midpoints. And tr Pluto square her Saturn Node midpoint which tends to be distressed/depressed, grieving. And highly strung/anxious.

  There is nothing totally catastrophic on their charts – at that point anyway – but they are not exactly singing and dancing.

Add On: Eclipses covering the mid terms.

  The Solar Eclipse at 2 degrees Scorpio on 25 October 2022 on the run up has the New Moon conjunct Venus in the 1st for Washington turning the spotlight on that location. It is in a Saros series which Bernadette Brady describes as ‘ being forceful, and taking power. It has a manic flavour about it.’ This is reinforced by a ruthless and stressed Pluto on the IC inconjunct Mars, and an argumentative Air Grand Trine of Mercury trine Mars trine Saturn in Aquarius in the 4th.

  Saturn is even more magnified on the Lunar Eclipse on November 8th itself falling again in the 4th square the Sun, Mercury, Venus in Scorpio opposition a divisive Moon Uranus. Such a highlighted/afflicted Saturn points to an emotional chill, insensitivity and square Uranus to an oppressive mood. Saturn Uranus can be dictatorial even by those who claim to be progressive. You could argue this either way – Saturn strives to maintain the status quo which is Democratic or it favours the conservative party, the GOP. Whichever the dice lands there will not be great rejoicing in the capital.

  The Lunar Eclipse will rattle up Joe Biden’s Mars and Mercury so he’ll be impatient and argumentative though his communication skills and perhaps even thinking abilities may come under scrutiny.  

37 thoughts on “Joe Biden – the astro-timeline ahead ++ Midterms ++ Eclipses

  1. President Obama recently said something to the effect of “Democrats are good at highlighting what we don’t achieve and not good as showing where we succeeded.”
    So true. The messaging has always been terrible.

    If you Google Biden’s accomplishments in just one year, it’s astounding. One site was sixteen pages (incl ads). This is It’s a straight up write up with no critique or analysis. And this is with daily Republican obstruction and Fox News trying to destroy Biden every day. states that Biden’s economic plan reduced child poverty by 35-45%!
    He’s also rejoined climate change efforts, WHO and has appointed qualified judges (Trump appointed some people listed as unqualified. Some never even tried a case).

    There’s so much more if you research it!
    And Biden’s not using Twitter to attack people and tank corporations and the markets on the toilet at 4 AM, like Trump did! In fact, Biden’s tweets are presidential and respectful. Go figure.

    It’s a huge relief. So many people I know have been able to exhale and feel so much less stress, solely because we now have a real leader.

    Craig Unger wrote a book alleging that Trump has been an agent of Russia since 1980. Please look at Trump relocated to Russia. Also, Bernie Sanders, Boris Johnson and Trump all visited Russia in 1987.

    • “Craig Unger wrote a book alleging that Trump has been an agent of Russia since 1980.”

      Trump might not be the brightest lite on the Xmas tree but he does know something about which side his bread is buttered. Troubling that he would push for “the wall” to keep out Mexicans and latinos…a wall…to stop drugs and illegal immigration? Absurd on the face of it.

  2. Sorry Greg I disagree especially because many Republicans still side with Trump (by May major info regarding the ex-Pres’s illegal dealings will start becoming public) plus calling Jan. 6th a “political discourse” when two people died and the insurrectionists were out for blood is a disgrace. And many of the Latino/Hispanic/Minority communities are fed up with the Republican’s blocking bills that are hurting them.

    Biden is not perfect and has made some mistakes but compared to our ex-Pres he is at least fighting to save democracy. As for Kamala Harris she is working behind the scenes as most VP’s do. I still can’t help wondering what Pence did when he was the VP (plus he too has also stepped away from Trump).

    As for the far right – white supremacy, racial hatred, disdain for the poor, anti maskers/anti-vaxers and shady political dealings have the far right showing their true colors.

    And what state do you live in that you need to wait for a Covid kit to get tested or vaccinated? You also have to factor in all the trucker protests and surplus good that are being held up affecting the Covid test kits – sorry this is a factor too.

    And no I am absolutely not a “bleeding hear liberal or swing to the far right”. Also if you have been watching Fox news, NewsMax or listening to Joe Rogan I suggest your consider changing your news channel/station.

    • Hello Anne. Arguing with single tracked folk will only enrage them. Soon enough, 2024 will swing around and we’ll reap the harvest of what’s been planted, for good or naught. I seriously do not believe the US will ever recover equitably or gracefully from the Trump presidency. There remains an entire population who still follow – and promote – the evils of Hitler and his ilk. What was created years ago – the Constitution – is now just a crying blanket for them.

      • Hi Larry,
        I’m not single tracked. Nor am I enraged. Examine your own heart. You seem more angry than I.

        I’m not even a Republican. I would have voted for Tulsi Gabbard if the lamestream media and DNC hadn’t colluded to sideline her and Andrew Yang. The problem with American politics now is you can’t note the obvious incompetence without being told you are must be a rabid Republican or white supremicist.There are many classical liberal types (ie Matt Taibi, Glen Greewald, Bill Maher) are waking up to the Dem elite’s abandonment of reality.

        Seeing the truth of what is happening now doesn’t make you a Trump supporter. Who ever is running “Joe Biden” is tanking the country.

        thanks for listening

    • Hi Anne,
      I didn’t say anything about Jan. 6th and politcal discourse. And yes people died…the capitol police killed an unarmed woman (Ashli Babbit). Yah, she should NOT have been doing what she was doing. But if the insurrectionists were really organized and out for “blood” they were pretty inept…doncha think? Now I’ll be called an apologist but I’m not. I don’t believe violence is the right route. Yep. The whole thing was illegal. As was the BLM mostly peaceful riots and looting, nightly attacks on Portland’s federal buildings and Seattle’s “summer of love” CHAZ/CHOP zone (four murders and rape I believe).

      Now Pence…he headed up the Covid response and we saw him everyday almost with reports on what he was doing. They did get vaccines produced quicker that anyone said they could. Can’t say Kamala can compete with that. In fact she said she wouldn’t take any vaccine that Trump had a hand in….petulant much? I’m open to correction but my family on the southern border does not report anything but horror as a result of her managing that situation. Looking for the root causes lol. I guess now she’s looking for the root causes of Putin’s need to cross the Ukranian border. Hating Trump does not warrant giving her a pass. There is too much at stake.

      Covid testing: when I contracted Covid there were no tests available in Connecticut. Monoclonal antibodies could not be found. We had been watching Omicron in S. Africa and the UK for weeks and knew we were next. Yet Biden rejected the testing plan put before him and then dropped the ball until Omicron landed. By the time the test website was availble I was two weeks into the infection. I ordered the tests (first week of January) and they have still not arrived. lol. This is what he pilloried Trump on during the campaign….testing.

      So in closing, please give me an example of how Biden is fighting to save democracy in the USA. And please don’t say Ukraine. If he had not royally messed up the Afghan withdrawal and given up Nordstream pipeline Putin would not have been so enboldened.

  3. The Democrats have lost their middle American constituency by swinging so far to the left. . They can no longer count on the Hispanic vote either. The mainstream media have been softballing Biden for so long, any hard questioning gets a testy over-reaction that can no longer be ignored. He is clearly in decline and his Vice President has little to show for her year in office either–just look at her staff bailing on her! Add in inflation, immigration and the resulting fentalel explosion, Covid testing fiasco (I’m still waiting to receive the tests the government said I would get in the mail a month ago), Afghanistan, Ukraine, and on and on–The mid-terms are going to be a blood-bath for Dems.

    • Swinging to the left? Millions of Americans couldn’t tell the difference between Karl Marx and Marks & Spencer!

      Any minor adjustment to assist the downtrodden in the US is viewed with suspicion by a very conservative population.

      The appalling legacy left by Trump would be daunting to any incoming political party. I wish JB well, as he has the
      toughest job on the planet.

      • Hi Robert,

        They may not identify specific political ideologues and theorists but they recognize when the policies veer away from real bread and butter concerns. They are the ones living with the crime and the inflation. They are ones who see their small town flooded with fentanyl. They are one’s who lost their pipeline jobs. Scranton Joe is a millionaire who made his money masquerading as a public “servant”. Never held a private sector job. Sure, I wish him well but ignoring the failures is not helping the situation. Nor is responding with…but Trump… it’s getting old.

    • Astrologer Alex Miller has done a couple writeups also, suggesting that Biden has got some quite bleak transits going on. As I remember, the concerns he expressed were about physical health and safety issues—not mental issues. But nobody who was elected to be U.S. president during the U.S. Pluto Return was going to have an easy time of it. “The Other Guy” is also well into his 70’s and faced questions (legitimate, IMO) about his mental state. So I think there’s a lot of projection going on there. *I wish* the majority of Dems were as “far Left” as the right-wing scream machine paints it.

      • There’s no need to be insulting larryc. Your condescending characterization of how I spend my time reveals more about you than me. Inflation, poor foreign policy, millions of untested immigrant flooding the border, tons of fentanyl, Putin on the Ukranian border are of serious concern to voters…hardly whiny. Are you really not concerned? I don’t understand your need to minimize our situation now because you hate Trump.

        Regarding testing: The point is not can I get a test now. I’m done with the virus. The point is that we were two years into the pandemic, Biden campaigned on crushing it and Trump’s testing failure….and yet when I needed a test to qualify for monoclonal antibody treatment (had it been available) I could not get a test or treatment without one. He was given a testing plan proposal weeks before Omicron hit and he rejected it….then dropped the ball. Come on. He’s failed and failed and failed.

  4. Thanks for this Marjorie.
    One issue that occurs to me from the term of office chart is that the very powerful Mars Uranus conjunction is in the twelfth house and is restrained by the square jupiter and saturn. This may give quite a bit of hidden energy.

  5. On Biden’s mental competency – the chart won’t tell you about Alzheimers – I looked years ago at a bunch of charts and apart from some of them labouring under Neptune there was no standout indicator. Having said that the tr Pluto square his Sun/Neptune midpoint picking up from Feb 2023 till late 2024 for him would turn the brain of a person of any age to sludge and fog. He won’t be clear thinking, for sure. And that nasty tr Neptune on his Mars/Pluto from this April onwards will be debilitating as well.

  6. The USA is in the thick of a Pluto return so any optimistic dialogue will be difficult given the polarization across the country now. There is some reliable sourcing that Trump was literally eating some revelatory documents in the final days as well as flushing some down the POTUS loo. Biden’s mental competency seems quite stalwart compared to the actions of his predecessor.

  7. What about the fact that transiting Jupiter in Pisces will be forming a Grand Trine to JB’s natal sun and venus in Scorpio and natal Jupiter in Cancer at the time of the mid-term elections.

  8. Both the Biden’s First Term Natal Chart and First Term Arc Dir. Chart also have Saturn on the Sun/Jupiter midpoint. This could signify the end of Biden? Saturn castrates and is also in its ruling house, making it powerful. He is not getting any younger and there could be a power grab from a younger Senator. The Part of Fortune is in opposition to his Sun/ Jupiter midpoint as well. Making Biden Leader/Parent of American the focal point. I am not sure whether it is Biden meeting a violent end, I can’t remember whether Marjorie mentioned this, or it was in article, however, there does appear to be a cycle of Presidents, before another is assassinated. With so much plutonic energy, the American Pluto return and Biden’s Natal Chart being quite scorpion. Biden will either be in the right place at the right time, or the wrong place at the right time.

  9. Many of Joe Biden’s enemies think he’s not mentally up to the presidency due to his age . Can a
    failing mind be seen in a a chart or is this just nasty gossip ?

  10. My sense is, that a lot of it has to do with the unrest with Russia, Iran and China, as well as domestic terrorists groups that will become a direct threat to him.

  11. Interesting. Many other very reputable astrologers and political tarot readers (yes legitimate ones do exist) all say the Democrats will win the Senate, House, Congress and Governor positions in the midterms including some of red (conservative) states.

    It will be a fight to the nth degree for sure in the midterms and most likely it will not be huge margin of wins for the Democrats (especially with all the redrawing/redistricting of conservative states by the Republicans) but when I did the midterm chart as well (although energy does shift) l got the same results as the political tarot readers and astrologers. So did Astrotheme and Astrodienst.

    We shall see but one of the big reasons I think the Democrats have a good chance of winning the midterms is because of the Supreme Court (Roes vs Wade) backlash from women and the far right stance and blocking/refusal of passing badly needed bills.

    • @Anne: I’ve seen this aswell from others. Even Vedic Astros. It seems the Dems have a fair chance at just hanging on. Especially the Senate.
      I remember Marjorie stating last year that Liz Cheney seemed very pissed at leader Kevin McCarthy in early 2023. If so, then I don’t think it’s due to Repubs killing the commission as she would expect this, or that she lost her reelection bid as this would be more due to Trump than Kevin. So I suspect it could be they didn’t win the House from Dems, which she could justifiably blame Kevin for. But we’ll see.

    • Hi Anne,

      I would love to know the names of the astrologers and political tarot readers who are predicting this so I could get more of a sense of it. Could you share who they are? I have to say I also need a dose of hope for the midterms — typically things swing to the opposite end with the midterms so that would be a significant win.

      • There are so many reputable and well known political astrologers (many will not do personal readings).

        Andre from Astrology Alert (he is very well respected by the Astrology community), Black and Orange Tarot, Cash Peters (he is extremely interesting, funny and a medium that draws pictures of his insights) Diane of Diane’s Tarot (also an empath and medium and uses tarot to express the messages she gets), Hogarth of Global Astrology, Lady G Tarot and Spiritual Path, Celtic Sheila Tarot, Nine’s Corner (she is in Wales but I have found America is a major interest of Political Tarot Readers).

        Also Autumn of Black and Orange Tarot (she is also a political astrologer), Revealing Light Tarot (she is from Australia but there are many many parallels between America and Australia) and the Oracle of Whimsey as well.

        What I respect the most about them all is they do not color the truth and although most of them are liberal they will always give both sides of what is going on – and all will tell you that none of them are 100% correct all the time.

        Astrotheme also has charts of many famous people and political figures and its free.

    • From a non-astrological perspective, the Democrats are going quite well on the redistricting front as well, with them getting the Republican-drawn maps thrown out in many states. Off the top of my head, NC, Ohio and Alabama. And I think that in Alabama, the Republican-drawn map was so egregious that it was thrown out by an all-Republican judicial bench unanimously, including two judges appointed by Trump.

      So at least on that front, the Democrats are on a roll.

      Two non-astrological resources to follow for more information on this front are FiveThirtyEight and Let’s Talk Elections, both on Youtube.

      • Not to poor cold water but Re: the maps, it’s too early to tell since the process is not done in all the states, & in the meantime SCOTUS allowed the Republican drawn map to go forward in Alabama.

        • Yes the Supreme Court is extremely biased and within the next four/five years I think full terms on the court will be obsolete and changed. Also the astrology chart for Stacy Abrams to become Governor of Georgia shows there is a chance she will win despite the redistricting map but it will be a major battle for sure.

          What is going to seriously hurt the Supreme Court’s popularity and respect is throwing Row vs Wade back to the States and many of their obvious bias. Plus there will be a fight to the death for a Black Woman to become the next Supreme Court(!!!!) judge (it will happen) and I would not be surprised if Brent Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas (due to his wife’s funding of the buses for the January 6 Insurrection) or Amy Coney-Barrett (because of the money she is getting from big Pharma/and the Republicans) will be forced to step down/resign.

          By the way I meant Andre Kahr from Astrology Alert is one of the many legit political astrologer list above. And no I do not wear rose colored glasses or am an unrealistic optimist but am an empath and have doing political tarot and astrology (not on youtube or any channel) for a long time. As I have said before and I bet Marjorie would agree that energies do shift so events/things can change.

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