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  1. Hi Marjorie Following on from SD’s request I’m conscious that far more people are experiencing tr Pluto opposition their natal Pluto which would have been impossible in the past. This will also be the case for the Pluto in Leo generation. Is there anything positive that can be gained from this transit? Thanks.

  2. Judge rules Trump and 2 of his children must answer questions under oath in New York investigation into their business practices. BBC News

  3. Just a thought on how Pluto in Capricorn will hand over to the Pluto in Aquarius era. In Capricorn Pluto has dredged up many grubby details of corruption and how the establishment works for all to see, yet for the most part the people involved have not faced any real payback for their actions (or have been able to bribe their way out of it). Was wondering if Pluto in Aquarius might lead to more accountability? Take a look at past eras perhaps. Thanks.

  4. How about telling us about Peter Thiel. He has been supporting far-right (some say neo-fascists) financially. He claims that asperger’s might be a useful syndrome for success in silicon valley. A very unusual man.

    I’d also like to know if the star show any indication that U.S. will finally enact the Equal Rights Amendment. It has been in the works for 40 years and is being slowed by Matt Romney & a few other men.

    Thank you Marjorie! I always enjoy coming to this site to get a different perspective on things that are going on around us.

  5. Prince Andrew has just settled the civil case with Virginia Guiffre out of court. Interesting timing, on many levels. In August 2021 Marjorie wrote:

    “Neither is looking remotely happy for three years ahead. Though with both having the same Leo Ascendant, they will have tr Jupiter through their 8th in 2022, which could arguably see her on the receiving end of a payout and he maybe inheriting a chunk from Prince Philip.”

    But in the same post there seems to be further trouble ahead, and family tensions too. Spot on astrology so far anyway!

    • And PS to this comment: It’s four days before Andrew’s birthday on 19th February. Venus and Mars in Capricorn conjunct Pluto will align with Andrew’s own Venus/Mars in financial and/or “goaty” Capricorn at the beginning of March. He’s just had a Black Moon Lilith return (21 Gemini), squared by scandalous misty Neptune too. Tr Jupiter has just trined his natal Neptune in Scorpio, so a kind of luck in avoiding (so far) any further revelations?

      • The settlement announced just as Venus makes her exact conjunction with Mars in Capricorn, the Moon in Leo opposes Saturn and BMLilith squares Neptune.

        • Yes, rather perfect isn’t it! Plus, the Capricorn planets (£££) currently trine the N Node in Taurus which in turn is conjunct Algol, the much maligned woman. Lilith and Algol seem to be winning right now.

    • Hmm, neither of them looked too happy over the next two years. My fear would be the ghastly man would attempt to do a Boris and just brush it all aside and step back out into the public arena. Though the media won’t let up. And apart from HMQ the Royals don’t want him back. He needs to get out of Windsor and disappear. But he’s so thick and arrogant I doubt he will.

      • You’re so right! However, perhaps he might listen to his daughters? It must be very difficult for them both. He will be bereft without all the pomp and ceremonial stuff he seems to enjoy, but Uranus squares his ascendant and one might hope for some kind of (forced) change? He has such a long history of extremely dubious “friends” and business contacts, and must realise all of those can easily be raked up again too. Whoever put the pressure on for a settlement may still be able to persuade him to shut up, and go to ground….

  6. Hello Marjorie. I realize that you just had a look at Canada but I wonder if you could compare and contrast with the October Crisis of 1970. It was the only peacetime use of the war measures act, until today of course.


    Kind regards

  7. How about the prospects of the Equal Rights Amendment being published & implemented in the U.S.? It’s only taken 40 years to get it to the brink of becoming part of the constitution.

  8. Good morning Marjorie,
    Hope you’re well!
    Would you have any thoughts on the upcoming Pisces New Moon on 2 March at 17.34p.m?
    You know I’m sure there’s a Sun/Moon/Jupiter/Neptune Conjunction/Stellium in Pisces and
    Mercury/Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius and Venus/Mars/Pluto Conjunction/Stellium
    in Capricorn that day.
    Seems like a lot of energy, hence question!
    Best regards,

  9. This doesn’t pertain to the Biden post, but I wanted to congratulate Marjorie on her earlier forecast of trouble ahead in Canada. I’m too lazy to look up the day, but when I read it, as an American, I thought, “Unrest in Canada. That will never happen.” Obviously, I didn’t see the truckers’ protest coming, but Marjorie (and the stars) knew something was in the offing.

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