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The political fallout from the sudden resignation of Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, will be an entertainment in itself but is of secondary importance to Londoners. After a litany of humiliating blunders, deadly mistakes, and evidence of a hair-raisingly sexist and misogynist culture within the force, a line had to be drawn – though as ever years late.

  When Sir Robert Mark was brought in to clean up corruption in the Met in 1972 he evidently remarked his ambition was to ensure the service arrested more criminals than it employed. In the five years of his leadership he put 50 criminal officers before a court, and nearly 500 others were swept out of the organisation. Corruption then went hand in hand with entrenched sexism and racism. Plus ca change.

  The Met was established on 29 September 1829 giving it an attention-demanding (arrogant) and inspirational Fire Grand Trine of Jupiter in Sagittarius trine Saturn in Leo trine Pluto, formed into a Kite by Pluto in a power-hungry, controlling opposition to a Libra Sun. During Mark’s five years as Met Commissioner tr Pluto was poised on the cusp of Libra and moved in conjunction to the Met Sun and opposition Pluto as he exerted formidable pressure to clean out the sewers. Very Plutonic and right on the key opposition in the Kite which is the central plank of the chart – the Met’s backbone.

  Unfortunately there is nothing similar in the near future. This year tr Neptune opposes the Mars for a sense of sinking failure with a few jolts from the tr Saturn square tr Uranus tugging on Saturn on one leg of the Grand Trine. Tr Pluto will square the Mercury in 2023 and then conjunct the Uranus in 2024 for an extended period of heated arguments about the best way forward. There’ll be a ‘shocking collision’ with the Solar Arc Mars opposition the Sun this year, of which this may be part; followed in 2023/24 by a dead-halt Solar Arc Mars conjunct the Pluto. It may get worse before it gets better.  Only by 2027 when tr Pluto is trine the Sun and sextile the Pluto does there look to be much transformational energy being applied.

  The other Astro-point of note is Cressida Dick’s First Term chart, 11 April 2017, which has almost exactly now the Solar Arc Pluto closing the square to Uranus to exact – which is a classic fall-off-perch indicator. Administration charts are way more useful for information and predictions than personal charts. Which is a point to remember given Joe Biden’s alarming inauguration chart, of which more anon.

  Cressida Dick’s personal chart, 16 October 1960, is agitated and jolted this year, sagging badly in 2023/2024; but high-flying in 2025. She’ll no doubt land on her feet (sigh).

  London Mayor Sadiq Khan, 8 October 1970, is now in a tug war with Home Secretary Priti Patel who is insisting he overstepped the bounds of his authority. She classed his behaviour as ‘rude and unprofessional’ which given her past track record is a touch ironic.  Born 29th March 1972, she’s a Sun Aries opposition Pluto square Jupiter; with Sun Mercury opposition Uranus and Pluto trine/sextile Mars Saturn opposition Neptune – not exactly renowned for tact and delicacy.

 Her relationship chart with Khan is a hotbed of hostility with a composite Pluto trine Saturn, sextile Mars and a differing-agendas Sun square Uranus.

  Sadiq Khan is facing a disastrous year ahead into 2023 with tr Neptune opposition his Mars and then Mars/Pluto conjunction; with a mountainous blockage in 2024. His relationship with Boris Johnson, never cordial at best, is a pressure cooker of resentment and bile from this month on and off into 2023 with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mars.

For previous Cressida Dick/Met Police posts see : March 15 2021; and January 8022.

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  1. Thanks Majorie for a very interesting oversight of the MET, CD, SK and PP. Very dispiriting that cooperation and shared values (of integrity and better standards) are still sparse on the ground.I get the feeling that as with the government, the influence of Pluto in Capricorn is still taking its time to show constructive results.Maybe both this present government and the MET have got to be brought to their knees before change can happen??

  2. Thanks Marjorie. It’s very interesting to see the comparison with the 1970’s “clean up” of the Met. I remember those documentaries that were shown at some point during the lockdowns – hair-raising corruption at that time. Interesting, too, that we’ve got Mercury conjunct Pluto, trine nodes conjunct Algol, at the moment. Mercury/Pluto being quite a good symbol for a detective I think, Algol staring stonily from the shadows!

    I noticed that the 30 April Solar eclipse opposes the Met’s Venus at 10 Scorpio. Bernadette Brady says this Saros Series (6 North) is “concerned with the individual’s relationship to father figures, authority figures, or the need to take responsibility and control.” If Cressida Dick is represented by that Scorpio Venus, then the general feeling outside the police force is that she did not effectively take control.

    Venus will be at 26 Pisces that day, conjunct Jupiter (27) and Neptune (24), which aligns with the Met’s South Node at 28 Pisces, and Cressida Dick’s Term chart with Venus at 27 Pisces. So it seems as if the April eclipse has kicked in early, and also that more confusion or scandals may emerge in the weeks ahead. The old ways of doing things – and the obstructive closing of ranks modus operandi – could be highlighted by the focus on the South Node? And perhaps also a focus on financing and resources too.

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