Ukraine – echoes of Stalin’s lies

Ukraine’s rich and turbulent history stretches back into the beginnings of human civilization. During the 10th and 11th centuries, it became the largest and most powerful state in Europe and was, contrary to Putin’s claims, the precursor to Russia rather than the other way round. But because of its central location it has been invaded and split up countless times.

  What is marginally odd astrologically speaking at the moment is that the recent attacks on Ukraine – in the 1932/33 Holdomor, Stalin’s political famine which killed 4 million, and in 2014 in Putin’s Crimea steal, there was a Cardinal Uranus square Pluto. In 1932 Uranus in Aries was square Pluto in Cancer with Saturn in Capricorn/Aquarius and Neptune in early Virgo. In 2014 Uranus again in Aries was square Pluto, with Neptune in early Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio. Even way back in 1240 when the Mongol invasion destroyed Kiev there was a Uranus in Capricorn opposition Saturn square Pluto in Libra with Neptune in Mutable Gemini.  

   There is nothing similar at present. Nor is there a Saturn Pluto aspect as there was for the start of World War 1 and 11.

   Modern Ukraine, 24 August 1991 6pm Kiev, is certainly not looking confident this year with a discouraging Solar Arc Saturn opposition the Sun exactly now; a panicky-failure tr Neptune opposition the Mars from mid May onwards and a disruptive tr Uranus opposition the 8th house Pluto from mid June onwards, both influences running into 2023.

   Joseph Stalin, who instigated the political famine in Ukraine, which killed many millions, blamed Ukrainians themselves for starving and his propaganda called anyone who mentioned the famine a Nazi. Another big lie merchant. Power and the truth were never comfortable bedfellows. Putin has been resurrecting his reputation in recent years attempting to elevate him back to hero status.

 Stalin, 6 December 1878 JC Gori, Georgia, (unverified) was a Sun Sagittarius with his Pluto exactly conjunct Alogol in a brutal opposition to Mars in vengeful Scorpio, sextile/trine Saturn which was an unpleasant combination. Plus an Earth Grand Trine to Neptune (Moon) in Taurus trine Uranus trine Mercury in Capricorn. Too much earth can be gross.  

   Modern Russia was born out of a revolution in 1917 and there were two coups in the early 1990s, but the only hint of an upheaval or popular revolt which might unsettle Putin comes from tr Uranus square the 4th house Pluto in the 1991 chart – which picks up from mid 2023 onwards – and may accompany street protests from a disgruntled populace. Despite Putin’s bombastic claims about supersonic military power, Russian troops, according to one report, are having to buy their own food and living under cramped conditions.

  The run up to the Mars Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, exact on March 3rd, was always going to be fraught and high risk. There was also a Mars Pluto conjunction in Capricorn (conjunct a New Moon) when Israel invaded Gaza in 2008.

   An earlier Ukraine chart, 8 May 882 JC 6.50am Kiev, showed up the 1932/33 famine clearly and clashed badly with Stalin’s chart. It is similarly looking uncertain and agitated now with the Solar Arc Neptune opposition Uranus tugging on the Ukraine Sun Saturn, now and for two years ahead.

This is all odds and ends and puzzling from an astrological viewpoint. More will no doubt emerge.

PS An entirely trivial point given the jeopardy the poor Ukrainians face but irksome all the same. The turn of events has handed Boris Johnson a diversion from his corruption and lying scandals and given him a platform to attempt to emulate his Churchill schtick which is truly stomach churning. Especially given the zero possibility of him or the Tories cleansing the London stables of oligarch gzillions.

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  1. Gnarly Dude, yes Stalin was a massive reader and because he was never close to anyone he had all the time in the world to read and plan and scheme.

  2. Putin is, BTW, now threatening anyone intervening in Ukraine militarily with “unprecedented” consequences. This can’t mean but a nuclear strike.

  3. astrogeography on Twitter showed a chart for Putins declaration of war at 21:00 Moscow time, when speech began, not the time of the decree signing. Expecting Russian annexation of Eastern Ukraine.

    • @GrahamTD, yes, good point. The speech was recorded, as evidenced by various clocks visible. That said, I think the “declaration” chart is more important than “decision” chart, because it’s obvious decision to invade Ukraine was taking days is not weeks prior to the speech.

  4. Putin’s declaration of war speech being called “scary” by reporters – a bid for the world to go back 100 years to Russia’s position as an empire.

    Biden says the world will hold Russia accountable.

    Surreal and sadly real all at once. P looked bloodless – like a man with nothing to lose. Already dead and going out blazing .

    • @ *A*Fan, hope this would be the case, but I don’t know if there’s any evidence of Putin being terminally ill. He has what seems to be cortisone bloat and he seemed sleepy during Bejing Olympics Opening Ceremony, but that was also a sign to Ukrainian team. I think many of the Kremlin “insiders” looked genuinely terrified, which I think they wouldn’t, if they knew what ever Putin wants will be irrelevant in, let’s say, months.

      • Yes, re terrified insiders.Damage ahead.
        Cortisone bloat makes sense, but it seems like more, also – his vibe is bewildering. More than once I’ve thought is there a bigger chess player behind this. It’s the lack of charismatic conviction that stumps me. Even when a leader is dark or misguided there is typically a charge or tremor to it. The bland destruction he imbues feels atypical from earlier recollections of him, where I would say craft and some vigor were on display.
        Thank you for your post.
        Perhaps a cocktail of meds is producing his bland demeanor. The reference to the speech being a canned video just adds to the walled off feeling.

  5. With regards to Johnson, doesn’t he have Saturn opposing his Sun/Moon mid point next year? Marjorie highlighted that a while ago as the point activated when past PMs have resigned.

    Neptune will square Johnson’s Sun for the next year or two as well which will not make things easy for him either.

    • Hi Sorry it was in my ancient archives which I must remember to double check since over the years things change. Have added Sag chart and amended text.

      • Wasn’t checking up on you Marjorie; I just happened to be looking at this chart and wikipedia last weekend. He claimed to read 500 pages per day and a library of 20,000 books – very Sag.

  6. The US can probably now force the Germans to cancel Nord Steam 2 which has long been a US policy objective. Putin gets to bolster his image at home as the champion of Russians everywhere but he will still need a market for his gas. Presumably that will be in the Far East. The big loser apart from the Ukraine is Europe which is probably going to end up facing crippling energy costs at least in the short term and the EU which was unable to impose its own diplomatic solutions on the crisis. Lots of heavy Neptune/Mars influences in those US and Russian Federation charts which suggests the bitter distrust between the two are not going change anytime soon. Not sure events are going to have much influence on British politics as the U.K. played virtually no role in what has gone on apart from Truss and Johnson doing some comic appearances.

      • Biden will be happy. German manufacturing industry are probably going to be less pleased particularly as the German government are in the process of shutting down their nuclear power plants. Maybe the Germans simply plan to burn more lignite to generate power which won’t do much for global warming. European energy policy making is a mess and the EU are not helping by blocking France developing more nuclear plants. The French already supply a lot of Italy’s power and could produce more. The expanding wind generating capacity in Europe will help but as the U.K. has found out the weather can make that capricious.

        • Lignite is the most environmentally destructive fuel it is possible to get.

          The mystery is why the Greens – who run Germany – haven’t banned its use immediately on taking power.

          • The Greens don’t run Germany, they are in a three way coalition with the social democrats and the free-market liberals. But the reason they haven’t banned lignite is the same reason that they cosy up to the car manufacturers of Germany: they are only very light green. Those in positions of power call themselves the ‘Realos” – ie the “realists” as opposed to the “Fundus” those who founded the party and were true deep green. I live in Germany.

          • The Greens don’t run Germany, they are in a three way coalition with the social democrats and the free-market liberals. But the reason they haven’t banned lignite is the same reason that they cosy up to the car manufacturers of Germany: they are only very light green. Those in positions of power call themselves the ‘Realos” – ie the “realists” as opposed to the “fundis” those who founded the party and were true deep green. I live in Germany.

        • @Hugh Fowler, I think Biden “will be happy” the way Roosevelt was “happy” when Hitler’s Germany invaded Poland.

          I also think that Germans today, including car industry heads, understand that deranged dictators aren’t, ultimately, good for the business. When supply chain issues rise, they will proceed in their usual, German manner, solving the issues. Car industry in particular has struggled with various supply chain issues as of late, and they will just see this just as an additional problem to solve. (Observation comes from working with German engineers on daily bases for the past 3 years, also in industries struck by supply chain issues.)

    • UK chart is having Uranus conjunct natal Mars. It happened during the Crimean War, and shortly before WWII. The idea that this is going to have no effect on the UK or UK politics is ludicrous.

        • If the UK Mars in other people’s money house, mortgages, inheritance etc is conjuncted by Uranus as all previous Uranus in Taurus did, can that be re “The Money” and gas and of course electricity (Uranus). I just think of the last war in UK in particular with all its privations and gas mains fractured.
          Re Johnson, I think of him as the nodding dog Churchill on his skateboard advert, saying Oh Yes.
          What a piece of disastrous work he is.
          Only coherent when he thinks he is God.
          The Tories are indeed eating their own tail keeping him in.
          Ps. Marjorie, I don’t watch the news I just look for your posts. I hope you diary them all for posterity.

        • The last two times there was a war, and the consequences of such. It has happened again now. I don’t see how it cannot mean the same thing. Little else was happening in 1853, 1938, and 2022 that is similar aside from War in Europe specifically.

  7. Interesting post Marjorie. Thank you. As someone mentioned earlier that all Putin wants is regime change, what if the current President of Ukraine is toppled by one of his own men? Replaced by Putin supporter? There was some dispute initially, in Ukrainian government about joining NATO. Not everyone in Ukraine government wants to annoy Russia. Russians could try to meddle in Ukrainian politics while distracting the west with ‘war posturing’. Please can you look at Ukrainian President’s chart. What are his chances of staying in power this year?

    Your last para pretty much sums up Boris’s life. Some force of nature always comes to his rescue in the last minute, from any reckoning. He is definitely is a very lucky man! I am beginning to worry if we are ever going to see the back of him.

  8. “There is nothing similar at present. Nor is there a Saturn Pluto aspect as there was for the start of World War 1 and 11”

    I am sincerely hoping that the reason the astrology is different at the moment is precisely because there will not be a full blown catastrophy in Ukraine

    Maybe in retrospective the stars will have been different because catastrophe will have been averted. Not to say there won’t be difficulties or hardship, as you pointed out by analyzing the astrology, it’s just that it might not be as bad as other horrible episodes in Ukraine’s past

  9. Thank you, interesting analysis and particularly agree with your final paragraph re Johnson. His attempts at Churchillian rhetoric during this crisis have been cringeworthy and embarrassing to say the least.

    • It’s noticeable he comes across more coherently when there’s nothing directly at stake or involving him. All the ers, unms and faffing disappear. No need to lie or obfuscate I suppose. Saw this happen before, at the climate conference I think it was.

    • I actually think things are getting worse for Johnson. So much Tory money comes from Russia…. now all that scandal is coming out too.

    • @Virgoflake, as an outside observer, I must say that it’s actually Keir Starmer coming across better here.

      I also have to say that I enjoyed Minister of Defence Ken Wallace likening Putin to Nicholas I. I think MI6 has assessments on Putin stating he is taking this Czar thing seriously. Choosing one Czar nobody would like to identify with – a colorless bureaucrat leading a very unpopular war – was an intentional jab.

  10. Is Ukraine or any nation/country on the planet not corrupt . Some countries are openly corrupt others covetly ,
    not sure which is worse

  11. It seems to me that Putin wants only one thing in Ukraine: regime change. The way that dissent has been crushed in Belarus and Kazachstan shows that Russia will tolerate no opposition either at home or in any of its former satellite states. That Ukraine has other plans goes against the grain (and it is also where many of the dissidents flee to). One analyst here argues that this whole charade is intended to show that Russia is still a geopolitical force to be reckoned with as the West turns its gaze towards the growing power and influence of China.

    • @SuHu, no, it’s all about Putin, who is a psychopath (and I think it would be time for some psychiatrists to break their professional code and declare him one in public) having lost the last grip of reality during his Covid-19 isolation.

      And, I must say that international politics experts trying to rationalize what’s happening with Russia now are becoming really irksome. We need clinical psychologist and psychiatrists to analyze Putin’s intentions and next move, not them!

      • Ben Wallace, UK Minister of Defence, said he thought Putin had gone ‘full tonto’ and was repeating the Russian mistake of the 1853 Crimea War by pushing ahead without allies and subsequently losing. Oddly that started with Uranus on the same degree of Taurus as the moment.

        • @Marjorie, noticed that too, in fact was commenting on Ben Wallace likening Putin to Nicholas I elsewhere, because I think that was intentional and brilliant. Besides Crimea, Nicholas I struggled in Caucasus area, expansion coming to standstill in early 1830’s.

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