Putin – a desperate attempt to leave a legacy

Putin has wrong-footed Western leaders hoping to build political capital by brokering a retreat of Russian forces from Ukraine. He has ordered troops into two rebel-held regions in eastern Ukraine, after recognising them as independent states. In doing so he appears to have ridden roughshod over his own advisers and ignored China’s reservations about destabilizing the region and interfering with Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

  China opposes Nato expansion, but is wary of large-scale war in Ukraine which will hurt its commercials interests there.

     Putin on the other hand appears to have gone full tonto, holding an extraordinary meeting with his top security officials in the Kremlin’s ornate Hall of the Order of St Catherine, designed by the tsars to show off the glories of Russia’s empire. His subordinates according to commentators looked terrified and even the foreign intelligence chief stumbled his acquiescence. “They looked less like a sounding board than an imperial court.” The Moscow correspondent for the FT noted that the session was “like the finale of the Sopranos.” Retired Russian generals have criticized the invasion plan; prominent Russian intellectuals have publicly challenged Putin and public opinion polls have suggested limited support for war.

At the UN Security Council he was accused of seeking to return to “a time when empires ruled the world”.

  Normally lucid, Putin gave a rambling and bizarre speech reinforcing queries about his health and mental stability. His self-induced isolation during the pandemic in his country residence, earning him the nickname “the old man in the bunker”.

  There’s not a huge amount of astrology to add to the two previous posts on Lunar Eclipses February 12 2022 which pointed up March and April as even more turbulent and risky.  And the post of January 19 2022.

Putin’s 4th Term chart would appear to have it nailed down with a brutal (and desperate) Pluto Mars conjunction in last decan Capricorn in a subversive, disruptive and violent square to Uranus. Pluto Mars at its worst can be murderous but also carries an underlying message about being trapped and infuriated beyond reason. Tr Pluto was conjunct the Mars through this January as the troop movement to the borders escalated; and returns to the exact aspect August to early December. From early 2023 tr Pluto will square the Term Uranus which is the classic topple-off-perch moment for leaders. That influences runs on and off till late 2024.

 The US attitude is that Putin has put himself far out on a limb which looks extremely shaky.

   The other key chart for Putin’s 22 year increasingly autocratic reign is the original Presidency chart of 31 December 1999, which also flags up next year, from late on into 2024, as being undermined and confused.

   The Russian Stock Market indices are highly stressed this year and next and the Bank of Russia chart, 13 July 1990, looks in turmoil this year with tr Uranus opposition the Pluto and then grinding to a fiscal halt in 2023 and 2024 with tr Pluto square the Mars and opposition Mercury.

  Both China charts, 1 October 1949 3.15 pm and 1 January 1912, look considerably unsettled from this March onwards. The 1949 has tr Uranus square the 7th house Mars Pluto from April on and off all year suggesting aggravation with neighbours. And the 1912 chart has tr Pluto conjunct the Uranus from next month onwards till late 2023, which suggests a significant turnaround in terms of direction.

   Joe Biden’s Mars in Scorpio which is a key trigger point where Moscow is concerned on his astrocartography will be jolted badly from mid March onwards.

PS. Putin’s disputed birth date of October 1952 actually works not badly looking through past events and if so his relationship with Russia may well be stretched beyond breaking point in the next two years.

Final thought for this post. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was during the reign of Catherine The Great, when Russia grew to be a great world power. She was a determined Sun Mars in Taurus sextile Saturn inconjunct Pluto – not given to subtlety when it came to wielding control but she did foster culture. This may be a dying or deranged Putin making a frenzied bid to put his stamp on Russian history.

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  1. It is not an issue of Europe, but if NATO, it is until a Russian incursion on NATO soil that any real recourse against Russia will happen, this Putin understands. This was why Putin desperately wants the Ukrainian state to remain part of Russia and not become part of EU or a NATO state.
    As to the points about the UK and it’s decision to leave the EU, they left the EU but not Europe, yes there maybe some with small minded colonialism views, but in the main the UK stand for freedom and democracy, it still holds considerable clout on the world stage. It has in the past stood up against invasion and war and will do so again. Unfortunately the frightening thing is that this is a very different war fair from those in history, I hope the Russian people see the disintegration of their leaders sanity and the resultant sanctions for what it is and not the spin the Russian state will try to indoctrinate. It is quite telling that even China have reservations about this action.

  2. Solaia is wright.He is high on Cortison.Forever on cortison ,he will turn to dust.
    See it in his face and skin.He has become The Moonman.

  3. The relationship between the US 1776 Sibley Chart and the Russian Federation 1991 Chart with does not look easy or straightforward. The US Russian Mars opposes the US Mars and squares the US Neptune. In addition the US retrograde progressed Mars in Libra is moving to square the Russian Neptune and Uranus conjunction in Capricorn in the latter part of the current decade. Anyone expecting things to change drastically as and when Putin departs is likely to be disappointed. Russia is not the only party to blame in this situation as the USA 7th House Mars shows it more than willing itself to use force against its enemies whether real or perceived while wrapping up its aggression in platitudes about liberty and freedom. The much trumpeted American exceptionalism so often propounded by US politicians with their view of a country destined by Providence to rule clearly grates on the Russian leadership who clearly view it as hypocritical justification for what they see as a hostile and US selfish US foreign policy agenda. It should be added that to Europeans find themselves increasingly fed up as being the playground where the two carry on their squabble.

    • “It should be added that to Europeans find themselves increasingly fed up as being the playground where the two carry on their squabble.”

      Hugh Fowler, respectably, people on that little island who chose NOT to be Europeans should but rather harbour Russian (and other dictatorships) dark money should not tell “Europeans” how they feel about this. I know many Italians and pretty certain some Spanish still are to this “bothsiding” this, but now ask Baltic, Polish or Finnish people – all Europeans – how WE feel about living on the front yard of a paranoid psychopath with a nuclear arsenal, and there may be some surprices for you on how we view the difference between the US and Russia.

        • @Jonathan In the ‘little island’ mentality no, 40 years ago, no, it didn’t, but in the meantime Europe’s identity has evolved to become closely linked to the EU and the strength/benefits derived from being part of that wider community. Why else would Ukraine be so keen to join? And essentially that is the problem with the UK’s position: the thinking is still stuck in the past (when Europe was seen as just ‘a Continent’). Hence the idea that you can be part of something without being part of it. I have to agree with Soalia on that point. Britain is not in alignment with Europe and chooses not to be. My (Dutch) daughter was told yesterday in the UK “we make our own rules here”! And that about sums it up. Keep Calm and Carry On making up your own rules… as you go along. I am really curious to see how that works for the UK in the longer term. Brexit strengthened Putin’s hand and has served to embolden him to pursue his aim of recreating the USSR, while the EU looks on in horror. Disunited there is little we can do, and he knows that. We have all been “played” but none more so than the UK.

          • Ironically, the crux of the Ukrainian question is all about ‘national sovereignty’.

            The Ukrainians see fit to fight and die for national independence and sovereignty.

            All the UK did was to vote for it.

          • EU did nothing when he went into the Crimea in 2014, and the UK were still an EU member then. Lack of response emboldened him.

          • @SuHu, so, if I have read right, you are saying the UK leaving the EU gave Putin the idea to try rebuild the USSR? Don’t believe it for a minute.

      • Much of Europe has been high minded enough to realize that American folly is dangerous and deadly… Yankee Go Home protests have been going on in Europe since the 1980s at least… As an Italian with US citizenship living in England, I have to say, you are wrong about this. And the Putin friendly 5 star party in Italy, was all for leaving the EU because they are pro-Putin insofar as this ‘squabble’ goes.

      • To be fair, the people of Salisbury are European too. They didn’t see any “dark money” that’s all in London – which voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU ( if that makes a difference)

    • I completely agree with hugh. To cry outrage, it just depens where the bombs are falling alas. I heard nobody, except for dominique de villepin, when the here much lauded collin powell told his shamless lies to the united nations about ” wapens of mass destruction” beeing in the hands of irak. Good reason to start a war under a false pretext and throwing tons of bombs, not to speak of torture, on innocent people. Nobody said bush was crazy. And the uk was al to happy to follow suit.

      • Power corrupts. Bush jnr following his father acted like he had some God given right to tackle “evil”. Blair, with his own messiah complex after a huge landslide election victory and 2 more terms, eagerly following along.

        Power in one individual or family for too long does seem to unhinge people.

        However, as much as I can see the parallels, we don’t want to fall into the trap of whataboutism. Whataboutery is exactly what Putin is using to justify these appalling actions.

        The “evil” other, the “hypocrite” other….. they all seem very Neptune/Libra logical fallacies

  4. I’m wondering about Saturn in Aquarius, the Scorpio/Taurus eclipses we’re experiencing and this dark crisis.

    On December 12th, 1993, the first Russian Parliamentary elections in post-Soviet Russia took place. There had been a dramatic build up to these, with military interventions, violence, and civil unrest. Saturn at 25 Aquarius was square Pluto at 26 Scorpio at that time. May’s Lunar Eclipse at 25 Scorpio is square Saturn at 24 Aquarius, as Saturn returns to the 1993 Russian constitutional crisis era.
    If you look at the 30 December 1922 chart for the USSR there’s the Moon (the people) at 27 Taurus where the November 2021 Lunar eclipse took place.

    Another connection to 1993 I’m wondering about now as Europe faces this dangerous moment is the European Union and the Maastricht Treaty of 1st November, 1993. This is about to have it’s Saturn return (23 Aquarius), with Mars in Aquarius (cyber attacks?) conjunct that Saturn in April. Maastricht’s chart also has Mars and Pluto conjunct at 24 Scorpio, with May’s Lunar Eclipse conjunct, Saturn revisiting the founding chart’s square, and the “fateful” transiting S Node of the Moon at 24 Scorpio. History and the past in general seems like a strong theme with both Saturn and the S Node inviting us to look back.

    The hopeful and necessary postwar Treaty of Rome (25 March 1957) with it’s peaceful aims is on the edge of this astrological pattern. It has Moon’s Nodes at 22 Scorpio, BML at 23 Aquarius, and Pluto at 28 Leo.

    I haven’t had time to look at any of this involving India, Russia, and China. But it could be important or illuminating too. Putin and Modhi last met in December, 2021 and there are many issues around trade and defence between these nations – and their future stance on this evolving crisis, Europe, and the USA.

    • Not everything is about the US, in fact, a lot is about European politics (Merkel leaving Chancellor post and replaced by Olaf Scholz from SPD, historically a party very much in favor of Northstream II) as well as China relations, but you also conveniently forgot at least:

      – Chechen War, fought almost entirely during GWB’s presidency (1999-2009).
      – Russian military intervention in Syria, yes, starting the last months of Obama presidency, but likely worsened because of tight presidential race. Syria now is a vassal state recognizing Donesk and Luhansk.
      – Russian troops entering US bases in 2019, after DJT ordered a hasty withdrawl.

      And, as seen yesterday, current GOP is completely fine with Russia invading neighbors and for a NATO withdrawl, so I wouldn’t be surprised if aggressions to neighbors became more prominant.

  5. I hope I’m not repeating something that’s been mentioned in previous posts but I noticed that the ominous November 8, 2022 lunar eclipse at 16°01′ Taurus which is also conjunct Uranus will be on the Sun of Putin’s 4th term chart. So perhaps that will be a critical time for him. I admit with the upcoming Saturn-Neptune conjunction in 2026, I expected another major turning point for Russia, and just as Stalin died at the 1953 Saturn-Neptune conjunction, I thought it might spell the end of Putin. But perhaps he will not last that long. Thank you, Marjorie, for providing such extensive coverage of this important topic.

  6. There was a fascinating character study of Putin in 2005 published in the Atlantic. A certified “movement analyst” thinks Putin’s odd walk is due to a stroke suffered in utero. A long read but really interesting. Link is below.

    Marjorie, I looked up Catherine the Great’s chart and if we go by 1952 date for Putin, they share a nodal axis, within a minute I think if we go by the true node.


    • @Dee, it’s a well reported sports injury. I think there is some material of him from very early 1990’s, where he doesn’t have the limp.

  7. I was just looking at Putin’s chart, (aware the date is unreliable). But if it is, or close to reliable, people I have known with the Venus Jupiter opposition, even widely, have always got away with some type of excess for an extraordinarily long time, right up until the point when they spectacularly haven’t. If any planet might kick that off it would be Saturn who is currently squaring that opposition and close to a Pluto opposition as well. Got me to looking at the last time Saturn was at this point, spring 1992. Putin did seem to be in some trouble then but got away with it. What was also interesting was that the Open Skies Treaty was signed March 1992 which has recently seen the US (2020) and then the Russian withdrawal (2021). Clearly I know little of the ramifications of that, I just noticed it from an astrological perspective.

  8. Perhaps Putin’s Unaspected Moon has a lot to do with his detached demeanor, lacking in empathy. Steve Jobs of Apple computer fame also had an unaspected natal Moon and was described as being unbelievably cruel by many people. It seems that these individuals know no boundaries, and literally in the Geographical sense for Putin.

  9. biden is checkmated. it is over for him. they(democratic party) did not move to reopen the economy fast enough. Ukraine is not NATO so…………………

    • It not so simple… Putin’s essay of 2021 reveals serious imperial ambitions so he won’t stop at Ukraine. He wants to recreate the Soviet Union and leave a legacy.

    • @Christine, I think these rumors were sparkled by an odd shoulder twists and distinctive style of walk. However, some physiatrists have noted they could be a result of a shoulder injury. And he did, actually receive one in the early 1990’s playing friendly match of football in Saint Petersbourgh’s twin city in Finland, Turku. According to then mayor who became a friend, he was tackled by then archbishop of Finnish Lutheran church, John Wikström so badly he visited ER and was actually recommended a surgery, but didn’t want to go under the knife at least in Turku. Which might have left him with an ongoing issue.

      And, as discussed in another thread, he has definitely gained weight, and this might be due to cortisone use.

      • I recently read a rather whimsical article that Putin’s odd gait and static right arm can be explained as a result of his KGB training. According to one neurologist/movement disorder specialist, the ‘KGB manual’ states, “when you’re walking, don’t move the right arm, keep it close to the holster and be ready to draw the gun”.

        • @Virgoflake, well, here, Finns might have the best intel, once again. 😉 This happened in a time nobody expected Putin’s rise in power, in fact most intelligence analysts were seeing Russia taking a very different direction. Putin was in wrong city, moving among wrong circles, he was not on intelligence agencies radar. Therefore, I have no reason to doubt this particular story.

          Other stories from that period include ones about Putin’s punctuality – unlike other Russians at time, he seemed to be always in time for appointments, reporting, etc. I think he understood this worked as well with Finns as it had worked with Germans in gaining trust. Also, that Putin would frequently bring his family to Finland – his then wife and daughters would visit spas/water parks (loved by Russians, and he’d be a doting father teaching his then small daughter

          It’s also rumored that Putin’s still officially only wife Lyudmila has a house in Naantali, near Turku, where she would have spent considerable periods of time pre-Covid-19. This is a new house, building permissions etc. are public, and it appears there are shell companies involved.

  10. Just listening to the news literally. Russia orders tanks into Eastern Ukraine. Boris says this is the first tranche of a full scale invasion.

  11. Good afternoon Marjorie,
    By way of contrast, I have to ask re George Washington (a real Leader) who would be 290 today,
    born February 22 1732 at Pope’s Creek Estate Westmoreland, VA @ 10.00a.m.
    Any comments or thoughts re him?
    And thank you if you do.

  12. What scares me the most is the atittude of ordinary Russians. I was living in Russia with a family last year and I often heard that Putin was rightfully “taking back” what was “theirs”. I also heard ad nauseam how Ukraine had become a backward peasant country and how only Russia could help it modernize again. I also heard, from older people, that Biden was from Ukraine and Zelensky was actually American. On the whole I just remember the Russians I met being badly informed. There are informed Russians of course and what I am saying is anecdotal, but you’ll find Europeans who have lived there will tell you the same thing. The older people were the worse and literally glued all day to state TV. They are also all obsessed with the second World War and how Russia saved Europe and why is it do we refuse in the West to recognize what an amazing thing Russia did for us. This was all regular kitchen talk- nearly every day, prompted mostly by news on TV and Gramma commenting and off we went again

    • @Sterling, the things Russian TV will push are astonishing. That said, I don’t think hatred for Ukrainians is *really* there. So many Russians are also partially Ukrainians and vice-versa. I personally know at least FOUR Ukrainian-Russian people here in Finland. These things have come up when I’ve asked about their surname saying, “is that Ukrainian?”, and their response has been that yes, but then there’s often a Russian parent or grandparent, and sometimes also some other, usually Tatar heritage.

      And I think this is also why Putin is some afraid. He knows a good portion of Russians have direct contacts to Ukraine, and while by no means perfect, the fact that people there are tasting some liberties never available to them in Russia, is a threat to his power. It absolutely nullifies the view on Russian Slavs needing a strong leader to thrive.

      • Yes, definitely no hatred from them, as half of the people I know from places like Siberia used to go to Ukraine on holliday when they were young to see their grand parents, still have family there, parents burried there etc

        But the overall idea that is being pushed is that Ukraine has gone “backwards” and needs “help” from Russia. This regardless of their individual feelings for Ukrainians. I can’t recall how many times I heard “Ukraine used to be so developped and now it is just a country of peasants”. Pure propaganda propped up with random statistics which I never understand where they get from, all of this to justify a “taking back” of Ukraine to save it from itself or the big bad West that just wants to exploit it or impoverish it further or use for imperalist designs of its own. The scenarios they come up with are quite something

      • @ Solaia… What is the view in Finland and the 3 Baltic states regarding the invasion? Im thinking of the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea. It is sandwiched between Poland to the south and Lithuania to the north and east & could easily be used by Putin like “protecting Russians” or whatever to annex pieces in that direction and rebuild to the former USSR. If that happens NATO is involved.

        • @Anita, well, I think the general view in Baltic States is, “See, we weren’t paranoid and overreacting warning you about Putin!” They’ve seen his pursues for what they are straight from the beginning. This is also why they have been extra careful with their Russian minorities – not to give Putin a casus belli. They have been NATO members, too, since 2004. Estonians in particular seem to be well respected in Intel circles, as well. So, while they are obviously concerned, they don’t panic.

          In Finland, support for NATO membership among general population already was up 10 per cent, making those willing to support membership in case political leadership was behind it as well half of the population. And I think the support is up some points after Putin’s speech, which can be interpreted as a direct threat to Finland’ sovereignity.

  13. Thank you Marjorie. As you write, Putin seems “dying or deranged”. Watching him on tv last night he appears much changed, both mentally and physically. It’s clear something is very wrong with him. Curiously, the last tsar, the doomed Tsar Nicholas II (6th May 1868 Julian calendar) birth date is just one day out from this term chart. Pluto at 15 Taurus is conjunct this Term’s Sun, and the Tsar’s Mars at 27 Aries squares the Term’s Mars in Capricorn. I know the two calendars differ, but find it an interesting coincidence. Nicholas II, and his family, were canonised in Russia, in 2000.

    Then there’s the infamous Tsar Peter I, sometimes called ‘The Great’. He was a notably violent and war-mongering man (30 May 1672 JC) with Pluto square Saturn, and Pluto trine Mars in Pisces. His Sun in Gemini square Uranus in Pisces (18) resonates with the Term’s Venus in Gemini (15) square Neptune in Pisces (16). Putin seems to look to famous leaders/tsars of Russian history, perhaps as a way to symbolically consolidate his power and all-important “image”. Looking at that Pluto/Mars in the 4th Term chart is chilling too – Stalin’s natal chart has the Scorpio Mars oppposition Pluto in Taurus, trine Saturn in Pisces.

    Impossible to draw any conclusions. We can only hope for a relatively swift conclusion to this alarming madness.

  14. Thank you, Marjorie. How these last degrees of Pluto in Capricorn are playing out is mind-blowing. Plus with Uranus in Taurus again, this strategy seems to be similar to Hitler’s 1938 invasion of Czechoslovakia on the pretext of protecting the German-speaking Sudetenland. Recent reports about Putin’s self imposed isolation, increasing paranoia and possible health issues now in retrospect seem like a harbinger of something wicked this way coming. Germany has now halted certification of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline and heavy sanctions will surely cause the Russian people to struggle. The vainglory of this man will cost the world dear.

  15. Interesting reading.

    I myself may be delusional, but I see ‘war of words and posturing’ but not actual war, in our times, bearing in mind they all hold such weapons that if let off we are all done for. They are aware, and we are aware of the power of such they have created and hold, for what reason which was always beyond my reasoning . So being delusional, of course I could be way off and very hopeful that reasoning will prevail. I chose to stick with that. The alternative just too awful to think about.

    • “I myself may be delusional, but I see ‘war of words and posturing’ but not actual war, in our times, bearing in mind they all hold such weapons that if let off we are all done for.”

      Sorry, but Ukrainians, whose country will be invaded, will live it as a very real War.

      And yes, Putin WILL invade Ukraine, this is now inevitable. What we in “The West” can do is to make it very painful to him. Provide weapons that will make it painful in terms of Russian lives.

      In that way, there might actually be a military coup. Russian Generals are of age of having started their Military Service in last years of the Soviet Afganistan Campaign. Ultimately, it was wailing of Soviet mothers that brought mighty USSR down. It will be the downfall of Putin, too.

      • Yes, what seems clear is that the sanctions may, this time, be fierce and not cater to the underlying power, wealth and connections of Russian oligarchs with such a soft hand as before. We can only hope. They steal from the Russian people and then live in luxury in democratic countries where their children can go to elite boarding schools and experience the culture and freedom of the West. The threat to that lifestyle through sanctions is going to really piss off a lot of oligarchs, would could care less about Ukraine. Putin may not last, and maybe he already knows that is taking himself out in glory.

      • It may be that Ukraine were misled by the West to become a battleground. Wanting to join nato is akin to David Koresh saying he is reading the bible as he stocks arms. Violence and ‘the devil’are the great lure, and it could be the Ukraines were suckered into it and will suffer. Obviously the US (or UK) govt’s have plenty of appetite for death and destruction. (See Iraq?)

  16. Thank you. Very interesting. He has terrorized the world for over a decade. It’s both shocking and depressing that he was never stopped. Seems we’ve learned nothing since WW2.

  17. His real birth year is 1950, not 1952 as reported. He went to great lengths to hide his identity and family when he took reign, hence why he has no family connections. I researched this in depth and based on school records and his mother’s interview, he was indeed born in 1950.

  18. Never thought we’d see but, this is how wars begin, now this generation , we, are witness- because of mad right wing autocrats…why doesn’t he d** . not sure how much of the American madman despot in the white house 2016 to 2020, is responsible for this Russian expansion…2024 is too late, in this time of climate extremes, even small scale battles can wreak havoc.

    • @Anita, right! This is what I see him drawing his main inspiration too from. I’ve read countless accounts on how he likes to draw on Imperial Russian imaginary to “appeal” to average Russians. But I’ve long thought, and now am convinced of that he actually sees himself as a rightful heir of the Holy Russian Empire.

      I happened to read a fictionalized account on how Ivan III, Prince of Moscow, claimed mighty merchant Novgorod Republic. A lot of that had to do with marrying a Byzantine Princess Zoe Palaiologos. When firmly in power, Ivan III started building Kremlin, inviting Italian architects and masons to then backwater Moscow.

      And I think Putin, very likely a NPD person,
      only smarter than Trump, always identifies with a strong leader in Russian history. When he was living in Saint Pete, it would have been Peter I Great, now, confined to Kremlin, Ivan III.

      • @Solaia … yes his essay of 2021 reveals serious imperial ambitions. He may not stop at Ukraine. He wants to recreate the Soviet Union and leave a legacy. I posted a question to you above regarding Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea.
        Always enjoy your comments

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