Ukraine – bracing for a renewed onslaught

Russian forces are withdrawing from around Kiev after a campaign bedevilled by logistical and military blunders, significant troop and equipment losses and low morale. The focus will now be to seize and subdue the two eastern Ukraine regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, already partly controlled by pro-Russia separatists. The newly appointed sole commander will be General Alexander Dvornikov, known for the brutality of his bombardments on civilian targets in Syria.

  Born 22 August 1961 Ussurijsk, Russia, he’s descried as an “old school” general and a “blood and soil nationalist”, trained in Soviet military doctrines that view obliterating civilian targets such as hospitals as a means of gaining battlefield momentum. A Sun, North Node and Uranus in Leo he is no shrinking violet, especially with a ‘leadership’ Leo Node. He also has Jupiter Saturn in Capricorn opposition Venus in Cancer.

[Two thoughts –Jupiter Saturn conjunctions in earth signs at their worst can produce unpleasant types. Secondly there are a surprising number of military leaders who have risen up through a system that demands obedience who have strong rebellious Sun Uranus aspects.]  

   He’s looking  pleased exactly now over his appointment and will have significant success in July to mid October this year, alongside a few losses and snarl ups. Tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter from March this year, on and off till late 2023 looks disconcertingly triumphant and confident. Once those are over, 2024 looks confused and devastating, with 2025 worse so his run of luck will give out – eventually.

 President Zelensky’s Saturn in Leo are conjunct Dvornikov’s Sun, Node, Uranus so it will be, not surprisingly a significant clash of personalities and agendas. Their relationship chart has a fated Yod of Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Venus which will be under severe stress and produce intense emotional reactions with tr Pluto square the focal point Venus in 2022/23; and tr Neptune and tr Uranus tugging on the lower legs of the Yod in 2023/25.

  Zelensky’s chart, to recap, will be more rattled than usual from the 23rd of this month for two weeks; and will limp on  with rising anxieties – with one stroke of luck in late June this year. 2023 has tr Pluto opposing his Mars at zero Leo which will be trapped, high-risk and infuriating on and off till late 2024; with 2025 not looking too upbeat either. So there will be no speedy closure.

   The Ukraine 24 August 1991 2.30pm Kiev chart will be facing a significant failure with tr Neptune opposition the Ukraine Mars from mid this May on and off till February 2024’ and will be forced into a significant shift and upheaval from mid this June onwards with tr Uranus opposing the 10th house Pluto which runs into April 2023. Again there’s no sense of an early settlement to the country’s misery.  See previous Post  29 March 2022.  

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  1. Hi, Marjorie. I’m just wondering why you used 2:31 PM for the Ukraine chart time when everyone else, including Astro databank uses 6:00 PM?

    • Nick Campion writes:
      ‘Independence was proclaimed on 24th August 1991, probably at 14.31 pm GMT.’ (Kyiv)
      ‘The referendum confirming independence was held on 1 December 1991, and the result was announced at about 6.00pm GMT. It was then, with foreign recognition, that the Ukraine began to function as a genuinely independent sovereign state…’ (Kyiv)

  2. Majorie I would love to hear your view on the July 31 Mars/Uranus/NN stellium opposite Ukraine Pluto in the Aug 24 1991 chart. Looks extremely non-trivial. Especially, as you note Neptune is opposing Mars, but also Venus on the SN, and Saturn conj. Moon.

  3. So, apparently, Ukrainians just hit the infamous Russian Warship that Snake Island Boarder Guards told to “f**k off” thr first day of the War, Moskva, and according to a glorious CNN lede,
    she is “either floating abandoned or at the bottom of the Black Sea”. I’d say the latter, since even Russian sailors would not abandon a ship carrying what I think must be billions worth of Military Technology, if they could avoid it. The vessel definitely sank, or is barely floating.

    • This, BTW, has strategic significance. Moskva has been used to block Ukrainian air support East of Dnepr. I think it’s now only a matter of time Russian troops need to retreat from Kherson. And they can forget about Odesa, as long as Bosporus remains closed to Russian ships. There are only two, or even one, other vessels of Slava-class operational, and Kirov-class is now scrap metal.

      Russian Empire and then Soviet Union were never Naval powers, and apparently hit hard by losing Ukraine and Baltic States. Nikolayev, Ukrainian Mykolaiv, was major dock at Imperial and Soviet times. But, this is getting ridiculous.

        • @Nicole Sours Larson, on anything Navy related, thank an ex-collegue and still friend who used to show me all these blogs he followed on slow days! Sometimes when a person is truly passionate about a subject and can communicate in an engaging way, they can sparkle interest in others.

          My friend would, BTW, tell me over 10 years ago about the sorry state of Russian Navy, how the US and Britain were scrapping vessels the age of Russian flagships, and building solutions better suited for modern warfare. When Russias last operational carrier was damaged while on dock 2019, I asked what he thought about it, and he said it was then he thought Russia stopped being a military superpower.

          • My ex-Navy husband, who spent his career mostly supporting the US and allied Navy, has similarly critical things to say — and we’ve often discussed the state of Navy ships. He agrees about the Russian navy.

            (Last year a US Navy vessel, the Bonhomme Richard, burnt at the dock in San Diego, where we live, when, it is alleged, a sailor set fire to debris on a lower deck; there were many errors and poor firefighting. It was undergoing a refit. This ship shouldn’t have been destroyed so easily. One screw-up after another.) Lots of problems with naval vessels!

    • Is this why the Russians have now threatened to strike ‘command centres in Kyiv’ if the Ukranian incursion into Russian territory does not cease? I was puzzled when I read it but if they consider a strike against their warship in the Black Sea to be such an incursion then it makes sense.

    • It was hit by a Ukrainian ‘Neptune’ missile which seems apt on the day when Jupiter conjuncts Neptune and the Moon opposes in Virgo.

      • The charts for Ukraine and Zelensky do look concerning, but let’s not forget that the 1917 Russia chart has some tricky and destabilising transits coming up (currently Tr Uranus square the Saturn and opposite the Sun) as well as the fourth term Putin chart (Tr Pluto making its first hit of the square to Uranus)……. I might be clutching at straws….. but I think we should all use the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction to pray and visualise a positive end to this terrible evil

        • This is true and we have to appreciate that being the president of a country under attack from Russia will take its toll no matter what, it’s not going to be an easy time. It may even be harder to process later, after fight mode.

          I’m afraid that the overall pattern looks drawn out to me, with some dicey moments in October. But not easy for Russia, with unexpected losses – particularly around that Mercury Rx station on the Russian general’s Saturn. Mars Rx in Gemini may mean a major propaganda failure and isolation by from neighbours/allies for the aggressor

  4. Since I am undergoing a similar Pluto transit to my Jupiter, I had been reading Rob Hand’s interpretation with regard to that transit:
    “can denote that you will achieve great success …or it can mean that people in power will strongly oppose your efforts. It largely depends on what you are trying to accomplish and how…
    You may get your share of glory, but … should be working to achieve something that will benefit society at large…Pluto designates massive social regeneration … aids most those persons and factors in society that work towards that end… striving in a petty way to succeed at someone else’s expense or without recognizing the larger needs of society may lead to trouble .. Under extreme circumstances, this …can even indicate arrest.”

    If the above is valid, it depends on whether supporting Putin would be considered a ‘good cause’ from Russian society’s point of view or whether instead one considers that of humanity as a whole. Let’s hope it is the latter, and that General Dvornikov will fail.

    (I have found his book Planets in Transit to be amazingly spot-on during an extremely difficult past year)

    • Robert Hands is great. Pluto on Jupiter can lead to success since it marries determination to luck. But it can also, especially in those who are already self-assured and confident, give a sense that rules don’t apply which can lead to kickbacks.

      • @Marjorie, added: Houses are important, too. I have a 1st house Pluto conjunct Sun. The latest tr. Jupiter opposition happened to months leading to my marriage. I was working at what was a very toxic environment, and many of my coworkers quit that Spring. I was too busy to realize just how bad the situation got because I was planning the wedding.

      • Even more than that Pluto is exactly stationing Rx on Dvornikov’s Jupiter at 28 Cap at the end of this month then it’ll roll back to almost station on his Saturn in October. 28 Cap has been cropping up a lot, it was one of the conjunction degrees of Venus/Mars. However, Zelenskyy’s Jupiter will receive an exact Mars station in October (as well as Saturn stationing opposite his Moon if his birth time is right, which may be concerning)

        His SA Jupiter is at 28 Pisces, forming a yod with his natal Jupiter (and Tr Pluto) to his Sun/NN. Tr Neptune is lurking there too. It all looks very fateful, especially with Venus also stationing at 28 Leo as well next year, getting very close but not quite making the conjunction with Mars this time, instead forming a transiting yod with Pluto and Neptune.

        I know it’s completely different and nothing like this but I’m reminded of Theresa May’s supposedly lucky Pluto/Jupiter break in 2017, she also with the 28 Leo planets and was the “strong and stable” leader that was going to obliterate the opposition by calling an election – Regulus hubris…..except it didn’t work out. And although she didn’t lose, the cost was high and she was badly weakened. Even though Corbyn lost, it looked like a victory (Saturn 29 Leo I think he has).

        I’m not sure where I’m going with this….a pyrrhic victory of sorts for Russia perhaps? A won battle but a weakened state and having to do deals to survive. Something to think about…

        • Ugh need an edit button…I can’t be trusted to get it right first time

          *” Dvornikov’s SA Jupiter is at 28 Pisces…”

    • Astro-trivia: I haven’t read anything by Robert Hand yet but I do know that he is born a week after Jimi Hendrix who, unsurprisingly, has an incredible astrology chart. Their charts share a lot of similarities; lots of fire and water, no earth and a lack of personal planets in air. There is a cluster of prominent people born around this time.

  5. Oh no, this sounds like a terrible projection for Ukraine. In 40 days, Russians destroyed a whole region. I cannot imagine what would happen if this goes on for a year or two.

  6. Ukraine’s Uranus/Moon midpoint is on its Saturn at 1.31 degrees of Aquarius. The New Moon on 21st January 2023 will be on this midpoint ( book Emphemeris timing) . I would imagine this may be a significant moment for the people in Ukraine. Saturn normally means a Ruler and perhaps Uranus in Capricorn with Ukraine’s Moon in Aquarius could be a day to remember?

  7. Another point to be considered in relation to Dvornikov’s passages: Unlike in Western European tradition, Russian/Soviet tradition actually doesn’t TRULY celebrate their Generals. This is legacy from, at least, Alexander I times. After Napoleonic Wars, he turned reactionary, causing Decembrist Uprising by more “Liberal” officers in 1825. After that, Russian and Soviet leaders have tended to fear too strong Military leadership. Stalin purged many of the battle hardened senior officers in Red Army 1936-38.

    Therefore, as strange as it may seem, Dvornikov’s “lucky” passages don’t necessarily mean he will win a War, it would be better for him to win some battles that allow a lucky break from consuming War effort. Putin certainly isn’t a type to share limelight.

    • Solaia, Thanks. Your input is very welcome and helpful, being better informed about the Russian mindset and culture etc. Very true about dictators disliking any competition for the limelight.
      The rebuilding of the infrastructure will be horrendous given the damage caused and the mental scars and hatred left behind don’t bear thinking about.

      • @Marjorie, this is something that has been highlighted strongly by Finnish “retired officers who Tweet” community in recent weeks. Unlike active personal, they don’t have to be cautious about revealing classified info, and are free to express what’s always been core of Finnish Military doctrine. While acknowledging Russian power in numbers, we know their weaknesses: Soviet or Russian Military wasn’t a merit based system, it’s very top heavy missing junior leadership let alone soldiers encouraged to take initiative, and corruption is so rampant it’s safe to assume at least 25 per cent of the equipment in the books is not operational.

        And while Dvornikov seems “competent” – at least in bombing civilians -, there’s really just that much he can do with units he has in use. Many units come far reaches of Russia, ethnic minorities are overpresented. “Elite” units such as airborne VDVs who have more ethnic Russians from Kostromo or Pskov have reportedly suffered heavy losses (as have Motorized Units from around St. Petersburg). And now, they should throw these units together.

  8. Point that I think has been missing on much of the Western reporting, but is, I think, significant, brought up by Finnish commentator who made their military career observing Russian forces: Dvornikov’s nomination in, in large sense, “burocratic”, not based on merit in Syria. He is in charge of Southern Military District, from which the attack to Donbas will happen. Earlier leaders of the campaign were not nominated, but would have been people associated with

    Military experts all expect nasty battle, possibly a “mini-Kursk” involving tanks. However, this can’t happen yet, since the soil is too mushy up until May. In addition, Russian troops find it hard to regroup. Many contract soldiers have their contract expiring in April, and won’t write a new one. Russia has had significant material losses, and can’t rearm fast enough. There was a video of locals saluting soldiers off to battle, and the equipment was ancient.

    There is a good chance Ukraine will win this. And, with sanctions only kicking in for Russia, it shouldn’t take until November to have a ceasefire at least.

  9. I couldn’t help but notice transit Mars was conjunct Dvonikov’s South Node yesterday with the announcement of his appointment and following that, transit Saturn is creeping up to join his South node in February of next year, at the same time opposing his Sun/Uranus/North Node conjunction (incidentally, he also has natal BML conjunct that Sun/Uranus). Additionally, the Lunar eclipse of May 16th at 25 Scorpio will square that line up in Leo.

    It amazes me that this butcher of a man, who pulverised innocent Syrian civilians was born a mere couple of weeks after Barack Obama.

    • Off topic, but an interesting parallel — it has been argued that Obama also abandoned Syria with his failure to stand against Assad and in particular, his use of chemical warfare.

  10. Thank you Marjorie. It’s all beyond belief, except it isn’t….

    Like Linny, I’ve thought about the November 8th eclipse opposing Ukraine’s Pluto, and Zelensky’s Uranus, and wondering if that’s some kind of turning point.

    I’ve also been wondering about Mars retrograde in Gemini. What kind of ‘god of war’ is Mars in Gemini? A ‘war of words’, but I’d expect all kinds of confusion with transport and troop movements too.
    Mars turns retrograde at 25 Gemini, square the Ukraine Mars in Virgo, and just past Neptune at 22 Pisces on 31st October. It seems very confusing, and is not long before November’s lunar eclipse – and just days after the October 25th solar eclipse at 2 Scorpio.

    I’d also noticed the Scorpio Neptune, Leo Uranus, Aquarius Moon t-square in the 25 March 1957 Treaty of Rome chart for the European Union. October’s 2 Scorpio eclipse activates this.
    And again, there’s a link with Ukraine, and the Mars retrograde – Jupiter sits at 25 Virgo in the ToR 12th house, conjunct Ukraine’s Mars. Those vows and hopes of “never again” are surely being tested in the most terrible way now.

    • “I’ve also been wondering about Mars retrograde in Gemini. What kind of ‘god of war’ is Mars in Gemini? A ‘war of words’, but I’d expect all kinds of confusion with transport and troop movements too.”

      This is a good point, it could be logistics. I doubt though that if War continues, parties have resources at that point to attack. It would be rather stalled “spending war”. There’s one Finnish War Historian who I see writing under a nick at a board I follow, who has anticipated big tank battle taking place in June, because mid-Summer and mid-Winter are really the only seasons this can happen in Ukraine and Southern Russia steppe. That would coincide with Mars in Aries – coincidently, or not, there was also Mars in Aries during Battle of Kursk.

      • Thanks Solaia, for this and all your very insightful and helpful comments. I see that Mars will conjunct Jupiter in Aries at the end of May, exactly opposite Dvornikov’s natal Mars in Libra.
        Mercury will be retrograde in May, moving from Gemini to Taurus. Mercury stations direct at 26 Taurus at the start of June, aligning with fixed star Algol, the Gorgon’s Head. That may reactivate what happens or is discussed and planned around the long lunar eclipse at 25 Scorpio in May.
        I think your Finnish war historian could be right about the big battle in June.

        Further on, once the war is over, the reconstruction of Ukraine will be another kind of “battle”, needing huge amounts of cash, energy, determination and vision.

        • “Further on, once the war is over, the reconstruction of Ukraine will be another kind of “battle”, needing huge amounts of cash, energy, determination and vision.”

          Yes, I read, today, that there are 300 000 square kms of land – more than the whole area of the UK, similar to are of Finland or Italy – to clear of mines alone. Not to mention all the material losses, up to 1000 schools, hospitals, factories, logistic centers, bridges, roads… It’s a Herculean task, really. If these areas are gained by Russians, if Zelenskyy is forced to exile, I would almost think his passages would look easier.

    • Mars Square Neptune though.
      Miscommunications, Lies and double speak abound. In 2020, 2021, long retrogrades in Gemini of Venus, Mercury and 2022 to 2023 its Mars. All square Neptune.
      I feel an truly immense amount of lying has been going on in the World by government leaders. They are all like kids comparing in the toilets! Truly sad.

      • Thanks Linny, that’s the Cosmos hammering home some kind of point I feel….
        As you’ll see in my reply to Solaia, I just noticed the Mercury SD at 26 Taurus in June, aligned with Algol, and opposing the lunar eclipse point in May. I think that lunar eclipse, a very long one, is a powerful one. It is visible in Europe. Some sources say that a location where an eclipse is visible can experience more of its effects. I have never made up my mind about this, but worth noting.

    • @Jane, Solaia: “What kind of ‘god of war’ is Mars (retrograde) in Gemini?” Cyber attacks on vital infrastructure, maybe, paralysing communications, or the railways (which have largely functioned well up until now with rapid repairs made following strikes). Just a thought.

      • Yes, Susan, I agree those look likely. Oddly, though, despite all the infamous Russian online trolls etc we’ve read about in recent years, the use of potentially crippling cyber attacks has not been a feature so far. Perhaps many of the technically ‘gifted’ hackers etc have already left? I don’t know, Solaia may know more about this.

  11. If we in the rest of Europe were to end our imports of Russian oil and gas, the war could be over in a couple of months, according to Putin’s former economic advisor Andrei Illarionov (now living in the US). What use is it to impose sanctions and send arms while at the same time each and every one of us is paying €2 per day into Putin’s war chest. It’s the hypocrisy of the West which makes me most angry. That our ‘economic interests’ outweigh the lives of the people of Ukraine. Sure, Europe would take a hit but it will anyway when food shortages follow on from the destruction of that country and it is unable to export grain from its beseiged/occupied eastern ports. All this hand wringing and lack of political will is only prolonging the agony. Never again! Remember that NATO?

    • So sad… Marjorie posted that the Ukraine situation would get worse starting mid May running into 2023. She also mentioned early on that the world in particular Europe may not be able to do enough. So here we are two months in it’s certainly starting to look that way.

    • Susan. Agree completely.
      Those at top love War.
      The losers will be the masses, again.
      They simply must keep the little people down with heavy taxes and shortages for wars that are ramped up a long time in advance.
      When I look at all of ours and Europe’s stunning architecture I wonder who decided not to obliterate them during ww2. Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s and Westminster to name a few in London alone would have been easy targets.
      Makes you think.

      • “When I look at all of ours and Europe’s stunning architecture I wonder who decided not to obliterate them during ww2. Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s and Westminster to name a few in London alone would have been easy targets.”

        It’s strange that I, not a Brit, have to point out that Buckingham Palace WAS indeed bombed. There’s an iconic picture of the King and Queen inspecting the damage. St Paul’s Cathedral Dome was pierced, as well. Westminister might have been hit, too. But really, these were also protected by nothing but very heroic London air defence.

        Not only that, much of Eastern Europe was destroyed by Germans in bombings. For instance, “Old Town” of Warsaw is a reconstruction.

        Soviets were spectacularly inefficient in their bombings, but Helsinki and Turku in Finland got heavy hits in 1944. The worst was avoided in Helsinki mainly by setting up a decoy town East.

        Towards the end of War, much of Germany was, indeed, bombed to ground, because they couldn’t keep air defence up. Dresden, maybe the finest Baroque city in Europe (rebuilt after a fire), was a firestorm that inspired “Game of Thrones” Battle of King’s Landing (confirmed by the showrunners). I think they finished rebuilding Frauenkirchen just ten or so years ago.

        So no, there wasn’ some “kabal” sparing artistic beauty of Europe. Even Florence (!) and Rome were bombarded although at that point Americans were at least trying to hit industrial targets.

        • @Solaia “When I look at all of ours and Europe’s stunning architecture I wonder who decided not to obliterate them during ww2. Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s and Westminster to name a few in London alone would have been easy targets.”

          I, as a Brit, was going to point that out – but you got there before me! Thanks 🙂

      • Much was damaged or obliterated during the Blitz, in London and other cities. Lovely old Coventry Cathedral, for example, and big swathes of Liverpool. They even bombed the Tower of London, and the Houses of Parliament. I believe the pilots used the River Thames as a kind of guide/path – hence the unbelievable damage to much of the East End. Yes, it was a poor area, but also that’s where the all-important docks and the Port of London are. I think other ports had to be used for commercial shipping, as far away as Scotland.

        There’s also all the history of all the people who worked across Britain and Europe to rescue and conceal precious works of art and antiquities. Much did disappear of course, but an amazing amount was saved for all of us to enjoy. Some of these people were called The Monuments Men, others remain virtually anonymous. Quite Saturn/Neptune in a way.

  12. More evil written in the heavens. Just been looking at November 8th eclipse this morning then Marjorie appears with that composite chart. !!! Ukraine born just after that generals 30th birthday, all that Capricorn. I bet he was furious at the changes for Russia then. Makes me wonder what the 2020 children will grow into, it really does, 30 years after the 1990 gathering in Capricorn. Jupiter in Cancer that year opposing.

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