North Korea adding to global tensions

Tensions are crackling between North and South Korea with  military intelligence suggesting Kim Jong Un is gearing up for a new nuclear weapons test. Usually South Korea stays silent about its readiness to react but a senior Seoul official has indicated publicly they would be able and ready to land precision strikes on the North if an imminent attack was detected. Which triggered a tantrum from Kim’s powerful sister threatening to nuke them. NK had paused its long-range and nuclear tests when Kim Jong Un and Trump engaged in a high-profile bout of diplomacy that subsequently collapsed in 2019.

  What is unsettling is that both South Korea, 15 August 1948, and North Korea, 9 September 1948, have tr Uranus about to square the Pluto within weeks, which does suggest a radical shift in their path this year – and their relationship.

  The relationship charts between North Korea and the USA also shows a serious blip from the 22nd of this month on and off into early 2023. The same goes for the NK and NATO relationship chart so it will be a red alert phase for the major players.

 Kim Jong Un’s birth year is questionable so the only accurate chart is his Leadership one of 29 December 2011 at 11.57am P’yonggang, North Korea. That has a tough-slog and deprived tr Pluto square the Saturn this year and next; with calamities exactly now but receding after the 22nd of this month. Though there’ll be panics mid May onwards and upsets from July. What is worrisome is 2023 when tr Pluto moves into Aquarius and squares the Leadership Jupiter for a flamboyant show of might-makes-right and sextiles the Uranus – so there will be definite changes and not necessarily helpful ones.

   2023 starts several years of high-tension, outbursts and over-reaction which may only subside later in the decade when his Leadership runs into the buffers altogether with the Solar Arc Mars square the Sun Pluto.

 If his sister’s birth date is sound. Kim Jo Jong, 26 September 1987, she’s hyped up with an overdose of excitability, over-confidence and aggressive energy this year – tr Pluto square her Jupiter in 2022/23 and her Solar Arc Mars conjunct her Mercury this year and opposition her Jupiter in 2023 – none of which look to be contributing to cool-headed decisions. She’ll run into the buffers in 2024/25 – though the shelf-life of NK senior brass even relatives tends to be short so it may not be surprising. But it all adds up to a disruptive, over-reactive two or three years ahead. Sigh.

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  1. North Korea loves to rattle its sabers (and maybe worse) whenever tensions arise elsewhere – whether to try and grab attention from the headlines, and/or, more scaringly, see if it can get away with potential attacks on South Korea while the West (US in particular) is distracted. (Biden had to cancel a meeting with Southeast-Asian leaders because of the war in Ukraine).

  2. Oh, forgot to mention: Chinese Communist Party will have their 20th National Congress this Autumn. This is one of the meetings taking place every 10 years where lot of top functionaries will be changed. Secretary – and not Chairman, this is title I think only Mao has held, although there is talk of promotion – Xi is expected to be re-elected. But there is always a lot of behind the curtains action in these ones.

  3. I wonder how this relates to what’s going on in China, essentially the only power that’s been openly willing to help North Korea. China still tries to tackle their omicron wave by imposing strict lockdowns. Shanghai has been essentially in lockdown since mid-March, and it’s getting dire, because the city is too large and above all densely populated to contain the way Wuhan was. Last week, I started hearing about the incredible back lock at Shanghai Port at work – company I work for both imports chemicals from China and exports finished product to Chinese market (yes, it sometimes works this way!). By Friday, I saw footage of food riots.

    I’m thinking keeping up extensive restrictions that make people suffer of hunger is a huge mistake from Chairman Xi. Just before covid-19 broke out, I chatted with Chinese mother of my daughter’s school friend. I mentioned something about a Finnish Christmas song lyrics that can be grim to the point of mentioning dead by hunger, because we had famine. She, all of sudden, said her mother lost several siblings to famine. Context was not mentioned, but since she is in her late 30’s, I’d guess this was Civil War in the 1940’s or maybe Great Leap Forward in the late 1950’s. It goes to tell how recent memories of starvation are, and how much “social contract” Communist Party has with people is about keeping them fed.

    Therefore, I think China is highly unstable at the moment. This will likely only worsen in the coming months, if War in Ukraine drags on. China gets lot of its’ grain from Ukraine and Russia. They might not be able to help North Korea.

    • @Solaia, Yes, I’ve also been following the news on the Shanghai lockdown which is just unbelievably harsh and onerous on its population of 25 million people. Scarcity of food, shortages of staff to deliver food — people rely on Government or private delivery drivers for food but there are in turn shortages of delivery drivers due to demand — starving elderly people as well as deteriorating mental health resulting from the claustrophobic, draconian rules. Also, unusual for China, mobile footage of a man screaming into his phone as he despairs at the uselessness of the Chinese Communist Party. Extraordinary mobile footage posted last night of thousands of people screaming from their apartment windows. Extraordinary times.

    • I think your friend was likely referring to the Great Chinese Famine of 1959-1961 in which up to 55 million are estimated to have died.

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