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  1. Marjorie,
    I can’t get into that article without a subscription but I think if that’s where you are getting your info you are going to miss a huge story. He’s under investigation in Delaware and the major news outlets such as the NYT are confirming the authenticity of the laptop–hoping to counteract their previous dismissal because they see an indictment coming down. The fact that the mainstream media dismissed it or actually supressed it (Twitter) right before the election is yet another story that history will have a field day with. Don’t be on the wrong side of history lol.

    • @Greg, there’s so much controversy about that. The Washington Post, which is highly reputable, is reporting that the owner of the repair facility (a Trump supporter) who turned the laptop over to the FBI, has said that the right-wingers who grabbed it have filled it with contaminated material that wasn’t on it when he had possession of it.

      Don’t believe all the right-wing disinformation.

  2. Hi Marjorie

    Have you done a chart for Viktor Medvedchuk? He was appointed People’s Deputy of Ukraine on 29 August 2019 and opposed the Ukrainian application for EU membership.

    Once a close friend of Putin, he has now been abandoned by him and arrested in the Ukraine for treason (a swap for Ukrainian prisoners of war has been refused by the Kremlin). I suspect he might have been behind Putin’s belief that Russian troops would be welcome in the Ukraine – or would at least have an easy ride.

    • @ Liz, yes, this is interesting. Especially since it’s likely Paul Manafort’s – one of my favorite examples of how astrology works but now freed – consultancy flew through him!

      Born August 7th, 1954, and should share some outer planet stuff with Alexander Lukashenko, August 30th, although Medvedchuk’s chart is much more cardinal at first glance.

  3. So, apparently, Ukrainians just hit the infamous Russian Warship that Snake Island Boarder Guards told to “f**k off” thr first day of the War, Moskva, and according to a glorious CNN lede,
    she is “either floating abandoned or at the bottom of the Black Sea”. I’d say the latter, since even Russian sailors would not abandon a ship carrying what I think must be billions worth of Military Technology, if they could avoid it. The vessel definitely sank, or is barely floating.

    • Not only that, the Warship was hit by Ukraine’s ‘Neptune’ missiles. And on the day that Jupiter conjuncts Neptune and the Moon in Virgo approaches its opposition too!

      • @Virgoflake, and Ukraine’s coat of arms has a Trident on it! Literally Neptune symbol, as people noted on Twitter.

        She also sank, announcement was around 11 pm Kyiv time April 14th, incidently also the day Titanic hit the iceberg.

  4. Please update the Hunter Biden story. There is more and more evidence that his father benefited from the influence pedaling that has now being uncovered on his laptop. They shared bank accounts. There is a record of Hunter paying his household bills. Hunter is on record saying he “has” to give his father half of his salary.

    Hunter’s going to be indicted. Will his father pardon him if he is tried and convicted? What will that mean for another term? Will Joe be indicted after the Republicans take the House and Senate at the mid-terms? What does the mid term election chart look like?

  5. Boyan Slat, the engineer behind the Ocean cleanup seems to be an intriguing chap. His projects to remove plastics not only from the oceans but from their river origins, might actually work.

  6. Marine Le Pen catching up to Macron in French elections. She is #2 after the 1st round. Should she win the 2nd round…will her vision as pro-Putin totally derail efforts to isolate Russia in the war? Does her chart, and a potential election win-chart, support Ukraine? Thank you.

    Tho, it’s probably best to wait it out…

  7. Hi Marjorie, Shehbaz Sharif on Monday, April 11, at 21:12Pst (Pakistan Standard-Times) took oath as the 23rd prime minister of Pakistan. Mr. Sharif, the brother of disgraced former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the 70-year-old PML-N leader has served as chief minister of Punjab province for three terms. Shehbaz Sharif (DOB,23 November 1951, 12:30 PST at Lahore.)The new ruling coalition Government consists of 11 parties (PDM). Mr. Sharif was unseated by the Supreme Court in 2015 after being convicted of financial irregularities revealed in the Panama Papers — a collection of leaked secret financial documents showing how some of the world’s richest hide their money and involving a global law firm based in Panama. He was disqualified from holding office by the Supreme Court.
    What is the Future of the new Prime Minister, Oth Horoscope analysis in the light of the stars?

  8. good morning Marjorie… here on the dreary West Coast of Canada.
    For heaven’s sake.. we had SNOW this morning!

    Just read a delightful article on Hazel McCallion (nee Journeaux). I had no idea who she was!
    A long-time mayor of Mississauga, Canada, she is now 101 years of age.
    And has just accepted a 3 year contract to be a director of the HUGE Toronto airport!

    She is a force… birthday is 14 February, 1921 in Port Daniels, Quebec.
    Truly.. her bio is astonishing.

    anyways.. she has a natal Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Virgo.
    In one of the previous posts there was a dip into this conjunction….

    all the best
    my goodness the subjects and posted comments have been stimulating.. thanks all!

  9. Marjorie, could you take a look, please, at the US mid-term elections and the aftermath? I’m scared to death of the Republicans’ taking over the Congress. I hope the Dems can at least hold onto the Senate. What are their prospects?

    Thanks so much.

  10. Marjorie, The Australian election had been called for May 21. Polling has been favouring Labor but they are tightening. At a cursory look, the Labor leader Antony Albanese looks to have better transits than PM Morrison, although I note that Morrison has the north node conjunct his sun on election day. Not sure what that indicates – perhaps something fateful. Elections are very hard to predict given the huge number of variables, but I would be interested in your analysis.

  11. Hi Marjorie,
    Sadly it looks like the war in Ukraine may be taking a turn for the worst. US News is reporting that Putin has appointed a new ground commander to the war in Ukraine i.e Captain General Aleksandr Dvornikov also known as the ‘Butcher of Syria’. The man, incredibly cruel with a history of targeting civilians, is taking over operations in Ukraine and marks what some military analysts see as an indication that Russia intends to terrorize civilians as the war progresses. retired Adm. James Stavridis told “NBC Nightly News” Sunday. “The appointment of this new general indicates Putin’s intent to continue this conflict for months, if not years,” Stavridis said. “He is the goon called in by Vladimir Putin to flatten cities like Aleppo in Syria,” Stavridis said. “He has used tools of terrorism throughout that period including working with the Syrian forces, torture centers, systematic rape, nerve agents. He is the worst for the worst.”
    I don’t think you included him in any of your posts on Ukraine.

  12. HI Marjorie,

    I’ve always found familial astrological traits fascinating and my interest was further perked when reading about Jon Batiste (11 November 1986 Metairie Louisiana – can’t find a birth time) who comes from ‘New Orleans musical dynasty’ ( 3 out of the 5 listed in wikipedia are Sun Scorpio’s). In a recent interview he spoke about how his approach to music is as a ‘spiritual practice’. Thought it might be a nice contrast to delve into ( potentially not mars – saturn orientated like your beckham nuptial post). Also interested to see what his charts throws up as, while he has been winning awards and praise, his wife Suleika Jaouad has had a re emergence of leukemia (she has also received accolades for a book she wrote about her initial battle with cancer in her 20’s). The dichotomy of whilst proffessional life is on the rise that personal matters hit a snag.

  13. Fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier has died. After looking at some of his photos, I wondered if he had a lot of Pisces or elemental Water in his chart.

    • Oddly enough not – Leo Sun square Mars in Taurus. Moon in Taurus. Jupiter Pluto in Leo in the 12th – no water and apart from the two 12th house planets no water houses either.

  14. Hi Marjorie. I posted on a previous “questions and comments” but I can’t locate it. I was very curious about our pop culture couple Jlo and Ben Affleck. They got engaged and I’m surprised and fascinated that they’re eloping given that they’re rebounding with each other from failed previous relationships. Can you read their charts? I read your previous one on them and I am surprised at the current events as I thought she had unfinished business with Arod.
    Many thanks for your blog posts.

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