UK women making their voices heard

There is a noticeable shift in the UK zeitgeist around the ‘what is a woman?’ spat. For several years in the political arena it has been non-pc to question gender self-declaration. Finally the push-back from women has begun to gain traction.  Stonewall which had a solid reputation in fighting for LGBT rights for two and a half decades has been steadily losing support and money recently over its take-no-hostages policies on transgender rights.

   JK Rowling who was declared persona non grata by her ungrateful former movie mates is now emerging as a figurehead for the common sense lobby, giving much a needed public hand to those scapegoated by the fanatics.  High profile columnists in the broadsheets arguing along similar lines for some time have been supported by an avalanche of comments.

  While the great silent majority aren’t always right, what was always odd about this mystifyingly vicious argument was how a few screamers managed to bully politicians and societies into meekly acceding to ludicrous demands. Girl Guides allowed male teenagers to self-identify into female overnight accommodation. No one checked on the impact of taking self-declared transwomen into female prisons. Only now are sports personalities speaking out about the inequities of allowing bulked-up transwomen to compete in women’s sports.

Edmund Burke, the 18th-century philosopher of liberal conservatism wrote –  “Because half a dozen grasshoppers under a fern make the field ring with their importunate chink, whilst thousands of great cattle, reposed beneath the shadow of the British oak, chew the cud and are silent, pray do not imagine that those who make the noise are the only inhabitants of the field.”  

   Stonewall has lost income recently as major organisations like the Department of Health, Channel 4, BBC, the Equality and Human Rights Commission and others have withdrawn from their diversity schemes.  

  Founded on 24 May 1989, it fought its corner bravely and effectively until it had won concessions and acceptance for its members. The trouble started when it looked around to find a raison-d’etre for the future in 2014 and added transgender to its CV.  

 One bystander remarked: “Plan A was all about bullying, intimidation and legislation by stealth, because they knew they had no hope of foisting this stuff on the world by honest persuasion.”

Stonewall was born out of the triple conjunction in Capricorn with a Gemini Sun and Capricorn moon – and more significantly a Yod from Jupiter Venus in Gemini inconjunct Pluto sextile Neptune Saturn. A Jupiterian Yod can have social influence and a strong impact on the masses, though can have fateful consequences and be undone by overconfidence and arrogance. The chart also indicates a volcanic reservoir of anger at unfairness and ill-treatment with Mars opposition Saturn, Neptune and trine Pluto; which can all too easily turn into ruthless domineering.

 At the moment the Solar Arc Sun is opposing the Uranus for an upset this year; with devastating confusion from Solar Arc Neptune square Pluto at the moment as well. Plus an over-pushy Solar Arc Pluto opposition Jupiter this year, moving on to oppose the Venus by 2024 – feelings will run high over the next two years.

  I am fascinated by the repeated occurrence of Gemini dictators and bully-boys/persons over the past few years and still in place, hopefully not for long. Maybe Neptune in Pisces moving across the Gemini Solar Midheaven through last decade allowed them to magnify their slippery and fanatical grip; aided and abetted by a string-pulling Pluto in Capricorn moving through their Solar 8th. With luck 2025 will see the end of them.

  JK Rowling, 31 July 1965 9.10pm (rectified) Bristol, with her rebellious Uranus Pluto in Virgo opposition Saturn clashing with Stonewall’s Jupiter Venus she is well-designed to dent their good humour. Plus her Mars in Libra makes a combative square to their Saturn Neptune opposition Mars – not that she has any particular argument with Stonewall, only this latest extremist crusade.     

PS I love the “if you don’t respect my sex you won’t get my X” local election campaign which has made Labour leaders tone down their biology-denial.

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  1. Glad to hear similar opinions. Everyone has rights but not at the expense of women and especially not at the expense of our future women.

  2. Perhaps there’s an element of Neptune activated in all this. There’s an etherial slipperiness to this debate. Plain speaking is vilified and so often shut down. The slogan TWAW, serves as a thought terminating cliche, to stifle all other voices.

    Your quote; “Plan A was all about bullying, intimidation and legislation by stealth, because they knew they had no hope of foisting this stuff on the world by honest persuasion.” is a fair assessment.

    It directly relates to the Dentons document as revealed by the Spectator. It sounds like a conspiracy theory, alas it is not.

    “A major international law firm has helped write a lobbying manual for people who want to change the law to prevent parents having the final say about significant changes in the status of their own children. That manual advises those lobbying for that change to hide their plans behind a ‘veil’ and to make sure that neither the media nor the wider public know much about the changes affecting children that they are seeking to make. Because if the public find out about those changes, they might well object to them.”
    James Kirkup of the Spectator, 1 December 2019

  3. Hi Marjorie, I find your comment about the Gemini dictators and bully-boys really insightful! We have a couple here in Canada, namely Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, and federal MP Pierre Poilievre who is considered the current frontrunner in the federal Conservative leadership campaign. Kenney is currently facing a leadership review which I suspect he will squeak through but then he will likely lose an election next May ‘coincidentally’ after Pluto ingresses into Aquarius. Poilevre jumped on the ‘freedom convoy’ bandwagon and is drawing huge crowds which are unheard of in a federal leadership race. Although he is getting lots of attention, I am not convinced he will win the day as he faces off against former federal Progressive Conservative leader and former Quebec premier Jean Charest. Hope this was not too big a digression.

    • Hi Laurien, as a Torontonian, your comments and Marjorie’s spot-on concerns around Gemini’s seemingly having a field-day with democracy the world over (Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Trump, Pence, Giuliani, Viktor Orban, Xi Jinping, Marjorie Taylor Green) definitely have me worried about Polievre. The Conservative leadership vote is on September 10th when Mercury will be retrograde again so I can only imagine what rhetoric he’ll start spewing to infect the masses with concern about potential vote-rigging. To think that if he wins the CONS leadership that he, a Trump wannabe, could be our next PM in a few years (especially if Canada falls into a recession between now and then as many are predicting), has me quaking. BTW, Francois Legault, with his horrendous populist assault on religious symbols as clothing – is also a Gemini. I know it’s not fair to point fingers at just someone’s sun sign and pigeon-hole them into a narrow stereotype, but seriously, is there something in the Gemini Kool-aid?

      • Hi Ava, and LOL about the Koolaid. I did a profile of Poilievre on my site at if you are interested. He has a natal conjunction of Venus-Mars-Chiron in Taurus opposition Uranus in Scorpio with the recent April 30th solar eclipse on his Mars-Chiron. The opposition is also being hit by the transiting Saturn-Uranus square. The day the leadership results are announced, Mars is transiting his Sun which could denote a burst of anger. I think the current tumble of crypto is really going to hurt him as he has promoted it as a hedge against inflation which it is clearly not and encouraged his followers to invest in it. They are probably really suffering losses now. I noticed the Merc Rx too and wondered if there would be concerns over how the election was conducted–we already have at least two candidates crying foul because they were disqualified. I have a post on the race itself at, sorry to self-promote on your site, Marjorie. Not all Geminis are bad though. I recently wrote about Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner the other day who is a candidate in Ontario’s provincial election whose Gemini Sun is at 18 Gemini and he seems like a caring, progressive fellow. Perhaps he stays away from the Kool Aid, lol. Let’s hope that Marjorie is right and Pluto is going to clear the field of the despotic types before it leaves Capricorn!

        • Thank you, Laurien for your response, and for your fascinating profile on Polievre. I spent the weekend reading over some of your other profiles, I really like the one on Chrystia Freeland. Do you not have a comments section? Also, any plans to do a review on Mark Carney?

          • You are welcome, Ava. You should be able to comment at the end of every article but have to scroll down far enough. Glad you enjoyed the post on Freeland. I have looked at Mark Carney’s chart but have not profiled him. Maybe I will in future. I am sadly not as prolific as Marjorie and there are more stories than I seem to have time to write. BTW I will be covering Francois Legault in more depth closer to the Quebec provincial election in October but have mentioned his chart a few times in my eclipse articles as his Sun at 5 Gemini and Saturn at 11 Sag and more recently his Pluto at 27 Leo and Merc at 12 Taurus have caught the eclipses. So far his popularity hasn’t suffered the way Jason Kenney’s has who has also been pummelled by eclipses, although it was down to his lowest level ever in March at 52%. Thanks for your encouraging comments! All the best!

  4. Thanks Marjorie, this is such an important topic I think. I’ve really found it distressing in recent years – particularly as I’ve known several trans women at work, socially, and as burlesque dancer friends of a flatmate. But these friendships and encounters pre-date our current situation. I have yet to meet a trans activist however. From my own anecdotal perspective, there are many trans women who don’t agree with Stonewall’s stance. They are afraid to say anything, on the whole. And the lack of representation of trans men remains a mystery – their voices are hard to find most of the time.

    Here’s an interesting 2018 twitter quote, making a salient point, from Jenny Randles (30 October 1951). Jenny is a prolific author, UFO researcher, and trans woman. GRA means Gender Recognition Act.

    “I had most of my career before the GRA. It was nowhere near impossible. Even privacy. Despite twice outed by half true tabloid tales I did hundreds of TV and radio shows & never once spoke as a trans person. Just me. I transitioned to get on with my life, not become transgender.”

  5. “Because half a dozen grasshoppers under a fern make the field ring with their importunate chink, whilst thousands of great cattle, reposed beneath the shadow of the British oak, chew the cud and are silent, pray do not imagine that those who make the noise are the only inhabitants of the field.”

    This is also applicable to Extinction Rebellion/Just Stop Oil.

  6. Janice Turner’s article in The Times is excellent. Some of the comments have touched on how Stonewall appears to be all about men. Stonewall’s Sun/Jupiter conjunction is very authoritative. Placed in the 10th Saturn’s natural rulership it could be seen as intransigence and very masculine. My intuition leads me to the conclusion that perhaps there is a part of Stonewall which would like a world without women. The Moon/Neptune midpoint is on Saturn also pointing to an idolised masculine approach. Pluto in Scorpio sextile Saturn is another indicator of sexual prowess. I can’t help thinking that Stonewall really has a problem with women per se.

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