Prince Harry haunted by a past he can’t let go ++ Taurus North Node a clue

Dropping in for afternoon tea with the Queen, on the way to the Invictus Games in the Netherlands, having missed Prince Philip’s memorial, seems curious. And like most actions of the Sussexes is raising questions about ulterior motives. Tom Bower, the biographer, suggested it was to appease the Netflix producers of an upcoming documentary, part of their $100 million deal; a film crew being ready and waiting their presence in Amsterdam.

That may be a touch uncharitable since even Prince Harry must feel twinges of conscience about not being mindful of the grandparents to whom he was devoted and other Royal watchers suggest it would have been the Queen’s doing to try to mend the family rift.

  Harry is in a truly difficult year or two with an undermining tr Neptune opposition his Virgo Sun throughout this year; a dead-halt, blocked Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Pluto in Scorpio within six months; and the Eclipses shaking up his Taurus Moon, Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio all year as well. Eclipses on the Moon in particular tend to accompany family crises and emotional upsets, often shaking the foundations of a life. Saturn on an Eclipse brings a sharp reality check, heavier responsibilities and kickback for mistakes. Tr Uranus opposing his Midheaven will bring sharp changes of direction at home and in career direction. 2023/24 look no easier for him.  

  Part of this will be sadness about his grandparents, with the additional factor of aggravation about his father and Camilla stepping up in prominence (and William). He’s never taken to Camilla whom he regards as complicit in Diana’s unhappiness and there are fears he’ll be grinding axes about this in his forthcoming memoir. His relationship chart with her is ferociously difficult with a composite Mars opposition Uranus Pluto square Jupiter opposition Moon. Tr Saturn in Pisces in 2023 will be pouring cold water and a deepening chill over their connection.  Harry’s relationship with his father is limping along and is trickier with William, who is more inclined to vent his anger with ill-feeling dragging on there between the brothers.

  I’m still puzzling over why Harry has such a bee in his bonnet about his mother and such an idealised view of her. Admittedly her Cancer Sun sat on Harry’s Descendant and her Venus was conjunct his Taurus Moon so there would be deep affection between them and a sense of partnership. But Diana’s obstreperous Uranus, North Node in Leo and her volcanically angry Mars Pluto in Virgo all fell in Harry’s 8th which must have made for a very uncomfortable mood at times – though all very unconscious on his part since it is 8th house. At some level she provoked and infected him with her burning resentment, vengeance and inability to let go.

  Meghan is unlike Diana, astrologically-speaking. Where Diana’s Venus might have rooted Harry in his family, Meghan’s Uranus in his 10th opposition his Moon pulls him sharply away. What is intriguing is that Meghan’s 4th house Pluto is conjunct Diana’s Midheaven and Meghan’s Mars is conjunct Diana’s Sun. That might suggest to me that Meghan is trying, because of her own family dysfunction and need to control her domestic environment, to usurp and overtake Diana’s ambitions. The Sun Mars is certainly a competitive connection which would have led to running arguments had Diana lived.

  It may be a stretch but almost as if Meghan wanted to harvest Diana’s image and aura and outdo her (Pluto on MC). And although Meghan appears to get on well with her mother Doria, her chart with a Libra Moon Jupiter Saturn square Mars does not suggest an easy relationship with women and mother figures in general.

   The Harry Meghan relationship chart is a classic for externalising problems. Or put it another way, they have managed to create a situation with family rifts on both sides which allow them to avoid facing and sorting the key problems in their relationship. The relationship chart has a composite Moon square Saturn Pluto which has been under heavy pressure since they baled in 2020. Tr Pluto is this year opposing the Moon through till late 2023 which will put both under a great deal of strain. They could move house, which has been suggested, to soak up some of it – again externalising rather than addressing the underlying grievances.  Saturn Pluto makes couples feel chained together and resenting it. They blame each other or restrictive circumstances rather than asking what within themselves has landed them in this situation and relationship.

  Nothing looks to be easing any time soon in the Royal connection with Meghan and William at loggerheads in 2023/2024; and Meghan and Charles undermined and aggravated in 2024/26.

  Meghan is in a different phase of her life to Harry, becoming increasingly ambitious and hard-working ahead where he wants to bury himself in a corner and stay invisible for a while. Though her financial fortunes may contract a touch ahead and she’ll be thrown back on her own resources emotionally as well as financially for a couple of years ahead.

Add On: Additional thoughts on Harry and family tangles. He has a Taurus Moon which is possessive, attached to the past, as is an intense 8th house Sun (hints of more Scorpio). Even more significant may be his Taurus North Node in the 4th. The Taurus NN hangs grimly onto hurts, reacts like a wounded animal when threatened, isn’t initially endowed with much self-awareness, and has a bottomless reservoir of neediness for support and possessions. Learning to live on his own talents and resources is crucial if he is to grow.

  Falling in his 4th house suggests his family is his pathway to transformation which means coming off his high horse and sorting out his emotional knots. Parental ties are more important for this placing than any other and the urge to be independent is great, yet soul growth comes through forgetting pride and outer glories and coming to terms with emotional realities.

  Prince William who as a New Moon in Cancer with his Venus conjunct Diana’s in Taurus might have been expected to be closer to his mother. But their relationship chart is less affectionate than Harry’s and is riddled with suspicion and doubt. William also has Jupiter on his Midheaven which describes a drama queen mother so maybe he saw through her manipulations more clearly than Harry.  He also has his Moon square Mars so he would have been angry about how she blocked his assertiveness.

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  1. Probably a little too late to post this on here, but the past couple of days have seen Harry doing interviews and stating that he came to see The Queen “to check she has the right people around her” and to “protect” her. Those words betray his inner state of mind. It really hints that he is developing serious mental health issues of paranoia and the like. There is no reason to think The Queen needs protecting other than it is how he thinks. Begins to explain why he became a soldier.

    Watching a clip of the interview, he flicked between seriousness and then trying to lighten it up with a smile. I couldn’t help thinking about his Capricorn ascendant and MC Saturn in Scorpio. Both super serious in image and meeting others. I think part of the attraction with MM is that she has Cancer ascendant and it’s always great when you meet someone with the opposite ascendant / 7th house to yourself.

    There is a vulnerable ego in there struggling to get out. It won’t get out around MM – she has zero EQ. I’m not sure the Royal family have enough either. I don’t know where he finds that outlet, it’s not on Oprah either.

  2. Glad that Marjorie deletes some of the more bitchy comments which arise on this
    Website. It’s a serious astrological forum and shouldn’t be used for personal prejudices and gripes.

    • The thing is that Harry and Meghan laid their personal feelings on a plate so to speak and there is a natural tendency to respond in like manner.

      What’s the latest? Harry is making sure the Queen has the ‘right people’ around her? Would the ‘right people’ be an objective choice on the part of this couple or would it reflect their own personal prejudices? Was the Oprah interview objective or did it serve as a platform for their own personal gripes?

      As we give so shall we receive!

  3. I think the article is insightful, especially about the impact of Diana’s anger and Harry’s Taurus NN and reminds us that people are complex, have blind spots and get stuck in knots of behaviour and emotion that are hard to shift, often heavily influenced by childhood trauma or simply having an immature or imperfect understanding of the tradeoffs and compromises of the adult world. When behaviours drive unexpected or imperfect outcomes it’s generally because their worldview is in some way distorted or inconsistent and incomplete. I am not very adept with astrology but readings like this can offer unexpected insights and perspectives, especially in this case where much is not open to view and where hidden agendas abound. It seems to me that for M&H in particular there appears to be cultural dissonance between them in understanding what royalty actually is and does, underpinned by a genuine ignorance of the extent and depth of the institution of the monarchy, including the regularly rough ride you get the closer you are to the centre of the RF – up to and including the Queen herself. I suspect M&H are each dazzled by a different illusion (delusion) that completely fails to comprehend that the monarchy – and the titles and privileges – is now a parliamentary institution with legal hierarchy and strings, and yes that includes legal control of the word ‘royal’. Ironically there already is a royal prince and duke (Richard of Gloucester, 1st cousin of HMTQ), who was 5th in line to the throne when he was born, who had a professional career until he took on the ducal title and who has bi-racial grandchildren in the line succession. I very much doubt either M or H have any interest whatsoever in that branch of the family.

  4. Let’s not forget the role of the infantile and corrrosive British press who praised the sainted Kate for cradling her baby bump while criticising Meghan for exactly the same thing.
    They did the right thing by leaving

  5. I agree with the sentiment that Kate got exactly what she set out to do and got William.Theres rumours of how he has cheated on her but its been banned from UK media. However she is putting up and shutting up over it. This is supposed to be at the back of the brothers fall out, however Harry and Meghan do not help themselves. Meghan had the commonwealth at her feet but her behaviour set her own spiral with the public and so has Harry since. Marjorie do you see this in Williams and Kates chart if the rumours are true?

  6. @Tia. I removed your sneery comment. Not all criticism is based on racism. It is lazy, manipulative and insulting to swat away legitimate points by using it as a silencer.

    • I don’t know what was said and can only speak from my own cultural background, and that of my family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, clients etc etc.

      The general feeling at the time of the marriage was that a ‘person of colour’ within the Royal Family would be a very positive thing. Meghan embraced the Commonwealth by including motifs from every country in her bridal veil and the Queen gave them roles in that organisation which would have eventually led to high profiles on the world stage. Harry’s heart has always lain in Africa and he could even have eventually been given the top job as Head of the Commonwealth after his father.

      What went wrong? Meghan started parading around like a latter day Marilyn Monroe (why does she walk that way?), in ill fitting clothes she had borrowed from designers (why do they never fit her properly?) and speaking a woke language which belied her actions (be kind and be of service to everyone except your own family?). Harry soon joined in the wokery and the hypocrisy. There was a collective sigh in the UK. This marriage was not made in heaven.

      I guess there are just too many challenges for them and, like both sets of parents before them, it looks as if they won’t or can’t make it work in the long term. It is sad but they should look within themselves rather than blame others for their own shortcomings and misfortunes.

      PS Harry has today apparently stated that he wants to make the world a more equal place. He should start by dropping his titles as Prince of the UK and the Duke of Sussex. Why else would he use them except to give himself, and his wife, an unfair advantage.

      • Interesting idea regarding Harry dropping the title. I could see it causing unproductive offense in his homeland yet it does signal gross inequality.

        As to Meghan, Marilyn and Le Wardrobe, well The One Thing I Miss is all those Hello magazine shots of MM the 2nd. No one tops British tailoring (the work on a mature figure like Camilla’s is unmatched) and I found Meghan sublimely simple and endlessly graceful. Her fashion on the world stage with Team England gave me genuine joy.

        • MM is very stylish that’s for sure. The endless pics of what she’s wearing – just poured over by fashion editors the world over. Her Venus in Virgo given free reign methinks

  7. Last year Harry’s chart showed he was inward-looking, and the coming years disorder, while this whole time he just personifies the inward-looking COVID times and now war in Europe. I think Harry may just be embodying the state of the world and takes in all the pain in order to serve as the point of healing. Meghan’s mars on Diana’s sun simply may show she is Diana’s champion, pushing forward Diana’s meaning so that both Diana and Harry can project outwards. That’s how I feel anyway.

  8. I don’t know, I have a stellium in Leo and I find the whole ‘royal’ business to be an anachronism. A leftover from a pre-medieval era when the man best at fighting was picked to be clan leader and his son (whether capable or not) got to take over from him. Daughters only when there was no other alternative to ensure that the political power/business model could continue. Prince Philip was right to call it The Firm. What I see is that they are all just ordinary people, each with their own personal struggles that are simply amplified by being in the position that they are. I think it is high time all royals were quietly retired. Those still with public duties given a pension and the rest expected to join the real world. A ceremonial head of state is fine but it should be democratically chosen and for a limited term, as in Germany for example. Sweden is already downsizing its royal family. When the Queen steps out would be a good moment to start such a debate. Although I realise the UK just hates change so it could take until little Prince George becomes the heir apparent before most people would even consider it.

  9. With his Saturn Scorpio on the MC and Taurus moon on the IC, it’s no wonder that Harry is so affected by his parents. And trapped in his emotions, preconceptions and baggage.

    I can’t see a chart for Charles but I’m pretty his Scorpio Sun falls directly on Harry’s Saturn. So, Harry is fearful of the merging and sharing that his father wants to foster; while drawn towards his mother with her venus on his moon.

    It’s no wonder he picks a woman with an emotionally stunted Libra Saturn-moon – there’s no threat of true intimacy or deeper feelings being discussed. The emotional temperature stays low. I’m sure her Scorpio Uranus keeps his moon at a distance and it feels very familiar to him as Diana had an Aqua moon with Uranus opposite it.

    • I think Harry just never liked Camilla – ok – his mum died and maybe his father was always more focused on Camilla – ok – Who knows what went on behind closed doors ….think Scorpio sun on Harry Saturn – words or acts had deep effects – Scorpios can sting . As for William – he will be King and has taken it on – I hope he keeps a sense of humour which he shared with his brother. Maybe Harry is more free in the USA – he has a beautiful family and I think he will be fine in the long run – William has a harder path I think-

  10. With the Pluto in the 4th, shouldn’t Meghan have settled her problems with family before she married and added her problems/dysfunction into another family’s problems? Do Pluto in the 4th people ever have the hope of transcending the difficulties of their original family’s power struggles? (It says a lot to me that she didn’t try to work out her differences with her family before she got married. She seems to think that she is always right, instead of trying to understand their views.) I find it annoying when celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, try to fashion themselves as do-gooders similar to Diana. Seems that in many cases, it is for show. Diana’s empathy was sincere, though it massaged over her deep flaws, insecurities.

    • It is interesting that you mention Angelina Jolie. When Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor was the ‘voice over’ in a documentary about migrating elephants, I thought she sounded exactly like Angelina Jolie in a similar documentary.

      Meghan is a mimic, derivative rather than creative or innovatory – despite what her publicists might say. You only have to look at her friends and associates to see who she is copying at any given time. [The Queen is also reportedly an excellent mimic but at least she keeps her talent in this respect for close friends and family.]

      The problem for Meghan is that it is impossible for her (or anyone) to act out of character for long periods of time. On set, acting is only for short periods per day but on the public stage, in the Royal Family, there is little respite.

      Being inauthentic must be very tiring. It also explains the family difficulties – close relatives see through her and won’t stand any nonsense. [Prince Philip, after initially warmly welcoming her, apparently in the end said that “they (the Royal Family) had got her wrong”.]

      It is worth noting that, after years of dedicated service to UNHCR and the cause of refugees, Angelina Jolie was appointed ‘Special Envoy’ in April 2012. In her expanded role, Jolie focused on major crises that resulted in mass population displacements, undertaking advocacy and representing UNHCR and the High Commissioner at the diplomatic level. I suspect Meghan wants a similar role – ie as a UN ‘Special Envoy’- though I am not sure what her cause would be. Harry doesn’t seem to want any role these days except those which make him lots of dosh.

      Where I once greatly admired Harry for setting up the Invictus Games, I now feel deeply disappointed, and a sense of betrayal, that he and Meghan are using the event for self publicity and to generate even more funds for themselves. I dread to think what the participants, who desperately need this morale boosting platform, make of it all.

  11. Maybe just maybe he was aware his grandmother was getting frailer and wanted to see her .
    If they had attended Prince Phillips memorial the story would have been about them and not Prince Phillip.
    Unlike the odious Andrew who used it for his own ends.
    No doubt Kate is looking happier. Whatever you think about Meghan she is a self made woman who has got where she is on her own efforts.
    What has Kate done except pursue a prince round the world till she caught him?
    I know which one I admire the most despite any faults they BOTH have.

    • “Whatever you think about Meghan she is a self made woman who has got where she is on her own efforts.”

      She could have invited Clooneys to the wedding if she married someone else – say, the Canadian chef she dumped for Harry ? or landed a 100million nextflix contract? or a spotify contract? or the Californian mansion ? Until a few months before she married Harry she was hardly anyone in the industry.
      We are not talking about Angelina Jolie or CZJ here.

      I agree she is self made relatively speaking (being a long term girlfriend and wife of Trevor until landing a TV gig is not the same as some of the challenges many people in the entertainment industry face).

      “What has Kate done except pursue a prince round the world till she caught him?”
      Do you know they met when they were undergrads? Hardly that she was going around trying to date some rich/famous bloke. That is a trait Meghan seems to have had. It is possible that Kate would not have given Will a chance if he was not a prince, but we don’t know.

      Meghan has some admirable qualities – if you filter out all the negativities (real or perceived). But I would not want to use either Meghan nor Kate as an example to my children.

      • Kate and William met as undergrads but she enrolled when she found out he was going to be attending. She walked down a run way half naked while he was in the audience. I believe it was for some school fundraiser. Kate had an agenda before she even met her future husband. She molded herself to become a nearly perfect image for the public and her husband. She didn’t care about being called “waity katey.” She would have waited as long as it took because she had one idea in mind for herself and that was to become a Queen. Her sister is the same kind of shallow who married a billionaire.

      • Meghan is not a self made women. Her Uncle got her an internship for the Argentine Embassy, which she repaid him by not inviting him to her wedding. She apparently baby sat for her Professors, which some say helped her with her marks. She dumped her husband after getting her part in suits, after he had introduced her to many of his fellow Producers and helped her with her career. The Celebrity chef introduced her to Canadian Politicians/Society, via his restaurant. She was still dating him when she went to dinner with Harry. Her so called humanitarian work with African children was abruptly dropped, as soon as she met Harry and her father financed her until she met a man. She lied about her working to pay her college fees and an Italian Paper stated she did marry a co-university student. I believe she did marry very young. I am also convinced she married Harry in Africa. I reckon there is more to come out about this women. Meghan’s first house Leo Sun, with her North Node/Sun midpoint on Mercury is indicative of someone who thinks highly of themselves. She believe it is her destiny to have worldwide acclaim. Yet she is not that talented. The I is very important to her. She also thinks she should be listened to. Her Moon /Jupiter midpoint is on her Saturn, in a Virgo. Mercury rules Virgo therefore, again, she thinks she is a leader, a ruler and alternates between Jupiter being a special goddess and the Moon that people should look up to her. I think she externalises her Saturn and is highly critical of people. Her Saturn Jupiter conjunction, jumps between being a victim and being an absolute ruler. Saturn in the second will make someone covet money and power. My intuition tells me that she has no compunction about using others to destroy her opposition. I wouldn’t like to be around her energy. Especially as her Jupiter/Pluto midpoint is on her IC. There is a hidden powerful destructive side to a Jupiter/Pluto midpoint, in my view. It must win at all costs.

        • She may well have used the opportunities she had to further herself. If she was a man that wouldn’t be a crime.
          She has had a successful career as an actress whatever else is said about her.

          • Her successful career consisted of suits on a Cable Channel. A part in a film with Robert Pattison courtesy of her producer husband and a terrible flipping burger promotion on you tube. Whoopi Goldberg had a successful career. I wouldn’t mind her if she was not so pretentious and lecturing. However, it is her usage of the Royal title and the selling of their titles for money, that makes me angry. Many women, like me worked hard for our careers, for Meghan to state she is a feminist, yet hold onto Harry for her worldwide fame, is quite sickening.

      • You do know that Jate was accepted for Edinburgh University and intended going until it was announced that William was going to St Andrew’s?
        Then she pulled out of the course to her teachers’ shock, to enrol st St A the following year.
        Then she volunteered for the Raleigh Course in Chile only to miss William by one term. Then it was announced William would be going to Italy to further his knowledge of art for his forthcoming History of Art Degree.

        Guess who then volunteered to do this too? Yup. Waity Kaity. She was disappointed he didn’t go.

        It was all done to ‘capture’ him/his title actually. And she succeeded. She’s no wallflower. She set out to get him and she caught him.

        The Middleton sisters were known as the Wisteria sisters. Fragrant, pretty and ferocious climbers.

        As for me? I wouldn’t want either of them if they came free in a lucky bag.

        But she’s no ingenue, they’d for sure. Neither of them are.

          • Tell me, has Kate once tried to trademark their family crest or invent a brand name also to trademark? Has she sold a single interview to a newspaper, magazine or interview show? Did she feel it necessary at any point to advance “her side” of a story via tacitly cooperating with a tell-all biography like H&M did? She may have done her best to meet and marry Wills but she’s never put a foot wrong when it came to NOT trying to trade on the Windsor family name or her title. She has class. Meghan only has crass and a highly shady background. In the end, Kate will be queen and Meghan will be a minor sidenote in history. How long before Harry is booted to the curb as her previous husband and boyfriends were? Answer: when she meets someone higher on the food chain. But she’ll always have this kids and my guess is given her chart, she’ll use them as well–harry and the Royals will never be rid of her, unfortunately.

  12. “Tr Uranus opposing his Midheaven will bring sharp changes of direction at home and in career direction”

    The CBC has recently untangled the ownership, via the Pandora Papers leak, of their initial Canadian residence, Mille Fleurs mansion, North Saanich BC.

    Owned by JEMC Mgmt. British Virgin Islands, owned by Orlando Properties, Bahamas, owned by Andromeda Trust (formerly Yury Milner Trust) Jersey, owned by Trustee, Cyprus.

    Perhaps by also untangling their California property (and how they came about such a sweetheart deal) will reveal other interesting characters.

  13. Oh dear! Here we go again, but it would interesting to see how Kate and the Middletons fit in all this.
    The father intrigues me. Mum gets all the attention, but it was dad’s idea to extend Kate’s coat of arms to the family rather than her alone, as is customary.
    At the time of her wedding, Marjorie, you wrote that Kate was formidable and would become the Court’s dominant power. I can’t believe she (her mum?) would want Harry, and especially Meghan, to return.
    The family skill at playing the long game is without equal, so they’re definitely not merely watching the royal family fumble through scandals with more to come.
    It’s sad to see v the Queen showing her age in recent poor decisions. The edifice is crumbling. Perhaps Prince Philip was more pivotal than we realised. Or that chap who Princes Charles and Andrew combined to get rid of.
    The space is now clear for Kate to consolidate her position within the Court, royal family and with the public, as she seems to be doing. She certainly looks happier.

      • PS. I would imagine anyone who is going to be 96 next week and has worked as hard as the Queen would show their age. Nice try to deflect though.

      • Fair enough, though it’s never stopped any one before. The mind wanders. I was thinking more of an add on, because this is not just two people and a family, it is also a key national institution. Perhaps that’s why it keeps dragging us back in, Game of Thrones without physical violence.
        Regarding the Queen, I was being kind. It was just a throw away remark. I was thinking about the family squabble, whose causes are clearly in the past and the very old lady who was in charge of it all.
        I preferred to refer to her old age rather than her mistakes, which are an essential lead up to Prince Harry’s current distress.
        Perhaps it’s karma, chickens coming home to roost for all of them, after her very long reign. Prince Harry is the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot to uncover. I hope the Monarchy survives.
        But I digress, or deflect?

  14. Men have a tendency to put their mums on a pedestal, especially if she dies when they are young. My husband’s mum died after an operation to remove a brain tumour went wrong. He was nearly 9 years old. So of course he was going to idolise her.

    I think Harry might have been better off, if her glaring faults had been treated with humour. He then might have found it easier to accept the criticism. But he first has to grow up! And so does Meghan.

  15. A
    Anyone who refers to ‘Kate & Willy’ along with the word vile gives themselves away as a squaddie, just stop please. Harry will always have discreet protection when with the Royals, just not his own armed US retinue. He could have come to Prince Philip’s memorial like the many European monarchs that attended. Sadly it’s easy to assume there is an ulterior motive behind anything they do.

  16. Over the past few weeks I keep seeing references to and pictures of Princess Diana. I asked myself why, what’s this about? It’s not her birthday nor the anniversary of her death. Is it just the film, Spencer? I don’t know but last night I had a peculiar dream about the Queen (!) and it hit me that maybe collectively we can feel the Queen passing? And that somewhere in this collective ‘psyche’ there is still grief that the much loved and rebellious Diana will not be Queen. Perhaps it’s not just Harry who is haunted?
    P.S. I am not a royalist nor do I dream about these folk. I know many people often dream of them and sometimes celebrities but just want to say this isn’t something I do.

    • At Diana’s funeral, when the coffin was being taken back to Althorpe for burial, I had a ‘waking dream’ about her. I felt certain she didn’t want to go there and that one day she would be buried near William, but not Harry.

      If William moves his family to Windsor, as is expected, then I believe the coffin may eventually be reinterred at Frogmore with other members of the Royal family. Maybe the fact that the Queen will join her husband in Windsor Chapel in the not too distant future is stirring up these images.

  17. I used to be very much “Team Diana” but have changed my view as the years have gone by. I think that as her relationships with the Senior Royals (including Charles) deteriorated, she took delight in loading Harry and Wills against them – almost like a time-bomb to go off in future years. William, by dint of being Heir Apparent, was surrounded by people who eventually knocked this out of him – but there have been reports of bad relations with Charles in the past. Harry – as the “spare” had no-one to re-orientate his compass and so the enmity keeps on festering. I have no doubt it is fuelled by his wife for whatever her agenda is.

    • Meghan’s agenda is Meghan. And “all is
      fair” when a person has that as their fundamental orientation, because they assume everyone else does too – and if others don’t they “should”. I think it’s a lot of I’ll take care of me and you’ll take care of you.

      Tough love
      Tough, luv.

  18. It has occurred to me occasionally that moving with Meghan to the other side of the Atlantic has in fact done William, and Kate in particular, a huge favour. Meghan & Harry are infinitely more glamourous than William & Kate. So I wonder if Harry made an enormous sacrifice for The Family. Kate has the stage to herself, alongside William. There are no comparisons anymore.

    I know the Oprah interview was tough meat, that the Sussexes have not been exactly demure. Netflix = Income.
    Nontheless, there is a benefit to The Crown not having them in the UK.

    And he had to see his grandmother. The Queen surely does not have long to live, and they have adored each other.

  19. I’ve been fascinated with how Harry has acted, it has been like watching a car crash in slow motion. Understand completely them wanting to be out of the weird, gilded cage of the royal family, but they’ve done it in such a detrimental way to themselves.
    Its like a lesson for all of us on how not to leave a job. Never be snarky and complain about your former employer, you never know when you might need them, their influence or the connections again, and it reflects more poorly on you than them.

    One quote attributed to Prince Phillip about being a royal was “It’s a big mistake to think about yourself. No one is interested in you in the long run. Don’t court popularity. It doesn’t last, remember that the attention comes because of the position you are privileged to hold, not because of who you are. If you think it’s all about you, you’ll never be happy.”

    Realistically, the media has no interest in a dowdy 95 year old women or an average, boring 73 year old man, its only because they are The Queen & Prince Charles that they are interesting. Same for Prince Harry & any of them, none of them are gifted intellectuals with dazzling charisma. Take the royal position away, and what do you have? Not much.

    Hope Harry can find some peace and contentment in the years to come.

    • I hope so too – he would be doing everyone a favour if he did.

      I agree with you that the none of the Royal Family are gifted intellectuals with dazzling charisma. Fortunately the job doesn’t require it. I think Harry is much less gifted academically than the others – he notably struggled at Eton and even in the RAF. I suspect he blames his family background for his inadequacies and, since his mother is dead and his grandmother doesn’t have long, that leaves his father and brother as the patsies.

      Maybe when he faces difficulties in his own marriage, he will come to understand that his parents tried but were ultimately incompatible. I read where they did in the end find peace with each other – after the divorce and when there was no longer any pressure on them as a couple.

      • “Maybe when he faces difficulties in his own marriage, he will come to understand that his parents tried….. ” yes that will be interesting if he starts to get that insight.
        Also, if his kids start to push back against him & the opportunities that Harry has now denied them, will he become more enlightened that Charles while maybe not a great parent, was just doing the best he could within the circumstances & his own abilities.

        • Most parents do – don’t they!

          The boy, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, is probably the one to watch. A descendent of slaves as well as a descendent of Kings and Queens of Britain, he will have a lot to offer – especially if his mother manages to make him a mega rich philanthropist. He was of course born in Britain so couldn’t become President of the USA.

          I doubt Prince George will inherit the throne. I think the monarchy will end with Prince William. It would be good if Prince George and Prince Archie did eventually get together and work for world peace, or the world environment or some such.

  20. I do find the book’s title a little unkind, after all Diana did have two sons, both affected by her personality& behaviour. Being the elder William was leant on more by Diana and was often the one who tried to pacify & comfort her when she was upset about something. William has a settled family life now and knows his place in the world. Harry appears to be another of a long line of problematic ‘spares’, topped with anger & emotional issues. Enter stage left an ambitious & seemingly manipulative woman and the anti family rancour has been ramped up considerably over the last two years, especially with the dire Oprah ‘interview’. This trip also brings into question his current court spat about security in the UK & not coming to his Grandfather’s funeral. One suspects wheedling to bring a Netflix crew to the Jubilee may have been brought up in discussion.
    One point to note; the visit was confirmed by a Sussex spokesperson, Buckingham Palace has not said anything yet as far as I can see.

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