Medvedchuk & Moskva – Putin assets sunk

Viktor Medvedchuk, often named the “dark prince” of Ukrainian politics, a lawyer and business oligarch, and Putin crony has been arrested by Ukrainian Secret Service and his assets seized which include 23 houses, 32 apartments, 26 cars, and one yacht.

Viktor Medvedchuk has been a loyal ally and close friend to Putin for two decades, sharing holidays together and Putin is godfather to his youngest daughter. He headed a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine for years, even after the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the beginning of the war in Donbas.

 In 2021 he was accused of treason and attempted looting in Russian-occupied Crimea. Putin, who had regarded him as their main man in Ukraine,  was enraged by the closure of Medvedchuk’s pro-Russian television stations and some suggest this invasion may in part be motivated by that. Medvedchuk fled  house arrest recently and was missing for 48 days.

  Born 7 August 1954 in Krasnoyarsk, he has a 14 degree Leo Sun which is a hot-spot degree triggered in many other related charts in this debacle, including the Russia 1917 chart. That is about to be pounded by a transiting Uranus hard aspect from the middle of next week – April 20th on for a few weeks. Indeed if Medvedchuk was an early morning birth tr Uranus may well be squaring his Sun now.

  His Progressed Mars has also been hammering away square his Neptune recently and now opposition his Uranus – throwing his life into chaos.

  He has a ruthlessly determined Mars in Sagittarius trine Pluto which will catch the undermining, panicky-failure tr Neptune square Mars in 2023 and upending tr Uranus square Pluto in 2024. 2024 looks like a dead-end with Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Saturn and Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Neptune plus plus discouraging influences thereafter. He has a few blips of luck and confidence but more of the sinking variety.

   He won’t be resurrected to his former illicit glory, for sure.

    The Moskva, the Russian flagship sunk by Ukrainian missiles, had the hull laid down on 5 November 1976 and was commissioned on 30 January 1983.

  The Laying Down chart had a Uranus square Saturn that year as this; and the North Node in Scorpio – so similarities. Tr Uranus is exactly opposition the Scorpio Sun now for an upset (and then some). The indications are all there of a high-stress phase for the ship this year with the tr Saturn square tr Uranus tugging on the Mars in Scorpio as well – before moving on to square the Mars/Pluto midpoint next year. Often when entities or individuals run into the buffers there are damaging influences just ahead as if they cast a shadow backwards – and the upcoming late April Solar Eclipse would certainly also be having an effect  tugging on the Uranus, Mercury, Sun, Mars in Scorpio.

On the commissioning chart, the Solar Arc Pluto is within a degree conjunct the Uranus and about to square the Mars. A destruction would usually involve Mars Pluto.  

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  1. Medvedchuk’s wife appealed to Johnson to get him swapped for British PoWs in Russia. Putin (his friend!) says he won’t take him as he is a foreign politician. Who needs enemies with friends such as this? Not that BJ was ever likely to lift a finger anyway.

  2. “The Moskva, Russian flagship sunk by Ukrainian missiles was commissioned on 30 January 1983. The laying down chart is usually the instructive one and that was 1976 with no date.”

    German language Wikipedia has a November 5th, 1976 as laying down date. It seems to come from Russian language Soviet naval history book, so probably correct. Scorpio Uranus square Leo Saturn is not exact (9 degree orb), but interestingly, Sun, Mercury, and Mars are more directly it.

    Interestingly, I had a school friend, a smart guy who was bit of a war history buff born November 4th (funny how I remember birthdays from 30 years ago…), so a day prior. He skipped graduation party, and I last saw him when he was serving with Air Force in Tikkakoski. Another friend, who is usually very good at getting people to talk about themselves (strong Cancer chart) saw him maybe 3-4 years later, in Helsinki, and could only clear that he was still with Military. Even in the late 1990’s, younger people started to have some kind of search engine presence in Finland, schools and workplaces shared a lot of information on their sites. Nothing on him. So we came to a conclusion he went to work in military intelligence, most likely SIGINT, because Tikkakoski was a big hub for that especially during Cold War.

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