Hazel McCallion – mind over matter

Battling on at 101, “Hurricane Hazel” McCallion, former mayor of Canada’s seventh largest city for 36 years, has extended her directorship of the Toronto airport authority for another three years and stayed on as adviser at the local university as well.

‘Known for her blunt demeanour and pugilistic style of governing, McCallion has loomed large over Ontario civics for decades, despite her diminutive height.’

  She was born 14 February 1921 in Quebec, the youngest of five children, later working for an engineering firm in Montreal and playing professional hockey before loving into local politics.

  She is a Sun Aquarius with a practical Jupiter Saturn in Virgo; and a resourceful, courageous and confrontational Mars in Aries opposition Saturn and square Pluto. Her Moon is in steady Taurus.

 Her get-it-together 5th harmonic is her strongest, along with her breakthrough 13H. Her tough/enduring 8 and 16H harmonics are also well aspected.

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  1. According to a CBC news article at https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/hazel-mccallion-dead-at-101-1.6730009, Hazel McCallion died at about 6:30 this morning in the City of Mississauga at the age of 101, just a couple of weeks’ shy of her 102nd birthday. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer around Christmas. I see that transiting Saturn at 25 Aquarius was exactly conjunct her Aquarius Sun while transiting Neptune at 23 Pisces was exactly opposite her natal Saturn at 23 Virgo. Transiting Uranus at almost 15 Taurus might have been conjunct her Moon depending on her time of birth. She remained interested in politics until the end and just a few weeks ago publicly voiced her support for a controversial plan by the Ontario government to use designated greenbelt areas to meet the demand for housing. Today Prime Minister Trudeau remembered her as “unstoppable”, a “trailblazer”, and “a dear friend”.

  2. I rectified her chart to 10:15 am, Ascendant. Her first name “Hazel” on the Asc. Asteroid McCallion, named
    after her, in 6th, work, at the Aries Point opposite natal Mars, also at the Aries Point. Her Saturn, ruler 10th,
    career. in 6th, work, makes her suitable for administrative work and Pluto quindecile the MH lends empowerment
    Moon-Asc trines Mississauga….she serves the public in the city of Mississauga. Click link below for her chart.


    • Very interesting, thank you Martha! I’ve noticed you use asteroids and do rectification a lot. No doubt you know where asteroid ‘Martha’ is in your chart! Loved the connection to asteroid Mississauga! When I looked up McCallon, Wiki said it was named after an American engineer called Howard McCallon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meanings_of_minor_planet_names:_279001%E2%80%93280000). Hazel #3846 was named after discoverer Carolyn Shoemaker’s mother. But someone as unique as Hazel McCallion certainly deserves her own asteroid. Maybe one day she will get one!

  3. Ah Marjorie…
    lovely that you added this into your postings. Can you imagine??… 101 and still working?

    I find myself actively seeking out genuine good stories and news now.
    Just trying to balance all the craziness.

    and Laurien… holy moley!!…. there is an asteroid Hazel and a McCallion??
    so much astrology that I do not know!

    • Yes, it’s nice to have a break from war and COVID. I find asteroids are lots of fun. The asteroid is actually McCallon, minor planetary body #279410, missing the ‘i’ but asteroids that look or sound like words often seem to work. I like checking out the “Personal Name Asteroids” or PNAs. For example, the asteroid Laura is actually conjunct my natal Sun within 21′ and its transits do seem to uncannily correspond to stuff that happens in my life, like experiencing a difficult period when Laura was conjunct my natal Saturn awhile back, for example! You can find a list of asteroids and other minor planetary bodies here: https://minorplanetcenter.net/iau/lists/MPNames.html#J and here are a couple of sites I know of where you can look up their positions in your chart: https://serennu.com/astrology/ephemeris.php and http://www.true-node.com/eph1/. There is an asteroid Sandra #1760! Might be interesting to see where it falls in your chart! Have fun! Oh, and there’s a Marjorie too, #4064!

      • hi Laurien!

        Well isn’t THAT fun!! “Sandra” is tightly conjunct my IC. My MC/IC is a very strong focus in my chart with N and S node and 2 planets conj. each of those! So there is wee little asteroid Sandra!!

        Astrology really is fractal… just opens and opens… staying the same but also opening to something new.


        • Wow, that is so cool, Sandra! What a great find! I think you have hit the nail on the head. Reality is fractal and that’s how astrology including the asteroids and all types of divinatory systems work. Nice to have those ‘wow’ moments in astrology and I find asteroids provide them all the time. Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Thanks, Marjorie! I was going to go looking for Hazel’s birth data today after watching a story about her on the news last night but you beat me to it! I was curious why she was getting so much interest right now and I see that her progressed Jupiter and Uranus are separating from an opposition within 4′ of orb. (And she is in the news for having extended her role as an airport director for 3 years!) Also her directed Jupiter at 25° Sag is sextile her natal Sun. With a nickname like Hazel, I looked up where TNO Typhon is in her chart and it is at 17° Pisces, near her natal Mercury and opposite her natal Jupiter. Asteroid Hazel is at 14 Taurus in the vicinity of her Moon and there is even an asteroid McCallon (#279410) at 1° Libra opposite her Mars. Her chart will go into my centenarian file although I am not sure what has contributed to her longevity short of all that fixity in her chart! Although I guess an exalted Moon in Taurus trine Jupiter and Mars in its rulership doesn’t hurt either. I also see Ceres which has been linked to longevity perhaps due to good self-care is at 25° Gemini trine her Sun.

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