Eclipses 2022 – Taurus Scorpio potent brew

Eclipse season is back with the first Solar Eclipse of the year falling on 30 April at 10 degrees Taurus conjunct Uranus; with the Taurus North Node square Saturn, trine Pluto and sextile Jupiter Venus Neptune in Pisces. It’s in a Saros series, around previously in 2004, 1986, 1968, 1950, 1932, 1914 and is associated (according to Bernadette Brady, The Eagle and the Lark) with the relationship to father figures and the need to take responsibility and accept commitments due to another’s indisposition or unreliability.

  Uranus will throw up a few surprises, maybe upsets and prompt innovation and change. Jupiter Neptune hints at financial bubbles bursting and delusions or over-optimism leading to disappointments financially and emotionally. Saturn in Aquarius in square is chilly, can be selfish and self-righteous.  New Zealand and Australia may be unsettled locations – NZ with an argumentative Mars on the MC; and AU with the New Moon Uranus on the Ascendant.

 The Total Lunar Eclipse following on 16 May at 25 degrees Scorpio in many ways is more powerful, as is often the case with Lunars. The Scorpio Moon opposes the Taurus Sun and North Node squaring onto Saturn in Aquarius, trine Pluto and sextile Mars Neptune in Pisces. Stubborn, controlling, attention and publicity seeking, emotionally chilly and intellectually arrogant. Europe and the EU may be more than usually affected along with the UK as forced-change Pluto sits on the Midheaven.  Saturn sits on the Midheaven through Kiev which suggests a sobering reality.

  The second Solar Eclipse, also a Partial like the first, is on 25 October 2022 with the New Moon at two degrees Scorpio conjunct Venus inconjunct Jupiter; and Mercury trine Mars trine Saturn, square Pluto. It was around before the same years as above and is in an emotionally intense, slightly manic series, affecting relationships and group activities with effects ranging from falling in love to having to make a great effort.

 The Venus Jupiter aspects may mellow what looks to be an argumentative, if not dogmatic and intellectually bullying mood. Saturn in Aquarius will be showing its un-empathic and obstinate face. This Eclipse is the final one to be catching the disruptive Uranus Saturn square which bedevilled last year – as Uranus will conjunct the Taurus Node and square Saturn for a final time. Mars Saturn can be violent or accident-prone.

  The Total Lunar Eclipse on 8 November 2022 at 16 degrees Taurus conjunct Uranus opposition Venus square Saturn will magnify the Saturn square Uranus effect which can be dictatorial as well as unpredictable and contradictory.  There’s also an over-hopeful Jupiter Neptune in Pisces square Mars.

  They all look like a mish mash of minuses and pluses with the May Lunar Eclipse being the most difficult.  

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  1. The May Lunar eclipse falls with one degree of the Pluto/Mars 24 Scorpio opposition Moon at 24 Taurus in the EU Maastricht 1st November 1993 Chart chart. It also hits the Pluto Venus conjunction at 21/22 Scorpio in the Russian Federation 1991 chart.

    For the U.K. the May lunar eclipse occurs near the Venus at 24 Taurus and squares the Moon Uranus conjunction at 24 Leo in the U.K. 1927 chart. In the U.K. 1801 chart the eclipse falls on the 2nd and 8th House axis and squares Saturn at 23 Leo. I expect this is the time that the recent rise in energy prices is really felt by British households as it is when the first of the increased gas and electric bills fall due. The Lunar Eclipse also activates the Mars at 23 Scorpio in the 2016 U.K. EU Referendum chart.

    The May Lunar eclipse is exactly on the MC/IC axis of Queen Elizabeth II chart and within one degree of her natal Saturn at 24 Scorpio.

    • Thanks Marjorie, and thanks Hugh. I know this is a long lunar eclipse in May, and have been looking at it for quite a while as it keeps cropping up in the charts we’ve been looking at. I noticed that the Moon/Jupiter midpoint of the eclipse is 28 Capricorn, conjunct Pluto. This seems to point to an event involving masses of people, or possibly highlights floods – whether watery, or “floods” of migrants perhaps? Or even an earthquake with the Jupiter/Pluto combination? The late Cardinal degrees have also cropped up quite a bit lately in various charts.

  2. I should add, the 1991 Ukraine charts have Saturn at either 01 Aqua 31 or 02 Aqua 05, and therefore receiving Pluto transit by conjunction in 2024, near in 2023. Looks like rebuild to me. If the invasion had not yet happened this transit might be anticipated with more trepidation, ie it could be expected to be destructive, but given that is already well underway it could well be new structures arising?

  3. This whole Saros series is extremely personal for me with MC at 17 Taurus, NN, Uranus and these eclipses mean it’s all on career wise. Additionally Desc. 26 Cap has been taking a pummeling from Pluto. Interesting i have been (am still; 4th pass later this year) in a hugely difficult power struggle at work, but home life is fine. I guess it is better to have it that way around.

    I have very high hopes for a new role this year but it is entirely out of my control; NN and Ur on MC look like they could deliver it but these eclipses and Pl returning to the desc. plus the Sat/Ur square are very concerning. The 8th Nov pile up especially is extraordinary: Sun + Merc opp. MC, Moon + Ur conj. MC. Sat Sq MC, plus Plu opp. Asc! Eeeeek.

    Will report. I suspect the dust won’t settle until the last one in May 2023. Not gonna be nothing.

    I note Campion has Ukraine August 24 1991 with Pluto at 17 Scorpio. If this proves to be a good chart, (he has an alternative later one too Dec 01 1991, with Pluto 21 Scorpio) then my travails through this Saros series will time with much tougher events for Ukraine. Uranus opp. Pluto (10th house too in August chart) looks very serious for that brave nation.

  4. Thank you for this, Marjorie. The upcoming solar and lunar eclipses are of particular interest to me personally as I am a Sun Taurus (conjunct Algol within 1.5 orbs). For both eclipses, the North Node will be conjunct my natal Sun and Chiron will be conjunct my natal Jupiter. During the lunar one, apparently I’ll be right in the thick of it. Should be interesting.

  5. Thanks for this, Marjorie. I am quite concerned about the fall eclipses. When I first looked at the nasty Nov. 8th eclipse along with the almost exact Saturn-Uranus square in early October, I was thinking in terms of a new COVID variant shutting down air travel again. Which could still happen but now I wonder about an escalation of war in Europe where the path of the October 25th solar eclipse is visible. Speaking of the over-hopeful Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, I was disappointed by the recent exact April 12th conjunction although it did bring peace to some parts of the world (notably Ethiopia and Yemen), an apology from the Pope for the residential school tragedy in Canada, and a re-release of Imagine by Julian Lennon (the first one came out at another Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in 1971). I guess we take what we can get!

  6. The Nov 8 Lunar Eclipse is on election day for the US Midterms. With Uranus opposing sun and Mercury and conjuncting the moon, it would seem there will be a lot of unexpected events. I’m hopeful this means that the Democrats keep congress, as the conventional wisdom and history all say the opposition party usually wins. I also recall that in 2016 with Uranus prominent, Trump unexpectedly beat Hillary, which was against what all the pollsters, and everyone else were predicting.

    • I hope you’re going to be right. According to Marjorie’s feb 11 post on Biden and the midterms, his problems really kick into high gear for 2023 & 2024. My sense is that a lot of it will be caused by Ukraine Russia escalations, NATO issues caused by elections in Europe like France etc., issues with world economies and hunger, China & Russian interference in our country, and maybe Hunter Biden. That said, if the Democrats hold on in 2022, we can expect a barrage of lies and conspiracies from the GOP and Trump wing which will make it impossible to govern at least half of this country.

    • But with Saturn in hard aspect to all of those points, it’s possible that the voters will be in a sour mood, perhaps because of difficult economic conditions, or a new Covid variant that’s more severe than Omicron. Such hardships probably bode well for the out-of-power Republicans, who are becoming increasingly strident, reactionary and focused on culture wars. Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces square Mars in communicative Gemini also points to the role of disinformation in the outcome of the vote.

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