UK Tory malaise – keeps getting worse ++ Rishi Sunak’s failures keep mounting

The stench of decay if not advanced death watch beetle and rampaging termites are afflicting the UK Conservative Party and government. Staggering from a litany of Boris Johnson misjudgements, misspeaks and dodgy financial dealings with yet more emerging vis a vis the new BBC Chairman and a potential conflict of interest as Boris negotiated a near million pound loan to keep him afloat during his No 10 tenure. Plus the Tory Party Chairman Nadhim Zawahi and his tax hiccup, not to mention Michelle Mone and the covid/pandemic multi-million pound contracts-for-buddies brouha. Mainly denied with a nothing-to-see-here dismissal apart from Mone who is in real trouble.

  The Tory Party 12 November 1867 and 9 May 1912 charts have their Sun Saturn conjunction in Scorpio and Taurus respectively at almost the same degrees. So both are in the firing line of the tr Uranus hard aspects from this February onwards with a roller coaster two years to follow.

  Rishi Sun has his Sun Mercury in Taurus opposition Uranus at similar degrees so he will be shaken from pillar to post until after mid 2024. Possibly escaping with relief at some point for sunny (flood, mud slide, fire and earthquake prone) California

  Both BJ and Zawahi have their Neptune in Scorpio impinging on the Tory Party – and Sunak’s – stalwart Taurus/Scorpio planets – so a slippery interface. Boris’s Sun Venus is also conjunct the Tory Party 1912 Pluto for a strong connection.

  Michelle Mone has her pushy 1st house Mars in Aquarius crashing into the Tory Party respective Suns.

  Richard Sharp, the new BBC chairman who is denying any conflict of interest, was appointed, having been Rishi Sunak’s boss at Goldman Sachs, economic adviser to BJ when he was London Mayor and allegedly responsible for connecting BJ with a backer allegedly offering a loan of up to £800,000. A card-carrying Tory, he has given more than £400,000 to the Conservative party and voted for Brexit. Never mind the ins and outs of maybe facilitating a loan, it’s hardly a dispassionate background for the head of a public broadcasting corporation.

  Sharp, 8 February 1956 London is a super-confident Sun Aquarius opposition Jupiter Pluto in Leo with his Sun at that familiar 18 degrees which keeps popping up and will be knocked sideways by the tr Uranus square late April/early May. It is an odd connection to BJ since Sharp’s Saturn opposes BJ’s hyper-active Mars in Gemini for a scratchy irritable, prone-to-setbacks chemistry. Sharp’s Neptune is exactly conjunct BJ’s Moon so both will be affected/afflicted by the tr Pluto square from late March onwards till June.

  All a maze and a muddle but there looks to be a maelstrom brewing.  

ADD ON: Rishi Sunak’s Term chart is sagging badly this month and cascading faster downhill from mid March onwards as tr Neptune squares the Mars which continues on and off into early 2024 – which is failure writ large alongside high uncertainty  and indecision. With another hiccup late April to mid May.

  Maybe Pluto into Aquarius in late March brews up a global financial crunch as well as other ripples.

PS. Forgot in the above Tory rot to mention Dominic Raab, Deputy Prime Minister, Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor, now facing 24 bullying complaints in the ongoing investigation.

24 thoughts on “UK Tory malaise – keeps getting worse ++ Rishi Sunak’s failures keep mounting

  1. A couple of articles in the NY Times today on the sorry state of Britain, in perfect synch to your post. (It wasn’t that long ago when we at least envied the UK for being mature enough not to attempt coups … )

    And Scorpio-Taurus for the Tories, how fitting !

  2. Johnson is in Ukraine for money and prestige .He couldn’t care less that we might eventually get nuked while he probably
    knows someone with a underground shelter that he can go to

  3. I think the BBC scandal is more about power tussle between Sunak and Johnson.

    Interestingly, it is revealed the same day when Johnson makes a trip to Ukraine, which becomes completely overshadowed by this scandal.

    Plus the MP who will be investigating Sharp, William Shawcross is father of Sunak’s policy advisor Eleneor Shawcross.

    Sharp’s links with tories go back to early days of David Cameron. There are some reports that he was one of Tory party’s financier fixer with links to Greenshill as well. It’s all very murky!

    • Looks like the Tory party under Sunak is circling in on Johnson. With privileges committee investigation coming up next month, Johnson’s days in politics are pretty much over.

      Marjorie, your prediction about March being a tough month for Johnson is coming true.

      With Pluto hitting his Scorpio moon in March could see some big changes in his political comeback plans.

  4. Thanks Marjorie. “A maelstrom brewing” ! The sleaze, scandals and so on of the mid 1990’s just kept coming for the Tories, and were followed by the Labour Party’s landslide victory on 1 May 1997. Re upcoming sign changes for Pluto and Saturn, it’s interesting to see that in 1996 Uranus entered Aquarius, and 1998 Neptune entered Aquarius. Possibly the UK 1801 Yod is involved as well, with Jupiter 1 Leo, Uranus 1 Libra, and Pluto 2 Pisces? Uk’s 18 Scorpio Neptune remains in sight of tr Uranus now. For the 97 election, it had tr Venus opposing it 18 Taurus, and Jupiter just passed the square from 19 Aquarius. I remember the feeling of hope and ‘things can only get better’ anthem of that spring. Very Jupiter/Neptune!

  5. Thank you Marjorie. I can’t remember why do the Tories have two Charts? The Tories always get to this point, no matter how good their leader was in getting them re- elected after a few years in opposition. Looking at their 1867 chart Mars sits on their Venus/Mercury midpoint. Sun/Saturn midpoint on the MC would also give then an authoritarian kudos. Perhaps they were seen as a party of innovation and willing to fight for the businesses in that day? They would have been better off sticking with that Chart. As they certainly had a strong leadership. It is the 1912 Chart which appears to be the repetitive Money/Power which is ruining them. Interestingly, their 1867 Chart has its Pluto/Moon midpoint sits on their MC/Saturn midpoint in their 1912 Chart. Many voters are losing trust in The Conservatives ability to look after the country. Some serious damage is being done.

  6. Anyone else think Johnson’s role regarding Ukraine is at least in part financial? There’s a lot of money sloshing around that country and grifters gotta grift…the Scorpio/Taurus themes of money, other peoples resources and greed accentuated in the astrology.

    • I don’t trust Johnson as far as I could throw him regarding Ukraine. Every time he gets into trouble, off he pops to Ukraine for yet another photo op with Zelenskiy. Even the Times lampooned this evasiveness in a cartoon yesterday Does Zelenskiy know that Johnson gave a peerage to oligarch, Evgeny Lebedev despite being warned of the risks by Sir Bernard Jenkin?

    • It either financial or a narcissistic ego trip to distract from the scandals at home. For a man who needs to be loved and who was ousted in disgrace from his King Of The World job, the adoring fans in a war torn country must feel like the best medicine.

      Either way it’s self serving. Money, attention, distraction, it’s all about what benefits Johnson. Not long ago as a Foreign Minister, he was the loudest opposing voice to arming Ukraine. As always, he has changed his mind quickly.

      • Munchausen of our times. If karma is a real thing he is destined to boil in poop forever. Evidently the guy who guaranteed the £800k, for a serving PM?, is a cousin of BJ. Why did this BBC spiv need to introduce him to his own cousin.? We are being taken for fools everyday..

        • Johnson is what he is. A liar, a crook, a destroyer and a grifter, but he didn’t get to where he is without backers. In an article by Yasmin Alibai-Browne today, she goes for his enablers.

          “Far worse, in my opinion, are the movers and shakers who support Johnson despite him vandalising the pillars of this ancient nation and debasing its values.”

          Though his constituents see him as a kind of saviour of the nation:

          “Even now, in Uxbridge, Johnson’s constituency, the faithful are with him. One media report quoted one of them: “We know he’s a prat, but that’s why we put him in. He’s our prat.”

          Others who fund Johnson:

          “Then there are the Tory gentleman backers who supply the ex-PM with luxury food, wallpaper, sundry goods and limitless cash. The BBC chairman Richard Sharp, who is also very close to Sunak, has been accused of being Johnson’s helpful facilitator (though he denies this). These Johnsons are reportedly living free in accommodation worth £3,500 a month provided by the loyal Conservative donor Lord Bamford and his wife. Christopher Harborne, previously a big backer of Nigel Farage, has given a million quid to Johnson’s office.”

          One can only hope that Pluto goes full pelt on that Scorpio Moon, come March.

      • From comments in Guardian:
        ‘For his umpteenth surprise visit to Ukraine B Johnson is being referred to an Ethics Advisor for ‘alleged interest in conflicts’..

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