Trump – a worthy opponent racking up the pressure ++ tho’ still a GOP poll fave

Trump may be back on Facebook under strict surveillance but he’s not winning against NY Attorney General Letitia James who is wielding a sledgehammer legal weapon against him and his company.  The law empowers the state’s prosecutors to stop any business from engaging in “repeated fraudulent or illegal acts,” seeking potentially lucrative damages, and cancelling its official business certificate. Her lawsuit seeks $250 million-plus and wants to revoke the Trump Organization’s business credentials as well as bar it from borrowing from banks.

  Trump is finally being forced to come up with a defence to explain why he lied relentlessly about his real estate portfolio and of inflating the price of the properties to snag better bank loans under false pretenses. In court, the AG’s attorneys have laid out how banks and insurance companies were defrauded while taxpayers were left on the hook. She could use it to claim every penny Trump has made based on false representations, which includes the $10 million he made selling the Trump International Hotel Washington in the nation’s capital; and $200 million — the value of the non-existent penthouse space Trump benefited from lying about. This law has already been used twice to shut down Trump University, a for-profit education scam and forced him to shut down his charity, the Trump Foundation.

  The case is heading for trial, scheduled for October this year as Trump is set to ramp up his campaign for the White House.

  Letitia James, 18 October 1958, is a Sun Libra, fittingly for a lawyer, with a ferociously determined Mars in Gemini square Pluto in Virgo. And oddly enough a Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury conjunction in Scorpio. Her Saturn in Sagittarius is conjunct Trump’s Moon and opposition her Sun which will make him feel cut down to size. Her Mars in his 10th squares her Pluto on his Ascendant – so her ruthlessly determined temperament and talents are focused exactly where it hurts him – career and image.

 She won’t be winning everything with tr Saturn opposing her Pluto and square her Mars this year but that may be because of other matters.

  Her relationship chart with Trump is in for a disruptive few months from mid 2023 onwards with tr Uranus square the power-struggling Sun Pluto conjunction.

    Trump will have some luck in June, late November and early 2024. But he’s also facing a cataclysmic disaster at the moment with his SA Mars exactly square his Pluto; and another catastrophe late April/early May this year.  2024/2025 look exceptionally discouraging.

 The Trump Organization LLC chart, 27 July 1999, is sagging with anxiety from this March, with October being a swamp, continuing into early 2024. But it is 2024 onwards which show up as devastation time with tr Pluto conjunct the Neptune and opposition the Mercury.

  Never say never when it comes to Trump escaping justice – his Houdini qualities are as well developed as fellow Geminian Boris Johnson’s. But maybe the lady might actually do it.    

Add On: In the latest poll Trump is winning 49 percent of the GOP field, which gives him a 19 percentage point lead over his nearest rival, Ron DeSantis. These results are mirrored in nearly every recent poll of GOP voters as Trump continues to garner the support of 40 to 50 percent of Republicans.

  When pollsters ask GOP voters about multiple presidential candidates, Trump is well ahead. But in a mock head-to-head matchup with DeSantis, it’s the Florida governor who emerges as the winner.

16 thoughts on “Trump – a worthy opponent racking up the pressure ++ tho’ still a GOP poll fave

  1. I’m visiting this post after reading about Trump’s trial today in New York.
    Hillary Clinton like Letitia James has Mars/Pluto natal and yes, these people are extremely determined but that doesn’t mean they “know how to win.” During the 2016 debates, Trump said of Hillary correctly, “She does not know how to win.” I think that’s his Jupiter/Uranus trine talking. Trump has Mars conjunct his ascendant. He’s a street fighter. 80% of the case against him brought on by James, (if not more) looks like it will be thrown out. I have immediate family with Mars/Pluto. They are forceful & determined but they do not know how to WIN.

  2. The polls largely reflect the lack of wisdom in the voter demographics. Blood, and violence, sells. Trump has it in spades thru ruling his legions at the Capitol that bad day in January. The Italian side of my family utterly rejected me because I am not a follower of the Trumpian faith and agenda. An open agenda – hatred for all.

  3. I wouldn’t put too much stock into the polls – only because they have been habitually wrong for the past few elections. For example, according to most of those GOP polls, Trump only has an ardent 33% support from the Republican base. Granted, if the Republican Primaries become a crowded field (According to South Carolina’s Post and Courier Newspaper, it’s believed that Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Kristi Noem, Mike Pompeo, Tim Scott, and Ron DeSantis are just a few of the Republicans expected to announce their 2024 Presidential bid sometime this year), then Trump could win the nomination for his party again (just like in 2016).

    That being said, Trump has already lost the support of most major corporations and major Republican donors – many feeling that he has become a liability for them. Also, Trump has remained fairly silent since announcing his run….which is a bit unusual for a loudmouth and an attention seeker like him.

    All in all, many of us are not worried about Trump winning the Republican nomination (if he does win) because we’ve found his “Achilles Heel” and we’re certain that it’s inevitable that he’ll lose the general election in 2024. For example, according to Nate Silver’s Five Thirty Eight psephology news website, political candidates often lose support after running multiple times for public office and losing (he used Charlie Crist and Beto O’Rourke as examples). This would make the fourth attempt for Trump (he ran in 2000, 2016, 2020, and now 2024).

  4. Marjorie, have you looked into Fani Willis, the Georgia attorney general. That case looks as bad as the NY case–maybe worse.

    Also, interesting so many cases involve prosecutors who are POC–I’ve not yet read/heard complaints about this, poor rich men who break the law have lots of other white (mostly men) thinking they are the targets of discrimination. (And I won’t go into the more extreme possibilities of that thinking.)

  5. Transiting Saturn is about to move across Trump’s descendant and into his 7th/8th houses and staying there for the next 5 years or so. Typically it’s when relationships become frosty, I wonder if he sees many of his supporters dropping away or maybe even people testifying against him. And of course when saturn goes through the 8th his loans are going to be tested.

    Last time around he married Marla Maples in 1993 and divorced her in 1999 which time fairly well with Saturn through 7th/8th.

  6. Hi Marjorie

    Interesting reading but it made me curious as to whether there is something else that soften’s Letitia’s Mars square Pluto which you described here as ‘ferociously determined’ as opposed to the other description for Trump, i.e. ‘…. a cataclysmic disaster at the moment with his SA Mars exactly square his Pluto?? Mars square Pluto doesn’t sound so bad for her and manageable, but his sounds like nightmare so just wondered what helps to mitigate?

    Thanks as always for your insights that we all love!!

    • Letitia James has a Mars square Pluto in her birth chart suggesting a tough beginning in life which taught her survival skills, gave her courage and a never-say-die-determination – so has Oprah Winfrey and Shonda Rhimes (an opposition) – all resourceful and robust personalities. Transiting Saturn in hard aspect to Letitia James’ Mars Pluto this year for her will throw up some irritating problems but Saturn is fairly fast moving.
      Trump has a Solar Arc Mars square his Pluto which is a meltdown setback causing extreme frustration at the moment. He doesn’t have Mars Pluto in aspect in his birth chart so he lacks her grit and guts.
      It’s the difference between an inherent characteristic and a planetary influence – and given that it is a Solar Arc it is massively strong.

        • Thanks Jennifer for the question and Marjorie for her reply. Is there any particular book that’s useful for studying Solar Arcs, Marjorie? It’s through coming here I’ve learned about them, since before that I struggled. They seem very illuminating compared with progressions.

          • If it helps. I bought Noel Tyl’s book some time ago. The heading is Solar Arcs and the subheading is Astrology’s Most Successful Predictive System. It was actually printed in 2001. I had forgotten I had it. It’s comprehensive.

          • Thank you Helen! I look forward to learning more. Astrology really is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to new things to learn.

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