UK – Starmer ahead for now but nothing guaranteed

Labour have a clear lead in the polls to beat the Conservatives at a next election with Keir Starmer ahead of Rishi Sunak on most questions. Given the mess the government and Tory Party is in the result looks like a foregone conclusion – except except a week is a long time in politics and life is churning chaos ahead which could throw up black swan events with surprising consequences for the leadership – and Keir Starmer is not heading into fortunate times. The next general election at the latest will be January 2025.

  Not that the leader’s personal chart necessarily spells disaster for the party since he may fall by the wayside for other reasons. His determined, lucky and controlling  opposition of Jupiter in Pisces opposition Uranus Sun Pluto in Virgo catches the tr Saturn hard aspects over 2023/24, which may just be exceptionally hard work. But it is his Solar Arc Sun Pluto conjunct his Neptune in 2025 which looks devastating and confused, followed by a dead-halt Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Sun and Pluto in 2026 – with a Progressed Mars square Neptune somewhere in the middle of that as well which is panicky failure. That looks like a good-going, life-changing period of rolling crisis.

  At a stretch – a very long stretch – he could win the poisoned chalice and then be overwhelmed by chaos. But that would be the most positive interpretation.

  His Leadership chart, 4 April 2020 10.45am, with a tricky 8th house Mars Saturn conjunction square Uranus has overcome one hurdle recently but echoes his own chart with a disruptive 2025 as the SA Saturn squares Uranus; and worse in 2026 when the SA Pluto is conjunct the Saturn.

  The Labour Party 27 February 1900 chart has in the past not been all that illuminating about wins and losses though Blair’s 1997 win did flag up as positive. It looks slightly downbeat in 2023/24 with Saturn transits to its Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto; facing a fair few major obstacles in 2024/25 as disasters litter its path; and will be jolted by a significant shock and ego-dent in 2025; uncertainty in 2026.

  Nothing is clear cut.

  Though looking at the UK chart it would be surprising if any sailor wanted to chance his/her/their luck steering HMS UK over the next three years. In addition to tr Uranus rattling up the UK financial 8th house and hard aspecting the UK Venus, Neptune and Saturn over the next two years which will make for an exceptionally bumpy financial ride there is the problematic UK Yod.

  With Pluto on the focal point inconjunct Jupiter sextile Uranus, the UK is a buccaneering nation with serious issues around the handling of power – at a negative end, coercive, manipulative and uncooperative. The Yod has moved by Solar Arc to have the SA Pluto square the UK Sun exactly now for a defining moment – blocked but key to future destruction or reconstruction. And just as pivotal will be when the SA Uranus on one leg of the Yod is conjunct the 8th house Mars in 2025 for a financial/economic upheaval of considerable proportions. This whole period from 2014 right through to 2026, when the UK Yod is being triggered is a transformational and perilous phase when the country is being prompted by the fates to find a new direction. Cast off the old, stand vulnerable for a while – Broken Britain – before, hopefully, finding a new purpose and role in the world.

 Bil Tierney suggests a Yod focal point Pluto can suit the individual for a high-level authority position; or as an agent exploring unknown resources available to humanity, capable of ushering in a new order of things. If mismanaged it may de-elevate the individual to a more frustrating level of obscurity and isolation, brought on by self-destructive passions. Pluto is make or break; and transformational processes can collapse as the old is taken away and the new does not get established. So not always chrysalis through to butterfly.

  It’ll be a brave and resourceful soul who hangs onto the UK tiller through these tempestuous waters and comes up smelling of roses.

25 thoughts on “UK – Starmer ahead for now but nothing guaranteed

  1. See Starmer and Labour’s chart over 2024 to Jan 2025 have many positive aspects which all suggest an election win. What are you looking at which suggests different?

  2. The best option for the UK is to renegotiate the membership of the European Economic Area to have full access to the single market, even with the return of some kind of free movement, and then to have another referendum about the new deal. Half of the world is now against the West and with Russia and China, and the UK is not an Imperial power anymore. Moreover the EU has more than 50 trade agreements with other countries, and the country is struggling to replicate those deals with the same conditions. Australia, New Zealand and Canada, on the other hand, are not the alternative to the single market. More than 50% of the population is now on the remain side, while at the same time the two major parties don’t want a return to the single market. Labour is so strong on poll because the Liberals have a weak leadership and don’t enjoy too much exposition on the major newspapers and on television. With a good leadership proposing a return to the single market and a new deal with the EU the Liberals would become stronger on polls and could even have more than 20% again. People that are not happy with Brexit are not represented by the Conservative Party nor by the Labour party.

    • Returning to the EU now would mean compulsory adoption of the Euro, and the acceptance of the ‘Maastricht Conditions’ – which basically means the likes of public spending cuts, austerity, mass unemployment and economic stagnation the likes of which we’ve never seen before.
      Couple this with compulsory Schengen membership – which basically means uncontrolled immigration by anyone who happens to be in continental Europe at the time – I can’t see this as being a political vote winner. But then again, allowing for the calibre of the British political class …..

      • I’m not talking about returning to the EU. This is about the EEA, the single market. Norway and Switzerland have access to the single market and are not part of the EU. So the idea is to renegotiate a new deal to have full access to the single market outside the EU, and this is possible with a couple of years of negotiations.

    • Well, whatever they do, you’ll certainly be listening to him if the Labour front bench is elected, because Mr Blair is busy training the current shadow cabinet on how to be elected and on how to govern!
      But I know what you mean. I was never convinced by our Tone, even at the beginning. I tend to like Rishi Sunak, mainly in comparison to his appalling predecessors, but have the same feeling about him. Who is he really? No doubt we’ll find out when he leaves, won’t we?!

  3. Very high chances of a hung parliament. Electorate seem to be fed up of the 2 main parties. With Starmer presenting more of a Tory – lite version of labour, it looks the votes will move to smaller parties like Greens and Lib Dem’s.

    Again Sunak is not popular with the right wing so votes will shift to Reform party.

    The formation of coalition govt explains why UK will not be out of the mess for few more years.

    If it’s a coalition the big question is who would be leading it?

  4. Thank you Marjorie for the insight, even though I for one am glad to see the polls in Labours favour, my gut has told me that this is not a done deal. If there was an early general election then maybe. Labour is looking better, but real political change is required, the electorate must have more say. In 2019 more people voted against the Tories than for, yet our political system has allowed astonishing/frightening changes under this govt because of their large majority under FPTP rules. What if any are the chances of a woman leading Labour or of an early GE?

    • Same has applied at practically every General Election since the Second World War. Tony Blair won an outright majority in the 2005 election with
      just 35.2% of the vote. Under PR the likelihood is that the major parties would spilt internally on Left and Right lines leading to new more extreme parties forming on both wings of British politics and winning seats in Parliament. It is worth remembering that the Weimar Republic had a very radical form of PR. It did not stop the Nazis taking power.

  5. Many are misled by the constant refrain of how the UK is a wealthy country and can afford x and y. It is not a wealthy country by any measure especially on purchase parity with other countries where it is 22nd and GDP per capita which really shows who the wealthy nations are. Ireland now has over twice the UK’s GDP per capita having benefitted from useful corporate tax rates (see chart). The UK is no longer an investment country as it literally has no advantages at all of being in Europe or with any natural resources plus it has extraodinary tax rates. People will and should leave-especially the young to Canada, Australia and NZ. Like Ireland in the 70s no one in arrivals and departures full.It won’t make any difference who is in charge except under Tories the rich can get their money out to Monaco where they live quicker, under Labour sooner.Chart

      • Yes a welfare state is very attractive and huge number of EU citizens have STOPPEDarriving ( Albania is nOT in the EU)
        ” Jay Lindop, Director of the Centre for International Migration at the ONS, said: “A series of world events have impacted international migration patterns in the 12 months to June 2022. Taken together these were unprecedented.

        “These include the end of lockdown restrictions in the UK, the first full period following transition from the EU, the war in Ukraine, the resettlement of Afghans and the new visa route for Hong Kong British nationals (Overseas), which have all contributed to the record levels of long-term immigration we have seen.”

        He added that migration form non-EU countries, notably students, is driving the rise.”

  6. Currently, the joker in the political pack is the ongoing and massive arrival of migrants on the Kent coast, in rubber dinghies, and the UK government’s apparent paralysis in formulating any sort of coherent policy in response. Their numbers will only increase, in exponential fashion, as potential migrants – who number in the hundreds of millions, at the very least – realise that they are in to a good thing, the closest thing to a one way bet that you can possibly get.
    Add to that the government’s proclivity of putting the migrants up in four star hotels, at taxpayers’ expense, while millions of Britons struggle with heating and grocery bills.
    You have the real makings of a popular revolt here, France 1792 stuff, in fact.
    Sunak might possibly deal decisively with it, but that is unlikely. Labour definitely would not. Thus ground is being opened up for the insurgent party, Reform UK, who might play the spoiler at the next general election, giving rise to all sorts of possible unexpected electoral results …..

    • The migrant issue will certainly resonate for many, as will the fact that we don’t seem to be a functioning society at the moment. Every facet of our lives in health, education, courts, farming, fishing, exporters, manufacturing, creative arts and so on are under intolerable strain, and have been for years. The obvious lies and all round disaster of Brexit ( we have taken back control… ) underpins much of it. The media naturally plays a pretty malign role in things, Starmer is utterly craven in his desire not to offend the Daily Hate et al….I’m concerned also about the brain drain. Would a bright and educated young person really want to stick around the UK when much greater opportunities may lie overseas?

    • The most significant thing about recent anti migrant disturbances in Liverpool was that it occurred in the most anti Tory city in England, in the second safest Labour constituency in the UK and the one where they have the biggest popular vote. That is obviously going to be worrying Starmer. Labour have not come close to resolving the issues that sawl them lose so many seats to the Conservatives in 2019

  7. Starmer experienced his Jupiter return in 2022 – hence his surge in the polls. Pluto entering Aquarius will start to approach his natal Saturn in Aquarius opposite north node.

    If the next election is in mid 2024, Sunak has a chance; transiting Uranus and Jupiter will both be conj his natal Sun and opposite his natal Uranus.

    Sunak looks to me like a Virgo rising, which means he has his Jup-Mars conj on his ascendant. That Jup-Mars is opposite natal Pluto in both the 1801 UK chart and the 1066 England chart. Feels historic.

    Blair also had a Jupiter-Mars conj just above his ascendant. (The late Queen had a Jup-Mars conj in her first house – I believe it indicates leadership qualities)

    • Sunak’s birth time is around 14:40 according to well known Indian astrologer. He claimed that he was being contacted from London just before August leadership contest for his inputs on the result.

      • Thanks Ann!

        That time gives him a 19 Virgo ascendant, with Saturn at 20 Virgo. His Jup-Mars conj is at 0-2Virgo in the 12th. (Blair’s Jup-Mars conj was 1 degree above the asc, so much more powerful).

  8. Thanks Marjorie. It could be that Starmer steps down and Labour in fighting begins again. However the charts for the Tories and their leaders have also been bleak over the last few years and in the future- as is evidenced by the current disputes and the feeling that the services in the UK are breaking down. I understand that a number of other countries are facing considerable problems over the next few years as well.
    I wonder whether some negative global event eg climate catastrophe, war , plague, might occur and are there any countries whose charts indicate success and good fortune in the 3 or 4 years ahead?

  9. Sunak Sun is 21 Taurus I believe and will catch the Uranus Jupiter next year. That has to be great for him, unfortunately!
    I just can’t believe anyone would want a Sir in charge of Labour anyway. I think a lot of people either won’t vote or will choose a smaller party. It seems that only comparatively weathly people will vote Tory so a very disgruntled younger set have to change the old guard. Starmer does not stand with the underpaid workers, and I wonder what his name sake would have made of that. Power mad the lot of them.
    I’m singing Power to the people now in my head.

  10. Thanks Marjorie for the astrological insight but it’s bleak. I do worry for our future in the uk and I don’t think our fortunes will improve with labour; same old same old and no different to the tories; just two sides to the same coin. Honestly, the state of the roads where I live, one would think we’re living in a third world country and it’s almost impossible to see a Dr; instead, the nurse will do. These are only two examples (I don’t live in the wealthy south). I just don’t know where this country is heading.

  11. Thank you Marjorie for looking at these Charts. One gets the impression that so much work has been done, yet the planetary dance involved and their timing, is not going to work out.

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