UK politics – spin, rinse, repeat ++ Mordaunt, Abbott

The UK may not be gripped by such mortal terror as the USA given their abysmal political choices. But the agitation is undoubtedly rising as election fever sets in despite none having – as yet – been declared.

  In the immediate future the UK chart  is facing tr Uranus square the 11th house Saturn which rules the legislature from May 12 to 28 which could indicate the aftermath of an election – though there is no one astro-signature for an election. That influence repeats end of the year into early 2025. The April 8 Solar Eclipse is square the 10th house UK Moon and conjunct the UK South Node – pointing to challenges and changes involving a) the ruling class as represented by the 10th house Moon, though that could as easily refer to the Royal Family as key symbolic figures and b) tapping into the UK’s indecision when it comes to alliances and partnerships. The October Libra Eclipse falling on the UK’s Ascendant could be a crisis of confidence in terms of image perhaps triggered by a new beginning, It will be a major turning point.

  The Lunar Eclipse on 25th of this month set for London has Jupiter exactly conjunct the Ascendant which would suggest a confidence boost and it runs alongside tr Pluto opposition the UK Jupiter, in place till early April. The 8 April Solar Eclipse set for London has the New Moon conjunct the Descendant which usually denotes significant events. So there will be a sense of imminent change of a radical variety.

Previous Solar Eclipses around these degrees were in 2005 – when Tony Blair won a third election with a reduced majority – and became President of the Council of the EU. Wedding of Charles and Camilla. Terrorist bombings in London. The Civil Partnership Act granted same-sex couples similar legal rights to those of married heterosexuals. Same eclipse degrees in 1986 when Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of Windsor dies.  Channel Tunnel announced linking UK to France.

    Rishi Sunak and the Conservative Party were always due for yet more jolts and jangles late this April into early May  with his Taurus Sun opposition Uranus and the Tory Party Sun Saturn in Taurus being elbowed by disruptive, liberating and wild card tr Uranus. Before that, the 25th March Lunar Eclipse is conjunct his PMship Midheaven which does point to a crisis.  The April Solar Eclipse is also conjunct Sunak’s Pluto  on his birth chart which is a subtle influence suggesting a major reform is required otherwise stagnation will set in.  On his personal chart he looks boosted by one of his Jupiter midpoints in August and beyond, and in mood for a change come 2025 – but losing for him would not be a total wipeout, given his family’s wealth and California connection though a defeat clearly would not be good for his ego.

  Keir Starmer’s Leadership chart, 4 April 2020 is not a racing certainty for a win with tr Pluto conjunct the catastrophic Mars/Saturn midpoint mid April to late May, and repeating on and off till late 2025.  With tr Uranus square the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint late April to mid May which is over hopeful.

  His personal chart has one cheerful blip May 12 to 29th, repeating late December to March 2025. Which would be a small window for success, followed by a major change in his life. But all the indications are that a Labour win would be a poisoned chalice followed by setbacks, aggravations and failed policies.  Starmer’s leadership chart is in even worse trouble in 2025/26.

  The Labour Party 12 February 1906 chart which does have tr Uranus square the Sun Venus over late April/early May which could indicate a change, followed by an upbeat tr Uranus conjunct the Jupiter in August, running into 2025. But it then runs into Solar Arc Sun Venus conjunct Pluto by 2026 which will be grinding to a halt, followed by a downhill slide from tr Neptune Saturn in Aries hitting its Mars in Aries square Uranus opposition Neptune for several years thereafter.

  Nothing settled, I fear.

 Lindsay Hoyle, 10 June 1957, who took up the Speakership on 4 November 2019 has been struggling with tr Pluto square his Neptune this year which won’t have improved his judgement and it repeats on and off till late 2025. Plus tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint which also accompanies career missteps and it also runs on through next year.

  His Term chart, started on a Saturn Pluto conjunction which is drawing to the exact aspect by early in 2025 which might suggest a dead halt. The Term Mars is catching the April Solar Eclipse for major arguments which have already kicked in.

 His personal chart suggests major changes in his life in 2025/26/27 which might indicate he moves on.

 Dinae Abbott, 27 September 1953, has a Sun Libra with a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in Virgo and a hope-for-a-better-society Saturn Neptune in Libra trine Jupiter and sextile Pluto for influence and success – as well as being in an opinionated square to Uranus. She’s up and down for the next three to four years and not in a progressive phase.

  The dreaded Tory donor Frank Lester who made the racist remark is a bull-headed Sun Mars in Taurus.

ADD ON: Penny Mordaunt is being talked up as a Sunak replacement, 4 March 1973, Torquay, England. A New Moon, Venus and Mercury in Pisces with her Sun square a Saturn opposition Neptune and sextile Mars in Capricorn, she is determined with her heart in the right place from Saturn Neptune though it often lacks the killer instinct to make it to the top. Her Mars widely square Pluto and square Uranus as well as inconjunct Saturn will make her impulsive with an uncertain grip on her temper at times. She is on a roll in 2024/25 with tr Pluto conjunct her Jupiter in Aquarius with highs late May/early June following on from a few catastrophes in the second half of May, repeating New Year to mid March 2025.

 Lee Anderson, 6 January 1967, A Sun Capricorn square Mars, also has tr Pluto in hard aspect to his Jupiter at 1 degree Leo so will be pushing ahead confidently in 2024/25 but apart from one lucky break, looks less than enchanted especially in 2025.

Diane Abbott, 27 September 1953, does seem to arouse strong reactions, after a positive start in Westminster, especially in recent years since she went hard left and started to suffer from health problems like diabetes which appeared to make her muddled. Without a birth time it is not possible to say but I might suspect her focal point Pluto, depending on the house position might be part of the problem. A strong Pluto can attract hostility. She also may have an Air Grand Trine of a Libra Sun trine North Node in Aquarius trine (maybe) a Gemini Moon – and that plus Uranus square Saturn Neptune will reinforce her dogmatic theorizing. Too much Air (like Corbyn) can produce an ideologue.

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  1. Just something to play with re the Labour Party: the Independent Labour Party was formed at a conference in Bradford between 14th and 16th January, 1893. Keir Hardie was leader. There was a conjunction between Pluto and Neptune at 8 Gemini, with Uranus 10 Scorpio, and Jupiter 17 Aries. I’ve looked at the 14th, where Venus is still in Sagittarius. Starmer’s Sun/Pluto in Virgo and Jupiter in Pisces connect with that Neptune/Pluto conjunction. His natal Neptune is one degree off the Uranus in Scorpio.

    For the 1997 Labour landslide, tr Uranus was 8 Aquarius, trining that Pluto/Neptune conjunction, and the 1893 Saturn at 12 Libra. It was close to squaring itself as well. Quite revolutionary times, or so it seemed.

    For the bad Labour losses at the GE of 12 December, 2019, there’d been tr Saturn in Capricorn squaring the 1893 Saturn, Mars 11 Aries, and then its Jupiter in Aries that year. Tr Uranus in Taurus was moving to conjunct the 1893 Nodes at 4 Taurus – shaking up the direction of the party? Keir Starmer himself has Saturn 5 Aquarius, so would have been feeling those rumblings personally.

    The approaching Lunar Eclipse is square Mercury, 4 Capricorn in the Independent Labour Party chart. That could be sensitive, since there was a 4 Capricorn Solar Eclipse at Christmas, 2019. In the August, there’d been a Lunar Eclipse at 24 Capricorn, right on the Sun (leader?) for 14 January 1893. Jeremy Corbyn was indeed ‘eclipsed’ by December.

    The Solar Eclipse this April is just two degrees off ILP Jupiter, 17 Aries. The Libran Solar Eclipse in October is just two degrees off its Saturn, 12 Libra.

    I think this 1893 date may be useful and meaningful, but haven’t done any further ‘tests’ other than what I’ve outlined above.

  2. Diane Abbott, I’m now looking, seems to have Mercury conjunct Neptune, which could cloud (Neptune) her thinking (Mercury) and also muddle (Neptune) her speech (Mercury). Not only that, but Mercury is square Uranus. A post on Tumblr says of that aspect that people having it “tend to be smart, independent, eccentric and with a provocative way of talking, they’re fixed with their mentality and quite obsessed with having the most original ideas, they tend to live in their own world and to follow their own rules”.

    Astrology King:

    “Trouble listening can occur due to a lack of concentration or being easily distracted. This can lead to you saying the wrong thing in response to others as you did not fully understand what they said first.

    The prankster in you can also lead to others being offended or insulted; the same can result if you have an abrupt way of speaking. But at a higher level, your tendency to see the other side of things can lead to you challenging others’ ideas. This can be a good thing but seen as arrogance or teasing by others. People may think you are just out for attention by shocking them or being deliberately argumentative.

    However, this aspect also indicates that you may change friends often, having difficulty maintaining long-term companionship. You may be subject to more than your fair share of shock and surprises, while sticking to plans may prove difficult. Discrimination and feeling isolated or cut off from mainstream society are other outcomes of your original thinking. Being labeled weird or a nerd would be all part of this. Nervous anxiety, spasms, and broken arms and fingers are possible.”

    If that Moon is not between 0° and around 12° Libra, she might have an unaspected Sun, I think? And that can be a difficulty that cannot be lessened during lifetime. Usually an unaspected planet can be healed by another person’s planet touching it, probably a “good” planet and in a nice aspect. But with an unaspected Sun, that’s a person who doesn’t know who she or he is (Sun – ego, identity, self) and who likes compliments, because they tell that person who she is, but at the next moment the person gets confused by them. That’s what I think I read about that particular configuration in Hamakerian-school teachings. I think it also denotes difficulties regarding the relationship with the father. I remember reading a post by one of Hamaker’s students regarding Brad Pitt, who also has an unaspected Sun (in Sagittarius), that said something like “Behind that charming smile there is a lot of coldness”. Such Sun could also probably bring certain difficulties in relationships with men. Let’s also not forget that a Sun in Libra is in its fall and that Libra is the only object (non-living) thing in the Zodiac, which was always a fact that intrigued me and which to this day I don’t know how to interpret.

    Pluto is on her North Node, and will be around that point for a time, and I wonder what that will bring.

    I’ve always been a little sympathetic to her and am sorry she had to go through some difficulties in life. These aspects explain a part of the reason why.

    • The Moon goes from around 26° Taurus at 00:00 to around 10° Gemini by 23:59.

      Coincidentally, I think Corbyn has a Taurus Moon, and she was compared to him. Lower vibration of a Taurus Moon is that it’s a hoarder Moon.

  3. Looking at the United Kingdom 1927 chart, this year somewhere from May we will have Uranus squaring the Moon (ruler of the 8th – is that debt?) and Neptune (co-ruler 3rd, neighbours).

    Then much more eventful it will be in December, when those transits repeat and Neptune squares the Mars (ruler of the 4th, homeland, territory). There will be a brief respite in January 2025, but then its back on until around April 2025.

    In May and summer months of 2025 Saturn (ruler of the 2nd, income) will conjunct Uranus (co-ruler 3rd), so maybe a shock (Uranus) regarding the UK money, and square the nodes.

    And in those same months of 2026 Neptune will oppose the MC and Pluto (ruler of the 11th, politics, parliament, and 12th) will trine it.

    That opposition will be a repeating transit, which seems will peak in the beginning of 2028, when also Jupiter will square the Mars, Saturn will conjunct the Sun (ruler of the 9th, foreign places, judicial and religious authorities), and Uranus will oppose the Uranus and the ascendant.

    It seems these next few years will be fairly active.

    I only now realize that this chart has the UK’s IC in Aries, and when Neptune conjoins to, I wonder if we will have some sort of dissolution (Neptune) of borders (4th house, territory).

    • I would think that the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune at 0 Aries on starting a new cycle exactly conjunct the U.K. 1927 Uranus on 20 Feb 2026 is going to be significant. This is particularly because the Moon will be in early Aries on that date. The Neptune/Moon Conjunction at 24 Leo in that Chart will be opposed by transiting Mars at 21 Aquarius and squared by Uranus at 27 Taurus. Significantly these transits will also be hitting other British charts. The King Edgar 973 chart has the South Node at 1 Aries, Mars at 25 Taurus, Sun at 25 Taurus and Mercury at 26 Taurus and Pluto at 27 Leo. The England 1066 chart has Neptune at 22 Taurus. The Simon De Montfort Parliament Chart 20 January 1265 has Saturn at 21 Taurus and Mars at 23 Taurus. The Act of Supremacy chart 3 November 1534 has Neptune at 0 Aries, the Sun at 20 Scorpio and Mars at 21 Scorpio. The Act of Union 1707 Chart has Pluto at 20 Leo and Jupiter at 21 Leo. The U.K. 1801 chart has Saturn at 23 Leo. The House of Windsor Chart has Uranus at 22 Aquarius. I think the position of Neptune in that 1534 Henrician Reformation chart is particularly interesting as Pluto was at 2 Aquarius at that time only a couple of degrees from the 4 Aquarius location it will occupy in 2026. The Actnof Supremacy was really a turning point in British history so one wonders what is going to happen when the pattern repeats

      • So we seem to be nowhere near the end of turmoil and waves crushing on these shores. Looking back, and currently, it’s breathtaking what is happening to the UK. I just wish we knew where this is all going…

  4. Early May will see local council elections in England. They are rarely a good indicator of what will happen in a General Election, but can jangle nerves or result in surges of confidence; depending on which political parties are involved.

  5. Thanks Marjorie for this, so helpful at such a confusing and dispiriting time.

    “The April 8 Solar Eclipse is square the 10th house UK Moon and conjunct the UK South Node – pointing to challenges and changes involving a) the ruling class as represented by the 10th house Moon, though that could as easily refer to the Royal Family as key symbolic figures and b) tapping into the UK’s indecision when it comes to alliances and partnerships”

    Possibly of interest here is the Solar Eclipse at 20 Libra of October 1996, and the Lunar Eclipse of March 1997 at 4 Libra. Tony Blair’s New Labour landslide happened on 1st May, 1997, the sudden death of Princess Diana was at the end of August. Tr Saturn was at 14 Aries for the May election, conjunct the UK N Node – a clear indication of a change of government I think. Curiously, tr Pluto at 4 Sagittarius was conjunct UK Chiron, squaring tr Black Moon Lilith in Virgo – maybe that symbolises the death of Diana?

    I notice that the Labour Party 1912 has Moon 4 Libra, square Mars 5 Aries, with Uranus 7 Capricorn. So 1997’s Lunar Eclipse activated that. An angry electorate seeking change? The Solar Eclipse in 1996 was on the Tory 1912 S Node at 21 Libra – shadows of the past? The government was floundering and arguing back then, plus ca change?!

    Things generally are very different now in 2024, and although Labour’s 20 Gemini Pluto is favoured by a Jupiter transit in the autumn, suggesting power, there’s a Lunar Eclipse 23-4 Virgo opposing Saturn in Pisces in March 2025. That hits the Labour ascendant at 24 Gemini, the Tory Pluto 27 Gemini, and the UK Black Moon Lilith 26 Gemini. As you say, nothing settled….

  6. These debates about Catherine have little or nothing to do with UK politics! But they reminded me of the endless debates about Queen Victoria’s invisibility, during her very extended mourning period for her beloved husband, Prince Albert, after his early death in 1861. From parliament to the newspapers of the day, the criticisms and arguments entertained everyone, one way or another.

    “The slow rise of a popular republican movement gained pace in the late 1860s (coupled with violent acts and threats from Irish Fenians), and Gladstone was concerned above all that the queen should not give it extra fuel by her invisibility. Those who did not have to deal with her on a regular basis sometimes thought his concern exaggerated. Lord Kimberley, for example, regretted her ‘somewhat selfish seclusion’, but considered that ‘the nation will forgive a great deal in a woman, and besides she has many admirable qualities which go far to redeem some weaknesses’ (

    During those years there were also rumours that the queen had inherited the “madness” of her Hanoverian ancestor, George III. His true health condition remains a matter of lively debate, but we will probably never know precisely what kind of illness afflicted him. For the astrology, 1861 has Neptune moving between late Pisces and entering Aries. There are mutable tensions between Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo, and Uranus in Gemini – old and new, established royalty versus republicanism. Pluto was in Taurus.

    • Nice round-up Jane. In the end, as astrologers we know there is a cycle to life and the popularity/visibility/expectations of the monarchy will wax and wane. That has been fairly evident through my lifetime. I seem to recall Queen Victoria was a triple Gemini so I’d assume the transit of Pluto was moving through her 12th house during her ‘invisible’ period.

  7. Kate’s not a private citizen. She and Willy and the whole royal family fund their super luxurious taking millions of public money. Hence the public have the right to know else why fund them? They’re already rich.

  8. Starmer’s Moon is at 16 Libra (no birth time, so Moon will be between 10 Libra and 22 Libra), so it will be conjunct the South Node (Ketu) on the eclipses. Ketu is a malefic.

  9. Thanks Marjorie. At the moment the Tories seem determined to wreck everything they can, purely to make everything more difficult for Labour when they come in. It’s like watching a car crash, but the vehicle is the whole country. We need rid of the Tories as soon as we possibly can. Given your interpretations I’m still hoping for May, but I don’t think Tory egos and greed will allow a spring election – they will hang on until the very last possible minute, more’s the pity and shame of it.

  10. I can’t even bring myself to read about last week’s Budget, the bickering that took place at PMQs over a huge donation by a racist, or Michael Gove’s plan to reclassify extremism. It all just feels like Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

  11. Hi Marjorie, It’s always good to have UK updates. May I ask about the astrology of Lee Anderson, Ben Habib and The Reform Party? Thank you in advance, with appreciation, if you do look into this. Hope you don’t mind my enquiry.

  12. Marjorie any astro significance on Kate pls?! Is she even alive is the question many are asking and the royals don’t seem to care? They have a duty to explain to the public as they take in millions of taxpayer money for their living. But they are such an arrogant entitled lot..

    • Please please leave Catherine (not Kate to us) alone!
      If you are thinking of entitled and arrogant you might move your attention to an other continent than the U.K.
      Catherine deserves peace and privacy to recover from whatever has afflicted her. It could be gynaecological would you like that all over the front pages?
      It may be more than surgery and it’s her business not ours.
      If she was the monarch it would be a little different.
      She may speak of her experience at a later date if she feels it may be helpful to others as she does when speaking to new mums. No one prepares you for parenthood no matter how affluent you are and imagine your every move being critically assessed?
      Have you ever thought how difficult it might be to get all 4 in the Mother’s Day photo all with their eyes open, looking at the camera and smiling at the some time?
      She immediately owned up to a little experimental editing of William’s photo attempts.
      I’m sure she had no idea she was doing anything wrong. Wasn’t it for the X account not sure?
      She probably would have preferred to give her usual Mother’s Day message a miss this year but dutiful as ever she did her best in the circumstances.
      She is still on sick leave and has 3 children to consider.
      She along with William, the king and Camilla have been put through the wringer for at least the last 4 years (I think longer) as grenades are hurled from California.
      The media and especially the right wing press etc have gone crazy with all these conspiracy theories.
      I’m sure there are better things in the world to worry about

    • International media is now openly stating Prince William’s affair with Rose Hanbury. Western media had been reporting it for past few weeks and now Indian media too.

      Palace needs to intervene or come clean. How could they mess this all up?

      • This is old gossip, isn’t it? Wonder why it’s being dragged up again. To taunt Catherine into ‘appearing’ by her husband’s side? It is indeed cruel how she is treated by the media.

        • If memory serves – this old story surfaced originally in the US People Magazine – not in the UK. I often wondered if it was “planted” there to unsettle Kate. We will, of course, never know.

    • People have a right to medical privacy.

      That Rochdale MP who died, Sir Tony Lloyd, only disclosed he was ill a week before he died. His parliamentary colleagues and his constituents didn’t know. Only his family and secretaries knew, and they carried the load for him.

      If an elected Member of Parliament can keep their medical details private, so can Kate. (She’s protected by the Human Rights Act).

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