Albert Einstein – a Pisces with cosmic vision

 Albert Einstein, the theoretical physicist, reckoned to be one of the greatest and most influential scientists of all time was born 145 years ago. Best known for developing the theory of relativity, he also made important contributions to quantum mechanics and was a central figure in the revolutionary reshaping of the scientific understanding of nature in the first decades of the twentieth century.

 He was born 14 March 1879 11.30am Ulm, Germany, and was a child prodigy in mathematics. He had a Sun Pisces, which is a sign surprisingly common amongst first ranking mathematicians and scientists, whose sense of vision and insight are strong. He was undoubtedly ambitious with a 10th house Sun as well as a communicative Mercury in Aries conjunct a serious, well-organised Saturn and Venus also in pro-active Aries. His Pluto in Taurus was in a determined trine to Mars in Capricorn. And his Neptune in Taurus was in a creative trine to Uranus in his quick-witted 3rd house.

  His first wife who was also a physicist/mathematician, Mileva Maric, 19 December 1875, is thought by some to have contributed to his early theories but other dispute that. She had a Sagittarius Sun and Mercury on his 6th so they would have a shared work connection. Her Venus was in his 7th for a love attraction; and her Jupiter in his 5th for children and fun. She had a child with him out of wedlock and another two once they were married. But it did not last which given their relationship chart is hardly surprising. That had a composite Sun in an evasive/disappointing square to Neptune. But the real trouble came from a composite Mars opposition Uranus square Pluto which is explosive, controlling, hostile.

  There’s nothing much to suggest she was a seminal influence on his work though at the time she would boost his confidence and creativity.  

 He was unfaithful with a cousin whom he married and later started an affair with his secretary and appeared to have had several mistresses as well.  His Sun/Moon midpoint was exactly square his Neptune which would not make for a strong sense of commitment.  

  His breakthrough genius 13th harmonic was his strongest. His creative 7H, leaving a legacy 17H; and global name 22H are also well aspected.

7 thoughts on “Albert Einstein – a Pisces with cosmic vision

  1. Einstein was a brilliant scientist but some commentators view Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity as pure science fiction. The idea that time slows down as you travel faster is disputed. I wondered if astrology can throw any light on this.

  2. The constellation of the Fishes is supposed to be beneficial for the pursuit of science, mathematics and technology. At present development of nuclear fision as opposed to fusion is supported by the cosmic configuration and this country is a leader in this field, however, as often happens whether this new technology will receive the investment required to make possible remains to be seen.

  3. Thanks for this. Einstein is a fascinating individual. Although a visionary it was always said that his maths ability, whilst better than mine, was not outstanding and he needed help (from his wife, initially) to work out the consequences of his theories.
    His annus mirabilis was 1905 when he produced 5 groundbreaking papers. Looking at the astrology for that year, we have Pluto in the air, Uranus opposite Neptune in cancer, and Saturn in late Aquarius.
    I cannot see much connection on the surface with Einstein

  4. I never realised until now that Einstein’s birthday coincides with Pi day (3.14) celebrated by maths geeks the world over.

  5. Thank you so much for this.

    Every now and then, but not often, I read about Einstein’s theories, and they fill me with much-needed awe and inspiration. I found some of his stuff simply amazing.

    Too bad about his marriage with Mileva. I’m sad she didn’t really lead a happy life, it seems.

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