Billie Piper – empowering herself

Billie Piper, an actress with a rare reputation for talent in recent years, a child star and former singer, has been opening up about growing up in a male dominated world and her difficulties co-parenting with her divorced second husband the scandal-prone Laurence Fox.

  He was sacked by GB News last year after sexist comments he made on-air about a female journalist. He recently lost a  libel case with two people he called paedophiles on social media, and was arrested last October on suspicion of conspiring to commit criminal damage to Ulez cameras.

  They share teenage sons from their marriage which ended in 2016. Her first marriage was to Chris Evans, a tv presenter 16 years older.

  She was born 22 September 1982 in Swindon, England, maybe 10.20pm with a Virgo Sun and Neptune both square a 7th house Neptune (on this birth time) which makes sense of multiple relationships. She also has an impulsive, headstrong Mars Uranus in Sagittarius possibly conjunct her Moon which again will make for difficulty in finding domestic stability. Plus an unyielding Saturn Pluto conjunction

  Laurence Fox, 26 May 1978, is a Sun Gemini with a Capricorn/Aquarius Moon. He also has a hard-edged, overly reactive, angry Saturn Mars in Leo which sits in her 4th house of family; and his pushily-confident Jupiter square Pluto collides with her Mercury. Their relationship chart significantly has a composite Mars Pluto conjunction for a power-imbalance and hostility from that.

 Chris Evans, 1 April 1966, of whom she speaks highly, is a pro-active, excitable Sun Mars in Aries; with an aggravating opposition from his Mars to her Saturn and his unsettled Uranus Pluto conjunction sitting close to her Venus – none of which are recipes for long term contentment. Again the relationship chart has a dominating composite Mars Pluto trine; with a composite Sun opposition Saturn square Pluto. Power/submission would be issues.

  Even the wedding charts do not look hopeful.

To Evans: 6 May 2001, a Sun inconjunct Pluto, square Uranus and square Neptune, with Mars inconjunct Saturn and Jupiter opposition Pluto. Muddle, mayhem, one sided,

To Fox, 31 December 2007: there was an aggravated Sun opposition Mars, trine Saturn; Saturn opposition Uranus; and Jupiter Pluto opposition Mars. Arguments would follow.

  In the Vogue interview she said: “There was a point where I realised I had been drawn into siding with men on a lot of things.”  “I’d grown up in a world that was dominated by men.” “They always had the last word at home, which could be frightening.” “I became very famous very young, and went into the music industry, which was another place where you were told what to do by men.” “Sometimes I wanted to appeal to them, so that I could feel safe. Sometimes I wanted to be them because it looked like they were having a better time than I was. It was a period of time in the 1990s where it was just very, very male heavy. I felt a huge amount of frustration about that. And I carried that into my romantic relationships.”  

The old patterns repeat until as she describes she had a phase in her early thirties where she felt ‘unhinged and mentally not well’ and started to let go her old destructive patterns.  That would be when tr Uranus first opposed her Saturn Pluto conjunction but more so tr Pluto moved through Capricorn squaring her Saturn Pluto. Women who have been dominated and overly submissive often take into their forties after their tr Pluto square their natal Pluto to become empowered and learn to stand up for themselves

5 thoughts on “Billie Piper – empowering herself

  1. Lawrence Fox has got to be an Aquarian moon which would explain his political side. He’s fascinating, the way he’s upended his acting career for his ideals, whether you agree or not. Similar to comic writer Graham Linehan, who has risked everything, his marriage, his career, his reputation, to support biological women and lesbians.
    I don’t know Graham’s chart, I know him, so I’ll ask.

  2. There’s a lot going on in her chart which is easy to see reflected in her life. Those Sag planets would be attracted to Evans and Fox who are both loudmouth scatterguns, or at least Evans was back in the day. Transiting Uranus was going over her MC and trine Ascendant when she married Evans in 2001 which I seem to recall was a bit surprising at the time. Transit Pluto through early Sag helped her hit the popcharts at age 15-16.

    If I’m not mistaken the Jupiter in Scorpio is unaspected – other than to the nodes. And it’s the ruler of all her four Sag planets. Does that mean it’s unconsciously driving her development? Reading the writeup, she seems like one of the few celebs who’ve actually figured out what their own issues are.

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