UK politics – no certainties in any direction

A crashing Tory defeat at the recent Chesham bye-election followed a stunning Tory win/Labour defeat at Hartlepool and a considerable Brexit sausage-war/Northern Ireland humiliation for Boris at the recent G7 summit where he expected to score a major PR victory. Nothing is certain wherever you look – UK politics is going through a spin and rinse churn with all bets off.

 The Lib Dems are unsurprisingly buoyant, talking about future trends though sometimes bye-election results can be a flash in the pan. The Lib Dem chart, 3 March 1988, does look to be on a confident roll and charm offensive over this year and 2022/23 with tr Pluto square the Venus now and then Jupiter. Where it all looks less upbeat is after that.

Ed Davey, the Lib Dem leader, 25 December 1965, is buoyed up by false happiness in 2022 into 2023 and running into total road blocks by 2024, which is also reflected on the Lib Dem chart.

  Boris’s term chart is slipping and sliding this year and next with tr Neptune square the Sagittarius Sun which was also triggered by the Solar Eclipse this month in opposition hinting at a run of crises in the months to come.

  Keir Starmer’s mystifyingly blank persona/strategy will run into a dead-halt in 2022 when the Solar Arc Saturn on his leadership chart, 2 April 2020 10.45am, is conjunct the Mars. And that’s much about the same time period that Boris’s Term chart grinds to an impasse with the 12th house Saturn exactly conjunct Venus Pluto – 2022 was always when post pandemic Boris was going to have to face the cost of Brexit and the lockdown which won’t be pretty.

  All very strange. Pluto may well be pulling down the pillars of the temple by damning them all. What a horlicks of a pitiable political mess.

 The Conservative Party chart, 10 May 1912, looks to be in meltdown circa 2023/24 and the Labour Party chart is fairly un-illuminating around then. Not that political party charts are always the best guide.

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  1. I’m appalled at the audacious pitch of Dido Harding (who famously failed abysmally with the Track and Trace app) for the running of the NHS. To let loose this absolutely incompetent Johnson ‘chum’ on the U.K.’s most valued institution fills me with dread.

    • It is extraordinary, I agree. I think she’s been after it for quite some time too. Her MP husband wants to privatise the NHS.

      DH’s Sun in Scorpio (9 November, 1967) is exactly conjunct BJ’s Neptune/Jupiter opposition. She has Mars in Capricorn square Saturn in Aries, so maybe she wanted to be a surgeon?! Also, Venus in Virgo conjunct Uranus in Virgo, which might describe a very unpredictable kind of nurse. They oppose Chiron in Pisces – all quite descriptive of a desire to shake up the NHS? At the moment transiting Jupiter opposes her Jupiter in Virgo, with Neptune opposing her Pluto, and trine natal Neptune in Scorpio – lots of inflation and delusions there. I just hope she goes away, far, far away. It is all too depressing. A ship of fools, sailing for the rocks.

      As Lord Heseltine remarked in 2018, Boris Johnson is:
      “a man who waits to see the way the crowd is running and then dashes in front and says, ‘Follow me’.”

      • Ha. Love the quote from Hesseltine, Jane. Yes I also looked at Dido’s chart and note that frustrating Aquarius Moon and unaspected Saturn in Aries and the Venus/Uranus conjunction, the Venus is at the anaretic degree of Virgo, almost like it’s a last grab for pickings. I just wish she had stayed in Carthage.

          • Yes, and Cardinal. Boris seems to be attracted to “difficult” individuals at some level. She cannot be an easy person to deal with. Still, Saturn and Uranus transits to her Sun, and his Neptune/Jupiter must manifest in the not too distant future. More chaos, no doubt.

            I went to the site of Carthage once, there is almost nothing left. A strange sensation, standing there and thinking about all the history, and the myths.

  2. “Keir Starmer’s mystifyingly blank persona/strategy will run into a dead-halt in 2022”. Who’s Keir Starmer? Seriously, I thought he’d already run into a dead-halt a good while back, never mind in 2022. What’s the matter with him!

    • Exactly. Who is he indeed. The killer of all faith in Labour. Weird that he was named for the the father of the Labour party.
      He has done his namesake proud, I don’t think.
      Marjorie’s description was the best ever very sarcastic but true to a tee.

  3. This government appears committed to the repeal of the Fixed Term Parliament Act so it is quite possible that the April 2024 eclipse has no relevance to a General Election. Regarding fears about Pluto in Aquarius I am cheered somewhat by Marjories comments about previous Pluto in Capricorn eras. ie domination by charasmatic leaders being followed ‘”ultimately by a time of culture learning justice and prosperity”

  4. I doubt it would happen, but it would be great if they could do away with The House of Lords, or at least modernise it and make it more democratic. I have always loathed how each successive government pads it out so much that there isn’t even room to seat all of them. It should be drastically slimmed down. And then decide once and for all if they are advisory only, or if they should only be elected, or abolished entirely.

  5. Marjorie, mystifying blank persona, Kier Starmer. Brilliant and so true.
    Someone told me recently that Iceland’s politicians in their parliament are composed of proper workers, ie, dustman, plumbers, shop workers, whatever, they apparently do the job part time for no pay.
    Imagine that in our country.? It sounds eminently better having ordinary people who understand what’s needed and wanted for the majority in a country than the brain dead Boris and chums on every side of Westminster and that does include the whingeing greenies.

  6. It is all very strange. On Boris’ birth chart his Neptune is at 15 Scorpio. The administration chart has Mars at 15 Scorpio. Both points are being affected by Neptune at around 15 Pisces now and Uranus approaching 15 Taurus in the next year or so. Added to the Saturn aspects mentioned by Marjorie and we have dreams and illusions being exposed to the real world, and a world view hijacked by unusual or hidden forces. All this in due course blown up by Jovian influences, which do seem to help this government. Time to fasten our seat belts!
    Seeing Boris on television, he seems to be yearning for the campaign certainties of Brexit and wishing it was 2016 or 2019 again.

  7. The next uk election is currently scheduled for Thursday 2nd May 2024. A total solar eclipse is happening on April 8, 2024. On
    October 12, 2024: Pluto is direct @ 29 degrees Capricorn. Do we assume that the effects of any transformation crisis or the energy’s which are triggered by this degree position will be associated with global change events?

    • That total solar eclipse in April 2024 looks very interesting for the UK. Pluto will be at 1 Aquarius then, opposing the UK 1801 Jupiter, and trine it’s Uranus in Libra. That might indicate a massive change for the Royal Family, as well as an election upheaval?

      The April eclipse is at 19 Aries, square the UK 1801 Moon in Cancer – the public are unsettled by this eclipse I’d say. With Chiron also conjunct the eclipse, it’s a catalyst of some kind.
      Uranus transiting in Taurus (still!) is square the UK Leo Saturn, shaking up the establishment, and maybe financial traditions too.
      At the same time, transiting Uranus is conjunct the 1066 Neptune, while transiting Neptune in Pisces is square the 1066 Uranus. So what kind of idealism or “revolution” might be brewing with that combination? Jupiter in Taurus opposes the UK Neptune in Scorpio too, so our views on money and property matters, and immigration, could be inflated or even delusional (surely not) in some way.
      People have been saying the UK political system must change for quite a long time. Perhaps the next few years will actually bring that change. With Pluto in Aquarius though it’s hard to say. We might end up with a coalition style (Aquarius) government and more, smaller parties working together. Or there is always the possibility of a more authoritarian regime – also an Aquarian theme.

      • Jane. I’m married to an Aquarian Mercury, Sun and Mars in Aquarius. Fixed is the big word for Aquarians and therefore controlling with no feeling, detached is the other word. Loyal if you do what they want!
        Strangely it was Marjorie doing a read for me that crystallised it all for me after more than 20 years!
        I too fear the total detachment of Pluto in Aquarius. Look at how you can cut a phone call, switch off the TV. Blank silence is a very uranian thing.

        • I like the example of cutting off a call or switching off the TV, Mimi. I’ve noticed this with Aquarian Moons, in particular. I have several good friendships with Aquarians, but for me the Aquarian Moon can be testing for a more intimate relationship. I don’t have any Aquarius planets myself.

          I’m inclined to hope for the most positive manifestations of Aquarius, but we’ll probably get a mixed bag. I understand it a bit better when I consider both rulerships – Saturn and Uranus. Sometimes the Uranian fireworks obscure the relentless, yet constructive, qualities of Saturn that many Aquarians seem to possess.

  8. Important to note dear lady that on 16th June 2021, Ex-police officer Mark Sexton has just reported the UK Government for crimes against humanity and murder against the British people. All these so-called leaders are going down, you don’t need to do their astrology chart to prove it, but it is highly interesting that many of their charts are playing this out.

    • Could you supply more context and details for that?
      Is he accusing them because of Boris delayed responses, denial and obsufucation leading to 10s of 1000s more Covid deaths than necessary?

  9. The Green Party, like the Lib Dems, is a dumping ground for everyone’s hopes, aspirations and despair of the other parties. If they’re to get anywhere, and after reading Marina’s post below, it seems unlikely, if not undesirable, they will need to produce a programme that is coherent, realistic and achievable, not just a wish list, unlike the Lib Dems whose Manifesto shafted them on joining the Coalition with the Tories.
    It seems that voters have moved on, while traditional parties haven’t. Conservative and Labour parties can no longer rely on their traditional tribes. The inevitable result of major transition from one type of economy to another, with the famous tectonic plates grinding our institutions and attitudes into more viable entities, is ‘the spin and rinse churn’ of current politics ‘with all bets off.’ (Brilliant phrase Marjorie!).
    We’re all becoming homeless politically.
    Everyone talks of identity politics, but more likely is that voters have become lobbyists for their particular cause. It’s why the Lib Dems won the Chesham bye-election, why Conservatives won Hartlepool, why Conservatives won the 2019 election. It’s not because everyone has suddenly become a Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem supporter.
    Pundits keep wanting to put voters in boxes. There are general attitudes, but traditional labels of left and right no longer apply. Nor do traditional labels of Conservative or Labour or even Lib Dems, who traditionally only do well on local or single issues.
    UKIP is a prime example of a one issue party, useful on the day, but discarded later. It’s also a prime example of why one issue parties are so limited. The cause attracts support, but no one knows or seems to care what will happen afterwards. Everyone assumes that their version of what will happen is the one that will prevail. We know to our cost, it doesn’t work that way.
    Eventually, I suppose, a consensus will develop, with voters coalescing around a new bunch of issues, which existing parties will adopt or new parties will appear to promote them.
    Astrologers plotting the moves of Pluto in Capricorn, the battle between rigorous Saturn and disruptive Uranus, complicated by illusions of Neptune, warned us of turmoil and difficulty. They have also warned us that new Age of Aquarius is not all love and peace.
    My fear is that at the end of these complicated times, that we’ll move into an authoritarian phase which will offer simple solutions to uncertainty and disruption with promises of security and stability.

    • While I appreciate your confidence, you musnt think Im the last word on the subject.
      I do think its important people investigate for themselves rather than take one persons word, not you particularly, but everyone.
      I am aware though many members like Virgoflake share my concerns. Its awful because there was so much hope in them.

  10. Starmer is dire. Boris is just? Our country could do with a New Political Party. Any indication in the U.K. chart Marjorie? In The Times this morning it said that Britain’s exports were down 39% to Northern Ireland. This is egg on Boris’s face. If exports are down to NI where do we go? 53% down for exports to Germany. The gunk will hit the fan soon. We are heading for the trenches, with not any strong leaders in sight. Not only that; electrical goods a proving difficult to get, as China has a monopoly on chips for computerised goods. A trade war will leave us exposed.

  11. Most Tories thought Bercow was a member of the Labour Party despite being a Conservative MP. He certainly acted in their interests!

  12. Marjorie, the papers say today John Bercow has joined the Labour party. How does his chart read over the same period i.e. 2022 – 2024? When I read about it I wondered what he’s got up his sleeve.

    • I think its a logical move that was a long time coming, not least given his wifes politics, and wether or not he has something up his sleeve 😉
      By which do you mean Labour leadership perchance?

      • @Marina – no I was thinking more a safe seat and then going for Labour Leader. I can see him enjoying plotting something like that against Boris. I just hope he doesn’t drag us all back into the Brexit quagmire again. The consequences for sure need dealing with properly, and moving on, but not being pulled back into all that divisiveness again.

          • @Marina, sorry, yes, you did, I misread it, apologies. Yes, but I was thinking safe seat, labour leader, – and then on to PM. Having been denied the seat in the Lords that he so obviously believed he was entitled to, that would perhaps be a real swipe back at Boris if he won against him in the next election. I can imagine him doing something like (or at least attempting to) although I really hope not. Must admit I can’t stand him.

  13. I second DeeTs comments. There are issues with the Australian trade deal, for example, and accompanying hormone and antibiotic treated beef etc and global heating is a catastrophe waiting in the wings which should power the Greens. Perhaps 2024 is showing this- or another crisis- so far unimagined- like the current pandemic?

    • Just looked at the 1801 U.K. chart. Jupiter is retrograde and sitting on the 1801 Pluto. Next Monday – 28th June, the EU will announce whether they will give us an extension on NI. I don’t think they will. Trade is down and they can see Brexit is going to hurt the U.K./NI trade. We are heading for a hit with our financial deals.

  14. What about the Greens? We’re gaining all the time, despite FPTP, and have a leader who is widely respected and much better than the LibDems’.

    • The Greens are irritatingly impossible – in astro terms. They’ve chopped and changed multiple times even more so than most political parties so finding an established date isn’t possible. If you mean Jonathan Bartley? He’s up and down this year, some luck and some disappointments. A fortunate set of events maybe late 2022 but it won’t last through 2023.

    • Tbh Marjorie is right, abandon hope on that front as they have lost their way.
      I was a member for nearly a decade and its beyond heartbreaking.

      But its the same story as everywhere, a nearly 50% split between those who cleave to science and reality, and want to focus on environmental concerns, and those that favour undemocratic ideology/fantasy over all.

      And on a practical level, getting anything done was an exhausting uphill battle. Too many using the GP for socialising and cudos, not enough following through on party policies and campaigns.
      We were so slow off the mark and weak on Brexit initially and it went downhill from there.

      And so much unexpected misogyny, and often so little adherence to green living by members.Do as we say, not as we do.
      Theres a lot more, but its been a huge disapointment to see them fritter away the Green Surge in 2012.

      Part of the problem is virtually no one gets paid, so work is done almost entirely on a voluntary basis. And those that do get paid, are not vetted properly as to background/motivation, but raised beyond their competency because they have urgency to fill various demographics ie women,people of colour, gay,trans, disabled etc.

      Nothing wrong with that, but with no vetting, and their desperation to tick boxes it meant disastrous choices.

      None worse than the hiring of the Challenors . No vetting at all.
      And when two GP members found out about the rape and torture of that child by the father, they didnt tell HQ!

      And then there was the subsequent mea culpa in the Guardian that was stomach churning in its distraction technique.
      That added shock on shock, revealing that when push came to shove, they behaved as deceptively and politically cynical as Conservatives or Labour.
      Actually tbh if what happened in the GP happened in either of the 2 main parties it might well have been the end of them, because of the subsequent publicity.
      And the father, in charge of GP IT blocked 50,000 women online, and grabbed everyones data. To this day you still cannot get an answer as to what was done about that?
      all internal talk was, not exactly silenced, but there was and still is a hush and all questions strongly discouraged or evaded.

      Ironically and sickeningly the LibDems then hired Challenor jnr, only to find out that the same ‘kinks’ were shared by his spouse online. Then Reddit employed this poisoned chalice where more havoc ensued. Youd think someone somewhere would do some background checking somewhere along the line…
      See the spectator online for more clarification, and elsewhere, its almost hilarious in the repetition of error if it wasnt so grim.

      What is it about the Lib Dems for being so collossally clueless despite it being in front of their nose, eg Joe Swinston own goals re a 2nd ref.
      And what is it about the GP and their issues with paedophillia?
      it was there at the parties inception too, and its an issue in Germany.

      I still think about the victim and what will become of her, she was abandoned in all this. She was only eight when he strung her up from the rafters and tortured and raped her for hours, while he was dressed as a baby.

      Anyway it was too much to stomach. I dont understand how anyone can. I wrote to someone high up in the party and shared my distress and he responded that he was frightened that the GP had lost its soul.

      I can only agree, so I left.
      And as the saying goes, now I feel completely politically homeless.
      I really wish the more committed Greens would breakaway and form an Environment Party, nothing else. Because very soon, that will be our only focus.

      • *”a nearly 50% split between those who cleave to science and reality, and in the GPs case want to focus on environmental concerns, and those that favour undemocratic ideology/fantasy over all.

        • I quit the GP for the same reasons that you have mentioned, Marina. The candidate they put forward for a nearby constituency to mine was also entirely unsuitable and it was shocking that someone with such obvious personality problems would be chosen.

          • Thats both depressing, and reassuring to know.

            I gather we are not alone by a long stretch.

            Further to the issue of vetting, some years ago I was pressured to take a relatively prominent position because I ticked boxes, and when I pointed out I knew little about the constituency, or the issues it faced, I was told it didnt matter, and that my reluctance was a sign that I was more ethical, and therefore more suited.

            Maybe so, and certainly I would of been preferable to some of the candidates on offer, but imv that still didnt make me suitable to fill a role that had impact on peoples lives.
            So I refused, and its then I really started to become alarmed at their credibility.

            In the end someone else who also ticked boxes, but who knew far far less than me, in fact literally nothing about the GP, took the position.

            Even that could have worked, if they trained them, but there was no sign of that…

          • You know Virgo, writing the above and hearing your experience has really made me reflect on the whole situation, because I havent been able to verbalise it before, not least because of the fear the GP has generated among so many, which is disgraceful.
            Im really angry with myself for staying so long, and all the time and energy I wasted, because in many ways it was like an abusive relationship with red flags everywhere, not least when an older prominent member shoved his tongue down my throat 🙁

          • It is because Politics is being shunned by those who are able. It has reached its nadir in this country. Since 2016 all the intelligent MP has been purged by most parties in favour of those who a activist, not politicians. Starmer is not strong enough to contain the split in his party and Boris is ignoring anyone not in No. 10. The Solar Arc for the Conservatives has Mercury/North node conjunction in the 12th. Which could mean secret conversations taking place about the future of the Party. It also has a Sun/Saturn midpoint in the 1st directly on their MC. This could also mean putting the brakes on Boris’s Premiership. The by Election would have been huge jitters for the Conservatives, not all of them are on Boris’s side. The problem both parties have is that they have little to offer this country now Brexit reality is beginning to bite and Covid has landed us in trillions of debt. We have had it to a certain extent. Depressing.

          • Yes, Marina. That confirmed it really, it was like there was so little empathy for the victim of the aforementioned and it made me feel really sick and uncomfortable at which point I thought “I’m out”,

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