Iran – new leader emerges from one sided election

Ebrahim Raisi has won a skewed election in Iran in which all prominent reformist candidates were disqualified from the ballot.  His victory means all the arms of government, elected and unelected, are now in the grip of hardliners.  He is head of Iran’s judiciary, an ultraconservative cleric, who claims a lineage tracing back to the prophet Muhammad, which enables him to wear a black turban. He is associated with a bloody series of political trials and executions in 1988 around the conclusion of the Iran-Iraq war. Human rights groups say he was involved in the deaths of thousands of people. He is considered a possible contender to replace the Ayatollah Khamenei whose favoured candidate he was.

  Paradoxically his election is likely to unlock talks in Vienna on the terms for Washington’s return to the nuclear deal and Iran’s return to full compliance. Though he won’t take over until next month.

  He was born 14 December 1960 (wiki) which makes him a Sun Sagittarius which despite its adventurous and sporty reputation can also be a know-it-all, self-righteous pedant. More significantly he’s got a talented though can-be-cruel Half Grand Sextile from a hard-edged Saturn Jupiter in Capricorn opposition Mars, sextile Neptune, trine Pluto conjunct a Virgo North Node.

  Tr Neptune is squaring his Sun through this year and on and off till January 2023 so he’ll have a lacklustre start to his administration.  He does fit the Revolutionary Iran 1 February 1979 9am chart well with his Sun on the RIran midheaven conjunct the Venus Neptune and his Venus in Aquarius conjunct the RIran Aquarius Sun, Mars, Mercury. Nor surprisingly he’s more at odds with the Iran 7 October 1906, first parliamentary democracy chart.

  Though the relationship charts with both are under stress ahead for several years. He won’t be a happy mix.

 He and Joe Biden have an argumentative and competitive chemistry with a composite Sun square Mars. The USA/Iran 1979 relationship chart will be challenged through 2022/23 with pressure to change the nature of the relationship as tr Pluto squares the composite Sun; with considerable uncertainties in 2024 which last flags up on the Biden/Raisi relationship chart as well.

2 thoughts on “Iran – new leader emerges from one sided election

  1. I read again your post of “Trump to the world – drop dead” and the implications affecting Iran. I’m still in shock how the US could hv elected such a zombie into office. EVen now, he’s a mad dog who simply won;t let go. The comparison to Gaddafi is appropriate. THe other GOP camp followers remain in orbit. GOP leaders in the US continue to whittle down their state electorate lists; I can see Drompf’s self-centered smiling grimace even now.

    I’ve also noticed how those in the US have a need to sabre-rattle in doom and gloom details over China and Russia. Doesn’t the US have enough internal problems for several lifetimes w/o walking around with yet another chip on its shoulder?

    Thanks for the Iran assessment!

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