UK politics – down at the bottom of the pit

Foreign Office Zodiac ceiling

  Even by the ultra-low standards of Boris Johnson’s typically shambolic and duplicitous approach to governing, this week has hit a new record. Caught out lying over a No 10 staff Xmas party last year when people were dying of covid and families banned from meeting together has evoked a spluttering response. Added to which the excruciating testimony of a young Foreign Office whistleblower about the fiasco of the UK withdrawal from Afghanistan has put senior civil servants and the former Foreign Secretary firmly in the crosshairs – and accused Boris personally of putting the lives of dogs before people as rescue animals in a sanctuary were airlifted out instead of British citizens and vulnerable Afghans.

    The whistleblower said that less than 5 per cent of Afghanis asking for aid received help and some of those left behind have since been murdered by the Taliban. Junior staff had struggled to manage a tsunami of desperate pleas from Afghans in the absence of senior leadership and any system to prioritise their appeals. Staff who had never studied Afghanistan or worked there were making decisions on who to evacuate without ever having heard of the organisations for which they worked. The head of the diplomatic service did not return from his summer holiday until 11 days after the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan. The Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary were also on holiday.

  To mop up the Foreign Office first – the original 27 March 1782 chart works remarkably well with bleak tr Saturn conjunct the Pluto exactly now, which was around previously in August over the calamitous withdrawal. There’s plenty of Neptune ahead over the next three years to scrape back the veneer of faux superiority which has always seemed to be the FO’s modus operandi.

  The more up to date Foreign Office, 17 October 1968,   has a ‘karmic’ (mistakes have to be paid for) Saturnine Yod onto a pushily confident Jupiter Pluto sextile Neptune Venus. That Saturn has moved by Solar Arc to square the Mars exactly now for a car-crash experience. With an upsetting Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the FO Venus and in 2022 the FO Neptune – with massive uncertainty come 2024 as the Solar Arc Neptune Venus square the Saturn – which will forcibly shift the Foreign Office into a new track.

 Onto Boris:- On his personal chart his Progressed Moon is exactly square his Saturn and moving on to square his Uranus within a few weeks and his Pluto after that.  So this whole period from three months back has been shaking up his loose-cannon Mutable T Square onto Mars in Gemini, for a hugely uncomfortable, teeth-gritting ride. His Progressed Moon was opposition his Mars over the Afghan withdrawal and his mother died three weeks later in September. His Solar Arc Saturn will also oppose his Scorpio Moon, exact in six months. Tr Pluto will square his Moon in 2023/24. That is a great deal of pressure on his Moon which rules his body, his home life and for a politician the relationship with the public.

  His Term chart has the Midheaven catching this month’s Solar Eclipse for a crisis with tr Neptune continuing to square the Sun and the Solar Arc Saturn closing the conjunction to the Pluto to exact in six months, which is discouraging and logjammed.

  His relationship with the Tory Party is sagging from all the murmurs and going seriously downhill from spring 2022 onwards on the astrology.

  The Afghanistan shambles which has cost countless lives through the Foreign office’s ineptitude and indifference led to the Foreign Secretary Raab being promoted sideways to Deputy PM as punishment for being on vacation.  Sir Philip Barton, the hapless civil service head, who continued his hols despite the murderous chaos has the ‘continued support’ of the present Foreign Secretary. It would make you howl into the abyss.

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  1. Hi Marjorie. Thank you for your work.

    ‘shambolic & duplicitous’ … speaking of which could you take a look at our Australian P.M. Scott Morrison’s chart … he of the botched vaccine & quarantine roll-out AND embarrassment over non action on climate change, which meant the State Premiers have been running the show … he has to have an election by end of May next year.

  2. I have found that Progressed to Progressed aspects may be significant when external events affect someone. At the time of the 2019 election when Boris won a substantial majority his Pr Asc was opposite Jupiter (or rather Pr Dsc conjunct Jp). This has now passed. Whilst Pr Moon is now square natal Saturn, which could make him feel low, it was exactly square Pr Saturn when his mother passed away. If his birth time is correct Pr Moon will square Pr MC conjunct Ur in April 2022. This could be a time when something happens to his status which he is not expecting.

  3. I think Carrie has what she wanted now with the arrival of baby number 2 at number 10 and they are simply just waiting for the new leader to be appointed. He is way past due for reneging on his responsibilities.

  4. Hello Marhorie, just had to reply to this as you mentioned Pen Farthing
    This is from his Twitter feed
    However our flight was brought in after the Brits had left. No aircraft slot was used that could have helped others. My flight took off with only me on it as government refused offer to fill empty seats.

    His flight was paid for entirely by his supporters too – he had no help whatsoever from the UK government

    • I’d understood too that his flight was brought about by independent donations organised by supporters. Additionally, all the animals went in the hold and he had offered the cabin space for people wanting to leave but this offer wasn’t taken up, so they left with an empty plane instead of a full one.

        • Hello Marjorie – very frustrating to see that the USA, apparently under the express orders of President Biden, changed the exit paperwork requirements and refused to accept the already passed (by the UK), paperwork to enable many people to leave on this plane – the US military had the final say – even though these people were at the gates and had been let through to the final gate which was controlled by the US.

    • This is bigger than Boris, though he personifies the sleazy lazy self interested inbred incompetence of our elites and institutions. There needs to be a complete clear out from the top.
      Mrs May appointed Boris Foreign Secretary, issuing 8 page press briefings against him, in her active hope that he’d fail.
      Foreign Office mandarins blanked,misbriefed and ignored his instructions.
      Fair enough, you may say, but personalities aside, aren’t all these people from the Prime Minister down, there to promote and protect our country, to act for us, on behalf of us? Is this too naive? In an age when apparently it’s acceptable for MPs to frolic in the Cayman Islands for months on end, perhaps it is.
      That none of them felt it was necessary to break their holidays – 11 days for heaven’s sake! – for something as critical as the Afghan evacuation, shows that institutional culture is rotten to the core.
      I don’t know what needs to happen to change it, but it can’t happen fast enough for me. I despair.

  5. Just announced, baby daughter born this morning. They arrived at hospital at 7.40am and the baby arrived approx 2 hrs later. Not seen a specific time yet.

    • Evidently he used to be known as the greased piglet for his ability to duck the consequences of his actions. And hey presto even a distracting baby comes on cue.

        • Yes indeed, this child’s planets do look complex don’t they? I’m amused (in a wry kind of way) to see Mercury and the Sun square Neptune, and the Saturn/Uranus square. If the Sun and Saturn describe father figures, then this ‘father figure’ is a little erratic and hard to pin down!

          Also today’s Moon’s NN is 1 Gemini, so conjunct Boris’ Mars in Gemini in the 8th of ‘other people’s money’. there’s some tangled up news about the mysterious financing of the decorations at the No. 10 flat as well today.

          • Am secretly hoping that the venus pluto and attendant aspects mean she’ll be an unstoppable force and such a natural authority she’ll dominate from day one and wriggle out of everything…can’t wait for her to be a toddler…and a teenager. Have a feeling daddy might meet his match and learn how other folk experience his greased pigletry!

          • Seem like a lot of potential connections with Boris – the late Aqua moon conjunct Jupiter, Sag planets will interest his Gemini Sun; and daughter’s mars in Scorpio.

            Carmel – I don’t think the child will stress Boris at all. He has no loyalty or connection to anyone. He has multiple children from previous divorces. If she stresses him, he’ll just waffle and avoid her.

          • What could be pertinent as well is Mars retrograde in Gemini in 2022-3. It enters Gemini in August, turns retrograde at the end of October, and direct in mid January 2023. Traditionally, a bad time to start a war you want to win. But what else?

            Also, August 2022 offers a dramatic alignment of Mars, Uranus, and the Nodes all at 18 Taurus in the 8th. It’s opposite the UK 1801 Neptune at 18 Scorpio in the 2nd house……there are other aspects then to the UK chart too. It does look meaningful. But could simply refer to a financial upheaval of some kind. What does anyone else think?

  6. At this point it is less about corrupt vile Johnson and Co but more about no effective opposition being there demanding resignations. Any idea when Keir Starmer is kicked out of Labour and a good opposition comes to be, Marjorie?

    • This is a big problem – there is very little in the way of any convictions or principles from either leader other than naked self interest/ preservation.
      Boris has a Cancer MC and there has been something almost intuitive about how his career has chimed with the mood of the public but clearly that is under stress now that his progressed Moon (MC ruler) is colliding with his Mars Saturn Uranus t-square.

    • Great point A,

      No opposition means by default people either will vote for the devil they know or not vote at all, so Boris will remain in power unless ousted by his own or they put in someone just as bad, in my opinion. However, the ineffectiveness of Opposition parties seems to currently be a worldwide situation in many countries – not sure what that is about or whether the astrology can show why.

  7. It was so predictable today. I just knew he would turn up to PMQ’s and just bat everything away. He just seems to ignore everything. It is like a corny film, where the utterly evil man walks away from an exploding building without a scratch. The Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo does have an earthy bind of water and air, where Johnson just talks drivel steam , yet gets away with it. Today Stratton was the sacrificial lamb. Surely he must combust soon. Is there a chart for the 1922 Committee, as they appear to be keeping this bungle of explosives in place. The blonde bombshell takes on a whole new meaning with Johnson.

  8. Thanks Marjorie, I was hoping you would look at this rudderless shambles. Senior people on holiday during the chaos of the Taliban surging into power and not coming home immediately was awful, and the disaster simply continues it seems. The 1782 Foreign Office chart has that Mars in Taurus, which would have been activated by the November Algol eclipse, suggesting these infinitely depressing revelations. Next May brings the Scorpio Lunar eclipse, which will also hit the FO Mars.

    As for the parties during lockdown….just so arrogant and entitled. Who is surprised, really? So many of us were unable to see people we love, and so many were grieving too. No doubt there’s more information to come….Johnson is unlikely to resign. The problem is his replacement. And he is still popular with many Tory voters, although no doubt that loyalty is beginning to unravel by now.

    Finally, it’s worth noting that Carrie Johnson is due to have their second baby around Christmas time this year. Interesting then to see the various pressures on his Moon you talk about here. Whenever this baby is born, assuming December, he or she will have Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, and the Saturn/Uranus square – which nudges Johnson’s natal Jupiter opposition Neptune, although not exact, forming a Grand Fixed Cross. Hmmn.

  9. Politically I was always a Tory before the advent of Brexit and BJ our highly esteemed golden mop leader. Perhaps all the chaos and disasters he jumps between are due to the fact that sometimes one wants something really badly but they aren’t at all up to the task

  10. Johnson wouldn’t be the problem if people weren’t willing to vote for him. Even after all this, they will. Yet the moment the Tories themselves get rid of Boris, those same voters will talk about how awful they always knew him to be. But the Tories will keep him until the last possible moment because they need someone to take the flak for all the upcoming difficulties of handling Covid, probably raising taxes in the budget and consequences of Brexit. They will scapegoat and turn on him when they’re ready. All I can say is bring on Pluto in Aqua – vive la revolution!

    On the progressed moon square Saturn, not only may the grief of his mother dying be coming up; but Carrie is due with child #2 right around now.

  11. Good to see that the Tories are finally getting their just desserts. They have done untold damage to the UK, and England in particular over the last 11 years, and they are clearly not fit to form a Government.

    The problem with a Johnson resignation? There are more destructive, power-crazy, corrupt neoliberal Tories waiting in the wings to take over – it doesn’t bear thinking about.

    It would be good to see the charts of people like Hunt and Gove, Marjorie, if you can stomach it. The sooner the Tories are out of power, the better… but I wonder what horrors we are in for, before the next election.

    • No birth times but none of Gove, Hunt or Truss seem upbeat ahead for a couple of years or more. Maybe too tarnished by association. Maggie Thatcher came in from left field so it may be a relative outsider. The Tories will dump him as soon as they think he’s an electoral liability but with the opposition being such a blank space there’s no immediate pressure.

  12. Dominic Cummings of all people is now complaining that there were more govt parties. Just a heads up if people aren’t aware, but his mother Charlotte Johnson only died mid September.

  13. Could Johnson be gone by Christmas giving the country the best present of all? The media, esp Torygraph and Kuensberg look out to get him, and apparently plenty more incriminating film to release so someone wants him gone?

  14. Thank you, Marjorie. For anyone with an iota of common sense and basic knowledge of the Johnson psyche, the inept leadership, the constant lying to the public and the shambles of Afghanistan were inevitable. The man has serious personality defects and I shudder to think how much more havoc he can cause to the country before Tory HQ do the decent thing and remove him.

    • There’s an insightful phrase I read a few years ago about “when individuals get anxious, they become procedural” i.e. they start to micromanage, be controlling, want to make plans, create unnecessary deadlines and generally put pressure onto the people around them.

      I couldn’t help feeling Boris’s announcement of Plan B yesterday was this kind of reaction to the scrutiny of the Xmas party and maybe pressure at home with Carrie about to go into Labour. I’m sure she too gets very procedural!

  15. Thanks for looking at Boris’s personal charts. I had completely overlooked the Moon’s traits regarding relations with the public for politicians. It makes sense to me now.

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