UK – getting worse before any chance of getting better

Hitting rock bottom may be the UK’s only hope of sobering up after years of cataclysmic choices in policies and leaders. The UK’s superpower status died after WW11 but the country retained a reputation of gravitas, not least because of Queen Elizabeth 11 for the past seventy years. The Tories have now reduced UK Inc to a global laughing stock with a banana republic government drowning in a shambles of Italian operatic proportions.

  What is flagging up on the UK chart exactly now is a crisis of history-changing proportions.

  The UK chart has a Yod of Jupiter in Leo sextile Uranus inconjunct Pluto – such a Yod has all of Pluto’s fixated, refuse-to-budge qualities and can be coercive as well as self-destructive. The positive qualities give it the potential to be influential on a global scale, sometimes after a long period in obscurity.

 When a configuration like this one moves by Solar Arc Directions to impact key planets on the chart, it triggers a crisis sometimes stretching over several years . With luck and sensible management a breakdown that leads to a breakthrough.

  This Plutonic Yod has moved by Solar Arc to have the SA Pluto exactly square the UK Sun now for this paralysis of government and arguably a nation stunned by the departure of the Queen’s steadying presence. The legs of the Yod move by Solar Arc to have the SA Uranus conjunct the UK 8th house Mars exact mid 2025 for an almighty economic/financial car-crash of sorts. On this basis the UK should be into calmer waters in three years from now after a stormy passage, hopefully wiser and ready to start down a new path.

  Before then the Solar Arc Saturn will oppose the UK Uranus for a high-tension jolt in late 2023.  At the moment the 2nd house financial Neptune is catching the tr Saturn square at the moment and tr Uranus opposition through 2023.  That does suggest heavy pressure on personal finances but will also contribute to a mood of nerve-jangling confusion. Plus tr Saturn conjunct the UK Pluto throughout 2023 and tr Uranus square the 11th house (legislature) Saturn exact from August 2023 onwards – though that will be in force at the moment since all the UK’s Fixed planets are reverberating in shock which will tug on that Saturn.

  So much for the UK. Not fun but the astrology makes sense which is bizarrely reassuring even if it does not promise instant bliss.

  Liz Truss’s Term chart does have tr Saturn exactly square the divisive 7th house Uranus now leading to eruptions and crockery-throwing spats. The Fixed Saturn in Aquarius on the focal point of a square to Uranus NN opposition SN lacks adaptability and because it can’t or won’t bend, it will at one point break. But for once a Term chart is not being illuminating.

  The Conservative Party 9 May 1912 chart is spot on with the Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the Sun exactly now and rolling on for some months – a thunderbolt strikes. Plus the Scorpio Solar Eclipse late this month opposes their Venus bringing an emotional crisis and a feeling of not being loved. With the November Lunar Eclipse conjunct their Sun for an existential crisis.

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  1. As far as I am concerned all these politicians are just a bunch of glove puppets, their put there just to give the illusion we are being governed. It’s the bankers and globalists who have the control.

    • The UK left the EU, not Europe.

      And I suspect that rejoining will not be an option in the short-to-medium term.

      Even if a majority of the public want to rejoin, a vocal minority will make a nuisance in the process.

      And every EU member-state will have a veto on the rejoining. France vetoed us twice in the 1960s before we eventually joined in 1973. And that was when the EU was just six member states. Now it is 27. And heavens knows how many by the time we get our applications in.

      • Thanks for the correction Unmystic Mom – yes the EU i meant.
        I had no idea how hard is was to join and that other countries might not want Britain back tho it makes sense when you say it. Seems to make the leaving even worse. Living in NZ I remember the scrambling here to get new markets when Britain joined the EU. It was a bit like our mother had turned her backs on us. So much has changed since then as of course it had to and needed to, it looks a bit now like mother has returned but her chickens have grown and are no longer there. I have not understood what the Leavers were thinking.

  2. What I pick up from the charts is a Boris return but then Tory party implosion. So it may be that Boris returns as PM then the party is rocked by an earthquake of some kind. November is not a happy time for the Tory party.

    • It is vaguely possible that Johnson comes back as PM and calls a general election to cement his postion with the doubters and then this goes horribly wrong for him. This is not based on astrolgy, but a gut reaction (other than intense nausea!).

  3. Will Starmer ever become PM?

    What does the astrology say?

    He was very effective at landing jabs and left hooks at Truss at PMQs the other day.
    Unlike Miliband, Starmer has that killer instinct, which is so vital in an opposition leader.

    • It’s been interesting watching Starmer since he began as leader. He was criticised for not being hard enough on the Cons during the pandemic but his argument was, and I think he was right, a national crisis is not the time to be scoring points.

      Even then, he was clearly an incisive legal mind able to pick apart Boris’ lack of integrity, leadership and strategy. Recently he’s been helped by Liz Truss having even less charisma than he does. Not entirely convinced by him but I certainly think he would be a competent leader and is a genuinely kind person who wants to do the best for everybody.

      I seem to recall Marjorie saying this was a make-or-break year for him and he really seems to have stepped up since Partygate broke. His Saturn is at 5-6 Aqua, so may be affected by the Scorpio new moon eclipse. Pluto will conjunct it in 2026-27 which is after the next scheduled election – clearly he will either be leading the country by then or headed off in a new personal direction!

  4. Politics is too mundane to solve the nation problems . Perhaps in the future a astrologer could be
    employed to advise these brain dead zombies

  5. Sorry to bring up the US Marjorie, but I’ve often felt that it would need the same – hitting rock bottom – before real progressive changes can take place. That’s what led to the many social safety nets and environmental regulatory changes in the past; what is hopefully now waking up Americans – esp American women – to the threat of losing all rights to abortion and those social safety nets. Even when changes have been implemented with great pains, the tendency is to forget history and repeat the same mistakes. The sense is that its Cancerian head-in-the-sands tends to win.

    In the final analysis, both the UK and the US (and, say, France) want to have their cake and eat it too, at least economically. The US is further distinguished with severely social regression, in large part because of its fanatical religious roots. And scariest of all are the fascist – totalitarian trends growing here (US) and a number of Western European nations.

    • I agree with you Terri. Back in 2017, I watched the landmark The World at War tv series and noted that when WWII was finally over, Britain came out of it bankrupt. From that grew the NHS and the welfare state that served all so well.

      WWII started under Uranus in Taurus and the planet was in Gemini for a few years before the war turned. I’ve often felt we don’t know how lucky we’ve been over the past thirty years (esp 1990s/2000s) and greed has led to the push for more wealth. Uranus in Taurus really seems to be about resetting one’s values and identifying what matters.

      • Like you said Britain was bankrupt after WWII. The NHS has been running at a deficit since it started, all the Public Sector pensions are also running at a deficit. It was all started on debt and was costed on Pensioners not living much longer than seventy five. Most of our Country Councils are just covering their outgoings; that is why people moan about potholes. The Car Licence does not cover the road costs, if used for that at all. Everything started on borrowed money. We didn’t complete our repayments to America for the money we borrowed for WWII, until circa 2010. There is a huge shock heading for the U.K. as we have been living beyond our means for decades. Marjorie mentioned an U.K. Financial shock. That is why I commented about the U.K. 1801 Chart being the lead, not the Conservative Party, as both main political parties have been kicking this problem down the road.

        • V. interesting Helen, I’m not enough of a history buff to have thought all that through.

          It seems to me the political landscape of Britain for the past 30-40yrs has been one of politicians doing their absolute best to avoid raising taxes – as you say main political parties kicking the problem down the road.

          It’s not politicians’ fault per se, because the British people won’t vote for it having become accustomed to not paying high taxes but then simply moaning about “rip off Britain”, potholes and blaming it on others. It is all very symbolic of UK chart’s 8th house Taurus with Mars in there.

  6. Pound rises as Liz Truss announces resignation


    “”Although the resignation of Liz Truss as prime minister leaves the UK without a leader when it faces huge economic, fiscal and financial market challenges, the markets appear to be relieved,” said Paul Dales, chief UK economist at Capital Economics.”

    Gone is the human hand grenade. But…Boris may make a grand comeback!

    • The irony is that an extreme pro capitalist Tory PM – who presided over an extreme pro capitalist ‘mini budget’ was effectively ousted by the forces of extreme capitalism, that is the big money people in the City.
      One wonders whether the Uranus 7th house cusp on the Truss term chart is significant here – basically her open enemy was entirely left field and unexpected, and exceedingly powerful.

      • Speaking of the disastrous Kwarteng mini budget, if there is just one rule in astrology politicians should heed – of course, they will laugh and scoff at the notion – is to never launch an initiative while Mercury is retrograde.

        • Well said, many underestimate that very small planet’s influence, the thing is on it’s journey all planets are woken up. I consider it THE most important, it works infallibly. If you haven’t already, do try and find The Importance of Mercury in the Horoscope by Sakoian and Acker (1970)- a masterpiece disguised as a tiny, skinny book….

    • Unfortunately we have our own comeback from Drompf with the possibility of a comeback from Bozo the clown. Halloween approaches.

      • Will he remove the mask for all to see the new/improved BoJo?

        Perhaps Larry the Number 10 cat/mouser would make a better candidate…

        • Larry the Cat is far and away the best choice for PM! He’s cool, he’s competent, he’s knowledgeable — and actually cares about the citizens of the UK.

          That’s why he’d never make it as Leader of the current Tory Party

  7. I left a comment here but it seems to have vanished….about BOris of course….Ricki Sunak’s pr Sun is just past conjunction with his MC (a midday chart as birth unknown)…PLuto’s his vocational indicator, about to conjunct Neptune and sextile the Moon at 25 Aq and natal Mars, which has pr. Sun and MC conjunct. He looks the only option, I’d say, especially with pr asc conjunct Jupiter, and a complete eastern emphasis – i.e. the energy to take on such a gigantic, unenviable task……good luck to him!
    [Moved from below]
    ..what an unholy mess! Surely Boris can’t even be considered? How very dare he! He has Venus about to transit his MC…but his vocational indicator is Merc in Gemini, and pr Merc is conjunct Pluto….does that mean more power or a total block? Tr Saturn is conjuncting the Moon until Feb 2023 and Uranus opposite Neptune (suggesting fantastical emotional expectations)…I doubt that he will be in the driving seat again, but no doubt he will thrust the chest out and bluff his way to be considered……imagine……

  8. I hear on the US news that Liz Truss has resigned after 45 days of chaos. No loss there & that was fast but who will follow?looks like little improvement ahead

  9. Interesting now to look at Scotland’s May 1st 1707 Edinburgh transit chart. I’m using the Campanus house system which has proven to be the most accurate to me. Nicola Sturgeon is calling for a general election now that Truss has stepped down.

    Transit Uranus conjunct transit North Node is in Scotland’s 4th house (UK homeland) with transit Uranus exactly conjunct natal Mercury at 17 degrees, ruler of the 7th house of significant business partners ( Westminster). Transit Uranus will be squaring natal Pluto (transformation) at 20 degrees and then Jupiter (ruler of the Ascendent/1st house) at 21 degrees. Will that signal a ‘shocking’ transformation towards independence? Both natal Pluto and Jupiter are in Leo 7th house. And with natal Sun closely on the Nadir it all may signal massive fundamental changes for Scotland and may coincide with a general election and/or Independence referendum in which the Tories risk to be voted out of Scotland.

    She also signaled that Scotland will join the EU single market once independence has been realized.

    Truss is the fourth Westminster PM that Sturgeon has survived.

    I wonder if you could look into this Marjorie?

  10. Is it the UK Chart influencing the Party in power, rather than the other way around? The Nodes midpoint in the Conservative Party is opposite Neptune in Cancer in the eleventh house. I find this quite interesting has all elements are in plays here. Money and business is challenged by groups in the Conservative party wanting to keep creating ways of making it. It would work well with a good leader, as the Nodes midpoint is trine Saturn in the tenth. This may well be why the Tories have been seen as being reliable with money. The North Node conjunct Mercury also bodes well for Leadership as Mercury is in the ninth house. The Moon in Pisces is on the Descendant and could also be read as being in turn with the people. I know I am not quite in turn with most of the Astrologers on the page, yet which came first the chicken or the egg?

  11. Astrologically I am somewhat sad to see the character played by Liz Truss being written out of the series.

    A warning for all hollow Sun-Saturn types who crave power without any genuine talent to back them up. Saturn always expects them to do the graft and hard work of learning before ambitions are achieved. The walling off and rejection of the Pisces moon never allowed her access to the knowledge that she isn’t really a fighter or able to take being laughed at and derided in public. Something to play along with or shrug off philosophically.

    Nonetheless pragmatic to the end and able to realise when the wind was blowing against her and give up the fight and quite. Despite having said she wouldn’t.

    I wonder who they will get to play her in the reboot in the twenty year’s time.

  12. During the leadership contest a few months back, you published your astrological predictions for the front runners. I recall that you did not fancy Penny Mordaunt’s chances at the time, but suggested life improved quite noticeably for her in 2024/25. Could you put up that info again, perhaps also the situation for Sunak (and his Gove/Cummings backers). They seem to be the most mentioned names now Truss has gone.

  13. And now she is going and the Tories want Boris back. You really could not make that up.
    I think that Pluto must finish altogether in Capricorn to transform the whole system before there is any kind of stability. Last nights bullying was a stupid mistake and I’m absolutely dreading the next chapters. Mid 2025 is the almost conjunction of Saturn, Neptune and that will be the clincher for us all. Before the new beginning at 0 Aries in 2026.
    Marjorie, do you look at Labour/Lib Dems charts, even the green party?
    Or are we stuck for years with these appalling clowns.
    Boris back……aghhhhhhh

    • I know – beyond belief – unthinkable. Stupidity unbounded. Best hope is he has his eye on the lucrative speaking circuit and he loves and needs money so keeps his name out of the hat.
      I never fail to be astounded by the inability of people to see what is under their noses. Anyone with half a brain who looked knew he would be a disaster last time round and they want another go?

      • Those who want Johnson’s return must be insane. Marjorie, I remember you described Boris Johnson as a ‘wrecking ball’, who destroys everything he touches when he first became PM. He and his legacy have certainly lived up to that.

        • As I’ve said below, I agree Boris is probably making too much money to give that up. There are children to consider! Plus, it would surely depend on what Carrie wants too. She has Jupiter at 1 Taurus, in line for this coming eclipse, and Pluto in Aquarius. Her Pluto is 12 Scorpio – probably close enough for November’s lunar eclipse? It ties in with the Boris Jupiter/Neptune opposition at 15 Taurus/Scorpio. Her Nodes are 23 Pisces/Virgo, a sensitive place right now for Neptune and Mars. Mercury at 1 Pisces will be welcoming Saturn quite soon. Clearly a lot is going on with them right now, but does he still want to be ‘World King’, or would he prefer to be comfortable and fill the coffers?

          • An article in The Times this morning reported that Carrie was thinking of going into the Fashion/Clothes business.

      • Don’t the upcoming eclipses hit Johnson ? Standards Committee slated to sit re his conduct at start of November ? He gets elected by the party then kicked out again unless he abolishes the Committee, which isn’t beyond him if he gets a second chance.
        And would all of those Ministers who resigned because of him , Sunak et al be invited back into Cabinet or will he have to find another gang of sycophantic wannabes ?

      • One theory why Johnson has jumped into the fray could be to boost his profile for more lucrative deals and offers.

        He realises that the parliamentary party doesn’t want him.

    • I recall reading somewhere in the mass of media over the past few days that Boris would need clearance from the Standards Commissioner to come back because he is still under active investigation. I do hope that is the case.

    • I don’t think they will bring back Boris. That would spell the complete demise of Tories. Tories are essentially getting rid of Tory right wing one by one. Boris first, then Truss.

      As one journalist on BBC commented “It’s a hostile takeover by the moderates”. They would install some moderate who could even start a new chapter with EU.

      • I also think they know darn well that Brexit has so far been a long way from the sunny uplands we were promised, to put it mildly and are backpedaling by stealth.

        • Indeed VF! What Marjorie says about the UK Yod is interesting:

          “The UK chart has a Yod of Jupiter in Leo sextile Uranus inconjunct Pluto – such a Yod has all of Pluto’s fixated, refuse-to-budge qualities and can be coercive as well as self-destructive”
          And, after some further devastation:
          “On this basis the UK should be into calmer waters in three years from now after a stormy passage, hopefully wiser and ready to start down a new path.”

          I’m interested to see that the original EEC founding chart (Treaty of Rome), 25 March, 1957, has its Fixed t-square aspecting the UK Yod. Uranus 2 Leo, Neptune 1 Scorpio, Moon 2 Aquarius. Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius by transit will soon be energising all of this in both charts. Scorpio eclipse in a few days’ time will also sensitise everything.

          The return of Boris? I agree with Marjorie that he’s probably making too much money now to consider it realistic. If he did, it would be vanity. Probably entirely depends on what his wife wants anyway!

          So on we go. How much more ridiculous can all of this be? Well…..

          • Interesting about the EEC founding chart, Jane.

            As for how much more ridiculous it can get, the Tories are being investigated by a cross-party parliamentary committee have asked the National Audit Office to look into how the project was managed “to help get to the bottom of how so much taxpayer money could be frittered away for so little return”. £120 million of tax payer’s money wasted on the failed ‘Festival of Brexit’ as dubbed by Jacob Rees-Mogg, the fevered brainchild of May’s time in office.

  14. Wow! Liz steps down. New leader expected within a week.

    The astrological intrigue is when they will be appointed by the King i.e. what their term chart will look like. The chart difference between next week and the following Monday are massive.

    I was saying on the previous thread yesterday that Oct 30th sees Mars in Gemini go retro, Sun-Mercury-Venus will be in determined Scorpio, no fire with Jupiter retroing back into Pisces and the moon in capricorn moving towards Pluto.

    • Very interesting observation, GD, about the astrology being so different in the first week of November… It sounds quite grim, or somber, or bleak… Cannot find the right for it, but it is good to be mentally prepared for a ‘colder climate’

    • Suspicions are that the next leader may be in place by next Monday (24th October), because the threshold of 100 MPs to stand means that realistically only a maximum of three candidates can stand.
      The expectation is that either only one candidate gets past the threshold, in which case they will become prime Minister on Monday itself, or there will be one round of voting and then possibly an indicative vote among MPs on Monday itself, after which the candidate with the lower number of votes will be pressured to stand down, thus avoiding the need to go to the party membership.
      So we may have a new Prime Minister by Monday 24th or Tuesday 25th October

      • Hi UnmysticMom – I agree with you. No way a vote goes to party membership because that will extend things to mid-November AND could end up with the wrong person being selected.

        The solar eclipse happening just before midday on Tuesday Oct 25th is beginning to look massive now. King Charles will be waiting at Buckingham Palace for the chosen one.

      • I can’t see the process for choosing Truss replacement healing the divisions in the Conservative Party and whoever replaces her as PM will face exactly the same problems both politically and economically. Truss was dealt a very poor set of cards which she then proceeded to play badly. Her successor will be picking up a veritable “Dead Man’s Hand” from the table. The Moon was conjunct the fixed star Regulus when Truss resigned which suggests honours and power followed by downfall. The new leader may take office very close to the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. Mars is about to go retrograde in two faced, fickle, back stabbing Gemini at the end of October so everything that has caused the current tensions and infighting will be revisited. A lot of criticism has been aimed aimed at the leadership and government Ministers etc by MPs such as Chris Walker but it should perhaps be noted that the latter are just as responsible as the former for the destabilising their party. There is None of this bodes well for the tricky winter period which sees further difficult transits including the November Lunar Eclipse opposite the U.K. 1801 second house Neptune.

  15. I actually see this current ongoing crisis as really positive! The UK is leading the way once again. A valuable lesson is being learned. A lesson in cooperation. There is no such thing as “going it alone” in the modern world. Complete sovereignty is an illusion. Even outside the EU the UK is still part of a huge network of interacting economic and political forces over which it has little or no control, but may be able to exercise some influence. The city’s response to the mini budget was extreme because there was no consultation beyond the architects of the plan. And now no one knows what to do because to ask for help is seen as weakness. It will take time but I think in a few years time other countries will again look to the UK as a model. By then we will have found a new way of doing things. Perhaps less central government and more regional and local, and more grass roots involvement which in turn will help to reduce the polarisation. I don’t think the UK will ever switch to PR but more regional autonomy with consultation and coordination via Westminster strikes me as a potential way forward. I am hopeful! Change is always preceded by crisis and chaos.

  16. Thanks Marjorie how do things interact UK/Labour wise given their likely succession? Also perhaps a sense of when that govt may materialise, assuming it’s clear in the charts

  17. Majorie, Thanks for valuable insights as always, hard times for all it seems. Can we see a move to proportional representation as part of the outcome?

  18. Do you think that the Tory party will split? The divisions are getting deeper and it seems that neither side Is able to work together, although the Brexiters seem to be panicking about the advent of grown ups in cabinet

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