James Corden – Mars for success, not for tact

Comedian and Late Late presenter James Corden has dented his affable brand by throwing a hissy fit in a New York restaurant, causing the owner to describe him as a “tiny cretin” and “abusive” before banning him. Fulsome apologies followed and the interdict was lifted.

 According to the Washington Post this summer, after discovering a hair in his food, Corden demanded in an “extremely nasty” fashion that a new round of drinks appear “this second” and previous rounds be comped. This month, his wife ordered an egg-yolk omelette that arrived with “a little bit of egg white” in it. The kitchen remade the dish, but it emerged with — the horror! — home fries on the side instead of a salad.”.

 All of which is a frivolous distraction from real world woes but may do real damage to Corden’s reputation and image, a touch like Ellen DeGeneres who exuded sweetness and kindness until it turned out she was made of snappier stuff.    

 Corden born 22 August 1978, London, no birth time, is a hard-working Sun Leo conjunct Saturn in Virgo with an impulsive Aries Moon. But where his aggro comes from is a conjunction of Mars, Pluto, Venus in Libra sextile Neptune with Uranus sitting on the midpoint. He can be charming with Venus in Libra but also do-or-die-determined and overly forceful with Mars Pluto.

  Ellen Degeneres also has an afflicted Mars which is conjunct Saturn and square Pluto, giving her a short fuse.

  Another Mr Nice Guy being fingered for at the moment for misconduct is actor Bill Murray, 21 September 1950. He has a workaholic Sun Saturn in Virgo with a super-determined Mars in Scorpio square Pluto. So no slouch when push comes to shove.

  Luvvies acting badly is hardly a surprise but in the present climate tainting a previously saintly image can come very expensive in career terms.

 Corden has already said he is stepping back from his Late tv show next year and his recent movie appearances have received negative reviews. His Solar Arcs look seriously blocked ahead with SA Sun conjunct Pluto and SA Pluto square his Sun now-ish and through till 2024. His Jupiter will keep his optimism afloat till late 2023 but he’s not as jovial as before.

  Likewise Bill Murray isn’t looking too cheerful with tr Neptune opposition his Saturn and Sun and tr Uranus opposition his Pluto and square his Mars in the next three years.

  Mars provides drive, ambition and the courage to aim high and succeed but is not known for tact or sensitivity.

5 thoughts on “James Corden – Mars for success, not for tact

  1. There’s a famous video on Youtube of James Corden and Patrick Stewart on stage having an argument after Patrick Stewart told Corden off for standing behind Stewart looking bored while giving a speech.

  2. It seems very Libra in Mars to get aggressive about a matter that could easily have been dealt with quietly to his satisfaction. The scales tipping over in self-righteousness while probably not raising other concerns when it’s been appropriate to do so.

    Or it might be that Leo Sun – Virgo Saturn conjunction pulling rank.

    Or that Aries moon.


  3. I doubt if I would ever eat at a restaurant again if I found a hair in my food or drink.
    I take my food seriously (Taurus sun & Pisces moon) with Virgo rising so yeah if I sent my food back due to a mistake only to have the order return with another incorrect component I would be a little perturbed especially if you’re paying above average prices for said food at a sit down restaurant where they have time to double check the orders.

    • I expect this behavior from the local MickieD’s – let’s add bacon and cheese to his “egg and biscuit sandwich”. But a high end resto does need to be aware of obvious ball-drops. Or…egg-drops.

      There’s a graceful means to criticise…but it rarely comes with free drinks and fries.

    • Roderick you are spot on!! Hardly a top notch restaurant and they have the nerve to use a legitimate complaint to get publicity. Never heard of this place. I was in the Algonquin for drinks on a trip to NY they were totally charming – “caveat emptor”….

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