UK elections – the political fog rolls on

Polls are indicating a lessening in support for Boris Johnson and the Conservatives days before a raft of council and mayoral elections, a key parliamentary byelection in Hartlepool and elections to the Welsh Senedd and the Scottish parliament. The sleaze and dishonesty allegations are beginning to bite though Johnson is still seen as a more effective leader than Keir Starmer because of the vaccine roll out.

   Caveat – polls almost invariably get it wrong. But Starmer’s dull persona and no visible-policy strategy is doing Labour no favours even in the face of gross impropriety in No 10.

  Born 2 September 1962 Starmer has a self-protective Water Grand Trine of Mars trine Neptune trine Jupiter in Pisces, formed into a Kite by Jupiter opposition an influential and innovative Sun Pluto Uranus in Virgo – so he doesn’t lack talent. But his Neptune is on the focal point of a Fixed T Square to a Saturn opposition North Node. He will have a vision for a better society but too much Neptune can blunt the edge of decisiveness needed to push ambitions ahead.

  His Neptune is catching the highly-strung opposition from tr Uranus over this election and will be jittered and jangled all year with tr Saturn in square as well. Over this week he has tr Neptune opposition his Mercury/Pluto midpoint as well which will be undermining, leaving him lost for effective arguments.

  Where his leadership chart bucks up will be from mid this August to late November with tr Pluto conjunct the Jupiter but he was elected at a rotten time with a restrictive Mars Saturn conjunction in the 8th which comes to exact across mid 2022 which doesn’t sound encouraging. 2022 looks an exceptionally tough year for his leadership with one upbeat Jupiter probably not making enough headway against a raft of negative influences.

  I’m never that convinced by political party charts but for what its worth the Labour Party 27 February 1900 chart looks upbeat at the same time as Starmer’s leadership chart – mid August to late November, though that’s only one ray of sunshine amidst a run of pressured and swampy transits for the next two years.

  The Labour Party 12 February 1906 chart does have an upbeat tr Pluto trine the Jupiter from February 2022 on and off to late 2023 which will bring a modicum of success in the midst of considerable setbacks.

  Boris Johnson’s relationship chart with the Conservative Party, 10 May 1912 chart, is running out of enthusiasm from 2022 onwards so he may not deliver what they expect.

  2023/24 look highly disruptive years for both the LP and the Tory Party charts with hard tr Uranus aspects to the Sun Venus and Sun Saturn respectively. So both parties may be sent back to the drawing board for a redesign as the next election approaches in May 2024 if it sticks to schedule.  

  Now that I think about it, that’s when tr Uranus will square the UK’s 11th house Saturn which rules the legislature for even more upheavals, tensions and forced change.  

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  1. The 1906 Labour Party chart has Pluto conjunct the dualistic Gemini Asc which could describe the split between warring left and right wings of the Labour Party pretty well – engaged in a perpetual fight-to-the-death Plutonic power struggle. Transiting Neptune in Pisces is squaring Pluto and the Gemini Asc this year so that could definitely indicate chaos, loss and disintergration in the party’s identity. It doesn’t seem like there will be much unity any time soon esp. with Saturn then Uranus going over the stellium in Aquarius in the next few years although the party has survived these transits before. If there is a split or disintergration of the party in its current format it wouldn’t be entirely unexpected though.

  2. The results are coming in, and Labour are looking devastated. It’s interesting to look at the alternative, earlier chart for the Labour Party – 27th February 1900. It has some close ties to Kier Starmer’s natal chart – Labour Sun at 8 Pisces is conjunct his idealistic lawyer’s Jupiter, and opposes his Sun/Pluto in Virgo. There’s a mutable t-square in the Labour 1900 chart that ties into this too – Jupiter/Uranus opposing Pluto in Gemini, squaring the Pisces Sun. Keir’s Sun makes this into a mutable cross – quite difficult to find your footing there I’d say. Transiting Neptune is right there too, conjunct this 1900 Labour Mercury, and square it’s Neptune.

    Equally challenging is that the Leadership chart’s idealistic and foggy Mercury/Neptune conjunction in Pisces aligns with Labour 1900’s Mercury in Pisces, square their Neptune in Gemini which does look like a swamp in the fog. Current commentators are saying nobody knows what Labour stands for any more….and that seems pretty Mercury/Neptune. Also, the Leadership chart’s South Node in Capricorn is conjunct Labour 1900’s Saturn in Capricorn – lessons from the past surfacing? But with this amount of confusion, it could be a while before anyone knows what those lessons might be.

    • The 1900 chart for Labour is definitely I feel the correct one to use. Capricorn Research did a very interesting post on the transits to the T-square in it on their website.

      The main takeaway is that Neptune aspects to said T-square (and it seems to the Mercury) have a very swampy effect, coming in the 30s, 70s/80s and the last few years. Pluto and Uranus transits to the T-square on the other hand usually roughly coincide with Labour getting into power (mid 40s, early to mid 60s, late 90s/early 00s). Pluto in Sag also squared the Lab Mercury during its transit through the sign which may also explain things.

      The other thing I am noting is that Saturn transits through Pisces conjuncting the Lab T-square and Mercury have coincided with Labour being taken more seriously as a political force and their ideas and policies gaining traction with the public. This transit took place in the 1965-66 period (when Lab increased their majority from marginal to comfortable in an election) and 1993/94 (when Lab soared into a huge poll lead which they never looked like relinquishing even with the enforced change in leader from Smith to Blair). Obviously this is all conjecture but there may be something in it. Saturn will once again make this transit circa 2024.

      The rough timeline for Labour as I see it is as follows: next election (i.e. any time from now til 2024) will probably be a defeat for the party, however it may be that their ideas gain traction with the public at large at this point. By then it may not be Starmer leading them, but who knows? 2027-2029 is the main opportunity however as Uranus in Gemini will aspect the Lab T-square and perhaps even more interestingly will conjunct the Lab Pluto in doing so. 84 years ago this transit ushered in the Atlee government. I do not however know what Labour’s political position might be at this time. The transits simply indicate a favourable weather for them in the late 2020s in terms of gaining power.

      • Saturn was also conjunct the Lab T-square Sun (albeit a little widely) at the time Attlee was elected leader of the party in 1935.

        • Thanks SD, this is very interesting. I do think some Saturn would be beneficial. Some realistic thinking about what’s gone wrong perhaps? Whichever way you vote we need an opposition, not a bunch of people squabbling.

          Attlee’s own Jupiter square Uranus fits right in with the 1900 Labour Mercury square Neptune – Attlee’s luck, ideals and revolutionary ideas sparking action. His Uranus in Virgo symbolises the NHS Act and National Insurance legislation in a simple way.

          I haven’t looked far ahead, but it does seem as if the traditional two party system is creaking badly. Perhaps it is time for a bigger kind of change?

  3. Starmer has the transiting Saturn Uranus square forming a t-square with his solar arc Sun Pluto in Scorpio this year which must indicate some difficulty ahead on some level? He comes across as very uncomfortable in the spotlight so it is unsurprising to see that he has an exact Sun Pluto conjunction. The Sun appears to be completely overshadowed by the conjunction to Pluto – perhaps his talent would be more naturally suited to a behind-the-scenes role? Both party leaders are part of the disruptive Uranus Pluto ’60s generation so upheavals and restructuring during their tenure would seem apt.

    • Pluto can indicate a need for power and dominance. It can also create a sense of paralysis or stagnancy due to a fear of, and resistance to change with Uranus close by representing unpredictable disruption that one can’t control especially when things are past their sell-by-date?

  4. Could the trine Uranus squaring UK’s Saturn in 11th, mean legislation on Proportional Representation? Both the main Political Parties are losing lustre. The younger voters are more inclined to be inclusive.

  5. I was always nervous of Starmer because of that Mercury Moon Venus in Libra along with Mercurys inconjunct to Jupiter in Pisces and square Mars. We seem to attract Libran types who are desperate to lead, but who dont have the neccesary cojones.
    See Cameron and May for recent examples.

    • Hmm, that’s more like a ‘get out of jail free’ sign I think, SD. No sort of permanency about it…..

  6. Marjorie,
    Starmer’s Saturn is at the focal point of a Yod inconjuct Sun Pluto sextile Mars and opposite NN. You haven’t considered that.

  7. The Jupiter in Boris’s natal chart at 15 Tau 45, is close to the Sun in the Conservative Party chart at 19 Tau 26.

    Until a malefic starts aspecting them (perhaps when tr Uranus gets close in 2023), Boris is likely safe.

    • However, Saturn almost squares Boris’ Jupiter in a few months times and actually does January 2022. This will be at least a grounding influence. What the conservatives must fear is if Boris ceases to be an asset to them, similar to his position in Scotland.

  8. Thanks Marjorie.
    I wonder in the light of this and your recent post on eclipses whether the Jupiter which seems quite important for Boris – it helped over the last general election- will cause him to expand so much that he bursts or more likely springs a leak and deflates. I can well imagine from the charts that the Conservatives and Boris having to agree to go their separate ways possibly when the contradictions in Boris become so obvious that they are laughable. At the moment they are relying not on arguments but on success at the ballot box. This sort of self justification will only go so far. In their term chart the government has Jupiter trine Uranus which will give a certain amount of good fortune which they have had with the vaccine but this fortune will run out at some point. The change to Taurus/ Scorpio access in eclipses will bring some change and their twelfth house planets will eventually have a more manifest effect.

    Where does this leave Starmer and the Labour Party? Two metaphors. They are in danger of fighting the last war rather than the present one. They also seem to be like the sensible boy who is hanging a girl hoping that she will realise her present boyfriend is a cad or worse, will reject him and fall into their arms. This is dream work rather than practical politics. However, Starmer’s Neptune may help weave a vision to capture the nation.

    What seems clear is that we will have more of this stuff to go through in the next two or three years and if the conservatives do dump Boris they will either go for a quick election or more likely drag the Parliament out until Autumn 2024, as Douglas Home did in 1964. I must admit that I find the similarities between Macmillan’s second government compelling.

  9. Marjorie
    Thought the next election not due until 2024 as last one was December 2019.
    Do you think it might be brought forward by two years? I thought two thirds of MPs would have to vote for an early election now we have the Fixed Term Parliament Act? If so would that help or hinder the astrology?
    Thought it was rather dumb of Corbyn to agree to the last one after only 2 years..
    Who will rid us of these troublesome Tories?

    • Oops, my bad. Hope springs eternal we get get shot of this lot faster and that isn’t a partisan opinion. Just gloom about the swamp on one side and ineffectiveness on the other.

    • Yes that early election that Corbyn agreed to rather than a second Ref was an utterly predictable and avoidable disaster, for which we have paid for in blood. His biggest fault was a propensity to shoot own goals at the countries expense.

      • Labours lost an historic seat to the tories in hartlepool. It’s no surprise to me but it is to the Labour Party and the media.Do you think a new political party may appear as I can’t see Labour winning anything again in its heartlands unless they drastically change thier approach to thier traditional voters . Labour had lost them through thier own deafness and arrogance.Wether you love Boris or hate him, there is more coming to the North for over a generation in return for Tory new seats

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