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  1. Marjorie, how do astrologers prepare for when a calendar system changes like the Julian and Gregorian calendars. Doesn’t that throw a spanner in the works? Then there is the clocks changing time in the summer and the winter. I understand the EU is going to let each individual country choose whether to drop twice yearly changes.

    I’m especially curious as the seasons are obviously changing, I see another calendar change coming. What do you think?

    • All time changes are sorted by the astrology software and the Julian/Gregorian shift by informed astrologers who know when the calendar changes took place.

  2. Andy Burnham, Mayor of Manchester is emerging as a possible contender for the Labour Party leadership after winning an increased majority. I’ve always liked him. Could you look at his astrology, Marjorie?

  3. Hi Marjorie
    I’d love to see the chart of the iconic and outstandingly beautiful, Levi’s model, Nick Kamen who sadly passed away this week.

  4. Gunboat diplomacy over fishing and…keeping the lights on in Jersey? What’s the eventual outcome? Will they both fire fishheads at each other? Will Godzilla rise from the depths to settle the dispute? Thanks 😉

  5. Marjorie

    Chauvin’s has filed request for a new trial based on lack of impartiality and misconduct. I believe it was yesterday.

    Didn’t really want to bring this up again but does the astrology indicate what his chances are in doing this? I can’t see a time. Thanks

  6. Liz Cheney is being thrown under the bus by the GOP en masse. All to march forward as a Trumpian phalanx. I read the posting about her from February. Like sharks, the GOP will eat their own young. It’s too bad. I’m still glad he was not my president.

  7. Marjorie, Northern Ireland doesn’t allow gay marriages or gay partnerships, when the rest of the UK does. It is also the same with abortion. Now Eire does both. Which is a strange kettle of fish, when you come to think of it., that the rest of the UK has more in common with Eire than with Northern Ireland.

    Some years ago I read in some newpaper that the Irish government were absolutely terrified if the unthinkable happened and Ireland the island became one nation state. The general consensus being that being responsible for paying the benefits and pensions that the Northern Irish enjoy would be crippling. Add to that their attitudes to gay marriage and abortion would be like a time-bomb going off.

  8. Bill and Melinda Gates have announced they are divorcing after 27 yrs of wedded bliss. What would their marital charts point to as the cause? Same reasons as with Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos?

    Money can’t buy me love…

  9. Hi.

    Can you do a post, please, explaining astrologically the UK Forced Adoptions? It’s been going on for a few years and quite frankly equals legal traficking. What can explain it? Pluto?

    Thank you.

  10. Marjorie – thank-you for all these articles you put together. The variety of topics are greatly appreciated.

    Yours is the one website I have voluntarily turned my ad-blocker off for. Hopefully you gain some revenue from the ads.


    • Many thanks for your kind comments. Personally I hate ads and would dump the lot if I could. Regrettably they do pay for bits and bobs.

  11. Good morning Marjorie,
    As Arlene Foster has stepped down as NI’s First Minister,
    the emerging DUP favourite to replace her is Edwin Poots born in Lisburn
    (I’m getting 27 April or 27 May 1965 for a DOB).
    He will likely be challenged by Jefrey Donaldson born 7 December 1962 in Kilkeel.
    Not sure if you can comment, but happy if you do!

    • I cannot believe a creationist is anywhere in the political arena – deeply depressing. And Foster, who was hardly a shining light of progressive thinking, was bounced because she refused to support conversion therapy or somesuch. How did NI end up with such horrors? Donaldson is looking successful late May through June so he might do it – depends when it all happens.

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