Josh Duggar – a bizarre and high-tension childhood

Josh Duggar, eldest son of the TV reality-show procreation-heavy Duggar family of “19 kids and counting” has been charged with receiving and possessing child pornography. He has plead not guilty. A conviction could land him with 20 years in prison and gargantuan fines. His trial is due for July. The show was cancelled in 2015 after he was accused of molesting multiple young girls, including several of his own sisters, though a TV sequel continued.

   Josh’s wife, Anna, is expecting their seventh child in the autumn.

  Josh Duggar, 3 March 1988, Arkansas, is a Sun Pisces trine Pluto with the highly-strung, can-be-chaotic Uranus, Saturn, Neptune conjunction in Capricorn with Mars in the middle of it. He’ll be a loose cannon and reckless. His Mercury squares Pluto for a tendency to be stubborn, clinging onto ideas which don’t stand up to evidence. And he has a frivolous, indulgent Jupiter Venus in Aries which is trine Uranus, Saturn and Mars – emotionally changeable. His Virgo Moon sits across from his Pisces Sun hinting at an ambivalence between his parents.

  What always struck me about this ultra-religious, highly conservative, only-in-America Duggar phenomenon was the chemistry between the parents Jim Bob and Michelle. Their relationship chart has a volcanic and volatile composite Pluto, Uranus, Mars, Mercury possibly square Moon with Pluto Uranus opposition Saturn – and that is not all sweetness and light.

Pop, 18 July 1965, is a lost-in-his-own-world Sun Cancer in a Water Grand Trine to Neptune and Saturn (Moon) in Pisces with Saturn (Moon) opposition Uranus Pluto square Jupiter – not always in tune with reality and overly confident. Mom, 13 September 1966, has possibly six planets spread out through highly-strung Virgo, ranging from (Moon), Venus, Pluto, Uranus, Sun to Mercury. Admittedly her Jupiter is conjunct Jim Bob’s Sun but that apart they are both scattergun, insecure, agitated personalities.

  The five children who came after Josh also have either the triple conjunction in Capricorn or the high-tension Uranus Neptune which must have made for a tinderbox atmosphere domestically.       

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  1. What is it (at least in their charts) that drives such frivolous and obsessive-compulsive procreative activities? I recall my pre-marital counseling classes from 1980, mandated by the Catholic Church…one speaker had 15 children…and counting. They were living on borrowed food, money, and time. Both parents looked as though they were living on the street. In contrast, the father was a PhD working at Bell Telephone Labs (mom was busy cooking, cleaning, and baking babies), who proclaimed that, “They were doing God’s work”…which was what, exactly?

    The attendees looked around in bemusement.

    Living in a self-conceived bubble?

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