Eclipses – slowly shifting in a better direction

The first of this year’s Eclipses is the Total Lunar Eclipse on 26 May at 5 degrees Sagittarius/Gemini. The Full Moon is in an expansive square to Jupiter in Pisces with the Sun trine Saturn which combines high hopes and over-confidence with stability. However the stressed and contradictory Saturn square Uranus is still in place as is an evasive, dithery Neptune square Mercury; and there’s a ruthless, destructive, trapped and enraged Mars opposition Pluto – so it won’t all be singing and dancing.

  The Solar Eclipse following on 10 June at 19 degrees Gemini is conjunct Mercury and square Neptune so confusion and indecision will still be creating problems. But it is in the positive 5 North Saros Series, which can bring sudden flashes of insight – hunches, visions, prophetic dreams with a strongly creative flavour (Bernadette Brady: the Eagle and the Lark.) Saturn square Uranus is still a constant and the frustratingly deadlocked Mars opposition Pluto has moved closer so there will still be considerable obstacles to overcome and risky situations.

While there are still ifs and buts, this is the first reasonably positive Eclipse for eighteen months and the upcoming December one is even more joyous and upbeat.

  Both Eclipses will rattle up the USA chart since the Lunar Eclipse is opposition the USA Uranus and the June Solar Eclipse is conjunct the US Mars in Gemini which could bring heated arguments and rash actions – either internally or in foreign relations.  The second one will also impact Donald Trump’s chart in a major way so crises are to be expected there. 

  Boris Johnson will also be in the line of fire with the Lunar Eclipse opposing his focal point Mars and rattling that volcanic T square of his; and the June Solar hitting on his Mercury in Gemini forcing him to rethink his ideas and probably making him even more scattered than usual.   The June Solar Eclipse is also opposition his Term Sagittarius Sun which is another challenging and high-stress marker. And opposition the UK Mercury – so the jitterbug mood will roll on.

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  1. Talk about Uranus being a “trickster planet.” That bad boy is currently raising hell in my 4th house–square Saturn, no less–and OMG the upheavals, crazy setbacks and all manner of troubles with my home since January. Totally freakin’ unstable! It certainly proves that astrology works–small comfort.

  2. Marjorie
    I am wondering if the June eclipse might be helping the UK as there is a disconnect between the chart for the UK that we did at my astrology class and the reality. It is a beginner’s class so nothing complicated but the UK Mars conjunct Uranus seemed an obvious economic shock. Economists are predicting that the UK economy will grow at the fastest rate since WW2, the housing market and construction are booming and the IMF are saying that the global economy and the UK’s in particular would enjoy ‘a broader and faster expansion than previously estimated’. None of this ties in with the chart we did so either we have missed something or can the effects of a positive eclipse be felt beforehand?

    • Not necessarily financial though it is 8th house. Past heavy aspects to that UK Mars have coincided with major disasters – fires, train crashes, ferry sinkings etc. Anyway not quite there yet. May 7th onwards till 23rd and late year and into early 2022. Uranus is a trickster planet so it can go up as well as down though in the 8th conjunct Mars it was always going to throw up disruptions.

    • There are many credible economists and pundits who believe that the world economy and markets are on the edge of a precipice due to unsustainable debt – so an economic shock is yet a possibility.

      • All countries show the next three years or so as being remarkably tough. Eclipses won’t pin point economic ups and downs. They show the general mood.

      • Yes, David, agreed……there is no gold standard any more, the US is printing money as fast as it can and committing to huge international handouts as well. We are still in the pandemic, unemployment must follow as so many businesses have sadly collapsed, with debt. I heard something on Radio 4 on Friday about the housing market being so frenzied in UK that everyone is gazumping accepted offers etc – a dangerous sign. I always thought at the end of April it would be a reality….but I think we are already in it and it will accelerate shockingly…..

      • ON Boris Government and Brexit – ‘What is clear scanning a handful of relevant charts is that while this year has its hitches, glitches and problems, the real stumbling blocks will turn up in 2022.’
        See post 5 March 2021.

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