Giuliani and other Trump familiars under scrutiny

Rudy Giuliani’s home and office have been searched as part of an FBI probe into his dealings with Ukraine and alleged failure to register as a foreign agent. During the Trump term he led an effort to find incriminating information about Hunter Biden in Ukraine. His lawyer called the searches, which were signed off at a senior DoJ level, “legal thuggery” and Giuliani has referred to the investigation as “political persecution”. Hunter Biden is facing an unrelated criminal tax probe from the US Justice Department.

  This latest move does not imply criminality or impending charges for Giuliani, but it signals a ramping up of the case into him; and is part a continuing push to investigate possible wrongdoing involving former members of the Trump inner circle before and during his time in office.

  Giuliani will be blustering and bull** itting his way through this year and next, irritably from late this May through June and again in 2022 when he’ll ramp up his attack-defence with smears and innuendos.  This late May’s Lunar Eclipse and December’s Solar Eclipse will both rattle his Sun Uranus in Gemini for a series of rolling crises and his relationship chart with Trump is explosive at the moment, again late year and more so after mid 2022. But his chart doesn’t show anything too unnerving until 2023 when tr Neptune squares his Saturn.

  Trump’s greater concern will almost certainly be Allen Weisselberg, the long-time Trump Organization CFO, whom prosecutors are reportedly trying to flip. He knows more about Trump family’s finances than anyone else and has been around since Fred Trump’s time. In 2018 he was granted limited immunity for testifying against Michael Cohen.

Born 15 August 1947, he has six planets in Leo including the Sun, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Moon and Mercury with a square to Jupiter in Scorpio and the Sun square a North Node in Taurus. Fixed in the extreme and enduring. His Saturn Pluto is in for a pummelling from tr Saturn in opposition and tr Uranus in square in May and June, again late year into 2022, which will test his ability to stand firm, indeed will upend his life. The upcoming June Solar Eclipse in Gemini will conjunct his Uranus for a further dose of shaking and 2022 sees his Nodal Return triggering his acquisitive Taurus North Node. This year and next he will have moments of frustration and fear with failed-plans in 2022/23.  His relationship with Trump is panicked now and on and off into 2022 with upheavals, disruptions, a shift in the balance of power between them; and serious aggravations and anger in 2022/23. 

See previous posts on Weisselberg: 24 August 2018 and 1 March 2019.

  Trump himself is now at the start of a two year flounder with tr Neptune square his Moon and his Sun which runs until January 2023. Plus this June’s Gemini Eclipse is rattling up both his Sun and Moon for ongoing crises. His hidden 12th house Pluto is being hauled this way and that by a stuck tr Saturn in opposition and a disruptive tr Uranus in square till early 2022. His Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct his financial 2nd house Neptune, exact in four months though possibly triggering earlier, which suggests a money meltdown giving him considerable concern.  His midpoint transits point to catastrophes, alarm, emotional hurt and from mid August to late November bitter rage leading to wild accusations and smears. Tr Pluto is also opposition his Venus and Venus/Saturn midpoint this year for deep gloom. Then in 18 months he has Solar Arc Mars square his Pluto which will block his progress totally as he faces an insurmountable calamity.

Trump junior also looks seriously rattled August through this November and his relationship chart with his father is in an agitated, dread-filled year with more insecurity in 2022.

  Eric Trump will run into his nadir 2022 to 2024 as tr Pluto squares his Mars and then his Pluto – a stripping away of power and influence, leaving him feeling trapped and without options.  

PS: Is it too much to hope that we might be seeing the disintegration of the fortunes of the wild-child Gemini political disasters we’ve seen over the past few years? Even Boris who seemed to be weathering the storm is on a perilous banana skin.

9 thoughts on “Giuliani and other Trump familiars under scrutiny

  1. Hi Marjorie, it was interesting to me that Allen Wiesselbergs chart could almost be India’s Independence Day chart! What is your view on the current troubles that Infianis facing? When will things get better for India?

  2. if you guys look at the hellenistic theory of profections,rudy’s profected sun is in seasonal scorpio,and his profected moon is in seasonal capricorn 6 degrees from transiting seasonal pluto in seasonal capricorn,which probably means rudy will meet a person,or group that is like seasonal pluto in capricorn in temperment,and if more of trump’s group falls,could the house of cards trump is playing fall down,and really make him isolated,even if he doesn’t go to the clink,just stuff to ponder.

  3. It is interesting that both Trump and Guiliani’s charts are dominated by a mix of planets in Gemini and Leo – a combination that seems to signify the “provocateur conman”.

    • @David W, or, in some advanced cases, a witty and smart entertainer (Mick Jagger and, interestingly enough, Prince Philip). But yes, there’s a good chance Leo ego takes over this combination with devastating effects.

  4. What a mess. Can’t someone find an enforcer to “pay them a visit”? So will Trump’s attempts to reform the GOP in his own image come to naught? One supposes Ivanka will fair the best (relatively) during these traumatic events.

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