France – tensions soaring to operatic heights

The French flair for the melodramatic is accelerating with ex-army generals doom-mongering about an approaching civil war with Islamists and half threatening a coup; and levels of national debt overtaking Italy to make France the EU’s biggest borrower.

   On the cash flow side, the total is not the key figure since France is a resilient economy and has a large economy so the ratios aren’t too alarming – yet. But given that half the debt is held by the rest of the world, if there was a global hiccup it would be exceptionally vulnerable. Plus reforms to the sclerotic state and business bureaucracy are going backwards and vaccine scepticism is another risk factor.

  The Banque of France, central bank, 18 January 1800, is in a bubble-bursting year financially with not only a Solar Arc Neptune conjunct the Jupiter but tr Neptune moving to square the Jupiter from exactly now till January 2023. The Capricorn Sun will be under unrelenting pressure to change or collapse in a conjunction from tr Pluto from early 2022 through till late 2022.  The France country chart, 21 September 1792 3.30 pm Paris, also has warning flags over money from Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Venus through 2022.

  The ex-forces intervention in a right-wing newspaper might sound like something out of Gilbert & Sullivan – “France is in danger – “disintegrating with the Islamists of the hordes of the banlieue [suburbs] who are detaching swathes of the nation and turning them into territory subject to dogmas contrary to our constitution. Failure to act now could see “an explosion and then intervention by our comrades on active service in the dangerous mission of protecting our civilised values and the safety of our compatriots. There is no time to waffle, or tomorrow civil war will put an end to this growing chaos and the dead, for whom you will bear responsibility, will be counted in the thousands.” 

  But there has been a coup in living memory. In the late 1950s political instability over the brutal Algerian war opened the way for Charles de Gaulle to be recalled from retirement and given special presidential powers to govern France in 1959 beginning the Fifth Republic. He granted Algeria independence which led to the 1961 army putsch which failed to topple him, but former soldiers came close to assassinating him the following year in an attack on his car that was the basis for Frederick Forsyth’s novel The Day of the Jackal.

  What is significant is that in 1961 tr Uranus was then in last decan Leo approaching the Uranus Return for the France 1792 chart and rattling the revolutionary T Square of Uranus opposition Pluto square Mars (Midheaven) which is not dissimilar to what’s coming up over the next two or three years. This was always going to be a time when the French fervour for disruption was going to be sparking off. In 1961/2 as well tr Saturn was moving through Aquarius, in hand with Jupiter for the first year. Though there’s not much in the 1958 Fifth Republic chart to suggest an ending. Uncertainty certainly in 2021/22 with tr Neptune square the Saturn and a fair amount of disruption in 2022 as well from tr Uranus square and tr Saturn opposition the Uranus.

  Le Pen has, au naturellement, leapt on the bandwagon though it is thought her support will put many of the middle silent majority, who might well agree with some of the general’s gripes, off.

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  1. “The French flair for the melodramatic is accelerating with ex-army generals doom-mongering about an approaching civil war with Islamists and half threatening a coup…”

    I knew a Texas redneck, and in true form, he was proclaiming “a final war between Christians and Muslims; gonna be a real bloodbath in America”. Hence his continued purchase of guns and ammo, and constantly kept his several acre yard mowed. Too bad, as he died a few yrs ago at only 73; heart failure. He never saw or wanted to envision a world without constant blood baths. Tho, maybe he was onto something?

    • well, there isn;t an age breakdown to back up the voting statistics. How many French served during Korea, WW2, Algeria, and Vietnam? Is it time for a 6th Republic?

  2. Thank you for this very interesting post with France’s two charts, reflecting two aspects of the country :
    The gallic rooster, used during the French Revolution by the republicans to reject royalism and trace the origins of France back to the Gauls, who were fierce warriors (Uranus in Leo opposed Pluto in Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio in the 1st chart).

    And Marianne, the national personification of the Republic and Reason since the French Revolution, as well as the embodiment of the national motto Liberté, égalité, fraternité .
    Quite interestingly, this aspect can be found in the 1792 chart with Sun conjunct Mercury/ North Node/ Pallas Athena in Virgo (the Reason part) and Venus /Neptune in Libra (the equality and freedom values/ideal).

    But since 1958, other aspects of Marianne seem to have prevailed, which we see in the 2nd chart : Marianne featured prominently in the Islamic scarf controversy as a symbol of a certain idea of Frenchness and femininity (all the bodies in Libra) contrasting to the veiled woman said to be subordinated by Islam.
    She’s also currently used in white blue and red as a federating identifier of the government – quite in keeping with the 5th Republic chart’s Venus conjunct Ceres, the nurturing motherland (state spending currently represents 63% of the French GDP!).
    Sun/Mercury/North Node are still conjunct in this chart, but in Libra- harmonizing and bringing peace to conflicted situations is the path forward. So I wouldn’t bank on a coup d’état.

    Marine Le Pen has strong links with the 5th Republic chart : her Sun/Mercury on France’s Uranus, her Ascendant on France’s Sun/Mercury/North Node and her Saturn on France’s Ascendant.
    That’s probably why she obtained her party’s best results at the last presidential election, but she will probably never win because of the French electoral system.

  3. Hello marjorie,
    I did not realize that invoking the constitutional law about the french election i was saying something wrong.
    In my view, for good or bad, the law should be respected. One cannot chose when to abide by it or to refuse it because we dont agree with it.
    Unless in a war situation, but that is not the subject.

  4. Marjorie, Algeria, rather than France’s ancient and hardest enemy, England, seems to be France’s *true* nemesis.
    Since French involvement in Algeria began – as recently as 1830! – nothing but violence, instability and a dire threat to the existence of the French nation has ensued.

    My question is, is there any astrological indication from the relevant horoscopes from the times of initial French interference in Algeria indicating this dire, fateful and catastrophic meeting of fates?

    • Uranus in fixed signs appears to be it which is hardly surprising. In 1830 tr Uranus was in Aquarius opposition Saturn in Leo for the invasion of Algeria. The brutal French-Algerian War from 1954 to 1962 occurred during tr Uranus moving through Leo.
      Tr Uranus was back in Aquarius in the last 1990s and more pointedly early 2000s to oversee the rise of the Islamic fundamentalists in Algeria and North Africa.

    • Jonathan, as the Greens near the responsibility of power in Germany, they have to take more serious positions. As for Algeria, an Algerian minister stated only weeks ago that France was the eternal enemy in response to Macron’s overtures.

    • Yes and in the 1990 many algerians fled to France as the Front Islamic de Salut ( FIS) algerian terrorist movement, cut the throat of thousand of innocents (algerian) people who did not want to join. Even poor peasants in the mountains were victims of the FIS.
      Further the family Bouteflica was in power for many years and not especially for the good of ordinary people as they were more selfserving than serving.
      Many algerians are very happy to live in france. Kamel Daoud an algerian intellectual publishes regularly in Le Point. Intelligent and a pleasure to read.
      But there are of course some that prefers to play victims of a colonial past.

  5. Marjorie,

    Could I request you to add to the article above with a chart for the French Fifth Republic (the current form of government of France)? It was formed on 4 October 1958 by Charles de Gaulle, the first airport of Paris…I mean, the first Presdient of France within the current semi-presidential form of government in France.

    While I appreciate that the chart would not tell us much about the destiny of the French nation, I am more interested in looking at whether the current form of government itself will change drastically.

    At an intelligent guess, tr Uranus will be squaring the Uranus of the 1958 chart. And we are coming up to the Pluto Return of the 1792 chart, in 2040. As was discussed in earlier posts on this site, a Pluto return could be the end of an era for that country. Could it be the end of France as a nation, becoming the Atlantic province of the United/Federal States of Europe?

  6. Marjorie,
    You forgot to mention general Napoleon Buonaparte who restaured order after the French revolution. Just like De Gaulle really after second world war as governments were comming and falling after a few months.
    What is scary is if marine Le Pen is legally elected. There will be riots for sure as already, after the previous elections when Macron won the presidency, ( ex home office) minister Caseneuve told the press that ” mesures” had been taken to prevent marine Le Pen to access power in case she would have won the elections. I found it shocking at the time that there was no reaction at all . Neither from the media nor from political parties

    • Quite right that a democratically elected President (and in France, they are elected by a majority of votes cast, not an Electoral College) should be prevented from exercising power if they do not conform to the ideals of the Republic as decided by the elite.

    • I doubt the Le Pen name will inspire “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” for all Frenchmen (and women!).

      Have you watched any of her “speeches” on French television (like BFM-TV)?

      • The us voted with much enthousiasm for Trump. If i have to chose between bad and worst, i rather have le pen than riots and bloodshed.

        • The FT has a thought that Le Pen’s support will come from the disenchanted unemployed or left-behinders – as is the way of all populist demagogues who tap into resentment about those who feel forgotten. Also the suggestion that younger voters are not as aware of her father’s gruesome views which she has suppressed (mainly) in recent years.

          • I agree with you about ” the left behind, unemployed etc” are going to vote for the RN. As the traditional parties, left or right are nowhere at the moment. Macron”s government has accentuated discord brewing for sometime now in france. And the column of the army retired generals only reflect it. I just have been listening to the french radio at midday ( Praud, les auditeurs ont la parole) and you would be supprised how many people agree with this publication and are no rascists of fascists or unemployed.
            Furthermore the ” generals” only repeated what the previous home office ( ministere de l interieur) Gerard Comlomb said when he quit the job a while ago.
            Marine Le Pen has nothing to do with it. She only agrees

        • Only part of the US voted with much enthusiasm for Trump. Only Part. An Hillary Clinton won by 3 million votes in 2016. Putin helped Trump come to power. Many who voted for him thought him a useful fool they could control, and they could not control him. Many Republicans became “never Trumpers” and actively seeked to block him.

          • Another way of looking at it is that Trump got the second-most votes for any candidate for US President in US history (74 million), behind only Biden (83 million).
            That is not a lack of enthusiasm, but a very real public voice for Trump/against Biden.

          • It makes me just really unhappy when people say Trump got the second most votes in history – Biden won by Five million more than Trump so I guess that makes it the most votes in History? IN addition, the population has grown as well as women voting, so more voters. Trump also had the lowest approval rating of any president in history as well, except one. In addition, his personal lawyer’s office was raided today, as well as the lawyer for Firtash who bankrolled a lot of the corruption. I don’t post here anymore for a reason.

  7. Looks like my plans to retire to la France (based on 2020 hopes) would not work out right now. Perhaps in another couple years the drama will have mellowed out, with covid control more solidly implemented.

    • The Pluto Return of the 1792 French national chart is due in 2040.

      The Pluto Return of the US 1776 chart was presaged by Trump presidency.

      I know which way I am betting for France.

        • That the far-right will come to power in France soon (though probably closer to the end of the 2020s or early 2030s).

          I would prepare for a Madame President Le Pen.

          And she has an heir ready to take over for the next decade; her niece Marion Maréchal.

  8. And in Finland one other major government party, Center Party, is about walk out over not receiving tax cuts for peat (burned for energy). Seriously, while there are other issues, they have chosen to make it about this because stating the true reasons would cost them support either on right or left and they are losing support already.

  9. Thanks Marjorie, very interesting and helpful in this complex situation.
    I noticed that there’s a lunar eclipse on the 1792 Moon on 26th May, and another lunar eclipse at 27 Taurus on the IC, aligning with intense Algol, the Medusa’s Head, opposite Mars on 19th November. That eclipse would seem to be reinforced by another lunar eclipse on 15th May 2022, at 25 Scorpio, right on the France Mars and MC. Since that’s also election time in France, it looks likely to indicate a peak of strong feelings, or even violence and disorder, in the general public.

  10. Is it possible to look at certain countries and their ‘identities’ and find what astro aspect gives them a particular identity? For example, if you were to define us British it would be that we plod on and just get on with it, although we are known to whinge and not really put our words into action. The French seems to do the opposite of this. If something is so furious to us Brits we will bugger off down to the allotment and whinge to the neighbour or the ducks about it! The French will burn cars in the street. Americans appear prone to conspiracy theories and religion and are big on confidence.

    Do starker and controlling aspects show up in countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Japan seem to have a deeply ingrained work ethic (perhaps way too much) and have a thing about respect and honour. Scandinavian countries seem to lean more to a liberal, visionary (in regards to social cohesion), and melancholy. Obviously, not everybody fit into these moulds but stereotypes exists because a large number of people inhabit similar traits so it’s not so easy to dismiss. This has always fascinated me and I’ve wondered if the astrology ever shows these mass stereotypes that define a country and its ideologies? Surely this can bleed into their culture and show up in their politics, religion, arts, education, etc?

    • Jo, years ago I read an article about some genius marketing guy (whose name I unfortunately lost) and who must make zillions working for international corporations because of his ability to sum up the operating psyches of different countries. His “country code” for the UK is “Class”, for France: “Ideas”, for Germany: “Order”, for the U.S.: “Youth” and for Canada “Winter Energy”. If any reader knows the name of this guy, I would be grateful to learn it because I think he is spot on!

  11. The French presidential campaign will heat up in the fall. Another far-right candidate might be General de Villiers, a former chief of the armed forces. He might be more acceptable to many than Le Pen. His brother, a right-wing politician, recently published an article calling for an insurrection in France to protect conservative values. The election will be held in May 2022, a time that looks bad for Macron and for France. It is interesting that simultaneously the most popular candidate to succeed Angela Merkel in the next federal election in Germany is the 40-year-old woman who leads the Greens. She supports the creation of a European Army, an idea the French right would reject. France and Germany may be headed in very different directions in coming years. That being said, a popular left-wing candidate in France would be Anne Hidalgo, the Socialist mayor of Paris. She got 50% in a recent poll, but Macron stands in her way.

    • I never knew that the ‘Greens’ were big fans of militarism.

      I thought protecting wild animals was their thing.

      • When parties get closer to power, they have to change and become broad based even if they loose some of their core policies/voters.

      • @ jonathan
        Germany was responsible for two world wars. As a consequence of peace treaties, germany does have now a small army , but controlled by nato.
        Perhaps that explains the desire to ” count” in a european army, as Germany counts in the EU.
        God forbid…

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