Joe Biden Admin – the calm before the storm ++ Kamala Harris

  An unusual silence hangs over the White House despite the monumentally ambitious stimulus plans. Compared to what went before, the hush is almost unnerving.

  Joe Biden does have tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter on and off this year and tr Pluto trine his Sun/Jupiter midpoint extending through next year as well. So he will have good luck on his side. Though he won’t miss tr Saturn square tr Uranus crashing into his Mars in Scorpio – this month and in particular next month in June, repeating on and off into early 2022 which will produce jolts and insecurity. This May the Lunar Eclipse and in December the Solar Eclipse will also rattle up his Uranus Saturn in Gemini for more jangles and tension.

  Where he looks more panicked and facing major crises or catastrophes is April 2022 on and off till late 2023, when tr Neptune opposes his Mars/Pluto midpoint. That is also when tr Neptune opposes the Mars in Virgo on his Chief of Staff Ron Klain’s chart. Evidently Klain is doing a good deal of the heavy lifting at the moment. Born 8 August 1961, four days after Barack Obama, he has the same Sun Uranus in Leo and tough, disciplined Mars trine Saturn. But he’s running into trouble through 2022/23.

  2022/23 is also when the Biden Term chart runs into serious headaches with that explosive and problematic Saturn Sun square Mars Uranus moving to exact by Solar Arc; and tr Pluto will also by then be starting the challenging and pressured conjunction to the Term Aquarius Sun.

Add On:  Kamala Harris has the same uplift as Joe Biden with tr Pluto trine her Jupiter in Taurus until late this November and tr Jupiter is moving through her 10th till March 2023 which is generally successful. But also like him she runs into more obvious problems from next year onwards when she picks up the challenging tr Pluto square her Libra Sun and her Aries Moon and conjunct her Sun/Moon midpoint, on and off till late 2023. The latter could suggest marital tensions but in a politician it can also point to a popularity dent. But one way and another she’ll be under huge pressure. Plus tr Neptune will square her Ascendant and oppose her Sun/Mars midpoint from April 2022 onwards till late 2023 – which suggests an undermining of her image, low vitality and failed-plans. During this period tr Uranus will make a high-anxiety opposition to her Neptune.

  Late 2023 sees a discouraging Solar Arc Saturn opposition her Sun and from April 2024 onwards for two years she picks up another Neptunian sinker to her Sun/Saturn midpoint.

  Her Progressed Moon will move through her 12th house from the middle of this year to mid 2023 which is usually a time of endings, inward looking and not too upbeat. Then she’ll experience some uplift as it moves across her Ascendant and that coincides with tr Saturn being conjunct her Midheaven in March 2023 and starting her career peak of eight years thereafter with heavier responsibilities.

  To be remember no one occupies these positions of staggering responsibility and prominence without running into problem after problem so some of the above is to be expected.  But she will be getting ground down hard with those Pluto transits to her Sun and Moon.  

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  1. Solaia, I have heard about company towns from my parents. My dad’s job had him transferred all ove the states , mainly post war in the 50s. They both hated the whole concept of the company town which landed whole families into debt if they shopped at their stores.

    My mum would always insist on going elsewhere to do her shopping. But that was easier for them to do as my dad didn’t work for those companies. And they never stayed long anyway.

  2. Larryc , you may consider what I said perfectly hideous, but as I have attempted in excruciating detail to explain what I mentioned in the first instance, it does seem to me that you were winding me up, as I think you understood what I meant in the first place. In other words you were having a joke at my expense. And you might at least appreciate that I have tried very hard to explain it anyway. So if that is perfectly hideous then you must lead a cocooned existence.

  3. Larryc , you may consider what I said perfectly hideous, but as I have attempted in excruciating detail to explain what I mentioned in the first instance, it does seem to me that you were winding me up, as I think you understood what I meant in the first place. In other words you were having a joke at my expense. And you might at least appreciate that I have tried very hard to explain it anyway. So if that is perfectly hideous then you must lead a cocooned existence.

  4. @chris romero, I knew in the past that the electoral college had an unfair advantage over the electorate. But I have been given to understand that in many states they have decided that they must back the electorates choice. Have I been misinformed?

  5. Larryc, as I don’t know which part you were referring it is difficult to explain. But mostly I was responding firstly to the definition to high unemployment black spot, which if you were trying to measure unemployment rates in certain areas the black spot or spots represented how big the problem was in that area, I suppose it is a bit of an oxymoron. Like saying pc correct- politically correct correct.

    The second point was that some of those commented that certain white people should have made more of their opportunities, like earning a degree for better employment prospects. I was pointing out that affirmative action made that impossible for some. And shouldn’t a high school diploma help getting gainful employment. If it doesn’t then what use is it?

    And the next bit was explaining why calling white working class men who are Trump supporters names s not helpful, because someone somewhere is going to have to work really hard to unite America. Actively hating each other is counter productive.
    The last bit was about the foreign companies that were encouraged to invest and say build factories initially I presume to employ locals and show that the government is doing something to bring down unemployment, while not doing that at all, as quite a few were staffed by foreign workers skilled and unskilled. I did not make this up it was in a few online newspapers and journals. Basically they were operating sweat shops with government connivance. So it worries that so few of you know anything about this.

    Now as I suspect that you have been yanking my chain, I will wish you good-night.

    • “Now as I suspect that you have been yanking my chain, I will wish you good-night.”

      That’s a hideous comment to post to someone you do not know.

  6. Black spot is a term that has nothing to do with race and everything to do with high unemployment. And I think Trump was disgusting and still is. But you might want to reign back on the idea that opportunities existed for many of them. It is not that long ago when affirmative action actively prevented many white people from seeking degree courses even when they had the grades to do so. Anyway, is a high school diploma such a useless thing to have with regards to gainful employment? You cannot hope to unite a divided people unless you take the first step and understand the reasons why people vote as they do.

    I didn’t say that governments built factories, but they allowed outside investment to dictate about who they could hire. It is far cheaper to hire migrants than Americans. Too much red tape. And this is in recent years not the 1900s. I do know my history. It is a problem in many countries., not just the USA. It has been a problem here in the UK until recently. A great many employers preferred to hire Eastern Europeans. And because we were part of the EU at the time and had free movement of people, the government did nothing about it. Hence Brexit.

  7. The difficulty in 2022 makes me worry that the House will turn Republican…a real disaster these days, as most of the new breed of Republicans are the Q-Anon, Trumper variant. Very interesting points about Ron Klain, who’s thought to be exceptionally able. I know you are sick to death of looking at Trump, but as he’s recently accelerated his big lie about having won the “rigged” election, our poor country would benefit so much if he could just gently drift off the planet…or at least retire in a real sense.

    • My gut feeling is that the House will go Republican in 2022, even while the Senate *may* gain Democratic Senators. Which is why Biden has only a couple of years to get his laundry list through.

      • @ Unmystic Mom,

        I think it’s almost certain that Democrats lose the House next year because of redistricting.

        However, as long as Democrats make gains in the US Senate at least they would still be able to appoint judges, etc. So, it would be better than nothing.

  8. Well at least that last part about Harris having heavier responsibilities after 2024 seems somewhat reassuring as I doubt this would be the case if Dems lost the White House then. That career peak part of 8 years thereafter is curious. Biden stepping aside during the second term maybe?
    Interesting days ahead.

    • Additionally, I read elsewhere that Buttigieg seems due for an uplifting life changing once in a lifetime event after 2024 aswell. VP to a Harris presidency perhaps?

  9. I have lived through the off shoring and the rise of China. My background is mechanical engineering, with an emphasis on Product Development and Manufacturing. I know what has happened over the last 30 years, which is how I ended up in IT. Before all the Europeans judge the Americans so harshly here – remember – this is no safety net and you are expected to be self sufficient. I remember getting into a big-fight with my economics professor (Graduate Level in an MBA program) discussing offshoring to China and NAFTA and about all the jobs in Ohio. I thought he missed the mark about what would happen when all the good paying jobs went offshore. Remember, offshoring also means they do not have the same environmental regulations we have, which has resulted in environmental degradation.

    So many things feed into what has happened here.

    Trump gave voice to our shadow and also that which was unsaid. I am not saying I agree with him at all – No! – he is the son of a Mafia Don who was a front man for the Genovese family. Everyone who lives in the North East (Pennsylvannia points north and east) knows this. The rest of America does not – all they know is the Apprentice TV show. That’s it. The magic of PR. Rumor has it (actually validated in Ivanka divorce papers) that a copy of Mein Kampf was kept on his night stand, and that he read and studied this.

    Middle of the country is VERY Different from either east coast and west coast. My family was Military, and I have lived in 20 places in the USA because of that, and have lived it.

  10. Thank you Marjorie for writing about this. As a pragmatic (and moderate) Democrat, I realize things are not going to be smooth sailing on the political front anytime soon.

    Personally, I think President Joe Biden is doing a phenomenal job and I’m very happy I voted for him in the primaries and in the general election. It’s still very early, but I could definitely find myself listing Joe Biden as one of my favorite Presidents (along with FDR, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama) in the near future if he continues to succeed.

    That being said, I’m noticing many people from the progressive side are prematurely assuming that changing demographics and more politically engaged youth voters will be the firewall they need with regards to securing success in future elections. That simply isn’t the case; demographics are NOT necessarily destiny by any stretch.

    For example, while it’s true that “Non-Hispanic Whites” (who collectively tend to identify with the GOP) are projected to lose their status as an overall majority (since their percentage will drop below the 51% mark), they will still be the largest ethnic / racial group by population when you divide up all ethnic / racial groups.

    Also, there’s another demographic that people are overlooking or even underestimating – “White Hispanics and Latinos.” As a “White Hispanic” myself, I keep trying to remind people that Hispanics and Latinos are NOT a homogeneous race – it’s more of a cultural identity and a Hispanic / Latino can be Asian, Black, White, Indigenous, etc.

    According to various data scientists and demographers, over 60% of Hispanic and Latino Americans are “White Hispanic / Latino” and they’ve been gradually assimilating into the “Non-Hispanic White” demographic in recent decades. In fact, most “mixed-marriages” in the United States are between “White Hispanics” and “Non-Hispanic Whites.”

    White Hispanics tend to identify with the Republican Party more than any other minority group in the U.S. And now that more White Hispanics are culturally assimilating into the larger Non-Hispanic White demographic, their affiliation with the GOP is likely going to accelerate in the near future.

    White Americans, when grouping both Non-Hispanic Whites and White Hispanics together, will collectively remain an overall ethnic / racial majority of the U.S. population in the future.

    There is also the GOP structural advantage which has become even more obvious in recent years. There was a piece written back in April by data journalists Laura Bronner and Nathaniel Rakich at FiveThirtyEight where they discuss how the GOP structural advantage gives them an edge of about 3.9 points and it’s forcing Democrats to win over MORE majorities in order to keep pace.

    Then there is the issue regarding the Electoral College. Based on the results of the 2020 U.S. Census, in 2024, many “blue states” like California, New Jersey, Oregon, Illinois, New York, etc. are all expected to LOSE 1-2 electoral votes based on population decline in these areas. However, many “red states” like Texas, Montana, and Florida (ugh – my state) are all expected to GAIN 1-2 electoral votes. So, that doesn’t help matters either.

    Data scientists and political pundits such as Nate Cohn, Dave Wasserman, G. Elliot Morris, Nate Silver, James Carville, and many others have been warning that if Democrats move too far to the left with regards to cultural issues, then we’ll likely lose MORE ground in areas of the country we need to win – we cannot afford that. We already have a serious cultural geography problem as it is. I remember back in 2009, many “red states” like North Dakota had 2 Democratic senators…now they have NONE.

    Lastly, we shouldn’t assume that all minority voters are uniformly progressive. For example, an academic by the name of Theodore R. Johnson (who is African-American) who is affiliated with Brennan Center for Justice, wrote an informative piece back in December 2019 titled: “Five Myths About Black Voters” Johnson revealed in that piece that only 28% of African-American voters self-identify as “liberal” while 70% self-identified as “moderate” or “conservative” based on research conducted by the Pew Research Center. Earlier this year, data journalist Nate Silver kind of reiterated this by saying that if Democrats lose ground with moderate ethnic / racial minority voters, then they are – his actual quote: “kind of screwed.”

    All in all, my point for bringing all of this up is simply to emphasize the fact that we shouldn’t assume that we’re going to be out of the woods with conservative politics and the Republican Party anytime soon – they could, unfortunately, remain in power for many years to come if we’re not careful.

    It appears the astrology is reflecting this as well.

    • The simple fact is – as the demographies change, so will the parties’ political stances so that they can come to power. Also, it is wrong to assume and say that conservative politics is totally bad and the other side is totally good. It is natural for people to support one party over the other as default, but it is still necessary to weigh in the policies and leadership before casting the vote. Just my two cents

  11. The problems that the vast majority of you refuse to face is that successive governments have allowed companies to build factories in high unemployment black spots, and hire skilled and unskilled migrants to be employed while ignoring the locals.

    You can complain about them being uneducated bigoted oiks till you are blue in the face, but if the governments continually ignore the needs of the working-class white man, what can you expect.? I can tell you right now it won’t be a thank you. You cannot be for the people and ignore the needs of so many. And that is how someone like Trump gets in power.

    • What are you even talking about? Where are these “factories” that “governments” built in black-dominated areas? Let’s talk about where working class jobs REALLY went to–they were off-shored for cheaper labor while the CEOs were allowed to make 1500X more than the average worker. THAT is why the middle class is struggling in the US. You wanna know when we were at our best? The 1950s and 1960s when the tax burden was on the uber-wealthy, not on the backs of the middle class like it is now. That’s what we need to happen again. Also, you’re ignoring the fact that far too many “working-class white men” decided they didn’t have to educate themselves beyond high school and now seem shocked they’ve been left behind economically. They also seem to be permanently stuck in the 1950’s and want to continue to dominate anyone who isn’t them. Those days are over “Linda” and they are never coming back. Also, Trump is a fraud and Trumpism is a freaking cult.

      • Thanks Liz and Truth Teller , spot on about NAFTA and lost jobs. I am sort of the same generation and mirror your career path.,as well. I just want to point out few things about our national ongoing challenges . One, Biden needs to translate his COVID vaccination success into more long lasting economic wins for those independent leaning Republicans, but GOP is all about undermining that. Two, the grievance politics need to be dealt with by acknowledging failed neo-liberal NAFTA policies and by creating permanent retraining programs for displaced workers either due to national calamities or off-shoring. Again, the brake to this kind of effort will be GOP and few Democrats. Thirdly race related can’t be ignored. Linda, I feel for the white middle America and understand their bewilderment about lost life styles due to job losses. However, not all of the middle America fell off the economic ladder and became enthralled with Trump. Some were successful small business owners and we’re able to re-establish their careers. I would say their grivences are not simple to identity as economic hardships. In fact, I venture that their own predjudices is what Trump owns. However, if Democrats manage to sustain strong economy through 2022-2024, GOP has no apparent trick up their sleeve. Trump health is not going to be their asset and as long as they are holding on to him, the more they deny their own chances of getting back to power. Who is going to listen to QAnon lunacy in 2022? People got tired of Trump’s drivel, what makes GOP’s “rigged election” will play liked Golden ‘Oldies next year or 2024? Unexpected can happen, but current course GOP steers is driving them off the end of the Earth.

    • @Linda, having had most of my father’s family immigrate to The US and go to what’s now known as “Rust Belt”, I have to say you obviously don’t have a clue on what you are talking about. First, “Government” didn’t build factories in the early 20th century, giant corporations did. You may have heard of Ford and General Motors, but there were and are lesser known mining and metal companies that were huge. You might have even heard term “company town”. There were towns in The US where literally all of the town worked for one company. I like to use Hibbing, Minnesota as an example, because much of my family on one line went there, and it’s known as the place where Bob Dylan went to High School. It was built by Oliver Mining Company, just like almost everything in the town.

      Second, these were not “black spots”, in fact, early 20th century factories were segregated. Not only by owners, but workers as well. The unions, with an exception of communist IWW that was banned from many areas, did not except “colored” members. People often had to be members of a specific union to work at specific town. Black people would only be accepted to lesser paid, often rough jobs. What happened starting from the 1920’s, with foreign trade still heavily regulated and the US starting to enforce strict immigration laws was that certain “union jobs” became incredibly cushy. In the late 1940’s and in the 1950’s, white working class Americans were in fact extremely protected by policies aimed to protect. Affermative Act making racial segregation illegal in workplace and education, passed only in 1960. World Trade didn’t really start to open until the 1970’s.

      Obviously, this was also period when the US started to experience “White Flight”. Children of white factory workers had reached level of education and affluence that allowed them to move out of inner cities. The ones having taken the opportunity to educate themselves (and college education used to be affordable well into the 1980’s) moved to middle class. The ones still in factory jobs could buy a home in a nice suburb the same.

      What happened starting from the early 1970’s (especially The Oil Crisis) is that suddenly, “trickle-down economy” wasn’t working, due to international markets opening. And the effects were made worse by Reagan Administration decisions to cut taxes for the corporations and super rich, taking a lot of money off programs and policies that had been, de facto, sustaining skilled working class and lower middle class, rather than the poor. Therefore, while white middle class income still grew, cost of living sky rocketed. But somehow, people who saw their property value grow exponentially, thought they’d become wealthier, not expecting the 2008 crash.

      Now, I think that 2008 crash was what broke many white people’s brain in the US. If you’ve been tough to think “hard work pays” (even if really, Americans can be incredibly inefficient) and “you can be anything if you put enough effort to it” your whole life, have been able to get a loan for a house with value rising, two cars, maybe a motorbike and/or a boat, and then, one day, have that house you’ve kept as a collateral become practically worthless, you are going to experience major cognitive dissonance when all that crashes. And this is where first Tea Party and then Donald Trump come in. Not to truly issue your “economic anxiety”, but to offer a scapegoat down the socioeconomic totem pole – and this has always been Black working class – to protect the real culprits.

      • Thanks @solaia Totally correct outline of the facts. I would like to add an important component too that according to Census Bureau Data Rising income inequality began in the 1970s & the pace picked up in the 1980s. For the GOP to become the party of Trump it first had to become the party of Ronald Reagan. The Southern strategy, a Republican Party electoral strategy to increase political support among white voters in the South by appealing to racism against African Americans, is what put Reagan into office. Reagan shepherded policies that helped to shape today’s global economy problems that hurt the middle class especially white blue collar workers the very folks who put him in office. The Wealthiest Americans and private corporations benefited most from his economic expansion, and the gap widened between the richest Americans and the middle class.
        Reagan’s landmark 1986 tax reform plan gave the wealthy a huge tax break, reducing the tax rate from 70 percent to 28 percent for the highest income earners. Yet republicans continued to vote for GOP politicians supporting Reaganomics that dragged them down. In addition the lowering of the “social safety net” in this country hurt those at the bottom of the economic ladder dragging the entire country down as well. Bush’s tax cuts of 2001 put more money in the pockets of working Americans, but it was the wealthy who benefited the most, especially as a result of a major decrease in the capital gains and dividends rate for investors. The top 20 percent of American earners enjoyed 73 percent of the tax breaks. The Republican Party fought for the wealthy and leaves the working-class voters feeling ignored. Unfortunately republican voters fell for the lies of Trump who never had any intention of living up to his campaign promises other than to enrich himself and his friends. His tax law, policies and his entire presidency effectively prove that.

    • ‘…. And that is how someone like Trump gets in power.’

      @ Linda, someone like Trump gets in power when many people have the opinion and belief you stated without knowing the facts of the matter. It is worth knowing your history and the facts from an evidence based perspective instead of an emotional opinion that you feed each other. Then decide that is truth because your base all agree with each other. They call that ‘Group Think’!

      This is why I love this blog, Marjorie. You have created a forum where someone will make a comment but be corrected by others who can add facts and evidence to the matter to educate all, as well as the astrology of the time if they have that gift too of course.

      Great stuff!! Bless up.

    • @Linda, I agree with your comment on how Trump got into power. I lived the off shoring mostly, and I know what happened to Detroit.

  12. I can see the Pluto/Jupiter influence in Biden’s chart as representing his expansive and ambitious policy agenda. The Saturn in Aquarius/Uranus in Taurus square is definitely going to be triggering major resistance, with his natal Mars in Scorpio affected. I think in part it also represents the broader social and political environment, the push for change versus intransigent conservative resistance. Still, I suspect that Biden will be successful in getting through much of his agenda early on, albeit with some glitches along the way. We have Jupiter conjuncting Neptune in Pisces early next year, which is a constructive transit pointing to liberal social reforms, especially for the working classes and the disadvantaged. That transit will be trining Biden’s Sun/Mercury/Venus placements in Scorpio, pointing to success and an expansive agenda at that time.

    The late 2022-23 timeframe does get a bit more fraught for both Biden and the US. The flip side of Jupiter/Neptune is excess financial speculation or asset bubbles bursting. With Saturn still squaring Uranus for much of next year (especially in the fall), we could be seeing an economic correction. Also in the fall and winter of 2022-23, Mars will turn stationary/retrograde in Gemini and will square Neptune in Pisces, which will also be applying a hard transit to the US Mars in Gemini square Neptune in Virgo. This points to a decisive moment in US history, especially with Neptune opposing its natal location in the US chart. Saturn will also be in the same degree area of Aquarius that it was in late 1963, when JFK was assassinated. This time it will be squared by Uranus in Taurus. In my view, this points to the need for the US to pick up the social reforms that were proposed and implemented in the mid-1960s. Progress in many respects stalled in the subsequent years after the ’60s. The transits point to the need for us to guarantee equal justice for all, while making our environment livable. The US Pluto return incoming now and exact in 2022-23 guarantees major reforms to the US’s corporate and financial structures. We might come out the other side with less corporate concentration and more egalitarian social policies. The path however will be fraught. Pluto transit require reform, so the new can thrive, if not, decay of our economic and political systems will set in, leading to eventual destruction. We are at a pivotal point in history. Autocracy and oligarchy versus a more democratic order.

    Mars stationary in Gemini in October, 2022, squaring Neptune as it passes the US Mars/Neptune, could also indicate US involvement in another ill-advised foreign conflict. Triggering that point in the US chart historically has lead to war. Jupiter by then will be in Aries, which is oftentimes conflict-oriented. Biden should be careful in late 2022, and especially in early 2023 when Mars turns direct at 8 degrees Gemini. This is not only a critical degree, right over the US Uranus in Gemini, but it’s also the position of JFK’s sun. Biden has his natal Saturn/Uranus in Gemini on his 8th/9th house cusp also at 8 degrees Gemini. Certainly he is going to be a central player in the events of that period. By then, Saturn in late Aquarius will be squaring his Sun/Venus/Mercury in Scorpio, with tr. Uranus in Taurus opposing those points from late 2023-25. This points to a lot of disruption and resistance. Change is coming, but it won’t come easy.

  13. Re : some of the transits here make me think about an article where someone was writing about Havana Syndrome and diplomats and querying whether JB’s dog (whose behaviour deteriorated when they moved in ) in particular was reacting to similar interference. The article also reflected on a period when Hilary Clinton collapsed and seemed to have some neurological problems…but I cannot for the life of me remember where I read it. Anyway, there’s info about Havana Syndrome and diplomats readily available if anyone’s interested. I wish him well. And the silence. OMG, what a blessing that is!

    • Hmm not sure about the dog. It was a rescue Alsatian and they can be quite highly strung and snippy. It came into a much busier environment and people in my experience have a bad habit of patting strange dogs on the head as if they enjoyed it – which some don’t. Or worse they decide to ‘play’ with them and they get over excited. I have a Weimaraner and she’ll nip if she gets over enthusiastic – not aggressively, just good fun as far as she’s concerned.

  14. The GOP is doing little, short of rebuilding the party in Trump’s image, IMO. Changing the voting laws to suit, and in Idaho – removing/banning elemental social theories touching on critical race, alleging it is “Marxist and child indoctrination”.

    And here we are in the …21st Century? Or is it counting backwards to the 13th century?

  15. Can we get an add on for Kamala Harris Marjorie? Her chart could give additional perspective as I’ve read elsewhere that Dems overall are looking good in 2024.

  16. I like what I’ve seen of Joe so far. I only wish that we in the U.K. had someone like JB waiting in the wings.

    His ambitious spending programme comes as Uranus is in Taurus, as did FDR’s ‘New Deal’ I note.

  17. Robert: Well said. Completely agree, although “incompetent” is putting it politely. Let’s add a couple more adjectives: “sleazy,” “crooked”…..even those words fall short.

    • Julie, I was being very diplomatic. There are quite a few more words to describe
      Trump the grifter, but I’m just glad there are adults in the White House who are
      running things now.

      It still beggars belief that 73 million people decided to put their trust in such an
      poorly educated and odious bully.

      • Reading an article today about the GOP convention in Utah. Article stated that according to a CNN poll, 70% of Republicans believe the election was stolen. 70%….just had to think about that for a moment because it didn’t seem quite possible that THAT many people….well.

      • @Jones: 74 million actually, give or take. That extra million is nothing to sneeze at. Which totaled 47% of the electorate, shattering his 2016 bid. Talk about Trump revealing the full extent of the other side of America. Birds of a feather?!
        One hopes this is a lesson for everyone who still engages in the false equivalency with both parties. One party has the majority support of every racial and ethnic group, except one; which overwhelmingly supports the other party.
        I wonder why.
        As it stands now, Biden has about 53% support, which means Trump would still get at least 46% support if the election were rerun after the insurrection. Which essentially means nothing much has changed since. Let this sink in. Any poll that says Biden is above 54% is rubbish because it’s not possible in today’s America.

      • Another point I forgot. Hillary beat Trump by almost 3 million votes, and lost the E.C by just under 78000 votes. Yet Biden got over 7 million more votes than Trump, and only won the E.C by under 45000 votes; according to the experts.
        So who is the system really rigged against I wonder? Hmmm

  18. JB has the most unenviable task in the world, picking up the terrible debris left by
    Trump and his incompetent colleagues.

    I wish Joe well.

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