UK election July 4

Election UK July 4th – day itself plus Sunak and Starmer charts. Details tomorrow. Mars moving into Taurus on June 9th squaring Pluto and then aiming for Uranus and Algol conjunct around July 16th – all looks fraught, especially since Mars is moving through the UK’s deep and dark 8th.

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      • Was actually going to write from instead of for, but like this it turned out interesting as a question.

        I keep forgetting what it is that Marjorie said, the year when there will be a planetary shift in the UK chart, when, she said, there will be a different feel to the atmosphere.

        It is like that Sabian symbol, I believe somewhere in Libra: Dawn of a new day reveals everything changed. Such a potent scene.

  1. Jonathan-wrong! Conservatives the first party to organise large numbers of women for political work through the Primrose League, an affiliated organisation, and depended on them during campaigns. Thanks to the Primrose League, the Conservatives possessed the largest body of politicised women in the nation. Furthermore, a significant proportion of both male and female Conservatives were actively engaged in the suffrage movement. The party’s leaders, from Disraeli on, had spoken in favour of at least limited female enfranchisement at one time or another — although, it must be admitted, until 1918, none of them did anything about it. Most importantly, it was a coalition government, to which the Conservatives belonged, that voted the Representation of the People Act of 1918 giving most women over the age of 30 the right to vote, and a purely Conservative government that, in 1928, enfranchised women on the same terms as men

  2. I realise I’m going to be billy-no-mates here, but it strikes me that some of the comments on the birth charts pick and choose the aspects that confirm their prejudices. This to me is the fault line in astrology – transits are largely non- negotiable, but birth charts contain a myriad of seemingly conflicting data. I can see dominant aspects in charts, but the challenging ones can act as positive drivers as well as character flaws. To be boring for one more minute – my own chart has Uranus ( unaspected except opposition to Chiron), on the Ascendant which I can now see, after decades of life, is my major working aspect, much more so than my sun. Any thoughts anyone?

    • For unaspected planets and duets, Katen Hamaker-Zondag is the expert. I think the owner of Astro-Dienst also has an unaspected Uranus, which I sometimes associate with geniusness.

      • I wish! Thanks for your response. As a “ second in command” Virgo sun, I have done an awful lot of initiating projects, getting backing, heading them up and then skipping off to the next thing. Sounds Uranian to me .

    • Sorry- to be clear, my personality / sunsign character has been shaken and shaped by Uranus overall. I’m sure this is true of other people’s charts too.

      • Starmer has a very striking chart….even if he is a Virgo Sun. A precise Sun Pluto conjunction opposition Jupiter is not insignificant in any way, no matter what else is going on in the chart. He has gravitated towards positions of power all his adult life. His stewardship of the Labour Party has raised eyebrows for its authoritarian, some say, anti-democratic streak.

        In terms of astrology, the key thing is that I’ve seen Jupiter Pluto in combination with the Sun, in other charts, manifesting as someone who does not have any faith – Pluto kills off faith or belief (Jupiter). So, it is interesting to observe that we have had four years of Starmer as leader and still nobody knows what he believes in or what his principles are. He has no fire either.

        Pluto is associated with extremes so Jupiter Pluto can manifest as someone with a very powerful faith – the chart needs to be looked at in full.

        • Interesting! The signs involved are of course highly significant. I also have Jupiter/ Pluto conjunct in my first ( Leo) square my sun. I would say my life has been a long search for faith rather than a denial or obsessive possession of it. I agree, the whole chart is relevant and needs really deep analysis. It’s unsettling for me to be dismissive / judgemental of people because of a strong aspect on its own.

          • He has a complex chart – it is not one aspect. Mars is exactly quincunx Saturn. Again this could point to issues around control and domination. We’ve read reports of how he is running the Labour Party over the past four years – expelling members at record levels… withdrawing the whip from Labour MPs who dissent from his view of the conflict in Gaza. Not exactly indicative of too much tolerance on his part. Although maybe disaffected Tory MPs will disagree.

        • Yes, his reaction to Gaza is disappointing. Maybe he is a nasty control freak, but maybe also you’d have difficulty leading a political party to election success ( after a terrible drubbing last time round) without a touch of control freakery. Thatcher was also dominating and some say tone deaf to the views of others. I don’t know her chart and would be interested to see it.

          • The funny thing is he has a lot of Libra (indecisiveness?) in his chart (someone said his chart reminded them of Theresa May!). He does appear to constantly flip flop, change his position and then hone in on a position that makes him look as if he has complete control. Perhaps there is a real fear of appearing to be weak and he almost overcompensates? I would think about Pluto and Saturn in the chart and the aspects they make.

          • Catherine, Margaret Thatcher had Sun, Mars and Mercury in Libra. I don’t think anyone would describe her as indecisive.

          • Agree with Gilly. Ocasio-Cortez, the US politician, also has Sun, Mars and Mercury in Libra just like Thatcher . Neither individual strikes me as someone who had or are ever likely to have had too many doubts about their opinions on political matters

          • On Libra – my understanding is that female Libras flip to the opposite and can be quite masculine in approach; while male Libra tend to be softer. Wild generalisation but it does explain why lady Libras tend to be direct, upfront and often quite sharp.

        • Yes, I will make a study of Pluto and Saturn in my family’s charts ( should make me popular!) Re Libra – Thatcher was a Libran as was Cameron. They both exuded charm and grace, but in common with other Librans I know, Thatcher at least was surprisingly combative when she felt like it. Just to add another layer of hopeless complexity, I’ve read astrologers saying that inside every sign lurks its opposite sign.

          • I also think many Librans have at least a smidgen of Scorpio behind the charm. Thatcher had a Scorpio Ascendant and a rising Saturn in Scorpio. Very much brings to mind her ‘iron hand in a velvet glove’.

          • Margaret Thatcher also had a rather macho Mars Jupiter Pluto T-square. I do think there was something a bit delusional about her though; there is a Moon Neptune conjunction in the 9th house square Venus in Sag – perhaps a pronounced idealisation when it comes to philosophical concepts or ideology? ( Liz Truss has something similar going in her chart with Venus, Moon and Neptune).

          • Libra’s sense of balance can oscillate wildly, and if the scales are out of kilter may create extreme opinions and attitudes that ironically cannot see the other side’s perspective. They are supposed to strive towards peace and harmony but maybe not always…

          • SarahK, as a Libran, I drive my sister crazy with my occilating – we enjoy a good debate. She’s a Scorpio and knows exactly and precisely how she feels about things. Its just that I’m trying to find that balance and get it right. I’m not familiar with extremism in Librans, if anything we try too hard to see both sides! As I get older, I increasingly see my father in me. Like many Sun in Libra women my father was a lawyer.

    • doesn’t unaspected Uranus on the ascendant mean… unconsciously or sub-consciously being the devil’s advocate in all situations, to the point where you sometimes can’t help it? 😉

      more seriously – I agree with you about the prejudice, you’re quite right there. It’s partly human nature to do this, and also I think because all planetary energies have both constructive and destructive aspects, which are often difficult to distinguish in a complex interpretation – therefore different interpretations may happen according to what the interpreter might like to see.

      With these complex charts for the election, interpreter bias is inevitable I reckon.

    • The problem with astrology has do with with a few things, but I believe one of the main ones is a term from both philosophy and logic called falsifiability. For now, that seems to be something that cannot be overcome or disregarded when it comes to reading the stars.

      • Thank you both. This is interesting. I’ll look up falsifiability, although the meaning can be inferred from the term itself I think. Astrology is fascinating and wonderful, but I don’t like judgemental over – simplification.

  3. Venus conjuncts the UKs Moon in Cancer in the 10th House, apex of the yod/Finger of God with Venus in Aquarius and Merury in Sagitarius.
    Women one way or another will swing it and ‘What is a woman?’ will propel it.

    • I appreciate this is a simplistic take, but time and again I’ve seen overcomplicated readings of election outcomes that dont bear fruit. Sometimes its the simplest clearest indicators, particularly when yods are involved.

      • That’s interesting Marina. I’m wondering about Black Moon Lilith and the S Node in the 8th house of the GE chart, as it aligns with October’s Solar Eclipse in Venus ruled (and legal) Libra. Keir Starmer has natal BML at 9 Libra, square Mars 6 Cancer. So, even if in a hidden Lilithy kind of way, that’s meaningful for him.

        Both the Labour Party 1906 and Conservatives 1867 have their ‘revolutionary’ and possibly delusional Uranus/Neptune potentially highlighted by the eclipse. Labour, Uranus 7 Capricorn opposing Neptune 7 Cancer. Conservatives Uranus 12 Cancer square Neptune 12 Aries. With both 1066 Sun 9 Capricorn, and 1801 Sun 10 Capricorn, there’s quite a focus on those Cardinal degrees. They crop up through UK charts, too.

        The GE Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus, and its impending meeting with Mars and the Medusa/Algol is another potentially high energy ‘feminine’ theme. That late Taurus and fixed sign degree ripples through UK charts one way or another for centuries. And Labour, 1906, have Jupiter at 27 Taurus square Venus and Sun 22 Aquarius, while the Conservatives 1867 have Moon 25 Taurus, opposing Saturn 25 Scorpio, and square Jupiter 28 Aquarius.

        So if all the experts, and the polls, are right, we can assume Keir Starmer will win. Yet the astrology seems to be ‘fraught’ as Marjorie notes. World events could have something to do with this.

        • Could the feminine theme be that Labour govt will have more females in powerful positions?

          Deputy PM Angela Rayner and first female chancellor Reeves?

          • Ann – Labour is an unusually masculine party.

            All the other parties – Conservatives, LibDems, SNP, Greens, Plaid Cymru, Sinn Fein, DUP and UKIP – have had women leaders.

            Only Labour hasn’t. Starmer was up against two women for the Labour leadership and won. Admittedly he fibbed his way into the job, but because Labour likes male leaders, I think he’d have won anyway.

            He also strikes me as a control freak – Sun-Pluto! – so I don’t think any of his team, male or female, will have a say.

          • Masculine because of major power and financial bloc of the unions which are predominantly male or at least the upper reaches, notwithstanding poster girl Angela Rayner and one or two others. Hopefully the unions will take on the water companies at least, if not property companies. Railways? Having lived through British Rail …..!
            One way or another not optimistic about any of them.

          • If it wasn’t for the Labour Party there would be no female suffrage or ‘sex equality’ in the UK.

            As simple as that.

            The Conservative Party would never ever have introduced these laws if they had unhindered power since the turn of the last century.

            The call themselves ‘Conservative’ for a reason.

          • Jonathan – women’s suffrage, all women getting the vote, happened with the Equal Franchise Act 1928. It was passed by Stanley Baldwin’s Conservative government.

          • Might be worth looking at the “Flapper Election” of 30th May 1929, as the first time all women over 21 had the vote. It resulted in a hung parliament. Much of interest in the election day line-up, including Jupiter at 26 Taurus, Nodes 21 Taurus! It squares Neptune at 28 Leo. The 1801 UK Sun is aspected by Mars 9 Leo, Uranus 10 Aries, Chiron 11 Taurus, Sun 8 Gemini. Venus is in Aries, trine Neptune in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius – all that fiery energy, with inspiring as well as delusional potential. That day’s Pluto is 16 Cancer, close to the UK Cancer Moon – the public, and the female population.

        • Spot on. This has the feeling of the summer of 2022 when the experts and the polls said Truss would win, but the astrology said something different. Then the Queen died, Truss imploded and Sunak became PM anyway as though it was fated. I’m getting deja vu.

      • Another astrologer I follow has just posted this as the mothers vote election citing family and home as the key concerns.

  4. Starmer is going to win – the only question is by how much. One thing that strikes me is that Starmer’s intensely hard working Sun/Pluto conjunction in his 10th is trine the Sun of the UK 1801 chart. His Neptune/Ascendant conjunction is sextile the UK Sun as well. This indicates that as PM he should have a strong, positive and somewhat empathetic connection with the nation.

  5. On a technical point, Marjorie, what does one consider the birth-time/date of a new Parliament?

    Is it the end of polling (so the chart you have published above)? The date that Parliament meets pro-forma to elect the Speaker? Or the date of the first State Opening?

    I was looking at the chart above and Jupiter in the fourth House looks good/lucky, especially as it is also sextile the Sun. But then Pluto is almost conjunct the Ascendant, which does not sound too good.

    It is interesting that almost all planets are in the lower half of the chart. A very inward looking Parliament. Could also hint at the Restoration and Renewal of Parliament (an internal matter for Parliament, as it were) going ahead. Jupiter in the fourth could also hint at that.

    On a separate note, Marjorie, can I also request you to cast a chart for the European Parliament elections in early (6th to 9th) June?

    • Also, according to the FT, Sue Gray, Keir Starmer chief of staff, has compiled a “shit list” of crises a Labour government would face if they come into power.

      1. Potential collapse of Thames Water
      2. Public sector pay pressure
      3. Prison overcrowding
      4. Universities going under
      5. NHS funding
      6. Bankrupt councils

      Not surprised that the Tories want to hand the poisoned chalice over as soon as possible. The poisoned chalice is almost certainly full of sewage anyway.

      • Grateful for any interpretations of that Uranus 17’ off of an exact conjunction with the fixed star Algol on the Election chart’s IC. This conjunction will occur twice more: 25 October 2024 and April 29 2025.

        The last time this transit occurred was back in 1941 during WW2.


        • Neptune will be conjunct Scheat as well twice between now and mid 2025 so there will be two outer planets making aspects to potentially malefic fixed stars.

        • Saturn is also going to conjoin both Markab, “ the star of sorrows” and Scheat in 2025 as well. The last time that happened there was conflict in the former Yugoslavia. The Sebrinica massacre in July 1995 happened just after Saturn made a conjunction with Markab.

  6. I note that at the time Sunak made his Election announcement that Libra was on the ascendant and that Venus its ruling planet was in domicile in Taurus and conjunct Jupiter in the 8th House which would normally be regarded as auspicious. Maybe something to bear in mind over the next few weeks when I expect there will be more than a fair share of gloom about.

      • Pluto on the IC can indicate a need to break from the inherited burdens of the past. With regard to Sunak win or lose the decision to call an election may actually be beneficial for him personally.

    • Very financial. Busy 8th house with Taurus planets, Moon in Scorpio in 2nd. Also ruler of the second house, strong Mars in Aries, angular and conjunct NN.

  7. Thanks for this Marjorie, and contributors. Rishi Sunak came in with such a boom with that chancellor’s speech. He read it so well and photographed so well. But nothing matched that initial performance, somehow. Rishi is very like what the Queen, I think, once said: Her ministers come in as lovely fresh young men and age quickly into old men going out. Rishi has really aged, to me, or his face has taken on a hardness of middle age that it was boyish before. He arrived at an unfortunate time of horrible events he had to sign for and opt into. I wonder what Sunak could have done differently to win the people? My idea would have been not being so invisible and remote. I think if he had been on regular and been very up front about what he was doing and why. That would have made him credible. Keir Starmer will be something new, a new brush sweeps clean. But I think he is fronting a Tory party called New Labour like Tony Blair. So same policies? A change is as good as a rest though.

  8. Rishi’s North Node is at 25 Leo. When he became PM on 25th Oct
    2022, transiting Pluto was at 26 Capricorn, and was making a sextile to transiting Neptune at 23 Pisces. Both tr Pluto and tr Neptune were making quincunxes to Sunak’s North Node forming a Yod with it.

    The way he became PM had such a heavy element of unexpected fate in it, I assumed his NN was either conjunct his ascendant or midheaven

    Anyway, the Yod will still be in place on election day, except the orbs will be wider (Pluto at 1 Aq 17, Neptune at 29 Pisces 55).

    Also, election day Saturn is opposite his natal Saturn. Election day Venus is sextile his natal Saturn, Election day Mars is trine his natal Saturn. If the 2:40p.m. time is right, they’re all making aspects to his ascendant too. Something to do with responsibility?

    Starmer’s Mercury is trined by Election Day Jupiter which also sextiles his NN – seems lucky. Election Day Sun is trine his Neptune and conjunct his Mars. But he has Election Day Pluto close to his natal Saturn.

    Sunak’s chart is quite difficult, with the Grand Cross involving the Nodes. Starmer’s chart seems luckier, with Jupiter opposing his Sun.

    But there is something fated about Sunak.

  9. Not to mention his Virgo sun. No offence but Virgos are not leaders (and I say that as someone with asc Virgo and other Virgo placements). Virgo makes a great right hand man but not a playmaker which just reinforces my feeling that Starmer is there merely to do the bidding of the Corporates. The baton must be passed now because the Tories are denting the credibility of the System and the natives are getting restless. We don’t want another Populist upswing via Reform now do we ? Starmer is being tee-d up. Its no coincidence that this announcement comes 20 days after the Tories got stuffed at the May local elections. Theyve just tested the waters and seen the outcome. (The 22nd is master number in freemasonry and also represents that successful completion of a cycle or journey or the beginning of one).

  10. can you do one for reform too please Marjorie as I think it may be a hung parliament or they could pick up some votes from both side,

  11. If my calculations are right Rishi Sunak’s Sun/Moon midpoint is sextile Starmer’s Chiron. So who inflicts the wound?

    • As the Sun/Moon midpoint is normally a signifier of marriage, probably Akshata Murty could be the one to inflict the wound.

  12. Neptune retrograde conjunct Scheat. Someone is going to get shipwrecked. Neptune squares Sunak’s Venus and is within one degree of Starmer’s Jupiter. Whatever the result I think the unraveling of the U.K. will continue.

    • I agree the unravelling will continue. Assuming Labour win – Starmer has positioned the party to appeal to Conservative voters by going for only slightly more palatable versions of their policies. Ergo no big changes. While it would be simple to blame that on him, it’s also what much of the electorate want – they have a blindspot that while they want change, they don’t want to risk anything by going for it.

      Starmer’s chart has very little to suggest he will be anything better than an administrator. His Virgo planets will probably enjoy cleaning up after the Conservatives but I see no particular creativity in him or his chart to suggest he can do something innovative to address the deeper issues of the country or inspire everyone.

      • Agree. He’s a very “meh” sort of person looking at his chart. He’s a Blairite type – a career politician not a conviction politican. He’ll be a mere functionary or facilitator for the interests of the banking and corporate worlds. All that mutable energy suggests he’ll be a good little shapeshifter – telling people what they want to hear depending on who he’s talking to of course. Plus that Mars in Cancer! Hardly reliable. He’s not capable of giving a straight answer to a straight question.

      • I’m afraid I can never forget Hugh’s ‘same cake, different coloured icing’ analogy when it comes to Starmer. And I agree with Annatole about Virgos.

      • I have always said if Starmer was a colour he would be beige. No personality. Not even realising his chart backs up my impression.

        • Reminded me of this from ‘Of mice and men’….”The first man was small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp, strong features.Every part of him was defined: small, strong hands, slender arms, a thin and bony nose. Behind him walked his opposite, a huge man, shapeless of face, with large, pale eyes, with wide, slopingshoulders; and he walked heavily, dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws”

    • Tory and Labour are just two sides of the same coin. There will be no change towards betterment for the people as negative as my view seems. I also wish Starmer was able to define what a woman is.

  13. Purely from an auspicious perspective, I thought it was rather unfortunate that the clouds opened soon after little Rishi began his address. The poor thing looked like a drowned rat by the end of it.

    • Interestingly Hindus consider rains auspicious. A lot of emphasis on heavens opening up as a sign of God’s blessings. You would find this a lot in Indian mythology and Hindu ancient texts.

    • Yes that didn’t go well for him. I wonder if it will become a photo that gets used often in future articles.

        • He looked pathetic.
          Like the proverbial drowned rat.

          Even very young children have the good sense to shelter from the rain, if for no other reason they know that sitting around all day in soaked through clothing is uncomfortable.

          No one with a brain deliberately soaks themselves unless they really have no other choice, excepting water fowl, amphibians, snails etc, every single terrestrial animal has a deep instinct not to get soaked – and TV viewers intuited that too.

          • Steve Bray – it was him – should have played that minor 1980s hit, much beloved by the late Terry Wigan, ‘I Never Go Out in the Rain’, by ‘High Society’, on his sound system.

    • What puzzles me is that Sunak, who is the man with ultimate power was:
      (a) Totally unable to instruct the police to silence and move on the very loud protestors who turned this deeply serious occasion into a joke.
      (b) Wear a raincoat and hat, get an aide to hold a big golfing umbrella, or even to make the announcement indoors, even within the doorway of No. 10, or even as a live internet feed.

      Surely, he could arrange all those things with an instant snapping of the fingers. I mean, just how many staff and factotums he has running after him?

      • Yes, he was drowned out by both the weather and the protesting crowds. Of course I can’t help thinking of the fixed star Scheat, the shoulder of Pegasus. Astrology King says of the star: ‘ It causes extreme misfortune…….and drowning.’

        Of of the constellation, Pegasus; ‘The constellation portends events concerning ships and the ocean and also changes in the weather. In medieval times, it was said to indicate vain individuals with a great deal of ambition but very poor judgment.’

      • Well … according to Liz Truss she couldn’t even find anyone to book her haircuts or get an Ocada delivery brought in. (I say that with tongue wedged firmly in cheek)

      • I kind of liked the contrast of this compared to all the razzmatazz of US Presidential campaign launches. Just pouring rain and a trolling sound system for Rishi. And done and dusted in 6 weeks

      • Personally think they should impose a temporary road block on Whitehall (traffic and pedestrian) on security grounds when any announcement takes place where the PM is outside #10.

  14. Those at the top of the System, principlally the Central Banking system, routinely use astrology and given that Sunak is a former Goldman Sachs banker (as is his former boss -the DG of the BBC), there wil be non-random factors associated with the choice of this date. Goldman Sachs practically run Europe. Its not of Sunak’s choosing and I suspect the Corporates want a change in their representatives on earth in order to faciliate the next stage in their global shakedown. Sunak has served his purpose and now must fall on his sword as the well worn media cliche goes. Its perfectly obvious given the recent local election results that the Tories don’t have a hope in hell.

    • I am not about Goldman Sachs din’t know enough about them. Yet I do have a feeling he has looked at his Stars. This is why I asked about Indian Astrology on the “thought and questions” section. As the first thing that came to my mind was he may be using it.

      • I remember reading it somewhere that his mother-in-law is a big follower of an astrologer/guru in India and claimed in an interview that Sunak became PM because he followed the advise.

        It was all over Indian media last year with people even mocking her on her ‘ridiculous’ claim.

    • Moon was conjunct Sunak’s Uranus and opposing transiting Uranus in Taurus as he made the Election announcement at about 17.15. Both the Moon in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus are in Fall. All the aforementioned planets are very close to the Mars Pluto in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus axis in the Maastricht 1 November 1993 chart and also exactly activate the Mars at 23 Scorpio in the 2016 EU Referendum chart. The Moon Uranus opposition in the Election announcement chart squares the UK 1801 11th House Saturn at 23 Leo.

  15. Oh no, Jupiter in Gemini will form a T-square to Keir Starmer’s Sun Pluto Jupiter opposition. He genuinely doesn’t believe in anything other than power and control – for himself. It’s a pathetic sight. I can only assume he experienced extreme powerlessness as a child. Fingers crossed for a hung parliament to keep him in check.

    • Unfortunately I believe you are correct, with him in charge the UK will become like East Germany under Honecker.

    • Doubt He/Labour can be any worse than what we have lived through. It is fascinating how people are constantly disassociating from the horrors we have been true – Boris, Sunak, Truss, REES-MOGG – half the backbenchers presenting on GB TV ‍♀️

      • ………and Austerity which the Libdems enthusiastically helped the Conservatives push through. Boring sounds at least more stable and whoever wins inherits a Tory inspired poison chalice. I just hope someone can pull us through it all.

    • Jupiter – the law and lawyers – is aligned with fixed star Aldebaran in Taurus that day. This is a powerful star, sometimes called “the Watcher of the East”. On the simplest level, that seems to have interesting implications for any government. For former lawyer Keir Starmer, it seems to hold a message too.

      Also, Pluto in Aquarius aligns with fixed star Altair, in the Eagle constellation, Aquila. It is associated with Jupiter in both myth and astrology.

      “Altair is good for advancement of lawyers and military men. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.67.]”

      Altair is often associated with the United States and their symbolic Eagle. Curious, since the 4th July is Independence Day in the States.

      I see that the Euro quarter finals will be on 5th and 6th July. Should England get there, there will either be national jubilation, or national depression that weekend. A winning team would give a new government a bit of a boost?
      Other fixed stars are involved in the chart for the GE, suggesting an important time, and much drama. I don’t know what to make of BML and the S Node flagging up October’s Libran Eclipse, but – as Marjorie says – it certainly looks fraught.

  16. Big news for the UK, thank you Marjorie. Wondering where you got Rishi Sunak’s time of birth from as I have been unable to locate a trusted source so far – thanks!

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