UK election – into the glass darkly ++ Greens ++ Corbyn, Streeting, Mordaunt etc ++ Gove ++ Diane Abbott

The UK election on July 4 2024 has an upbeat tr Jupiter in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius running through most of the campaigning. Though there are ominous signs of aggravation from Mars in Taurus from 9th June which makes a high-risk, ruthless square to Pluto on June 11th and aims for the explosive/destructive Algol Uranus conjunction by 18 July – all the while ploughing through the UK’s deep, dark 8th house of finances, secrets and transformation. Plus Neptune conjunct the ‘shipwreck’ Scheat throughout till early September.

 The global situation in the Middle East and elsewhere is poised on a knife edge right through June, with tensions reaching a peak through July which will have an impact; with the probability of other ‘black swan’ events guaranteed to throw the best laid political plans into confusion.  

  Election astro-prediction is a tricky business with charts often being without a birth time so information is missing. Plus campaigning is stressful which shows up and can be mistaken for a loss rather than plain exhaustion or panic at winning. The latter in this case is even more likely given the poisoned chalice that comes with a victory. Sometimes a defeat can open up opportunities for lucrative jobs in the private sector especially for chancellors so there can also be rejoicing in the face of an election loss. Or a down-the-liner regards a loss as an opportunity to step up the chain of command as the leader topples.

 The UK chart has tr Pluto trine the Uranus from late this month to July 18th which sounds like a change. At the same time tr Pluto is opposition the UK Jupiter (= confident, over confident); conjunct the Neptune/Node midpoint (= panic, breakdown of relationships); and square the Sun/Saturn midpoint (= depressed about health/NHS?) – which adds up to a whole lot of conflicting agendas and reactions.

 The relationship charts between the UK and Starmer hint at a lack of trust from a composite Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn conjunction and suspicion about his implicit drive for control from a composite Mars opposition Pluto – which Blair also had with the UK. He started with optimism and ended in hostility. With Rishi Sunak there are also trust issues but although it is a less stressed relationship chart, there are slight hints of a parting of the ways this year.

 Keir Starmer, 2 September 1962, does have tr Jupiter in Gemini square his Sun Pluto in Virgo exactly on the day of the election which should give him a mild boost. He looks energized now till late May, jittered and jangled through June.  His Leadership chart looks uncertain through June and is moving through a gruelling several-year phase which won’t end soon. Plus his personal chart shows major confusion from SA Pluto conjunct his Neptune this year and then SA Sun conjunct his Neptune probably early next year; and a car-crash (metaphorically speaking) late 2025/26 with Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Sun Pluto. If he does win, it won’t last; or personal issues will interfere with his ambitions.

  Rishi Sunak, 12 May 1980, is slap bang in the middle of his midlife crisis of tr Uranus opposition Uranus when he reflects on all his unfulfilled ambitions from the past and makes impulse decisions. He looks upbeat and lucky from early August with tr Uranus square his Jupiter/Node midpoint (or that could be in 2025 if his birth time is late in the day). Before then all that is showing both on his personal and PM chart are highly emotional tr Pluto aspects to Venus and Venus midpoints.

Amended: Now that I look carefully, if his birth time is late evening then he has two fairly catastrophic aspects. One is his Progressed Mars square his Neptune exact on a 10pm birth with his Solar Arc Pluto less than a degree away from a square to his Mars. Both of these look like a swingeing defeat.

Jeremy Hunt, the Chancellor, is feeling lucky in the first half of June and again after July 8th with tr Uranus opposition his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint. Though completely jammed in before and after the election with tr Saturn square his Mars/Pluto midpoint.

Oliver Dowden, Deputy Prime Minister, is upbeat across the election with tr Uranus opposition his Mars/Jupiter and Jupiter/Node midpoints.   Grant Shapps, the Defence Minister, on the other hand looks devastated and hemmed in – though global events could also play a part in that.

 Ed Davey, LibDems, will be frustrated and trapped right through campaigning and the election result with tr Pluto conjunct his Mars.

  Richard Tice, Reform, will get an uplift in the aftermath of the election from July 8th onwards into August with tr Uranus conjunct his Jupiter in Taurus and in August opposing his Jupiter/North Node midpoint.

  The usual mixter maxter of conflicting influences.  I wouldn’t completely write the Tories off though the country undoubtedly wants change. Better the devil you know????? Or not.

Add On: Greens – Carla Denyer, 24 September 1985 (twitter birthday + company check) – tr Jupiter square her Mars in Virgo on the day itself and her SA Sun conjunct her South Node. Not much else.  Adrian Ramsay, 1 January 1982, tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint up to and over the election – sounds as if something is going right for them.

ADD ON: A fleeting glance at other notables.

Jeremy Corbyn standing as an independent with Sun, Venus, Mercury and Uranus in Gemini will appreciate Jupiter’s move into Gemini from this week onwards. In a generally upbeat year he isn’t making much progress across campaigning and the election.

Wes Streeting, Shadow Health, is labouring mightily, feeling discouraged across campaigning; and sagging badly late July to early September. Like Starmer his 20256/27 is very bad news.

Suella Braverman, former Home Secretary, seriously rattled until after the election and more so in August and on. Tending to erupt into over reactions.

Boris Johnson -frustrated and irritable till after mid July, discouraged thereafter.

Penny Mordaunt, in a generally upbeat year though not over the election with her Mars/Saturn and Saturn/Node midpoints both at 29 Pisces catching the undermining tr Neptune conjunction plus shipwrecking Scheat.

Add On: Michael Gove resigning may be a hint of what he regards as the likely scale of an impending Tory defeat. Described as “the most consequential politician never to have held one of the four great offices of state” he will be remembered for stabbing Boris Johnson in the back and for his mystifying support for leave in the Brexit referendum. His relationship with Rishi Sunak was never amiable with a composite Mars Pluto conjunction with Pluto square Saturn and Mars square the composite Sun – chained together and resenting it. There is real dislike in there.

  Oddly enough his chart is reasonably similar to Bashar Assad’s, born two years earlier. Both are Sun Virgos with Uranus, Pluto and Mercury in Virgo as well as Mars Neptune conjunct in Scorpio. Gove will find the years from 2026 to the end of this decade difficult with his Solar Arc Pluto Uranus conjunct his Mars Neptune.

ADD ON: The Diane Abbott situation is proving a headache for Keir Starmer. The former shadow Home Secretary under Corbyn’s regime she was suspended last year for saying Jewish, Irish and Traveller people do not face racism “all their lives” but that Labour Party restriction has now been lifted, though there are conflicting claims about whether she has been barred from standing again as an MP.  Born 27 September 1953, she is a Sun Libra with her Mars in Virgo conjunct Starmer’s Sun Pluto conjunction – so a clash of sorts was always inevitable. Their relationship chart is riddled with problematic aspects. A cool Sun square Saturn; and ego clashes and disappointment from a Neptune opposition Jupiter square Mars T square. It won’t get easier over the next two or three years.

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  1. Every political party is in such a muddle it seems. Re the Diane Abbott chaos, in March Marjorie wrote this in a post about Angela Rayner:

    “Her relationship with Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, is under acute and frustrating pressure right now with tr Pluto opposition their composite Mars and that rolls on and off to late 2025.

    None of which look like sailing the pair to a slamdunk victory whenever the election comes.”

    Amongst many other things, I look at the October Solar Eclipse on Keir Starmer’s Black Moon Lilith and I wonder what it might symbolise…..

  2. Just seen on Twitter and a quick Google search (so can’t be sure how accurate it is) that Starmer’s father was a big supporter of Jeremy Corbyn…which is surprising, but on the other hand may shed some light on Starmer’s chart.

    His father, Rodney, described as a ‘socialist’, was active in local Labour politics in East Surrey and “gave a rousing speech….in favour of Jeremy Corbyn in the (2016) leadership challenge”. If this is the case, one wonders about Starmer’s inner motivation for pursuing Corbyn with such intensity, almost revulsion. The assumption would have been that Corbyn would fade gently into the background of the Labour Party. Instead, because of Starmer’s hostility, Corbyn is back in the spotlight, in his 70s, campaigning to win as an Independent – he has a final degree Saturn in Leo which could suggest assuming leadership roles, or being in the spotlight at a later stage in his life.
    It is interesting that Starmer (Sun Pluto) has spoken of having a difficult, challenging relationship with his father. One can speculate on the ramifications of that.

    • Tony Blair’s father was reportedly a huge supporter of Margaret Thatcher.

      The sons may not follow the politics of their respective fathers.

          • “As Tony Blair himself said: “[Thatcher] was immensely kind and generous to me when I was Prime Minister… Politicly, certain reforms she made, for example in Trade Union Law…, we kept the basic legal framework… We didn’t renationalise many of state industries that she privatized… I always thought my job was to build on some of the things she had done rather than reverse them… Many of the things she said… had a certain creditability… Whenever I wanted to ask her for advice, she would always give it… in a genuine, spirited way.” (BBC News, April 8, 2013)

            Something to think about!

    • Starmer claimed his father was working class because his father was a toolmaker. This was debunked when it was claimed that he owned a toolmaking factory and employed people to produce the tools. I guess it is a very broad church full of spin.

        • KS grew up in a home where finances were constrained to say the least. He remembers certain utilities being cut off in his childhood. He had 3 brothers and sisters so money was tight. A brother has learning difficulties.
          He went to a non fee paying grammar school by way of being bright and hard working. The school was later privatised and he was able to continue with a bursary.
          University was his way out of a home life that necessarily centred around his sick mother whom he loved.
          It can’t have been easy for him to do his shift on the high dependency unit with his mother during her frequent health battles then get up for school the next day.
          He was the eldest so bore more responsibility than his siblings.
          I can’t really understand all the negativity around him. He must have had to develop something of a shell growing up but he seems to really care about the country and working people.

      • Having looked this up, it appears Starmer senior was a self employed tool maker operating (as a business) out of rented premises on an industrial estate – much like your average self employed plumber, electrician, decorator etc etc.

    • It appears that it isn’t just Corbyn that Starmer is after.

      Many sitting Corbyn-supporting MPs, such as Diane Abbott, Faiza Shaheen and Lloyd Russel-Moyle, have been denied Labour backing for the upcoming elections.

      I suspect that he is making sure that the next parliamentary Labour Party will be more pragmatic than progressive, more moderate than left.

  3. Marjorie a genuine question/concern-there is some background chatter suggesting that the election was called early because Rishi does not want to be a WARTIME prime minister. Is there anything at all indicating war/martial law in the UK in the Aug/Sept/Oct time frame? This on the heels of the Dowden ‘stockpile food and supplies’ announcement of 2 days ago…

  4. “Lifejackets in Belfast as Rishi Sunak tries to keep campaign afloat at Titanic birthplace”, from today’s Belfast Telegraph. What was that about Scheat, Neptune, and shipwrecks?!

  5. I wonder what the astrology of the 1992 election and this one have (if anything) in common. Poll predictions were for a Kinnock lab narrow majority or hung parliament and it ended up in a John Major majority…

    • Major had a Capricorn ascendant (6 Cap) conjuct Moon at 8 Cap. Both square his Sun at 7 Aries. So Aries energy behind the sensible grey Capricorn appearance.

      When he became Prime Minister on 28th Nov 1990, transiting Uranus was at 8 Cap, conjunct his Moon and Ascendant and square his Sun. Transiting Mars was at 5 Gemini, sextile his Sun. Transiting Jupiter was at 13 Leo, trine his Sun.

      On election day 9th April 1992, transiting Jupiter was at 5 Virgo, trine his ascendant and moon.

  6. For me one of the heartening things about this election is the increased choice that we saw at the local elections. Corbyn and probably others standing as Independents; Reform providing choice again for rightwing voters.

    I’d observe the Pluto in Capricorn era as having been a consolidation of power by singular groups. Pluto in Aquarius perhaps is beginning to give freedom of choice.

    My longterm guess (and it is just pondering) is the next government won’t achieve much to improve things; but then the Uranus/Neptune in Aqua generation will be in their 30s by the next election and we will see some kind of alternative / innovative leadership coming from them which creates the renewal the country needs. They won’t be interested in maintaining the status quo; they will rip things apart without care for the feelings of individuals. They have different values which aren’t tied to the materialism of the past generations.

  7. I misread the heading and assumed we were going to delve into the underbelly of the Greens, an increasingly dark place further and further away from their original remit.
    Whereas once I would have welcomed a power share, now I dread it. Among other things I tie them into the upcoming transit of Pluro to the UKs 5th house and the effect on children. The news out of Scotland of the complete failure of the Scottish Greens rent cap doesnt help.

    • I agree Marina – they seem to have ‘evolved’ into something else. Their UK history is all over the place, with wings and factions too. The only dates I can find are interesting though. Founded as the People Party in November 1972 in Coventry, they had Saturn in Gemini (19-17) trine Uranus in Libra (19-21), with Nodes 19-17 Capricorn that month. Pluto 3-4 Libra square Jupiter 4-10 Capricorn. Quite chilly, and aspects to the UK Cancer Moon. Maybe the S Node on UK Moon represents a kind of William Blake-ish rural dream vibe, which was around in the arts and culture of the early 1970’s with its folk rock music, and folk horror movies.

      Then July 1990 is another date they give online (Green 2000 initiative) – Jupiter 19-26 Cancer, Saturn 22-20 Capricorn, Uranus 7-6 Capricorn, Neptune 13 Capricorn, Pluto 15-14 Scorpio, and the Nodes around 7 Aquarius. I think these rough dates work together as you can see the 1990 transits to 1972 more or less. The Cardinal emphasis is interesting, and ambitious. The changes we’ve seen could be Pluto’s transit through Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, in part. If 1972 works, Saturn squares Saturn now. August’s Jupiter/Saturn square at 17 Gemini/Pisces might be relevant too?

      Dunno! I think some of their surface appeal has deep roots in various movements like the Soil Association, and numerous social experiments and groups in the inter-war period, and earlier. There were many cults, communes and campaigns here, and a kind of boho hippy era bubbling away in the 1920’s. They’ve left all that behind now it seems…..

      • Just to add on without doing any look up or analysis, if the Green Party was formed in 1972 is that was just into the Neptune in Sag era – which I believe was a time when people were going off to build communes and live off the land. As per BBC sitcom The Good Life!

      • At the moment the Green Party are, perhaps rather idealistically, saying that there can be no real environmental justice without social, racial and economic justice. Harking back to a rural idyll (The Good Life) is not really going to achieve much on a macro scale and who would anyone really vote for that anyway..?! A very niche electorate.

    • I know several long standing members of the Greens who have now left due to the malign influence of identity politics. They seem to now think they are the LBTQ+ party. Their championing of Aimee Challenor and his child abusing, now jailed father, was a particular low point.
      Could you look at the SDP party? They are left leaning without the identity politics extremism so economically left but culturally centrist. They are what survived from the merger of SDP and Liberals and led by David Owen.

      • I left because of the Aimee Challenor case and the party’s shocking attitude towards the victim. I’ve become extremely wary of the self-styled ‘progressives’ of our era.

  8. Something curious, that may or may not be relevant. We’ve been talking about Scheat with Neptune 29 Pisces, amongst other things. UK 1066 has Moon 29 Pisces square Uranus 28 Sagittarius. Scheat would have been at an earlier degree then of course.

    The “Flapper Election”, 30 May 1929 had Saturn 28 Sagittarius, part of a fiery Grand Trine with Venus and Neptune. It was a hung parliament. Mercury Rx.

    The Labour minority government election, 28 February 1974 had Saturn 27 Gemini, with S Node 25 Gemini. Mercury Rx.

    6 May, 2010 – the coalition – had Jupiter 24 Pisces, Saturn 28 Virgo, Uranus with Scheat 29 Pisces. Mercury Rx.

    Mercury isn’t retrograde this time, but these mutable degrees might have something to say to us.

  9. The Greens’ co-leader, Adrian Ramsay, is down as being born 01.01.1982 in Norwich. The Greens have been doing well in East Anglia, where he’s standing in the new constituency of Waveney Valley, though if anyone knows the River Waveney, ”valley” is a bit of a misnomer! Carla Denyer’s DOB may be shown in her LinkedIn profile if anyone is a member. As a member of the Greens and a fellow Quaker non-believer, I’m very pleased that she’s become so prominent.

  10. There is a New Moon in the early hours of the morning on 5th July. Which could mean change or a new dawning. With the Black Moon Lilith conjunct the South Node, in the eight house of secrets and politics; this could depict an unforeseen change with the past. Pluto is in the Election’s chart’s first house and in Aquarius – ruled by Uranus. Uranus is the only planet that rotates the opposite way to the other planets. Uranus is in the third house of communications, in the election Chart and also the fixed sign of Taurus, which rules the throat – the people have spoken? Venus is the ruler of Taurus. Venus in the Election Chart’s, sixth house of everyday work. Perhaps an unexpected explosive Election result?

  11. I still see Momentum as a threat if Starmer wins – he could be an unwitting Trojan Horse into No10 to be replaced at an early stage. Am I right in thinking that the Unions aren’t that enamoured with him either? (vague recollection of meeting recently between them). If this is the case – the stage is perhaps being set for a coup with support from two directions.

      • This is wide of the mark. Momentum will back Jeremy Corbyn not Labour. The membership has changed significantly since 2019. They are also more likely to back the whacky Greens. Labour moderates are in the ascendancy not radical socialists.

  12. I am told that until parliament is dissolved letters of no conf can go in (as a billion talentless MPs wonder what the hell they will do for jobs)against Rishi. So maybe we should be looking at Suella, Kemi and Penny too. I think a woman against Sir Beer Korma is just the thing….

    • If you want a woman with absolutey no scruples or moral compass and a populist tendency towards stirring racism, then Suella, Kemi or Penny could be just your ticket…

  13. Reform have received a lot of media attention, but am wondering about how the Green Party astrology chart is looking? They picked up councillors in the local elections. Carla Denyer (co-leader) is running for Bristol Central but she does not appear to have a DoB online unless anyone can find it?

  14. Thanks Marjorie. I have been involved in a number of election campaigns down the years particularly at local government level as my wife has been a councillor. I can very much vouch for how exhausting they can be for the candidates and their helpers, a fact about which most voters are oblivious. I would also add that there is not necessarily a very good correlation between the skills of politicians campaigning and their ability to govern in office. Boris Johnson is very much a case of the latter point. Neither Sunak or Starmer strike me as particularly likely to be that stellar on the campaign trail. In some ways the Conservatives have less to lose than Labour by running an adventurous campaign so I expect the latters manifesto to be a safety first offering. It will be interesting to see who comes to the forefront in the campaign but don’t be surprised if Johnson is catching some of the headlines as he did in the Tees Valley mayoral campaign. The Moon will be conjunct his Mercury on 4 July 2024. Mars will also be transiting conjunct his Jupiter in the final week of the campaign

    • Johnson. Best to check all candidates. The Artful Dodger could come back in disguise or AI. I jest, yet with Johnson one never knows! More likely he will put out at statement stating, if he was still charge he would have won with a landslide! Mercury/Moon.

      • I once thought that a good thing, but looking at Scotland and the current state of the UK I think that could be disastrous.

        • Well I don’t much like it either. But as a woman I dislike even more having my safe spaces hijacked, which seems to be what is Labour’s agenda.

  15. A Labour win appears likely, but a poisoned chalice it will undoubtedly be. The UK and the world will see increasingly critical times at least until the end of this decade. Even the best-laid plans will go awry.

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