UK business leaders catch a Saturnine reprimand

There’s a furore amongst the pin-stripe suits and the Westminster and Whitehall politicos as the CBI, (Confederation of British Industry), the UK’s main business lobby group, representing 190,000 businesses, is rocked by numerous allegations of sexual misconduct within its ranks. It has now sacked its boss Tony Danker for conduct that “fell short of that expected of the director-general”.  The Treasury has elected to “temporarily pause” all engagement with it which hints at the gravity of the scandal(s).

  What is intriguing is Tony Danker’s chart, born 30 December 1971 in Belfast, five days after Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. He has an ultra-determined, never-say-die and controlling Mars in Aries opposition Pluto squaring onto a Capricorn Sun – fitting for a super-ambitious business maestro. His Pluto is also in a tough-minded Air Grand Trine to Saturn in a cool trine to Venus and North Node in Aquarius; formed into a Kite with his Saturn opposition Neptune, making Neptune the driving planet.

  He also has a restless Gemini Moon opposition Jupiter.  

  That is some chart – emotionally detached from the Air Grand Trine especially with Saturn Pluto there – ruthlessly driven to succeed and get his own way, super-controlling from Mars Pluto Capricorn Sun – ego-centric from a focal point Sun – with a dash of Neptunian slipperiness.

 The CBI was given a Royal Charter 30 July 1965, the day before J.K. Rowling was born, which gives it a Leo Sun and a lucky Jupiter in Gemini squaring Uranus Pluto in Virgo opposition Saturn. At the moment the Solar Arc Mars is exactly conjunct the CBI South Node for a collision with its more primitive shadow; and tr Uranus is in a high-anxiety opposition to the CBI Neptune.

  Danker’s South Node is conjunct the CBI Sun so it would not bring out the best in him. And the relationship chart between them has a power-couple (over the top, rules-don’t-apply) Jupiter Pluto composite conjunction sextile a charming through slippery Venus Neptune inconjunct a yod focal point Saturn – arrogance plus inappropriate behaviour meets a hard task master in karma-magnet Saturn. The composite Uranus is catching the upending tr Pluto trine at the moment.

  Pluto in Capricorn  tying up a few loose ends before it finally exits for good late 2024.

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