ChatGPT – Pluto in Aquarius opens the AI floodgates ++ James Lovelock

 As technology hurtles on regardless even Elon Musk is raising red flags about artificial intelligence with the introduction of ChatGPT, which for the first time provides an AI user interface accessible to most. Bill Gates is less concerned but Musk draws the analogy with the discovery of nuclear physics which produced nuclear energy but also the nuclear bomb. He said “it has great promise, great capability but also, with that comes great danger.”

  ChatGPT, the AI-powered chatbot has gained massive exposure recently for its ability to generate high-quality humanlike responses to user prompts and has been banned in Italy.

   The initial release was on 30 November 2022 but the first stable release was on March 23rd, the day Pluto moved into Aquarius which seems apposite. And Musk’s analogy may not be far out since the discovery of nuclear fission which led to the bomb and all else came about in 1938 as Pluto just stuck a toe into Leo, half a zodiac cycle away.

   The initial release November 2022 chart has Uranus conjunct the North Node square Saturn in Aquarius which highlights high-tech though with a hint of arguments between the old guard and the new. There is also a visionary though not altogether reliable Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces squaring an argumentative Mercury opposition Mars.

  The stable release March 23 2023 chart in addition to Pluto at zero Aquarius has Jupiter conjunct Chiron hinting at the potential for greater understanding, wisdom, awareness and healing. The medical field already use AI to further research.

  Like most of the just-about-coping generation who are still amazed at GPS in cars, plant identifying apps on iphones, and even creepier, barcodes on Sky TV screens which connect to Iphone cameras to register, I have not the foggiest idea what the fuss is about or the dangers are likely to be. Dinosaurs led by cyborgs. But it does feel in tune with Pluto in Aquarius – tremendous power merged with scientific advance. For good or for ill.

ADD ON: James Lovelock, the scientist, environmentalist and futurist, who died last year on his 103 birthday, postulated the notion of cyborgs as self-sufficient, self-aware descendants of today’s robots and artificial intelligence systems. He called the coming era of their dominance the Novacene (the “new new”) age where they would reign supreme perhaps for a billion years. Homo sapiens could vanish from Earth entirely or become the underdogs. He did not regard this as a grim prophecy. “We’re engaged in one of the noblest things we could do: We are now preparing to hand the gift of knowing on to new forms of intelligent beings.”

  He was born 26 July 1919 2pm Letchworth, England and was a visionary Sun Neptune in Leo with his Sun inconjunct Uranus. In turn his Uranus was in an opposition to Saturn Mercury in Leo in his 10th house of career. He would be self-willed, a good organizer but fairly dictatorial. He also had a do-or-die Mars Pluto conjunction in Cancer allowing him to forge ahead with seemingly ludicrous theories against hostile opposition.

  His post-mortem influences point to tr Pluto in Aquarius opposing his Sun in 2024/25; and then moving to oppose his Neptune – he may be in the spotlight but – stretching a point – it may be a while before AI manages to evolve an entity of such capabilities as he envisaged.

 His global influencer 22nd harmonic was exceptionally powerful; as was his leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17th and his break through-genius/trailblazer 13H. 

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  1. We had to block it at work recently, as there was a risk of staff inputting company IP in there (formulas, hardware questions etc). Like GoogleTranslate or Wiki, the more content this thing receives, the better it will get. Another form of crowdsourcing.

    For the LOLs, I asked for an ortolan recipe and how could I join the KGB, and it declined to process the queries! So, I’m glad to see the ChatGPT people are paying close attention to ethics.

  2. The first time you use the program it seems miraculous, the second time it seems repetitive and the third time you see that it actually fabricates information it can’t find. It may be useful for finding sources but it is not reliable and the tone of voice seems almost identitical whatever type of question you ask. We asked it to provide the latest research on the treatment of tinnitus and that was interesting but not complete. We then asked it to continue a fictional story and that was intriguing but also hilarious. FWIW There was an interesting piece on this in the Guardian recently where a journalist’s name was associated with an article he didn’t write but only a search of the Guardian’s archive was able to comfirm this. And that’s the danger of it really. It seems plausible.
    I think it has a limited shelf life however I only tried the free version. I am sure something more rigorous will take its place in due course – demanding that we all be a lot more discerning about what we accept as reliable information and what not. Saturn in Pisces will teach us not to accept things at face value anymore but ask the necessary questions.

    • Chat GPT is a Large Language Model using Natural Language to respond to queries. At first sight it looks like magic but essentially it is a computer application that extracts summarises and outputs data in English. It is not truly intelligent as it is simply basing its output in what it’s learned and how the model associates and joins different words to produce results. Like all computer systems it relies on the quality of the underlying dat and there lies the most immediate problem because it will regurgitate what it thinks is correct uncritically over and over gain. I am retired now but for the best part of 32 years I worked in IT so I have spent a bit of my leisure time testing the product. One of the things I found it particularly poor at was extracting , sorting and listing statistical data. I threw some fairly basic questions at it about some historical sporting averages and compared the results to the historical record books (I used three different known authoritative written sources as a check all of whom agreed on the correct results). My tests revealed it was quite unreliable in its responses, failing to list one of the top 10 performers in a given category. It also did not seem to be able to sort the output in the order requested. The results were particularly odd as when asked it about the missing sportsman it was able to return his individual details correctly but for some reason excluded them from the list. No conventional IT algorithmic program asked to simply extract, sort and list that data from a database would make that error if coded correctly. My surmise was that it was actually quite unreliable on a question where accuracy should have been easy. This begs the question as to whether it is really fit for release as a business tool which is how MS are proposing to use it. This is particularly the case when the “internet” rather than a discrete, cleaned and verified data source is being used. I appreciate I was not using the absolutely latest version of the tool so some of the inaccuracy may have been ironed out. The other issues is privacy. In its basic form ChatGPT actually has the potential to leak confidential data put into it to third parties. This certainly would violate the GDPR in Europe which is why some countries are banning its use as are quite a few private companies.Despite the issues the big IT companies appear to be desperate to roll it out presumably because they can only see the dollar signs and currently need a new technology to hype. Tech corporations have increasingly come to see themselves as above the law in part because so many people in politics and business are even more gullible than the wider public about its pitfalls. The interesting part is that LLM are not largely passive systems like most social media platforms but are actually content generators. That raises the interesting legal question as to whether the owners of these platforms are publishers. If that is the ruling then the owners and users of the technology probably won’t be able to hide between the section 230 protection granted by the US Congress. If that is the case then their are likely to a lot of lawsuits.

      Astrologically I suspect the big reckoning will occur when Saturn finally catches up with Neptune at 0 Aries on 2 February 2026. That sounds like a big reality check for all those Neptunian rainbow chasers. In the interim Saturn will track through Pisces which is probably not its easiest placement. Saturn is a planet associated with depression and disillusion so there is likely to be a lot of soul searching both at an individual and collective level. If that is the case then the Tech dream may dissolve as Saturn tracks through Pisces the sign of endings, particularly as Pluto will be undermining it at a fundamental level at the same time.

      • “Sizzling Saturn, we’ve got a lunatic robot on our hands.”
        ― Isaac Asimov, I, Robot, 1950

        And I hope the so-called powers that be will be mindful of the horrible Horizon software Post Office scandal, the results of which continue to harm those poor souls who were wrongly accused because of it. Technology isn’t always the right answer.

      • Hugh, I suppose if you had your own datasets ChatGPT could write some code for you in Python or R, then you’d have plenty of statistical power! It could then write up the results for you. A bit like giving an Astrologer an ephemeris rather than relying on their own transit memory (you wouldn’t want to rely on mine ). Natural language processing is not data wrangling – large language models are designed to process and understand text and produce “plausible” output.

        I find it useful for doing all the boring, repetitve coding tasks and debugging. But yes, you do have to prime it with clear instructions and often make some adjustments. GPT-4 is slower but a bit more accurate.

        If anyone is unsure what to make of AI/algorthims and is worried, Hannah Fry’s book “Hello World” is a good entry point (although slightly out of date still good).

        It’s worth noting that there has always been a certain degree of fear when it comes to launching plutonian mass communications and technology. Before it became what used to be France Telecom, the brand Orange (chosen as a “friendly” colour) launched with this TV ad in the UK as Pluto neared Sagittarius and Neptune and Uranus neared the end of Capricorn. A young, friendly, optimistic female voice, telling people not to worry – it seems strange now that mobiles are everywhere, but we forget that people used to be scared of mobiles, computers, even microwave ovens.

  3. Will be interesting to see if the potential defamation case from the Australian mayor from a few days ago comes to anything. It won’t be plain sailing when it spits out false info.

  4. Chiron is on the Sun/Moon midpoint in the March 23 Chart. Can’t help thinking that this may indicate a flaw somewhere in the software, or something will be unresolved.

  5. Lena,
    Lovelock was well ahead of his time and almost certainly not fully appreciated. He died 26 July 2022 – his 103 birthday! I have a theory about souls who depart on or very near their birthday; but I don’t know whether it is endorsed by astrology.

    • Hi What is your theory? Both my parents died around their birthday. Significant numbers of people do and I have often wondered exactly what made that the cut off point.

      • Marjorie. I read many years ago that the most dangerous day on earth is the day before your birthday. Perhaps because you are waiting for the Sun to come out of shadow.?
        I have seen it happen any number of times in research though.

    • Both my parents were into Lovelock in the 1970s. My father was an avid recycler of almost everything including water, way before anyone else was doing it. We grew most of our own vegetables and fruit, never threw away newspapers or bottles. I partly put this down to my parents childhood in WW2 – they were taught to make do and mend. My father had Mars conjunct Pluto in Cancer too.

      • Rupert Sheldrake like Lovelock had Mars Pluto conjunct in his 9th (in Leo) which always surprised me since he’s quite mild mannered. But he needed to have a strong backbone to put up with the derision that was thrown at him by the mainstream science community who dislike out-of-the-box thinkers.

        • My mother was interested in Sheldrake’s morphic field theories and I remember her seething over some stuffy bigwig at Cambridge who accused Sheldrake of heresy and said that his books should be burned. The scientific establishment’s religious zeal can be quite irrational at times.

  6. Hard to look at that 30Nov chart with its mutable t-square going through Jupiter-Neptune and not think “deception”. Really needs that missing Virgo leg to bring some critical thinking to it.

    Anyway, the AI genie not going back in the bottle now. Will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. I suspect it is very much going to be the hallmark of Pluto in Aquarius and in a few years time we have the Uranus in Gemini trine joining it.

  7. Inventor, engineer and scientist James Lovelock predicted cyborgs years before he died. It would be interesting to see his natal chart. He died quite recently aged 102.(?)

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