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  1. “The USA dollar is not the only one under pressure in the next three or four years. The Bank of Russia, 13 July 1990, is disappearing into a swamp over the coming eight months and after with the Solar Arc Neptune square the Mars and a trapped, scary, meltdown tr Pluto square the Mars exactly now” (BRICS post)

    Fighting has erupted in Sudan again. The chart for Sudan 1 January 1956, 8.00AM Bk of World Horoscopes, has Neptune 0 Scorpio, Uranus 1 Leo, and MC 14 Scorpio. Bank of Russia, Mars 0 Taurus, Pluto 15 Scorpio. Apparently gold from Sudan’s gold mines has been finding its way to Russia, to help fund the War in Ukraine. Russia and Sudan are allies, and have been discussing a Russian Naval base being built on the Red Sea. With Pluto now, and the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, this is all looking very tense and complicated indeed.

  2. NHS Nurses in the RCN vote to reject a government pay offer and to call a two day all out strike over the May bank holiday impacting all services including A&E and Intensive care. Lives will be at risk. The Moon was moving into the 12th House of the NHS 5 July 1948 chart as this result was announced opposing the NHS Pluto at 13 Leo in the Sixth House indicating extremes in mood and behaviour. Transiting Mars is currently at 10 Cancer is exactly square the NHS Neptune at 10 Libra in the 7th suggesting a tendency to act on confused motivations often driven by paranoia and possibly vindictiveness mixed with guilt.

    I have a feeling a Rubicon has been crossed here. My personal view is that the nurses etc might get their money but the price will be the demise of the NHS in its current form and that down the line some of its one million plus employees may find their jobs and pensions on the line. Any thoughts ?

    • Looking at the RCN Chart 27 March 2016 it has Jupiter at 10 Aries square Saturn at 9 Cancer so it is picking up the current Mars at 10 Cancer. The RCN Mars at 10 Leo will also be picking up the Moon opposition transit through Aquarius today. The RCN natal Jupiter exactly opposes the NHS Neptune which can indicate differences of beliefs, mistrust etc so that is a challenging aspect particularly when the square from the RCN Saturn is thrown to the mix. The retrograde NHS Mercury at 29 Virgo conjunct the RCN Pluto at 1 Cancer also looks tricky. These two institutions are not easy bed fellows it would seem.

    • I agree with you on this point, Hugh. I think that a Rubicon has been crossed.

      Nursing is no longer a sacred profession (for the nurses) or a sacred cow (for the government), just another job. In effect, it has been devalued. Now, it can be bargained on and for just like any other job and sector. It has lost its distictiveness.

      Instinctively, I thought of the fire of Vesta and the Vestal Virgins. The fire of Vesta was kept alive because the fate of the Eternal City was predicated on the fire being maintained and tended correctly. When the fire went out after the Theodosian decrees and the city survived, it lost all value and nobody was bothered about it anymore.

      There is an asteroid named Vesta, which is used by some modern astrologers. I wonder if that is in any way impacted in the NHS and RCN charts.

      • All the professions that were once vocations such as doctors, nurses, police officers, teachers, firefighters have slowly pushed away those who do it for the love of it, in favour of those who see it as a job.

        The really big problem is that once pay is the focus, the question becomes who pays the most. We’re certainly seeing doctors, nurses going overseas but on a darker note, This is how police forces become corrupted by the criminal gangs.

        I think this is the nature of a Capricorn society, which has essentially been on the up since the Saturn-Uranus-Neptune conjunctions circa 1990 as opposed to a Cancer one where motivation comes intrinsically i.e. from desire and feel good.

  3. Author Anne Perry’s life was one of operatic extremes: daughter of a physicist rector, sent away to recover from TB, rejoins her family in New Zealand, helped her best friend murder her mother with a brick, served five years for the crime, changed her name, moved to Scotland and wrote beststelling historic mysteries, only to have Peter Jackson make a movie of her murder. And those are just the highlights of the highlights. I’d love to know what her chart and that of her friend Pauline Parker looked like, and what the planetary influences might be. Wikipedia lists Anne’s birthdate as Oct. 28, 1938, and Pauline’s as May 26, 1938.
    Full disclosure: I interviewed Anne twice on the subject of her mystery novels. Like most people in the US, I’d never heard of the Parker/Hulme murder case or her role in it before the release of Heavenly Creatures the year preceding our second interview. I liked Anne a lot, and during that second interview the movie was in the room with us, unspoken but still as big as the proverbial 800-pound gorilla. I could tell she didn’t want to talk about it–and honestly my assignment included the words: “Don’t mention it!” Meanwhile, I was struggling to reconcile the woman I knew, however superficially, and what she had done.

  4. This is rather an abstract question: we have an alleged sexual harassment/sexual assault scandal going on in San Diego, involving a member of the board of supervisors. He’d had a promising political career, married to another ambitious (female) politician. Of course his political career is dead. I expect his wife will dump him soon — I know both of them.

    My question is not about them, but about how people involved in major scandals recover their lives afterwards.

    Do you have any insight?

    The only major figure that springs to mind is John Profumo, whose wife, actress Valerie Hobson, stuck with him and who remade his life doing charitable work, regaining respectability.

    Are there astrological markers that are noteworthy?

    Thanks for considering this question.

    • Two other examples from the Watergate era who remade their lives by turning to religion after Nixon/Watergate convictions: the ruthless Charles Colson (October 16,
      1931, Boston, Massachusetts) who said he’d walk over his grandmother to achieve political goals, and after his release founded his prison ministry, and Jeb Stuart Magruder (November 5, 1934, NY, NY) who became a Presbyterian minister).

    • And if I may expand on the same question, are there any markers for continued spousal support in spite of scandal, especially sexual scandals?

      The other example I could think of, of a person involved in scandal and then recovered, is Jeffrey, Lord Archer of Weston-super-Mare (and yes, this is how lords are addressed. The first name precedes the title). His wife has also stood by her husband through it all.

      Instinctively, I would say that Venus in the relevant charts plays a role.

  5. Hallo Marjorie. I’d love you to do Mary Quant’s chart if you can. I was an art/fashion student in London at the time Mary was inspiring us then. Surely she has some Aquarius prominent? Thanks so much for your website, I learn so much from it and from your reader’s comment’s!

  6. Hi Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you would take a look at what’s going on in Missouri. Apparently, the state of Missouri is grabbing the headlines right now because their Republican-controlled State Legislature has decided they want to defund all public libraries in their state. Things got even crazier when a anti-abortion Republican Missouri State Senator named Mike Moon announced that he supports the notion that children as young as 12 years old should be allowed to marry.

    It’s almost as if the state of Missouri is competing for first place as being the most bizarre and fanatically far-right state in the United States.

    Anyway, Mike Moon apparently has a long history of spouting conspiracy theories and outrageous far-right rhetoric. I’m not sure how influential he is in Missouri politics….but he’s certainly making headlines right now. I couldn’t find a birth time for Mike Moon but I did find that he was born on December 31, 1958 in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

    Any information or astrological insights you can share about what’s happening in Missouri would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  7. Would you please consider looking at Taylor Swift? She’s newly single after ending her 6.5 year relationship with Joe Alwyn.

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