Russia, China, EU – financial setbacks all round ++ Bank of International Settlements

The USA dollar is not the only one under pressure in the next three or four years. The Bank of Russia, 13 July 1990, is disappearing into a swamp over the coming eight months and after with the Solar Arc Neptune square the Mars and a trapped, scary, meltdown tr Pluto square the Mars exactly now and returning throughout 2024. With high tension extending through 2025.

  The Bank of China will start to feel the pain 2024, mounting to scary levels in 2025/26 with the worst being Solar Arc Neptune conjunct the Mars Jupiter in Capricorn badly. There is no currency chart for the Chinese yuan/remnimbi.

  The EU chart also looks to be heading towards a financial crunch, picking up in 2024 and worsening through to 2026 and beyond. Tr Pluto will hit the deflating, confidence-busting Jupiter/Neptune midpoint in the EU 2nd house come 2024/25; with a considerable setback in 2026 from SA Sun square the Saturn and the devastating/confused tr Pluto conjunct the 2nd house Neptune in 2026/27.  This is mirrored in the EURO I January 1999 chart. And the ECB 1994 chart which will be thrown into forced change in 2024/25, losing its direction and being trapped through till 2026.

See Post: Pluto into Aquarius – shock waves through central banks. 10th September 2021.  See also EU December 22 2022.

Also post 24 March 2023 European banks.  And 17 and 11 March 2023.

ADD ON: The Bank for International Settlements, 17 May 1930, an international financial institution owned by 60 central banks “fosters international monetary and financial cooperation and serves as a bank for central banks. Established in 1930 by an agreement between Germany, Belgium, France, the UK, Italy, Japan, the USA and Switzerland, it nowadays excludes the EU which forfeited the right to conduct monetary policy in order to implement the euro (wiki).

  The chart did show up the 2008 crash clearly with tr Pluto opposition the Solar Arc Uranus and square SA Saturn; the SA North Node conjunct Pluto; and tr Neptune heading to square the Taurus Sun. So it obviously works well.

This time round there are indications of discouraging events this year, starting with the SVP collapse and repeating later plus further indecision and uncertainty late this year; with more confusion as well as a major catastrophe mid to late 2024 from Solar Arc Mars conjunct the Pluto, running on into a high-tension, disrupted 2026. So much the same timeline as the other banks.  

11 thoughts on “Russia, China, EU – financial setbacks all round ++ Bank of International Settlements

  1. I’m perfectly fine with all of this. It’s time for both the Global North and the Global South to receive some stern Karmic lessons. It pleases me to know that Russia’s economy in particular is looking dire (I think it’s only a matte of time before the Russian Federation collapses) and China’s economy is expected to endure some hardships.

    Greed and a hunger for power has propelled many nations (both in the Global North and the Global South) for years. I would like to see the world move away from the financial competitions…and start prioritizing human rights, egalitarianism, social justice, and environmental conservation.

  2. Hi Marjorie,

    I have followed your twitter and posts for awhile. I would like to get your view on Canada for next few years. Canada is part of 5 eyes country group. Do you see its currency and economy will also get hit badly in next few years? Some predict that China will start the war with Taiwan in 2026/2027. What do you think? How’s about Hong Kong? Thank you.

  3. Thank you Marjorie. You say there is no currency chart for the Chinese yuan/renminbi.
    I found : December 1, 1948: First ‘renminbi’(RMB) or “people’s currency” is issued as the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) is founded . So it has the same chart as The Bank of China.

  4. thank you marjorie.
    So it is going to be a major economical world crisis.
    Covid has disrupted and weakened incomes and banking system fo a long time.
    Pluto opposite leo is also going to drive up the goldprice. Watch it carefully

  5. France/Germany appear to be doing the same mistake with China, as they did with Russia. and remember, the impact of the appeasement to Russia is not even behind us.

  6. Economists (outside Russia) have been predicting BIG problems for the Russian economy and currency for some time; but with transparent data from Russia hard to come by, they have been relying on external calculations and modelling. China’s attempted invasion of Taiwan will undoubtedly also have a big hit on its economy/currency; not least because it will result in massive commercial embargos around the World. I have long thought that 2019-2026 is simply a variation on 1939-1946.

    • “I have long thought that 2019-2026 is simply a variation on 1939-1946.”
      Approximately one Uranus Return and a third of a Pluto Return.

      So tr Uranus will be at approximately the same sign and degree, trine tr Pluto as the late 1930s.

      One ~80 year cycle earlier, in the 1850s, was the Crimean War.

      And of course, one ~80 year cycle before that was the American Revolution, and astonishingly, Russia’s conquest of Crimea.

      This is definitely one for Marjorie and Hugh Fowler. The Uranus Return (and possible Pluto trines) at this point of the zodiac seems to trigger wars and conquests in Crimea and Russia being at war over the territory of Crimea (WWII of course had Operation Barbarossa, when crimea was occupied by the Nazis).

  7. @ marjorie
    The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel Switzerland has played a financial key role in world events of previous century.
    I know it is at the moment busy with developping and implementing digital currency.
    Do you see any other role of this bank to support € or us $.
    It has also bought last few years tons of gold

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