Charles Coronation – ratcheting up family tensions ++ Meghan/Harry

The historical solemnity and substance of the coronation fast approaching is likely to be subverted by public interest in who is glaring daggers at whom amongst the Royals. Harry on his own, out of the Royal procession and off the balcony,  relegated to the ‘cheap seats’, how will he react to the ceremonial which encapsulates all his grinding resentment over the accident of being born second. Especially since his grievance-ranting has distanced him even further from the centre of the action.

  The day itself on a Scorpio Lunar Eclipse might hint at rifts especially as the Sun is close to rebellious Uranus never mind opposition the Moon. And it follows on from the Solar Eclipse two weeks previously in a Saros cycle in which  passions usually run high.

All eyes at the moment are on Pluto sitting at zero degrees Aquarius. This is exactly square Charles’ 10th house Taurus Moon as his career and life come under tremendous pressure and change. 

  And Pluto in Aquarius pops up notably in three Royal relationship charts.

  Harry’s relationship with his father has a zero Aquarius Midheaven so this will be a make-or-break phase of almost two years till early 2025 where they try valiantly to find a new direction. Though there will be jostling for control and the upper hand. Bitterness may win out with no real indications of a truce for some years ahead.

  Meghan’s relationship with the Princess of Wales has a composite Sun at zero degree Scorpio – so their already stressed connection will be peaking over the coronation and be going through the grinder over the next two years. Hilary Rose in the Times who has been doing an acidly funny series on Meghan since the podcasts write today: “And you thought Meghan was going to pitch up for a two-hour ceremony starring someone else? In a badly lit church, with no control over camera angles and no copyright? Where she wears a hat and Kate wears a tiara? Duh, sucker.”

  Their relationship is likely to blow sky high when tr Uranus squares the composite Mars, Moon and opposes the Venus Uranus from June 2024 onwards through 2025.

  The other is Prince William with Prince Andrew with Will harbouring a deep dislike of his errant uncle with a composite Saturn, Neptune Mars catching the tr Saturn hard aspects at the moment.  Their relationship chart has a composite Sun at zero Taurus. Like Kate and Meghan, the tensions between them will not lift for a couple of years ahead.

   All of the cross currents have been endlessly chewed over in the past but odd thoughts.  Poor Harry has tr Saturn opposition his 8th house Mercury on the day so he won’t be laughing and dancing.  Both Andrew and Sarah Ferguson have a blocked tr Saturn opposition their respective Plutos which doesn’t suggest they regard Charles’ elevation as in their interests. And even more significantly, Andrew has tr Uranus square his natal Yod focal point Uranus jolting his life onto a totally new track. A destiny-changing moment in his life he’d prefer to have avoided.

  Sophie Wessex, now Duchess of Edinburgh, has a zero Aquarius Sun which will put her under considerable pressure over the next two years. Despite the belated gift of the Edinburgh title promised to Edward by Prince Philip, there is an uneasy mood between them and Charles. The Edward/Charles relationship has Neptune at zero Scorpio square Mars opposition Uranus so it was always a confusing and combustible connection which will muddle through this year and could blow a fuse in 2025/26. Sophie and Charles don’t look too sympatico either.  

  To paraphrase Jane Austen from Pride and prejudice – “For what do we live, but to make sport out of our Royals.”  A soap opera in ermine as a distraction from real life.

Add On: Meghan is not surprisingly showing signs of stress and discouragement with her SA Sun square her Neptune almost exactly to the minute of a degree over the coronation. With two difficult Pluto aspects to midpoints as well – overcoming a difficult situation through extraordinary effort and feeling truculent with it; over strained nerves.

  And there may well have been differences with Harry over the decision with tr Saturn opposition the composite Sun and square the Uranus in their relationship chart late March and early April. And that separating influence repeats on and off later this year in September and late December. Tr Pluto is trine the composite Venus this year and next which can bring renewed passion or possessiveness.

  Their relationship chart is ploughing through stormy seas with tr Pluto conjunct the Midheaven this year and next, which not only affects joint direction in life but can also damage reputation and status. Tr Pluto continues to stoke up family tensions (both Windsor and Markle, as well as domestic) as it opposes the composite Moon, till late this year.  Tr Neptune opposes the Mars from May 2024 into early 2025 which will undermine their confidence, either about external failures or about the relationship.

  In both cases Saturn in Pisces is moving through one of their financial house – Meghan 8th and Harry 2nd – so cash shortages may be biting. They live a very very expensive lifestyle with considerable staff overheads and expensive security running into several millions a year.

  Meghan is moving into her mid life crisis of Uranus opposition Uranus in 2024 when she’ll want to kick over the traces and suit herself. And with tr Saturn opposing her Sun/Moon midpoint in 2024 she will be pulling away from cosy togetherness. Though it may be 2026/27 before it comes to a final crunch point. It’s a very chained together relationship but is taking a terrible pounding through this phase.

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  1. Great summary. You can understand why the Ottoman sultans and a lot of other historical monarchs terminated most of their troublesome relatives with extreme prejudice once they came to power. It is worth reading the Brothers York by Thomas Penn to see how sibling rivalries consumed the House of York in the latter part of the Wars of the Roses. Similar family rivalries consumed the Roman Julio Claudian dynasty in the First Century CE

  2. Tangentially, I’m intrigued at the timing of the Coronation and its proximity two days after local elections which are being held on the Thursday, results expected Friday. Those are the bellweather for how the Conservatives are doing and Labour still hold a 49% – 26% lead in the polls. Despite the 24-hr news cycle, the media and papers are potentially going to be in a spot as to how to cover two such disparate events if the Cons get decimated.

  3. Well, always fascinating to look at a family group – and most of the royal families in history have usually been an entertaining source of gossip. Love that Jane Austen quote – she would have enjoyed the many juicy scandals surrounding ‘Prinny’, source of numerous very rude caricatures at the time. Although I do thank him for the utterly mad, over the top Brighton Pavilion.

    The tensions here are such a spider’s web it seems. I don’t understand the Edward/Sophie ones at all, although I’ve read about this elsewhere. William’s (and doubtless others) feelings about Andrew are entirely understandable, and shared by many complete strangers!

    Regarding Harry, I notice that there’s a Sun conjunct Uranus at 18 Taurus around 9th May, bringing up last summer’s Uranus-Mars-Nodes yet again, and close to the composite North Node for Charles and Harry. That suggests their joint path forward perhaps – and as you say, it doesn’t look like an immediate truce between them, more of a shock or break – albeit temporary. The ‘unwanted information gathering’ case against the Mirror Group trial begins on 9th May. Harry is expected to be a key figure, so maybe he’ll stick around for his moment in court after the Coronation?

    And hiding in the leaves of this family tree – the Green Man, depicted on the Coronation invitation. Growth and regeneration, but also a wild spirit of the woods, celebrated as partner of the May Queen at Beltane on 1st May, or 13th May Old Style. Somehow, I feel that this figure might resonate with wild Uranus in earthy Taurus, and wonder what else is brewing.

    • Also worth watching, astrologically:

      “All eyes at the moment are on Pluto sitting at zero degrees Aquarius. This is exactly square Charles’ 10th house Taurus Moon as his career and life come under tremendous pressure and change.”

      The waxing square between Jupiter, 0 Taurus, and Pluto, 0 Aquarius, is joined by Mars in royal Leo on 20th May, charging up the Pluto and Jupiter transits to Charles’ Moon. Powerful emotions and anger? Worth noting that Harry has Pluto at 0 Scorpio, and William has Jupiter at 0 Scorpio. Harry and Megan stepped down from royal duties, and moved to California in 2020, the year of the Capricorn Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions in April, June, and November – and start of this cycle.

      • Yes that 0 fixed sign degree is pretty powerful at the moment, Jane – look at Sudan for example – its 0 degree Neptune in Scorpio square to Uranus in 1 degree Leo being activated right now, so the May 20th planetary alignments look forbidding.

        Incidentally, King George I, the first Hanovarian was born with Venus rising in the 1st at 0 degrees of Leo opposition Uranus at 29 degrees of Capricorn, both affected by transit Pluto this year.

      • Oh, and that 0 degree fixed sign signature in Royal charts surely comes from George III who had Pluto at 1 degree of Scorpio and Ascendant at 0 degrees Leo.

        • Fantastic information VF, and fits in with the family patterns theme that I so enjoy, and learn much from. I had a swift look at the Prince Regent, George IV, and see Sun 19 Leo, Mars 13 Scorpio, and Moon 18 Taurus – a degree that’s almost a cosmic joke now, cropping up everywhere!

          OT I did look at Sudan, and posted something earlier on today under Questions and Comments. General al-Burhan is 11 July, 1960. He has Mars 14 Taurus square Uranus 19 Leo. I think the Lunar Eclipse in May, as well as the 0 degrees t square, looks intense. Eclipse is conjunct Sudan’s MC. The other General there doesn’t have a date of birth, unfortunately.

    • As always, appreciating your insight Jane.

      I don’t have much to contribute on the family relationships. I am intrigued to see Harry had transiting Uranus go over his IC into the 4th last week. It suggests he may be away from home more than expected or growing distant – not sure if that’s from his RF roots or his California home. Have to say, I am wondering how him and MM being 8 timezones apart for the Coronation is going down between them. I’m sure there were big arguments/frustration about it all. She obvs just wants to put the whole RF thing behind her and cut ties, but for him – this is his family and with with his Saturn on MC he feels obligated (and rightly so) to attend the Coronation. He is now between a rock and a hard place imo, at least until Charles is gone. After that I think he can cut ties if he still wishes to.

      Meanwhile Archie with his 15deg Taurus Sun will have been handling his own transit of Uranus for the past few months. Probably with his 4th birthday coming up, he will have been beginning at a preschool – assuming he’s allowed to mix with other children. I never went to preschool, far too fearful of the big wide world, so starting school was a big, distressing shock which coincided with uranus transiting my descendant.

      • Thanks GD – and interesting re you starting school and the descendant. Your chart must be spot on. We moved a few times when I was that kind of age, plus I almost died/blood transfusion etc in hospital – and lo! Numerous Uranus transits in those early years.
        So it will be interesting to see how Uranus in the 4th works for Harry. Living in California I might be a bit nervous of earthquakes with Uranus there! Little Archie will have the 15 Scorpio May Lunar Eclipse opposing his Sun and 13 Taurus ascendant. Since he’s so small, it may work out in his parents’ lives – or perhaps specifically his father and even his grandfather – taking the Sun as an important male figure in his world. I realise both his grandfathers are mostly symbolic figures in his life.

        The eclipse marks out the Coronation weekend, and I feel this could be a memorable time for many of us – not just because of the Coronation holiday. May 11th, 973 is the Edgar coronation chart date for England – Marjorie has shown how relevant this chart can be. It has Uranus at 14 Scorpio. UK 1801 may be sensitive with Neptune at 18 Scorpio as well – I’m not sure but perhaps we can allow 3 degrees in a mundane chart?
        May is an uncanny month altogether according to folklore. The Ancient Romans held rituals and ceremonies called the Lemuria in May – 9th, 11th, and 13th. These rituals were designed to ward off the disruptive, poltergeist-like, spirits of those who had died a violent or untimely death. I’m coming over all Wicker Man now!

        • Any Vedic astrologer worth his salt would be absolutely aghast at the idea of holding a sacred/religious ritual such as the Coronation on an eclipse (which is generally seen as a bad omen).

          As a norm, they advise avoiding doing anything significant (starting a new job, purchasing a house or car, etc)at least the week before and the week after, to avoid any ill-effects of the eclipse.

          And yet, interestingly, the UK’s first Indian-descent Prime Minister took office on an eclipse, indeed, probably while the eclipse was in progress. The Coronation is now due to take place over an eclipse.

          The UK seems to be enmeshed in eclipses at the moment.

          • UMM – I’ve no idea if this is a wider pattern in UK history, with significant individuals or events being close to an eclipse. However – here’s three I can think of:

            Prince William, 21 June 1982 – Solar Eclipse 29 Gemini (Saros 2 Old North)
            Catherine, Princess of Wales, 9th January 1962 – Lunar Eclipse 19 Cancer (Saros 1 South)
            Death of Princess Diana, 31st August 1997 – Solar Eclipse, 1st September, 1997, 9 Virgo (Saros 18 North)

          • And also worth considering –

            Wedding of Charles and Diana, 29th July 1981 – Solar Eclipse 8 Leo, 31st July 1981 (Saros 1 North)
            Wedding of Charles and Camilla, 9th April 2005 – Solar Eclipse 19 Aries, 8th April 2005 (Saros 7 North)

          • Don’t forget Duchess of Sussex born 4th Aug 1981, just a few days after an eclipse 😉 Always intrigues me that she is the embodiment of the marriage

          • GD – thanks! I hadn’t thought about that, and it’s a bit thought provoking to realise her birthday is a few days after the wedding of Charles and Diana, and that eclipse. The Saros Series 1 North repeated in August, 2017, not long before H&M announced their engagement. 7 North accompanied the Charles and Camilla wedding date. It repeats for the Aries Solar and Scorpio Lunar eclipses this April and May. Curious?

  4. Thanks Marjorie, this is almost like watching the GOP tear itself apart here in the US (one of the saving graces of ‘bad guys’). Except that royal family dysfunction has (generally) little or no impact on people’s daily lives, excepting perhaps their stoic resolve and active support during WWII in modern times. They sure don’t make them like they used to… then again no one gets literally stabbed in the back (or worse) nowadays; at most, troublesome family members can be banished when not in the cheap seats, or, in the case of Harry, choose to exile themselves.

    ps. on a totally separate note, I’ve already begun noticing the effect of both Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius. If using Virgo sun sign, close Pisces collaborators have, sadly, lost their jobs (reflecting both their chart and mine). One Libra colleague lost hers, in this case Saturn tr her solar 6th house. She is really an artist, and the job was only part-time, so this is forcing her to be creative, which is really what she prefers and should be doing, but she wasn’t willing to make the decision – all in all consistent with a previous post of yours on Libras.

    Personally, I am being more serious about changing my health habits, once and for all

    • I realised this morning since Saturn moved into Pisces I’ve eased off of my training routine.

      Its trip through Aqua was my 10th, activating my Mars, and I leaned up and lost almost two stone in weight. No-one would ever have described me as overweight but this is now the lightest I’ve been in my adult life. It’s a classic description of Saturn through 10th to become visibly more lean and muscular, as I have done.

      There are two strange things. Firstly it was always planned that from mid-March I would ease up based on the timing of a half marathon. And secondly, I never felt I was training that hard or overworked – no injuries, ill-health or anything but my body will benefit from the recovery and doing less in future.

  5. Saturn conjunct Lilith in the Middleton/Markle composite chart cannot mean joy. Along with a Scorpio Sun. Like another poster has written above; Harry and Meghan’s chart will be interesting to revisit. I am intrigued to see how the Sussexes will handle being, what is effectively a demotion in their Royal status here and abroad. One wonders why Duchess Sussex is using her title at all, as she did not take British Citizenship and presumably has been relegated to the stalls in the Royal theatre.

    • Meghan seems to have factored in royal demotion. Titles for herself and her children are in the bag, as well as an adoring compliant husband. She’s cut herself off from all tedious restrictions and demands of the Royal Family.
      She’s trademarked The Tig. which is said to have earned her $60 – $80,000 a year. Advertising and product placement revenues in a relaunched version are anticipated at Goop levels.
      Given that we’re now told the brand of Harry’s clothes (Dior) as well hers, we can assume all their clothes and accessories are now free.
      Whatever else, she’s a money magnet. And on top of all this she may soon be giving the world relationship advice!
      What drive, energy, dynamism. It’s a pity she’s such a pain, but then nobody’s perfect.

      • I must confess I have a sneaking admiration for her refusal to be cowed in any way by all the Ruritanian nonsense that surrounds the British Royal Family.

        • I must confess any sneaking admiration I may have for her refusal to cowed in any way by the nonsense that surrounds the RF completely vanishes when I think of how tightly she’s holding to that Duchess title. She despises the institution and mocks the pageantry, but insists her children are called Prince and Princess. Hmm.

        • Hm I have a suspicion if she had married William instead of Harry she would have embraced all the ermine, tiaras, pomp and circumstance with glee.

          • As an aside, I saw an interview with Tom Bower during the “South Park” incident where he said MM didn’t realise until after she was married that Harry isn’t rich!! Obviously he is compared to the rest of us but much of his inheritance is tied up in trust funds and inaccessible.

            It occurred to me that this was how the transit of Neptune opposite MM’s Virgo Venus played out during the engagement. Her Venus is in the 2nd and transiting Neptune was going through the 8th house of other people’s finances. She didn’t ask enough questions and just presumed he was rich which is always the big mistake with Neptune.

        • Then they are very lucky, as the Royal branch I am descended from normally murdered them, or at best, put them in the dungeons.

      • I nearly added ‘for the time being’ after ‘adoring compliant husband’. Having read Marjorie’s Add-on, it confirms my feeling that their marriage has peaked. Apart from whatever affection there is between them, she has nothing more to gain from their association. If they split, Harry’s provided her with enough ammunition to retain children, cash, whatever while playing the noble martyr. She’s on her way.
        I hope Harry’s astrology shows that he eventually decamps to Africa where he feels happy and plunges into work that he really enjoys and values, but I fear being split from his children will be a bitter pill for him to swallow, especially after advertising all the perceived shortcomings of his father.
        Referring to Marjorie and Helen’s comments on jealousy, it’s probably true, but actually the thing I think she really can’t accept is that she failed. If she didn’t know about the money, she probably feels cheated, which would be difficult for her to get over because she’ll feel she should have known.
        Whichever way you look at it, she couldn’t cope, change or manipulate the Royal set up to her advantage. It was stronger than her, so she grabbed the bit she could. She failed and I don’t think she can stand that especially from people she doesn’t rate.

  6. This is all so interesting, what is going on between Harold and Markle during this period….another mammoth period of squares and the every sly Neptune?

    • Harry’s Saturn is on Charles Scorpio sun and his Pluto opposite Charles Taurus moon. The latter is being hit by transiting Pluto.

      • GD do those aspects suggest it is more Charles that feels the ill effects in their relationship? He is an emotional and sensitive man and speaks affectionately of Harry in public “my darling boy” etc. I’m not taking sides I’m just showing my ignorance of astrology. As a Scorpio myself I would be devastated if my sons (very much loved) trashed me in public (or private) as Harry seems to be doing.

        • It’s difficult for both of them in their own way. Harry is scared (saturn) of the intimacy and influence Charles wants to be part of his life. So he pushes Charles away. Obviously it hurts Charles much more because he is sensitive and emotional whereas, while it harms Harry, he’s quite a repressed character who won’t feel the pain but of course, it’s obvious the pain is there for all to see or Harry wouldn’t complain about Charles and the others like he doesn’t.

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