Mary Quant – first dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Mary Quant, the trailblazing British fashion designer who became the “godmother” of youthful fashion in the 1960s, has died at the age of 93. The mini-skirt became her emblem, along with hot pants and colourful leggings, all designed to give women a “feeling of freedom and liberation”. Bazaar her boutique on the King’s Road in Chelsea became the go-to shop for a new generation of young women with jobs and  disposable income to spend on clothes.  Her designs were popularised by Jean Shrimpton, Pattie Boyd, Cilla Black and Twiggy.

She was born 11 February 1930, no birth time, in London and had a maverick Aquarius Sun conjunct Venus also in rainbow-tinted Aquarius. Her Mars in determined and contrarian Aquarius was in a risk-taking sextile to Uranus and an exuberant trine to Jupiter. She had an Earth Grand Trine of Saturn in Capricorn trine Neptune trine North Node in Taurus which is good for business and practical skills. With her Saturn in tough-minded opposition to Pluto and squaring onto an inventive, trail blazing Uranus in Aries. That Cardinal T square would make her restless, ambitious and give her a surplus of initiative.

  Her global reputation is well noted in a well-aspected 22nd Harmonic.

10 thoughts on “Mary Quant – first dawning of the Age of Aquarius

  1. Thanks, Marjorie, for featuring her chart. I was right when I guessed she was strongly Aquarian! When I was a fashion student when Mary Quant was one of our icons we were sent to the Paris fashion shows as part of our training. At that time the work of Andre Courreges there was equally influential and both designers said they’d invented mini-skirts! I guess it was the zietgist which expressed the Aquarian ideals of the time, with the pop song The Age of Aquarius high in the charts. How will Pluto’s sojourn in Aquarius express in fashion now…

  2. Didn’t know her (before my time) – Virgo Aquarius Rising (and Venus in Leo) so I like a mix of classic styling and bright fun colors – embodied in the Italian style, esp Max Mara (not that I can afford it, only on eBay)

  3. What an inspirational chart. Very much in tune with the swinging 60’s. Not an astrological comment – but I had an original Mary Quant dress in the 1960’s and gave it away! It would be worth a small fortune now.

    • My mother was born 10 days later so is a Sun/Venus Pisces, but she has Mercury as well as Mars in Aquarius. She wanted to go to Wimbledon School of Art but my grandfather thought she should have a more reliable profession so she first trained as an Occupational therapist and then became a physio (North Node conjunct Chiron sextile Sun in the 6th). One of her many talents was making the most beautiful things out of felt and other fabrics – animals, birds, mythical beasts and toys. She made me a beautiful mermaid’s tail once out of shimmering green fabric! So I’m fascinated to learn she was born just 10 days after MQ.

  4. Apologies for wrong birthdate. Thanks for pointing it out. Have amended. Pity I rather liked the first chart thought admittedly Saturn in Aquarius didn’t seem quite right.

  5. Thanks Marjorie. A powerhouse of hard-working and innovative energy. I notice that the Sun in Aries conjunct Jupiter is 22 degrees today – aligning with her natal Uranus in Aries opposition Jupiter at 23 Libra. That Sun/Jupiter in Aries seems full of innovative energy and a love of freedom – how appropriate.

  6. RIP ..I’m an Aquarian….born 1950….followed Mary Quant to a tee…..I had a pink and white jacket with the embossed white signature flower . …..what an amazing creative woman

  7. My apologies – my first comment on your website must have seemed very nit-oicking, I should have added that I read your articles with the utmost enjoyment.,

  8. Honestly, I just read this on a news site, and this was my “Mandela Moment”. Interestingly, aesthetics she helped to introduce really resonated with my Capricorn Sun mother. She was born early 1952, and would have been in her late teens when fashion shifted to more maxi direction, but loathed that style enough to knit her own, mini wedding dress. She didn’t get to wear it for reasons, but I used the dress when I was in my teens. Overall, it’s a pity I didn’t get to talk about style with my mother, since that’s one interest we would have certainly shared.

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