UK – a budget of little cheer ++ Brexit costs hitting home

A stolid Taurus Chancellor with a meticulous Saturn in Virgo is not a great match for a harum-scarum Prime Minister with the attention-span of a gnat and less interest in economics except when it comes to handing out largesse from the money-tree.

  Yesterday’s budget seems to have pleased no one with sensational headlines about a historic plummeting of standard of living in the coming months and several years ahead. Which fits the astrology – see previous post of December 19 2021. This is a reprise with not much of cheer to add.

[Post-budget headlines have been damning. The worst fall in the standard of living since records began. The highest level of taxation since the 1940s. More than a million people to fall into absolute poverty. Nothing for the out-of-work and disabled. Food and energy prices spiralling out of control.]

  Transiting Uranus is rattling through the financial 8th house until 2027 which will be erratic and unpredictable, not necessarily all negative but unstable economically. This year Uranus squares the financial Venus and opposes the financial Neptune for high anxiety and upsets.

 The blocked Solar Arc Pluto square the UK Sun, exact in 8 months, will not add to the cheer of the nation. Though it may not be financial. That is followed by a Solar Arc Saturn opposition the UK Uranus, exact in 18 months which will bring disruptions, and tensions, again not necessarily focussed on economics. And the Solar Arc Sun will square the 2nd house financial Neptune late 2023/into 2024 which will bring financial disappointment.

  Tr Uranus will square the 11th house UK Saturn from July 2023 to early 2025 which will shake up the legislature and may bring pressure for significant changes.

  Tr Pluto square opposition the UK Jupiter in 2023/24 will bring a confident push but there’s still the biggest financial jolt to come in 2025 with the Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the 8th house Mars.

 It won’t be the end of the universe but will be a rocky and swampy ride. Not that any country looks exactly cheerful through the same period but it will be a notable time of historical change for the UK.

   The Bank of England chart shows up 2023 to 2025 as the road-blocked and high-stress years.

  Rishi Sunak, 12 May 1980, will find his hopes won’t work out this year and next with tr Pluto square his Mars/Neptune midpoint; with gloom through 2023 from tr Saturn in Pisces opposition his Jupiter Mars and upheavals also in 2023 from tr Uranus conjunct his Sun Mercury and opposition his Uranus. He may decide discretion is the better part of ambition and bale out to a financial institution.

  Much is made in the media of his embattled relationship with the PM  – which is certainly riddled with doubt and suspicion with a composite Sun Mercury opposition Neptune Saturn. But there’s not too much showing in the near future without Sunak’s birth time.

Add On: Brexit chickens coming home to roost.

UK goods exports have underperformed the rest of the world – as Brexit limits UK trade performance. UK goods exports fell 14 per cent in the three months to January compared with the same period in 2020, in contrast to the global average of an 8.2 per cent rise over the same period.

“While most other advanced economies have seen a strong recovery in trade, UK exports remain below pre-pandemic levels.”

The OBR noted that “none of the new free trade agreements or other regulatory changes announced so far would be sufficient” to have a material impact on its forecasts for UK trade. It has estimated that leaving the EU would result in the total UK imports and exports being 15 per cent lower than if Britain had remained part of the EU.

UK exporters will continue “to be slowly cut out of global supply chains, due to the extra administrative burden for EU firms of sourcing goods from Britain”.

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  1. I’ve been following Marjorie’s postings on the UK (I’m in the US with family in Europe) I just re-read her Dec 19, 2021 post — Uranus jolting its way round the UK’s Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo planets from 2021 to mid 2024 and Uranus moving through the 8th house till 2027 bringing a roller coaster economic ride triggering a deeper transformation in the country’s sense of self. In many ways it ties into the outlook for the US: (July 26, 2021) “trudging through Pluto Return in 2022/23, a run of tricky Solar Arcs and transits between 2024 and 2027 – Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Mars in 2024 which is a sharp setback; tr Neptune Saturn square the US financial Venus in 2025 and Jupiter in 2027 which will be undermining economically”. Plus she mentions a challenging 2025 Inauguration chart, with a 10th house Sun Pluto opposition 4th house Mars – complete road block, frustrating, trapped, discontented electorate. Andre Barbault’s Planetary Cycles’ description on the triple conjunction Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto 2020-2023 promised “generalized chaos”with Europe being in the epicenter.
    Furthermore the lowest 2018 to highest point peaking 2026: “harmonic Saturn-Neptune conjunction at the central point of an encouraging double de tile to Uranus and Pluto which are tribe to each other”.
    Hopefully, he writes, “a change for the better, headlines more agreeable, and a mini great year in the wings”. Sadly 2080-81 looks to be an extreme planetary threat with a disturbing configuration. (Jupiter-Saturn conjunction passing over Uranus-Neptune opposition)

  2. Thanks for the add-on Marjorie, despite it’s depressing implications. I notice that the Bank of England has Neptune at 23 Pisces – a Neptune return, and due to have the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction there in April. It squares Sunak’s own Neptune in Sagittarius. Seems very apt – rapid inflation and huge concerns about oil and gas prices.

    I was also looking for something to explain or describe Sunak’s Barnum and Bailey “showman” persona when announcing his various measures – “not one, not two, but..” etc. Roll up, roll up ladies and gentlemen – but while this appears to be a circus, it most certainly isn’t the Greatest Show on Earth!

  3. Re Liz Truss as the next Tory leader (please no…) – on 20th December 2021 Marjorie wrote:

    “2022 has some ups in January followed by calamitous downs.” and also

    “Her relationship with Boris is uneasy at the best of time since their ambitions are at cross purposes so ego-clashes are inevitable. They may muddle through an edgy February and it is mid April onwards when the real downward slide starts – though that may be because the government ship is listing badly or Boris is in even more trouble.”

    One thing I wondered about was the Mars in Gemini retrograde later on this year. When it stations direct, it is one degree off squaring Liz Truss’ Venus in Virgo square Neptune in Sagittarius at 9 degrees in January 2023. That 8 degrees of Gemini is also the cusp of Boris Johnson’s 9th house. With Mars, I think, Out of Bounds during this phase, there may be some “interesting” or even wild communications going on at this time. The natal Uranus for the USA is also at 8 Gemini.

  4. This country needs a Parliamentary good shaking. Johnson has let is be known that he wants Sunak to do more – yet isn’t he the one who signs off the Budget? Sunak will be Johnson’s next fall guy. He will have some many political bodies hanging around. Downing Street’s Rose Garden should become a memorial garden for all fallen politicians! Sunak’s Moon/Pluto midpoint falls on his Descent or loosely conjunct his nodes. His North Node/Mars midpoint is on his Jupiter. Anger from the people and relationships may cause him some headaches. Also his Chiron/Sun midpoint is near his mercury. I don’t think he will recover from this Budget and it may take a toll on him.

  5. I wonder whether it might be somebody who is not currently in the cabinet as next leader – a clean sweep? The ‘greased piglet’ has had a stay of execution due to the Ukraine crisis. But I can’t see Liz Truss appealing to the electorate however she might wish to position herself?

  6. Let’s face it we’re all broke or will be soon . How anyone is going to cope when the heating bills come in
    and food prices going soaring is beyond me . All these politicians are absolutely clueless

  7. Wow, Thank you Marjorie. This Post is exactly what I was looking when I posted my question in the ‘Questions & Comments’ section. Looks like Sunak isn’t cut out for politics.
    So, Truss looking more like the next Tory leader.

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