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  1. Hi Marjorie, could you look at the French Presidential elections which are coming soon, and do a run down of the candidates if possible? Thanks.

  2. Heard on the news about a new ‘security agreement’ for the Solomon Islands with China which has dismayed Australia; more news coming out of Afghanistan about the brutality of the Taliban’s rule and talks in recent days between several nations (inc. China, Russia and the US) about Afghanistan. Wondered if there was anything specific you could draw together from any of that for an update? Thank you if you can!

  3. Tom Hiddleston and Zawe Ashton are reported to be engaged: any thoughts on their synastry and composite charts (including BML)?

  4. Comment on “Londongrad” post: Roman Abramovich has confirmed “Bellingcat” and “WSJ” story on himself and three Ukrainian peace negotiators suffering poisoning symptoms after peace negotiations in Turkey. I now fullu think he is looking better than the rest of them in coming years because he will “defect”.

    Comment on “Ditto Heads: Benton’s book makes it clear Patrushev has always thought he thinks he made Putin and considered himself more clever than Vova. He also has in fact not really surprising “aristocratic” and dynastic thoughts, given his Sun in Cancer/Libra Moon (traditionalist mind with love of finer things) and a son who is currently Minister of Agriculture in Russia. I think he will be the one to machinate a move against Putin, when it comes.

  5. Hi Marjorie,
    Any thoughts on Will Smith, his wife Jada and Chris Rock? That was the slap seen round the world. Curious to know if it will have a lasting impact on any of their careers.

  6. Hi Marjorie, could you look at Chef Jose Andres, whose World Central Kitchen is doing tremendous humanitarian work among Ukrainian refugees and in Ukraine.

  7. Hi Marjorie,
    There was an article yesterday in The Guardian regarding PPE corruption involving £122million with emails written to Michael Gove as proof. Jolyon Maugham is persuading this case against the govt. he claims to have pretty good evidence.

    Do you see Gove being finally held to account for PPE scandal? He has been very slippery and has escaped any blame so far of his involvement in the scam.

    Will people see any justice finally happening? Thank you.

    • Justice? Sigh. I’m growing very old and cynical about anything getting its rightful comeuppance these days. There have been utterly depressing tales recently – of *** unmentionable UK hospital killing of babies for years by insisting on some wokey ‘natural birth’ fetish – despite the evidence being shoved in their faces they continued to do nothing. Almost as bad as the Post Office software horror which took years and years and suicides before it got semi-sorted. There are times I’d happily move to a different planet.
      And while I’m on a wail – I was watching a Welsh police drama on Netflix – sort of Wallander, v good, until it segued into a fictionalised version of the Welsh Children’s Homes abuse. I looked up the actualities which I’d forgotten to discover the Police Superintendent who was done in 2016 for abuse and died in prison, had been outed in the media in early 1990s, sued for libel and WON! Got paid a hefty amount and one of the kids who gave evidence suicided in the aftermath. And it took another quarter of a century before anything concrete was done. Doesn’t bear thinking about.

      As to Gove, he’ll tremor this year but nothing too devastating. he’ll get his proper desserts come 2024 and for several years thereafter. Will wait to see what further evidence emerges.

      • Thank you Marjorie. It is so depressing to see how these people can get away with even murder when everything to see is in plain sight! Sometimes I just wonder if there is any natural justice?
        In times like these, I think astrology is a big solace.
        Thanks again for you posts. They give us a platform to look for explanations and possibly answers for this madness surrounding us.

  8. Marjorie, I’m wondering, could we revisit Victor Orbàn and Hungary? They have been reluctant on carrying sanctions against Russia. There was a post on Orbàn last year, but I think Hungary having elections next week, more precisely on April 3rd, 2022 was ommitted there. And I saw Orbàn had some disastrous passages around this time. I’m still slightly doubtful Fidesz will actually loose, given the media control Orbàn exersizes, but I have a feeling 180 000 Ukrainians fleeing Russians may cause SOME commotion in the East.

  9. Hi Marjorie

    Just saw the headline that Trump has filed a civil lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, former FBI Director, Comey, and other Democrats over them linking his 2016 election campaign to Russian help.

    Astrologically what does his chances look like?

    Thanks as always, and will understand if you don’t want to take a look.

  10. Hi Marjorie, wondered if you have time to look at Mikhail Mizintsev, Russian commander labelled the Butcher of Mariupol, reportedly responsible for the dreadful atrocities including the bombing of hospitals, maternity ward and theatre. Has had a telephone conversation intercepted whereby he was suggesting cutting off the ears of a Russian officer not in the right uniform, and worse. He was born in the village of Averinskaya on September 10, 1962. Thanks if you have time.

    • I did have a brief look and thought the birth date might be wrong since it isn’t too brutal a chart – though houses will make a difference.

      • @Marjorie, I looked at this, and his chart would actually make A LOT of sense for a person who is “just following the orders”. Virgo Sun/Capricorn Moon combination especially. I’ve seen this with several prominent Nazi figures, and I feel we will start to see these increasingly, when war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Russian troops in Ukraine will be investigated. Russian military doctrine is based on cruelty, Soviet times were not an exception on this.

        Although, I must say Mizintsev looks like a Bond villain

  11. Hi Marjorie

    Is it possible to look at the May local elections in England on May 5th?

    Another astrologer has said May 6th is a time of reckoning for Boris.

    Will the local elections finally give Boris his comeuppance?

    The first huge hike in fuel costs will have hit a lot of peoples bills at the end of April – will the shock of seeing the real cost of these rises in their bills impact how people vote a week later? Thanks

  12. Greetings Marjorie.
    I have an issue about Lewis Hamilton I’d like you to shed some light on. It is said he’s a Cancer moon, but it seems to me a Leo moon makes far more sense based on his behavioral characteristics. When you compare the description of a Cap. sun Cancer moon, to a Cap. sun Leo moon, the Leo moon fits him to a T! I can’t see a Cancer moon focusing so much on their image and putting so many tattoos on their body; especially one with a Cap. sun!
    I gather ascendants are important. So if he’s a Cancer moon with a Leo rising, can this produce Leo moon tendencies so starkly?
    Let me know if you want me to post the two descriptions I’ve read.
    Much appreciated.

    • Interesting, I’m a cancer moon and I would describe it as a very embodied moon sign and that female energy features strongly in the life, as well as family more generally. I have a friend with a cancer moon / libra sun / virgo rising covered in tattoos, his head, the lot. Depending how you view your astro a leo moon to me would be ruled by his sun in cap, restraining it a bit. It’s nice with astro though that there are different views.

      • @Louisa: I doubt your friend is Virgo rising as these people are one of, if not the most anally retentive signs. Not to mention their penchant for criticising people. Plus a Cancer moon? I can’t see this combo as the type to go nuts with tattoos. I suspect his rising is something else.
        Appreciate your view tho.

        • I did his chart! His mum gave me his time to the minute. He is actually a v talented tattoo artist, gemini on the midheaven. He is fastidious though, perfectionist and critical, if it’s not right it goes and his shop is visually spot on to his exact style. It’s an interesting combo I agree. He does have a venus in scorpio contributing. We need some more leo and cancer moons to weigh in…

          • Hi Louisa! I am Virgo sun, Cancer moon, Cancer rising with a stellium in Leo. Privacy/ family always wins with me. I have no problem with tattoos although I wouldn’t get one myself. Always had a love/hate relationship with being in the limelight. Also, as a teacher I always preferred encouragement to criticism with my students – far more effective than constant nit- picking. Does that help?

          • I want to say that tattoos probably started as tribal markings, would that be fair? In many cultures they follow some kind of experience. Many people will also be tattooed to show something they belong to – a sports team, or family member names. I also have an association of sailors (merchant navy?)

            There seems to be some kind of Mars/Moon association in my mind. Until relatively recently, they were far more common in men. Some creative or emotional outlet that was still “macho” enough. Capricorn would like the permanence and commitment, Virgo the communication and hygiene involved.

            It’s hard because tattoos are very mainstream now, so all sorts of different people will have them for all sorts of reasons

      • @Louisa: I forgot to mention my mother is a Cancer sun Virgo rising. She can’t stand tattoos. It’s practically body desecration in her mind. And I doubt it’s because of her age. I figure men with this combo are no different.

      • @Louise, Lewis has Cancer Moon forehead, that’s how I decided he’d be Cancer Moon rather than Leo Moon. Also, he was very close to Aki Hintsa, team doctor with McLaren when he started there. Lent his private jet to Aki’s adult children and siblings in Finland to fly to Switzerland when he was dying. He also was at Aki’s funeral/memorial, too, which is amazing given he was buried to our shared hometown, which is very much of a logistic challenge. And he was as private about it as possible, which is much more Cancer than Leo Moon reaction.

  13. Hi Marjorie,
    The news on the economic front looks really bad. When will be out of this mess? Also, any chances of Sunak becoming the Tory leader are now dead. Till few weeks back he seemed the strongest candidate to challenge Johnson. Now it would be an achievement for him if he even keeps his job for another year! Looks like this is a second lease of life for Johnson as PM after the Ukraine war put the ‘partygate’ on back burner.
    Unless Truss ups her game big time, I don’t see Johnson going anywhere before the next general elections, even if Conservatives perform badly in May elections.
    Putin has definitely saved Johnson’s premiership. Sigh!

    PS: Do you see Sunak leaving his job? He is not cut out for politics. For some reasons, I think he would leave politics next year and go back to business.

  14. Hi Marjorie,

    In honor of this being the last week of Women’s HerStory Month, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind doing a write up on human rights activist, feminist, UN Goodwill Ambassador, Nobel Peace Laureate, and genocide survivor Nadia Murad.

    Chapman University reported a few days ago (March 22) that Nadia Murad has just been appointed as Chapman University Presidential Fellow. She will be the main speaker at the 2022 Chapman University Commencement ceremony.

    Nadia Murad is a huge inspiration to me – I read her autobiography / memoir earlier this year, The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State. It was a very informative book and she shares the trauma and anguish she managed to overcome during the time of ISIS.

    Nadia Murad, is an Yazidi (a ethno-religious group closely related to the Kurds) from the Sinjar Region of Iraq and she managed to survive the brutal ISIS invasion that ripped through her Yazidi community in August 2014. ISIS deliberately targeted the Yazidis for genocide – killing between 5,000 and 12,000 ethnic Yazidis near Sinjar and forcing over 6,500 ethnic Yazidi girls and some Yazidi boys into slavery.

    Murad’s parents were murdered and so were 6 of her brothers and stepbrothers. Murad was sold to an ISIS fighter where she was sexually, physically, and emotionally abused before managing to escape. Today, she lives in Germany where she is now married to a fellow ethic Yazidi and where she works as activist demanding justice for Yazidi girls, women, and families who suffered under ISIS. She also speaks out against the mistreatment of girls, women, and other groups who’ve been victims of war, oppression, and genocide.

    All in all, I truly admire Nadia Murad for the work she’s doing. I can’t begin to imagine how difficult it must have been for her to turn her anguish into action. Murad even recently spoke out against the invasion of Ukraine and she expressed her support for the Ukrainian people (she actually LIVED their experience) and she’s been speaking out against all of the other horrible atrocities taking place in the world.

    Anyway, any astrological thoughts or insights you could share would be greatly appreciated.

    I did some searching, and I was able to find Nadia Murad’s birth date and birth year….but I couldn’t find a birth time for her. According to Nadia Murad’s official Twitter page, she lists her date of birth as “March 10” and her Wikipedia page lists her birth year as “1993”

    Also, Nadia Murad was born in the small village of Kocho in the Sinjar District of Iraq

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