Ketanji Brown Jackson – running the gauntlet of GOP bile

The confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson nominated for the Supreme Court have been ‘rife with racism, sexism, feigned outrage and general ugliness’ according to the Washington Post. Despite which she is expected to be voted through in early April, assuming enough Democratic senators are healthy and present.

 She was born 14 September 1970 in Washington into a family of academics, lawyers and police officers; edited the Harvard Law review at college and has worked her way up steadily through  the ranks to become a Federal Judge.

  She has a hard-working, determined and controlling Mercury, Sun, Pluto in Virgo which is trine/sextile a stalwart, idealistic Saturn in Taurus opposition Neptune. Her Mars also in Virgo is sextile a charming Jupiter Neptune in Scorpio; and she has a Pisces Moon. Half her chart is Mutable = flexible, scattered, multi-tasking and the other half Fixed = enduring, stubborn. She’s also Earth Water which is not a bad combination of practicality and empathy.

Her midpoints which had a Jupiterian lift when her nomination was announced, have been rattled through these confirmation hearings with disappointment and confusion showing up. Tr Jupiter in Pisces will oppose her Sun in early April and then Pluto which may help in a minor way. Mid May and more so mid June onwards look undermining and disruptive. Her Solar Arc Venus Jupiter is moving in square to her Pluto this year and next which will help. But it won’t have been a life-affirming process.

 Assuming the general view holds good and she is confirmed, she’ll get on well with Chief Justice John Roberts; will meet hostility from Amy Barrett and Clarence Thomas, and worse from Brett Kavanaugh. Sonia Sotomayor may be cool. Her interface with the Supreme Court chart itself hints at a disruptive relationship as it moves through a period of some turmoil ahead.

  The politicking of Clarence Thomas’s wife Virginia is raising more than eyebrows at the moment see post 30 January 2022. And the partisan nature of the judges and decisions are causing public concern and lowering public respect for the institution. See post 30 October 2021.

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  1. Can we stick to the astrology, please. I lost track of all the ins and outs of this argy bargy. Some context is OK, too much and repetitive posts not so much.

  2. I am no astrologer but find Marjorie’s site fascinating . I find Christine’s comment about what people should post extremely narrow minded . By her token only musicians should go to concerts , absolutely ridiculous .

  3. Marjorie, I am not sure to what extent you moderate the discussion board, but I would respectfully request that you remove the posts of T W Longtime Lurker. I would be happy to read their posts if they actually contributed to an astrological understanding of the topics you raise even if it does not accord with my own interpretation, but they are just the silly ramblings of political grievance fodder that I can read on any news website and choose not to. I come here for astrology.

    • Says you. As a non America I find the contributions helpful. They may be rambling but certainly contribute to a greater understanding of Brown Jackson and the American process.

      The comments on this site always somehow contribute to my understanding of astrology, however indirect they may seem. There’s just so much to learn.

      The feverish and provocative ones can easily be taken with a grain of salt. Unless of course, they hit a little too close to home.

  4. Trump is known for carrying grudges for years! Selena Scott gave him a really tough interview when he least expected it, and he hounded her for a very long time. She had to threaten him with legal action tion before he backed off.

  5. All well and good, T W, but this nation (the USA) is held up to its citizens, at least, as a place where law and order reign, not the subjective “common sense” of random citizens. We adhere to a Constitution as the basis of that law and order. Those who purport to interpret the law should at least be well-versed in the law. And logic has been taught at least as far back as Ancient Greece; it’s not always inborn. Not to mention, people often act based on emotions rather than logic.

  6. I am not in the USA but i assure you i have many good reliable sources of info and do not want to see you ranting biased politics on an astrology site.

  7. I live in America. When Trump appealed a congressional subpoena for his White House records in regard to the January 6 attack on the Capital, KJB was one of three judges who ruled against him. The Supreme Court confirmed the decision. She also said, “Presidents are not Kings.” in another ruling against Trump. The Senators who put on that disgraceful display of questioning were simply going for revenge ala Trump. This has nothing to do with her qualifications just a continuation of the Trump show and the spinoff is as bad as the original. Aside Blackburn is one of my senators.

    • “Aside Blackburn is one of my senators” Poor pitiful you. Jackass Ron Johnson is one of mine. American politicians are scum of the earth. Boris Johnson doesn’t even rate by comparison. You Brits have no idea how much we hate these vermin.

      • Please, not all American politicians are scum. I live in California and we have some wonderful representation, like Adam Schiff, Eric Swallwell, my own Congressman Scott Peters and Sen. Alex Padilla. Virginia, too, has exceptional senators.

  8. Im with Marjorie … but we should hope this too will pass with the coming of Aquarius and the passing of the wretched Pluto return. Agreed it’s been unbearable. Sadly the art of civility is long lost.

  9. The entire nomination hearings are a dog and pony show and just a chance for politicians to throw red meat to their base voters. All nominees for the high court in modern times have deliberately avoided directly responding to questions. They point out that judicial ethics rules require that judges should not weigh in on any issue that could come before them. Amy Coney Barrett declined to answer many questions, citing precedent of earlier nominees and thus the hearings revealed nothing about Barrett’s views on major legal issues like health care, abortion rights, voting rights or gun rights she declined to answer any of those questions. Barrett also refused to say whether she believed climate change was a threat, or whether the Trump administration’s policy on separating children from their parents at the southwest border was appropriate, saying she would not opine on contentious public policy issues.
    SCOTUS ratings has tanked to an al time low only 44% now having an unfavorable opinion. Surely will sank even lower with the Ginny Thomas situation

  10. You seem to forget that last year, Judge Jackson was confirmed by this Senate on a bipartisan basis to serve on the D.C. Circuit.
    Note the D.C. Circuit’s prominence and prestige among American courts is second only to the U.S. Supreme Court because its jurisdiction contains the U.S. Congress and many U.S. government agencies, and therefore it is the main appellate court for many issues of American administrative law.
    Before her confirmation to the D.C. Circuit, Judge Jackson served on the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. She was confirmed to this role unanimously and issued more than 500 opinions on cases involving a range of important issues.
    Im sorry, but fact is she is more qualified than Amy Cony Barrett, Bret Cavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, in fact probably the most qualified of them all.

    • You are also demonstrating your clear political bias. Critical Race Theory is taught only in colleges. Your obsession with it mirrors the right-wing rants of the toxic Republicans.

      Judge Jackson is infinitely more qualified and possesses a better judicial temperament than any of the appalling Trump “justices.”

      Did you want them to ask if she liked beer, as Kavanaugh demonstrated he does?

    • Actually I am an US citizen and studied constitutional law. That said … this is an astrology forum and not a place to launder your political grievances and we certainly don’t insult participants on this forum.

  11. Her testimony is telling, she repeatedly claimed to be unable to define a woman. That sort of dogma does not bode well for hard won sex based rights.

  12. I just don’t know why I am not surprised that there is no accountability or reprimand for this behaviour. This is their normal and who is going to challenge or make it change. No repercussions. In many countries this behaviour is not tolerated in the workplace yet it is in the highest positions in the most powerful country in the world. Entitlement at its best and most dangerous.

    • I hate to say it I’ve more or less written the USA off as beyond the pale. The UK may be a wreck in many ways. But the whole US religious schtick is egregious hypocrisy when they can’t behave decently in so many other respects.

      • Maybe that’s a bit bleak. I’ll blame it all on the USA Mercury Pluto and the run up to the Pluto return upending the sewers. Maybe the Aquarius energy will help and Neptune in Aries might induce some humility and healing thereafter as it squares the USA Cancer planets.

          • Same. It’s all political theater and the actors are all would-be candidates for an asylum. It’s like they’re in a contest to out-crazy one another. Meanwhile, we’ve got Fox News which has just managed to mention this entire Ginni Thomas mess once, and very briefly in a news “update”. Their audiences will never know how the court has been corrupted. I want to know who paid off Kavanaugh’s debts. He and the Handmaiden are corrupt af. I have little hope for the future of the US at this point.

        • Does the astrology indicate anything about when/if the toxic environment will improve? I’m so anxious that Trump or his wannabes like Cruz, Hawley, Cotton and Jordan might regain power.

        • Why do you come here?
          You are very unpleasant.
          What is your astrological knowledge?
          Not one thing you’ve spouted has a mention of astrology.
          As Marjorie said, ‘enough, lurker’

  13. As a African woman I’ve learnt in life that clever people ,that is judges often completely lack wisdom and not much common sense.

    I’m not remotely impressed by any nomination to this hierarchy

    • Judges obviously judge by laws they observe. If you live in a democracy, where legislation is formed by representatives of people, or you can even elect judges, then think about who you vote. It’s not by chance that the first institution wanna be autocrats attack is always judiciary system. It’s also not a chance the first subjects they remove from education are civics and social studies, either. They want their subjects to stay ignorant.

      This is also why I was (and an) vehemently against Donald Trump and his minions. They managed to appoint a scary number of completely incompetent and dogmatic people to all levels of judiciary system. US States still in hands of his cult are becoming legal hellholes for large portions of population.

      KBJ gives me hope, though, as do some of the great Democrat Senators in this hearing.

  14. Thank you for this. Over the years I’ve listened to or watched many confirmation hearings. The way some Republicans treated her was a disgrace.

    I was so impressed with her knowledge, good humour, poise, resilience and overall competence during the hearings. I also had the sense that in watching the mud and smears she endured from the gormless wonder opportunists — I’m being polite — Hawley, Cruz, Graham and Blackburn — we were seeing what Black women experience everyday, especially bright, ambitious women these low-life deem “uppity.”

    When her nomination was announced I also had the sense that, with her exceptional skills and experience, she might eventually be elevated to Chief Justice. She is just the sort of person we need on the court.

    • “When her nomination was announced I also had the sense that, with her exceptional skills and experience, she might eventually be elevated to Chief Justice. She is just the sort of person we need on the court.”

      I actually thought of this, too. She seems to have the right sort of character for this. Moreover, she is just over 50-year-old, she is probably going to serve anything between 20 and 40 years as a Justice. Strong Virgo stelliums tend to be long-lived.

      • I hope you’re right, Solaia.

        As an American, born in the south but educated in England and France and now living in more benign California, I have great fears for the future of this country. Too many undereducated Americans, kept deliberately ignorant by right-wing Republican legislators and school board members, are sleep-walking through the destruction of democracy and women’s and minority rights. We may wake up soon to discover we’re living in the white supremacist, Christian nationalist theocracy that Ginni Thomas and Trump want to impose on us. Many of us think the only answer may turn out to be a second American revolution to rid us of a fascist dictatorship — or secession of the progressive blue states that provide the tax base supporting the repugnant right-wing red states.

        • @Nicole Sours Larsen, grim humor here, but it is still not Russia. ‍♀️ Many things can be wrong with the US, but there is one, incredibly significant difference to most countries. US is built on individualism. Sibly Chart’s Aquarius Moon will bring fringe types like Tucker Carlson to prominence, but will similarly repel the kind of longing for authoritarian rule Russian have.

  15. “will meet hostility from Amy Barrett and Clarence Thomas”

    Clarence Thomas is in hospital for 6th day now, not certain if he is genuinely ill or taking shelter because he knew Jan 6th Committee has a lot of information on Ginni’s attics (although I read the texts to Mark Meadows were leaked from elsewhere, which also is interesting). In case he is genuinely ill, KBJ might not need to interact with him a lot, although he will certainly cling to that chair with all his willpower until there’s a Republican President and majority in Senate – which is not likely to happen at 2022 Midterms, I think this has more “safe” Blue States on ballot.

    But, I think there will, at least, be talk on establishing some sort of code of conduct for SCOTUS after Ginni Thomas affair, and I can see Roberts and even Gorsuch supporting this with “Liberal” judges.

    • Mark Meadow’s text messages were actually in a trove of documents that Meadows turned over to the Jan. 6 Committee until he stopped cooperating with the investigation, so not leaked. Jackson’s popularity should only help her in the confirmation process. According to CNN, an average of 5 recent polls (Gallup, Fox, Monmouth University, Quinnipiac University and the Pew Research Center) about 53% of Americans support Jackson’s confirmation, with about 26% of Americans opposed. This is good for a +27-point net popularity rating. It makes her the most popular nominee to be confirmed since John Roberts in 2005. So one wonders if the ugly process is going to do the GOP any good.

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