Turkey & Russia – both need each other

  Recep Erdogan, Turkey’s president is smirking publicly about his success in persuading Putin not to pull out of a deal to allow Ukraine’s grain exports through the Black Sea. Erdogan’s approach may appear to dent the west’s united front against the war in Ukraine but he could prove useful in maintaining a dialogue between the two sides. It is an alliance born out of desperation since international isolation has left Russia increasingly reliant on Turkey which stepped into the breach created by the withdrawal of western companies and the impact of sanctions. And for its part, Turkey has this year received billions of dollars of Russian cash helping it to manage a ballooning current account deficit. Both leaders need each other.

 Turkey’s inflation rate has reached eye-watering proportions with official figures putting it at 85.5%, while outsiders point to around 200% – largely a result of Erdogan’s mismanagement.

  The Turkey chart, 29 October 1923 8.30 pm Ankara, has the tr Saturn square tr Uranus hitting on the country’s indulgent/expansionist Venus Jupiter in Scorpio over the next 18 months. There will be some luck rolled up in that but it won’t last with Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Saturn for hardship and deprivation in 2024. And if the start time is right a financially restrictive tr Pluto is moving into the 8th house of economic prospects for many years to come from mid 2023 onwards.

  Erdogan’s 4th Term chart shows a similar trajectory of luck followed by a major shock in late 2024. Erdogan may think he has a tiger by the tail but it may prove a short lived triumph.

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  1. I think there’s bit of a misreading here on how this is perceived in Ukraine. Turkey and Russia are historical enemies, and Ukrainian have often see Turks as their allies through “enemy of an enemy is a friend” type of reasoning. In addition, there has been a considerable Crimean Tatar diaspora in Turkey since Ottoman period, and up to 5-6 per cent of Modern Turkish population have relatively recent Crimean heritage. Therefore, Erdogan acting as a “peacemaker”, but essentially pulling Csar’s ear is seen as a positive move in Ukraine, and could well play in his advantage in domestic politics as well.

    In general, I would argue that both Turkey and Ukraine fall to a certain kind of mental landscape seemingly very foreign to British and Americans, where making temporary alliance still comes more naturally.

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  3. Thank you for the look at Turkey, Marjorie.

    There are elections due in Turkey in June 2023. Is there anything major occurring in either the Turkey or Erdogan’s chart at that time?

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