Jordan Bardella – taking up the Le Pen mantle

A fresh faced 27 year old is the unlikely successor to Marine Le Pen as President of France’s far-right National Rally party. Jordan Bardella was elected by 85% at the party conference, after Le Pen said it was time for her to stand down to concentrate on directing its actions in the national assembly, where the party has a record 89 seats, which robbed Macron of his parliamentary majority. She is widely expected to make another presidential bid in 2027.

  Born 13 September 1995 3.42pm Drancy, France, he has a good-at-PR Sun Venus in Virgo opposition Saturn in Pisces and sextile Pluto trine the generational, highly-strung Neptune Uranus in Capricorn. He’s certainly got the makings of a successful player. His Virgo Sun and Venus fit well with France’s Virgo Sun and he shares France’s do-or-die-determined and vengeful Mars in Scorpio in his career 10th.

  Tr Pluto conjunct his Uranus at the moment will be upending his life and tr Uranus opposing his Pluto will do the same in 2025 and there’s certainly a great deal ahead for him in career terms though he’ll hit a setback or two in 2026/27 as tr Pluto squares his Mars.

  He is said to be Marine Le Pen’s protégé though his Uranus Neptune opposition her Mars and square her afflicted Saturn will make for a few outbursts and awkward moments. Her Pluto is conjunct his Sun so as long as she holds the power it may be OK but that may not be the case for ever.

  Their relationship chart has a power-couple Jupiter Pluto conjunction which again can be successful as long as they direct their joint energies to an outside goal but there’s also an ego-clashing Neptune square Mars so it could go wrong and will be damped down by tr Saturn through Pisces in 2023/24 and then tr Uranus square the composite Sun after mid 2025.

  The party chart looks very deflated around the next presidential election in 2025 with tr Neptune Saturn opposition the Mars Pluto. And she is looking trapped and frustrated in 2023/24 with tr Pluto opposition her Mars.

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  1. Why not refering to the fact that this birth chart is very ambitious with all personal planets located in the 9Th and 10 th Houses, both Mars and Pluton in Scorpion, Pluton in the 11Th House?
    With the planets Sun, Venus and Mercury in the 9th, he is an idealist, isnt’he?
    The position of Mars suggests a warrior, if I am correct.
    Neptune seems to be the planet which may help him to bring a solution to the opposition between his Sun and Saturn. He has long understood that we should all be on the side of the mass of non-qualified for the bourgeoisie, and that the nation is above the elite in the end.
    At the time of his election, there was a concentration in Scorpion, in his 10th House. Besides Pluton is now in conjunction with his natal Uranus.
    Let us wish him fair winds!

  2. Thanks Marjorie. I noticed that a Solar Eclipse at 21 Libra hits his MC next October, if his birth time is accurate. It’s SS 7 South, a powerful series that suggests ‘huge obstacles will suddenly and easily clear, or on the negative side, ….a crisis will suddenly manifest and move through his or her life very rapidly.’ (B. Brady).
    In the months leading up to it, the Aries North Node will transit his South Node – certainly some kind of ‘chapter heading’ in his life. At the eclipse, Bardella has a Mercury return, tr Venus on his Mars, tr Mars approaching Mars, and Jupiter in Taurus conjunct his Moon. Neptune opposes his Venus, ruler of the MC. Maybe he falls in love?! Anyway, those months from late summer through to early autumn look interesting.

    The Libran Solar Eclipse is close to the Front National Mercury at 23 Libra, the 22 Libra Nodes for the 5th Republic (square its 21 Cancer Moon), and the 20 Libra Neptune for the 17 June 1789 National Assembly.

    There are hints of another curious chord being struck, there are some interesting connections with Robespierre’s natal (6 May 1758). And they both have Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Saturn in Pisces.

  3. I have seens a few interviews with him.
    He is intelligent and articulate. I bet some will criticize him. He is smart enough to take it

    • @aline, look at SuHu’s message below. The issue might be that that the typical FN voters or even local leadership would not find his style appealing. This is a populist party, and successful leaders of these parties are usually careful to cultivate the image. Marine LePen may be bit of an exception, but she is a “legacy candidate”.

      • But i don t care if he is ” populist” or otherwise. I usually listen to everybody and make up my own mind.
        The rest is ” politics”. Lies and propaganda on every sides, you like it or not.
        Everybody has its own ” agenda”. And everybody wants ” power”.
        you just saw it in Great Britain with lizz truss

  4. “Bardella’s appearance and statements are stage-managed to the point of appearing forced. Behind the scenes, he is even referred to by fellow party members as a “cyborg” – a mix of man and machine. “He is someone who is completely indoctrinated and thinks everything out so as not to make mistakes,” says a local politician.
    Marine Le Pen seems to have no problem with her crown prince’s robotic style.” Here comes a representative of Pluto in Aquarius: impersonal, intolerant and dogmatic. Hmmm…

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