Tucker Carlson – the ship of fools heading for the rocks

   In an act of breath-taking stupidity the inept GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave exclusive access to surveillance footage from the January 6 Capitol attack to erstwhile Trump cheer-leader Tucker Carlson of Fox News.  Tucker proceeded to cherry-pick the coverage and made the ludicrous claim that it was mostly a peaceful protest carried out by concerned citizens exercising their right to make their opinions heard.

 Given that there has been extensive airing of videos showing Trump supporters smashing windows, assaulting police officers and rampaging through the halls of Congress shouting for blood it was hardly likely to fly. It has met with a deluge of condemnation — much of it from Republicans, with welcome signs that sanity is returning to the halls of the GOP.

  It added another brick to Fox News wall of shame as it staggers from revelations that presenters and top executives knew the claims of a stolen election were false as they bull-horned them on the air in a disreputable attempt to keep a grip on their right-wing audience.  Carlson is even revealed in a text which emerged from court proceedings as saying he hated Trump. Sent the day after the Capitol riots, he described Trump as a “demonic force, a destroyer;” and in another he called Trump’s presidency a “disaster.”

  Both McCarthy and Carlson share Boris Johnson et al’s Jupiter Neptune stamp with its tendency to over-promise, skim round the actualite and become mired in scandals through their own instability. [It does have more positive outcomes but they appear to lean heavily on its negative pole.]

 Kevin McCarthy has it in spades as his Jupiter opposition Neptune is the driving rod of a Grand Trine making Neptune his leading planet.  26 January 1965 12.40pm Bakersfield, CA. 

 Tucker Carlson, 16 May 1968 10.07 am San Francisco, CA, has his Taurus Sun opposition Neptune and trine Jupiter and Pluto in Virgo. He is in a year of upheaval with tr Pluto in Aquarius trine his Uranus and his Solar Arc Midheaven, which may not be career-terminal but will elbow him onto a new track. He’s in for a sinking Neptunian slide this year and next with a few disasters and catastrophes from mid 2023 onwards for a few months. 2024 looks like very hard work and a slog with tr Pluto square his 10th house Saturn into 2025 and he’s looking very nerve-stretched over the election itself.

  Interesting that both he and McCarthy have Saturn in the 10th, with McCarthy aiming for his second Saturn Return within weeks. Saturn here is generally understood to punish transgressions. There is a karmic necessity to do the decent thing and sticking to socially acceptable rules pays off while mistakes come home to roost. McCarthy will be on an emotional knife edge through the next few weeks and jumpy, as well as facing failure from April 2024 into 2025. Not a happy camper.

  Laura Ingraham, 19 June 1963 8.55am Glastonbury, CT, another Fox presenter, has tr Neptune undermining her late Gemini Sun over the 2024 election. She also has the same stamp as the others with her Neptune sextile Pluto (Mars) inconjunct Jupiter.

  Just because they are sinking individually need not mean the GOP is losing since they may be sidelined by the mainstream party given their shenanigans and Fox is unlikely to be the power in the land it was in 2016 and after.

See previous post on Fox News 24 February 2023.

6 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson – the ship of fools heading for the rocks

  1. I have NN exactly conjunct my Cancer Asc., Virgo Uranus/Mercury/Pluto, opposed my Pisces Moon/Chiron,
    so I am super sensitive and intuitive. On Jan. 6th, 2021, I had an early morning 8 a.m. appointment at
    my local Veteran’s Administration health clinic. In the weeks and days leading up to it, I strongly considered
    cancelling this appointment due to the inflammatory rhetoric being spewed by Trump. I live in the most
    conservative area of Texas, and I seriously feared a mentally ill gunman veteran would take it upon them
    self to go into our VA clinic armed with a gun in order to start their own government war or what have you.

    Because I needed to keep that appointment in order to remain in the VA system of care, I decided to go. I
    was extremely alert to my surroundings, paid careful attention to anyone there and diligently observed for
    anything unusual. My appointment was short, and I hightailed it out of there as fast as possible. Of course,
    I went home and saw for myself the horror of the day unfold. I knew, I just knew that there would be violence.
    My heart broke as I wept tears later, watching one of the guards being physically crushed and in fear for his
    life inside as the protestors pushed his poor body to the point where he could almost not breathe and die. I

  2. Thank you Marjorie, a great post. Kevin McCarthy made a deal with the ‘devils’ to get the speaker of the house position. Keeping serial liar & con man Santos, crazy as a rabid animal Marjorie Taylor Greene & Lauren Boebart just to name a few.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive is very appropriate in this situation.

    Love all your post!

  3. Algol is the meat between his Sun and Moon then or is Moon too wide. He really brings the term ‘hissing serpent’ to life.

  4. Thank you Marjorie!

    I realize this isn’t a thought re:astrology, but … I can’t help but wonder if these men have been blackmailed (which seems strange as I can’t imagine a discretion that would be all that shocking in this day and age except for harming children) OR they are being paid by parties interested in ending democracy. Clearly neither is a student of history–autocracies harm everyone, even those who seem protected by the autocrat end up in danger eventually. I feel sorry for THEIR children…the sins of the fathers and all that.

    I wish this obnoxiousness in politics would end. We live in a time in which we need to face the reality of addressing climate crisis, pollution & information overload. This seemingly endless nonsense is not helpful.

  5. “Both McCarthy and Carlson share Boris Johnson et al’s Jupiter Neptune stamp with its tendency to over-promise, skim round the actualite and become mired in scandals through their own instability. [It does have more positive outcomes but they appear to lean heavily on its negative pole.]”

    Another individual with Jupiter Neptune’s gifts and challenges is Piers Morgan – 30th March, 1965. Saturn 11 Pisces, and Moon in Pisces too. Interesting this political media storm is blowing up at the same time as the announcement of yet another court case (in May) focusing on the phone hacking scandal when Morgan was editor of the Daily Mirror.

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