Bank collapse – a one-off or an early warning signal

Skittish as a yearling colt the markets were spooked by the collapse of a small Silicon Valley bank which sent shares in major US banks plummeting and rippled across the Atlantic to affect UK and EU financial entities as well. However banking experts say it doesn’t seem likely to trigger a wider financial meltdown. Unlike the giant banks that ignited a global crisis in 2008, SVB was heavily dependent on a single risky sector of the economy for depositors and customers.

  What seems to have been a catalyst is anxiety about the Federal Reserve raising interest rates which has the money men on a knife edge of panic.

  The SVP incorporated on 22 February 1983 has a 3 degree Pisces Sun trine Pluto Saturn. Tr Saturn is just over the trine to its Pluto and now heading to conjunct the Sun as it goes into closure. With further signs of failure and panic in 2024/25 with tr Neptune conjunct the Mars and Venus as the mess is mopped up.

 Economic and financial experts are notoriously erratic when it comes to predictions – a good deal less accurate than astrologers. So they may well be mistaken that this is an aberration rather than warning bell. It always seemed likely there would be a financial crisis kicked off by Pluto moving into Aquarius.  

From September 10 2021 post:

‘A global financial crunch looks likely around Pluto’s entry into Aquarius from late March 2023 onwards. It may not be the same as the 2008 Pluto-into-Capricorn crash but there is consternation on several central bank charts.

   The US Federal Reserve has tr Pluto opposition the Neptune at zero degrees Leo in 2023/24 which usually indicates devastation of sorts and paralysis running for two years after; followed by tr Neptune square the Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2025/26 which won’t be much better. The Bank of Russia has an equally blocked and scary tr Pluto square Mars at zero degrees Taurus in 2023/24.  The ECB has Neptune at 1 Aquarius catching the tr Pluto hard aspect in 2024/25.

 The Bank of Australia also highlights 2024/25 as years of panic and uncertainty.  The Bank of China is nerve-stretched in 2022 and worse in 2024 to 2026 with tr Neptune and Solar Arc Neptune both in hard aspect to its overly confident Uranus opposition Mars Jupiter which will deflate confidence considerably.’  The Bank of England has tr Pluto trine Mars at zero Libra – so immense challenges from late this month.

[See previous Sept 10 2021 post for previous examples of Pluto in Aquarius – + Hugh comments.]

  Stock market charts tend to be variable in terms of providing illuminating information and bank charts are tricky since their long histories tends to be of mergers and re-sales so it is not easy to pin down effective start dates.  For what it is worth, Goldman Sachs, 4 May 1990, looks logjammed from later this month for two years ahead. Bank of America, 1 October 1998, is mired in confused panic this month and financially stressed as Pluto moves into Aquarius with considerable challenges in 2024/25. Citigroup, 16 June 1812,  ditto.

  The Dow Jones, 26 May 1896 9.11am New York will find its Sagittarius Moon and Gemini Sun depressed by tr Saturn throughout this year; with great uncertainty in 20924 from Solar Arc Saturn square Neptune.

  The FTSE 3 January 1984 10am London, is certainly pressured with tr Pluto square the Mars/Pluto midpoint and then Pluto in 2023/24 and has a bubble bursting tr Neptune square the Jupiter (and Neptune) from this April onwards.

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  1. The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) was founded on October 25, 1861 (no time) and has a 2° Scorpio Sun which will be squared by transiting Pluto in April-May 2024 and again in February-March 2025, July-August 2025, and December 2025-2026. The April 2022 solar eclipse at 10° Taurus was conjunct its Pluto at 9° Taurus, the May 2022 lunar eclipse was exactly conjunct its 25° Mercury, and the October 2022 solar eclipse was exactly conjunct its Sun. I don’t follow its performance but looking at a graph of the Canada Stock Market Index ( it looks like the eclipses corresponded with periods when the index was down or trending down. The TSX will also experience its Neptune return at 29° Pisces from 2024-2026 and Saturn will eventually square its Venus-Uranus opposition at 13° Sag and 15° Gemini respectively and oppose its Saturn-Jupiter conjunction at 18°-19° Virgo respectively before making a conjunction with its Neptune in 2025-2026. The TSX is the 10th largest exchange in the world and the 3rd largest in North America. I’m not a financial astrologer and don’t follow the markets but I think these significant transits reflect that it will be caught up in the global financial crunch that Marjorie is seeing.

  2. Lionel Shriver wrote a wonderfully prescient novel in 2016 about the coming ground up financial dismantling called ‘The Mandibles’. It is incredibly well researched and filled with detail.The system is running on empty.

  3. This seems to chime with a similar post you wrote on 30th December 2021 regarding Canada & the bank of Canada. as well as trouble for potential trouble for the PM.

  4. Tempting as it is to compare the situation with 2008 it should be noted that Pluto is about to enter Aquarius. This suggests the collapse of SVB is indicating a reckoning for the over hyped , over heated and over leveraged technology sector in the next few years. Tech Venture Capitalists with large deposits withdrawing their money seem to have triggered the rapid failure of the institution. Uranus in Taurus always suggested that major turmoil in the banking sector was likely in the 2020s but the fallout may not match some of the original astrological predictions which saw traditional banks and currencies being ousted by their digital counterparts.

    John Kenneth Galbraith pointed out that each financial crisis reveals new areas where a gap between the perceived value of a portfolio of assets and its long-term economic value has arisen. He identified this mismatch as the Bezzle which has to be unwound before the markets can find stability. When Pluto entered earthy Capricorn the focus was financial products tied to mortgages and housing. This time Pluto is in airy tech obsessed Aquarius so it is likely that it is the digital bubble that is about to burst.

  5. “Tr Saturn is just over the trine to its Pluto and now heading to conjunct the Sun” – spot on, as it turns out that SVB had just tweeted on Monday that it had made both Forbes’ Best Banks & Financial All-Stars list before crashing on Friday. (no mea culpa from Forbes …)

  6. The largest crash I recall was Black Monday, October 19, 1987. Oddly it was the birthday of a co-worker – we teased him nonstop for months.

    The week before, I had an ominous feeling that I should pull out of the mutual funds in which I was invested. Damn…I lost everything.

    Always trust that hunch 😉

    • @ larryc
      You could buy now some gold coins ( mapple leaf is still in use as an official guise of payment) if you have some savings. Gold is still undervalued and with pluto opposite lion, price of gold should soar.
      Good luck. But it is just an hunch

      • Hi there. Will be happy to sit on the cash for now. When the time is right, I’ll re-enter the mutual fund markets. Moderate returns (20%-30% per year), moderate risk.

        • @larryc
          it is the same to me what you do with your assets.
          But all central banks world wide have been buying gold for the last 24 months. Never so much since 1971.
          And have look at the evolution of gold and silver prices, say since 2008.
          If the demand is so high, i think that is because people or institutions don t trust ” currencies” for the time being.
          We will see. I wish you the best of luck

  7. Bank of America’s eastern ancestry dates to 1784 in Massachusetts. It’s western branch comes from the Bank of Italy founded in 1904 in San Francisco. It was one of the few local financial institutions to survive the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire with hard currency.

  8. And let’s not forget Credit Suisse. It’s been rocking backwards and forwards on what could turn out to be a precipice, for the past couple of years.

  9. Thanks for the heads up. I thought a Crypto Exchange/Bank failed the day before the SVB did as well.
    I don’t think it will be a complete meltdown – personal opinion. FDIC has stepped in. I need to look at this more.

  10. Barings Bank collapsed in Feb 1995 – just after Pluto had entered Sag.
    Lehman Brothers went bankrupt in Sep 2008 – just after Pluto turned direct to move back into Cap and triggering the GFC.

    Is there a precedent for banks going bust as Pluto changes sign or simply a coincidence?

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